The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 99

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 99

99 Episode 23. Magic Stone Tank (2)

Count Frank was so happy that he wanted to run all over the place.

He said he would invest 10,000 talents in the first place even after seeing the freshly completed Manastone Tank collapsing!

He was a different person from other people who just dealt with the works he had made.

“Cancer, don’t be! Just trust me and leave it to me. I will try to complete it somehow.”

Rockefeller showed his own satisfaction at the sight of Count Frank.

‘It seems that money was tight. I don’t think you’ll like it that much.’

“Don’t worry about money. If you need anything, you can come to me anytime.”

Count Frank answered with a bright expression.

“no! Just that much help is really enough. I will take care of all the rest.”

“Good. very good.”

Now it’s time to get to the point.

Few people would invest a huge sum of 10,000 talents for a lump of scrap metal that is right in front of them.

So it was clear what Rockefeller wanted as much as he took that risk.

“Then how many shares can you give me in the Manastone Tank?”

“Are you a shareholder?”

“Am I not an investor? I’ll give you 10,000 talents, but I’ll have to bring something. Did you know that you can only receive interest on the money I lent you? That’s not it. I also have faith in that magic stone tank, so I’m going to invest like this.”

Contrary to what he said, Rockefeller was smiling kindly.

good impression on people.

But from a listening standpoint, it wasn’t very pleasant.

“What about asking for a share? … .”

Rockefeller was the first person to openly ask for a stake while receiving an investment.

Others didn’t say anything like that, and it was enough to just return a few times the money they lent, but give the world a share.

“The stake is… … I am not giving.”

Count Frank tried to ask for forgiveness from Rockefeller with a troubled expression on his face.

‘If you pay it back several times, what kind of stake are you asking for?’

“Instead, I will pay back the money you borrowed several times.”

But it wasn’t Rockefeller who would fall for it.

He had a clear reason to become the owner of the Manastone Tank.

‘Even for the soon-to-be 1st prince, a stake in the Manastone Tank is absolutely necessary.’

There was nothing the maniac war-maniac desperately needed more than a manastone tank.

Therefore, only if he had it, he was able to face the soon-to-be-coming first prince without hesitation.

‘Even if I only have a magic stone tank, the first prince won’t be able to do anything to me. Because that person absolutely needs a Manastone Tank.’

“You are misunderstanding something. The amount I will invest here is a whopping 10,000 talents. 10,000 talents is not the name of a dog house, but if you invest that much, I think you can get enough shares.”

“But the stake… … .”

Giving up the stake was the same as saying that he shared the fruits of the Manastone Tank he completed with blood and sweat.

Count Frank, who had confidence in the Manastone Tank he had made, was still reluctant to ask Rockefeller for a stake.

‘There is absolutely no equity… … .’

“No shares. Why are you asking for a share?”

Rockefeller’s answer to this was firm.

“I can give 10,000 talents if I have a stake. Otherwise, it is impossible to invest in a Manastone Tank.”

Ricardo, watching their quarrel from the side, almost burst into laughter.

One side was showing disdain by saying that he was lending money that he did not have, and the other side was greedy with a lump of scrap metal that did not roll well.

How can you not laugh at this?

‘I’m so excited that I can’t come out of it.’

On the other hand, Count Frank, who was ahead of his greed, still seemed unwilling to offer Rockefeller.


“under… … .”

Count Frank, who let out a sigh, erased his happy expression and thought for a moment.

‘But if you don’t have money, you can’t complete it… … .’

No matter how much he thought about it, reason was holding back the stake.

Rockefeller, who gave him some time to think, began to speak.

“Are you still having a hard time making a decision? If you make a decision, you can come to me at any time. I have nothing to regret.”

Rockefeller was able to counteract the Manastone Tank that everyone was reluctant to invest in.

It was because there was no crazy person who would invest in the Manastone Tank except himself anyway.

Except for one.

‘There is one. Rayan Tepez.’

In the original story of the novel, the magic stone tank with many horses and many masks was able to take shape because of the help of the first prince, who was called a mad war maniac.

If it hadn’t been for the help of the first prince, the Manastone Tank would have been forever left as a lump of scrap metal.

‘But since I hit the player first, the Manastone Tank will probably not be completed with the help of the 1st Prince.’

After finishing his thoughts, Rockefeller turned his back to show that he was about to leave without any regrets.

The moment Ricardo, who was watching, was also about to follow Rockefeller.

Rockefeller, who had been walking a few steps earlier, suddenly turned around and threw a word to him, who was still in conflict.

“It seems to me that you have little intention of completing your own work that others laugh at and point your finger at.”

Hearing these words, Earl Frank stared at Rockefeller, and Rockefeller continued:

“If it were me, I would finish it somehow and show it to them. And I would say It wasn’t me who was wrong, it was you.”

“… … .”

Against the Count Frank, who did not receive an answer even after this, Rockefeller turned his back on him, still without any regrets, contrary to his heart.

‘Did I stab it wrong?’

Just as I was about to leave

There was a voice calling Rockefeller.

It was Count Frank.

“I, there.”

Rockefeller, who was about to leave the factory, stopped and looked back.

“Did you call?”

“The stake is… … How much do you want?”

Rockefeller, who had barely endured the curvature of his lips, answered the question without inspiration.

“It’s a share… … If you invest 10,000 talents, shouldn’t you get at least half of it?”

“Half of it? Half a little… … .”

When he showed his hesitation, Rockefeller decided to show him what real money is.

“Give me half of your share. We’ll make a big factory here. And if you need money after that, whether it’s 10,000 talents or 20,000 talents. I’ll give you everything. All I want is the completion of the Manastone Tank.”

“Are you saying that if you need more money later, you’ll lend it to me?”

Rockefeller, who can now smile openly, responded with a smile.

“Yes, of course. All I have is money, can’t you give me one of those? I will help you somehow, sir, please complete the Manastone Tank somehow. That’s all I want.”

If he hadn’t listened to that, Count Frank might have thought differently.

However, Count Frank was also greatly shaken by Rockefeller’s words that he would be willing to help when he needed additional support for the factory in addition to 10,000 talents and later, when he needed more money.

‘This is a very good condition. I have no courage to say no… … .’

If he accepted that proposal, the Manastone Tank could be completed within a few weeks, depending on what he set his mind to.

‘What do we do. What should I do?’

let’s just say he’s worried

Rockefeller didn’t reveal his true feelings as much as he could, only showing his relaxed side to him.

“If you make a decision, come visit me anytime. I’m always in Ghetto Nuovo. Oh, the name has changed, so please come to the Bank of Los Medici. The reason the name of the store is not Banco is because Bank is the direction we are going in the future.”

Just as I was about to say that and show my back again.

Count Frank called Rockefeller to leave.

“Hey there! I will give you a share.”

The Manastone Tank was impossible to make without investment in the first place.

So Count Frank had no choice but to give Rockefeller a stake to complete the work like his own child.

“I will give you half, so please cooperate so that the Manastone Tank can be completed.”

After the conversation was over, we headed back to the store.

Ricardo felt a lot of things that had happened before him.

In fact, a man named Rockefeller could get half of the rights to the Manastone Tank for no money.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t spend a penny, but the money he gave was still goblin dollars, not gold coins, as he had expected.

“Hey, what is this?”

Ricardo could not forget the face of Count Frank, who was still bewildered by the goblin dollar.

“What is it? This is the money I am lending you.”

“Is this money? I was expecting talent… … .”

“Oh, if you take it to my store or another banco, you can get 10,000 talents. It’s a certificate that guarantees your talents.”

It was then that Count Frank made a face that he knew.

While you live and build walls with society.

The form of the deed of borrowing has changed a lot.

“I said something, and it was a deed of borrowing. I don’t go out often, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. It’s like… … It looks like money, not a IOU.”

“It was recently created. It’s not just a IOU, we’ve improved it so people can use it as money.”

“By the way, I am very sorry to say this, but… … Why are you giving me this? I was expecting gold coins.”

From the point of view of the savvy Count Frank, only talents in gold coins were real money.

Of course, the people around him were using the IOUs like money, so there was little rejection, but Count Frank was not willing to do it because it was not the direction he wanted.

But the answer to this was clear.

“Haha, I can’t carry around 10,000 talents of heavy money here, can I? Rather, it is more convenient, so you can use it that way. If you use it, you probably won’t be able to see anything like a talent in the future.”

“I do, but… … .”

Thinking otherwise, Rockefeller’s words made sense.

10,000 talents was a huge amount, enough to carry a cart.

But can you replace that money with a bundle of papers?

‘That’s clever.’

“Rather, this is probably correct. I understand for now. I don’t think there will be any problems, but if there is a problem, can I come and see you?”

Rockefeller just smiled at that.

“Is it a problem? What’s going to happen there? The credibility of our Lyon Guild is something everyone recognizes. We hope that you will do your best to complete the Manastone Tank. I look forward to hearing good news soon.”

Ricardo was still thinking a lot as he recalled the events of that time.

‘It’s amazing. No matter how you think about it, it’s really amazing.’

Rockefeller, who was walking quietly next to Ricardo, suddenly spoke.

“You must have felt a lot of things from your previous work. You have no words.”

“no. It wasn’t as shocking as it was expected anyway.”

“There will be more of that in the future. Lend us money we don’t have, and they’ll buy with it. And that will make us fatter.”

“I have a question for you.”

“Tell me.”

“Did you invest because you were confident in your Mana Stone Tank? Others are quite negative about the Manastone Tank. And no matter how much you invest in Goblin Dollars, if that person comes to Banco, you have to give that amount of gold coins unconditionally. In the end, that means that he helped because he had confidence in the Manastone Tank… … I’m curious about this. How confident were you about the Manastone Tank?”

Whatever his intentions, Rockefeller was able to respond with a small smile.

“Whether you have confidence in the Manastone Tank or not. In the end, I did it because it was absolutely necessary to convince the First Prince. I don’t know if you know, but due to the upcoming Crown War, there is a very high probability that His Majesty the First Prince will visit me. To prepare for that time, it is right to increase my influence on the Manastone Tank to some extent.”

At that, Ricardo gently narrowed his eyes.

I wish I could have looked there.

“Then did you invest in Count Frank only to deal with the First Prince, without any certainty about the Manastone Tank?”

“About yes. After all, all I have left is money.”

Rockefeller continued.

‘It’s not even necessary to say that I was sure.’

“There is no regret at all for such an investment. Isn’t it?”

Ricardo answered the question in silence.

‘Well, if it’s a paving stone like that, it’s understandable to invest in a manastone tank with a lot of talk and wear.’

Then Ricardo thought about the first prince that Rockefeller was talking about.

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