The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 43

43 - #043 Agreement (1)

43 – #043 Agreement (1)

As I brushed her bangs, Marian stared blankly at me, blushing as Vivian once did.

I always thought that my ugly appearance was because my hair or beard was dirty. Maybe the face disc isn’t so good either?

Then it’s really sad. Because one of the things those damn bastards said was right.

I hurriedly lowered my bangs and approached Marianne, only then did she free herself from her rigidity and regain her sanity.

However, I bowed my head and apologized to her as if she had drunk alcohol.

“Sorry. To show you what you can’t see.”

“Ugh, huh? What do you mean I won’t see you?”

“You don’t have to worry about me and tell me that. Aren’t you stiff because of my ugly appearance?”

Then Marianne, who had completely regained her sanity, raised one eye and tilted her head.

“… Have you ever looked in a mirror?”

“Actually, I don’t have a mirror in my house.”

“Still, I can’t think of that when I look at the faces of people passing by…. You don’t seem to be able to judge objectively, so I’ll just say it for sure. You are quite my drunk… No, he has a very manly appearance.”

“Really? You looked at it for a second and you misunderstood….”

“If you think so, I will take a good look at you this time, so keep your head down for a moment. Come on!”

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As I lowered her head at those words, Marianne cautiously brushed her bangs and stared at my face.

As if that wasn’t enough, I started to caress my face with my two small hands, but when a woman’s hand touched my face for the first time, my face blushed involuntarily.

“Hmm? Are you shy? Compared to his manly appearance, he has a surprisingly cute side.”

“… Don’t tease me too much.”

I felt more ashamed for nothing because it seemed like I was being teased by a child even though I knew that it was only because of my appearance and that I was actually older than me.

Marianne, who had been rubbing her face for a long time, looked at my beard disapprovingly and then she said to me,

“At this point, how about just arranging your hair and beard? Then her appearance will be clean, and the discriminatory remarks towards you will decrease a little.”

“Professor Vivian said that then, even from afar, people would notice that they were Asians, so there would be more.”

“Hmm? Did that shallow woman ever tell you that? Then….”

Vivian stopped talking abruptly, pondering something to herself, then frowned and clicked her tongue.

“Tsk… I thought she was vulgar, but she turned out to be a lascivious woman. I understand what she thinks, but….”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing. If you just want to clear your head, come visit me anytime. I will introduce you to her original hairdresser.”

With that said, Marianne flew up into the sky as if she was going to leave, but she didn’t know if she had anything to say yet, but she turned her head and looked back at me.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Please help me with my class next time. It’s a Ki-related class, so I need you.”

“Yes, I am.”

I didn’t know what to order, but it didn’t matter as long as I could pay off what I owed to the extent of helping with classes.

I nodded at Marianne’s words, and she disappeared into the sky with a satisfied expression.

No matter how spring it is, it would be cold to go up that high, so wouldn’t it be better to fly low or just walk normally?

Anyway, after seeing off Marianne, who had disappeared through the clouds, I looked at the two small orange balls in her hands.

I didn’t really need to report it right away, but I wanted to see Vivian’s surprised expression as soon as possible, so I headed straight to Vivian’s professor’s office.

“It is me.”

No matter how many times I came and went, the spirits saw my face and immediately opened the door to the professor’s office.

Vivian’s small breathing could be heard from above. Perhaps thanks to that training, I felt like my senses were sharper than before.

I went upstairs inside, suppressing the sound of footsteps and presence so as not to wake Vivian.

And when I stood in front of Vivian’s room and carefully turned the doorknob, I ran into Vivian, who had just woken up in her light pajamas.

“… Uhm, are you here? But don’t walk while killing the enemy. If the kids hadn’t informed me, I would have thought they were intruders and would have killed them.”

“I was going to surprise you, but it seems my stealth was worse than I thought.”

“No, you did a good job. If they hadn’t woken me up, I would have stayed asleep.”

Saying that, Vivian stood up in front of me and put her hand on his waist.

“So… Don’t you have something to show me?”

“Of course I do.”

When I showed the ball in the palm of my hand, Vivian smirked and tried to catch the ball in his hand, but the moment his fingers touched my palm, Vivian stiffened.

Vivian’s whole body stiffened as if she had been paralyzed in the middle, except for catching the ball, she stared intently at my hand, just like Marianne did.

“… Why?”

When I asked with a slight trembling voice, I was afraid of that appearance, and Vivian raised his head and asked me with his stiff expression.

“…… Were you with the shorty b*tch?”


Vivian was still grinning, but it wasn’t because she was happy, but because she was so angry that she forgot to put on a different expression.

I don’t understand why she is so angry.

I could only guess it wasn’t because Marianne was helping me with my practice, but other than that, she really couldn’t guess anything.

“… Why don’t you answer me?”

“No, it’s true that we were together… What’s wrong with that?”

“… ….”

When she was suffering from the suffocating silence that followed again and again, for the first time in her life, as if her pillow was blocking her face, she opened her mouth.

“No, there is no particular problem… I was just worried that that bad b*tch might have said something stupid….”

She said, “I used to call the professor a sleazy b*tch or a lustful woman….”

Saying this makes me feel like I’m telling a story. A normal person would be angry at the words, Vivian said with a smile.

“He does it all the time, so I don’t really care. But even if a vulgar b*tch is like that, what is a lewd b*tch? I’m hearing it for the first time today.”

“The reason why it came out is that… After Professor Marianne saw her face–“

“What the f*ck?! What you looking at?!!”

“… ….”

She was silent, but this time she suddenly yelled, and she couldn’t tell which tune to play.

When Vivian, who suddenly went crazy, shook my shoulder and demanded an explanation, I had no choice but to calmly talk about what had happened a few hours ago.

“So the professor touched my face and told me to have confidence because I have a manly face.”

“And?! And what else was there?!”

“You said I have a surprisingly cute side….”

“Did you just watch while that lewd b*tch was flirting like that?!”

“Oh, is this flirting? I’ve never experienced it, so I didn’t know, but it doesn’t feel too bad.”

I barely got my bangs over, but the genre of my life started to change.

I didn’t feel too bad.

“Is this bastard already bewitched by that b*tch?!”

“Not really. It was just that the experience of being favored by someone other than my father was a bit rare. There were no women at all.”

There were not many women who tried to approach the unknown savage rich man. Even the prostitutes, who said they would sleep with dogs for money, refused, let alone others.

“So… Are you going to cut your hair and flirt with women?”

“…… No, unless there is something special, we will continue like this.”

“Why? Yes, I like it better, but….”

“… If, what if My appearance is completely different from before with my hair and beard neatly trimmed, but if the people who despised me suddenly treat me kindly after that… I don’t think I can stand it.”

No matter how stupid they are, their attitude won’t change just as much as their appearance.

But, for example, if her Louise reacted like that to me, I might not be able to stand it and tear her to pieces right there.

You hate it because it’s arbitrary, but you like it because it’s changed to your liking? It’s okay to look down on people.

Of course I know it won’t actually happen, but just imagining it makes me shudder with rage.

“Ugh… You are also suffering a lot. But don’t go to her when you go get your haircut later. Because if it were that b*tch, she would cut it to her liking.”

With that said, Vivian started to leave the room past me, but the strength in her fists made it look like she was about to do something out of the ordinary.

“Professor? Where are you going?”

“…… Now that I’ve heard everything, I’m just going to come over and talk to you gently for a while.”

… Are you clenching your fist?

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