The Only Asian in the Academy chapter 45

45 - #045 Demonstration

45 – #045 Demonstration

‘Just as mana flows through the bodies of Westerners, the people of this continent, the power of energy flows through the bodies of Asians like us.’

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Mana and Ki.

There are many similar parts, such as flowing in the human body or being produced in the heart, but the two are distinctly different.

No one knows why there is such a difference between the two races, although there are many speculations about whether it is because the environment they were born in is different or because their body structure is different.

But only one person, my father, Hannam, knew the answer.

‘There’s no particular reason, actually, to make a difference.’

‘The difference? Why….’

‘Think about it, how disappointed would you be if you came out of the academy all the way to the eastern part of the map, and the enemies there are no different from the ones you’ve seen so far?’

In short, it was boring if the enemy always used the same skill, and since they were of different races, a setting called Ki was added to differentiate them.

At the time, as always, I thought it was bullsh*t, but now that I recognize that this is a world of amusement called a game, I realize that it is true.

Mana and Ki are just different in nature, and it is not possible to determine which of the two is superior, but the students in front of them seem to have thought a little differently.

Everyone has a bad eye for me. That’s what I usually do, so even if I passed it, why did I have to learn it?

It would be nice to have that kind of look, but I wonder if there are people out there who don’t have fear, so I raised my hand and shouted.

“Professor, I have no desire to challenge your class, but why do we have to learn about inferior powers that we cannot even use?”


As if I wasn’t the only one who thought so, not only Marianne, but also the students who had been looking at him with an amused look before were all looking at him like crazy.

Marianne seemed a bit shocked by his offensive remarks, probably because no one had ever challenged her class.

But that was only for a moment, as she immediately regained her senses, Marianne asked him with her displeased look on her face.

“Why do you have such thoughts? Give me a concise answer.”

“Yeah, because they are inferior to us….”

“The race itself is inferior, so its strength is also inferior…. That’s a pretty convincing argument. Then would it be all right for me to ask you a question?”

As he nodded her head, Marianne asked him.

“According to what you said, were the eastern horsemen, the Mongols? Why aren’t they exterminated and still alive and plundering the East? According to you, you should have fallen a long time ago.”

“… ….”

“Why did about a hundred students just get beaten up during the unfortunate incident a few weeks ago? Since they are superior and outnumbered, shouldn’t the opposite be the case? Why did you come up with such a result?”

He couldn’t answer. It was a statement that came out of hatred based only on emotion, not on any logical basis, so it cannot be refuted by logic.

Besides, they couldn’t answer that it was because they were weak, otherwise all the nobles and eastern nobles involved in the commotion would be turned into enemies.

In the end, unable to answer anything, he had to remain silent and lower his head to hide his indignant expression.

Marianne, who had been looking at her with satisfaction for a long time, smiled as if it was over.

“I am well aware that most of the kingdom’s nobility are hostile to Asians. I won’t tell you to throw it away, but don’t give up your learning opportunity because of it.”

The raucous atmosphere was settled at once, and at least outwardly, not a single student was left with the same sullen look as before.

“Then… It seems that there are no more students who object. I will leave the rest to you.”

“Even if you say leave it to me… I just heard about it today, so I don’t know what to say.”

When she told me her honest feelings, she smiled and said it was okay.

“Since there was no time, neither they nor the original girl expected anything special, it would be just a matter of demonstrating her simple operation method to her.”

“If that’s the case….”

There are three major ways to operate a flag.

An enhancement that amplifies the original power by infusing energy into the body or object.

Controls that move the object infused with energy freely without touching it directly.

And finally, a release that shoots the energy applied inside the bond to the outside.

You might say there are only three, but these three were really versatile.

For example, the release could be used as a defense because it could shed the shock applied to the body along with the energy, and it was also applicable to the shock applied to the feet when learning how to walk with Vivian.

“There are three ways to operate the qi used by warriors, but in terms of qi, it is possible to use it in a more diverse way if you go to Taoism or Yin Yang, which are equivalent to magic.”

“Taoism and yin-yang, can you explain what they are?”

“I heard from my father that there was such a thing, but I didn’t actually see it or learn about it in detail, so I don’t know.”

“I see… It’s a pity. Next, let me demonstrate how it works. Wouldn’t it be easier to demonstrate with a target?”

Saying that, Marianne raised her hand, and the earth began to crack with a vibration, and her rough purple hand grabbed the cracked ground and emerged.

What appeared was a huge purple golem with long, massive arms. A red jewel that appeared to be a nuclear nucleus was shining on his chest.

“You’d understand without saying it, but it’s a golem. It also has a self-healing function, so you can slap it without mercy.”

Before pulling out the spear, I first checked the level of the golem, and the level was 53, so I was confident enough to try it.

Relieved to hear that, I pulled out a long steel spear from my inventory and threw the spear at the golem before using it in earnest.

Of course, since there was no qi at all, the golem’s body was barely scratched with a spear made of steel, and only the blade came out of the spear.

“As you can see, a spear that does not contain energy cannot pierce the golem’s skin. However, if you reinforce the penetrating power by injecting the spirit of the spear….”

When I fired the spear again with energy this time, it did not penetrate the golem completely, but this time the spear blade was embedded in the golem’s body.

However, the person Marianne spoke of was quickly pushed out by her spear blade due to her restorative function.

“This is how the blade gets stuck. This strengthens, and….”

Manipulating and rotating the spear containing energy, the spear, which rotated at a tremendous speed, evoked a bloody wind that would tear flesh even if it touched it.

When the spinning spear hit the golem, a great shock and a huge wound appeared on the golem’s body.

“This is manipulation. Controls lose precision and power as the distance increases, so it’s more efficient to use them like this.”

And finally, there was a release, but the release was not a very preferred method of operation because it took a considerable amount of time to gather energy enough to release it.

However, since the most intuitive way to show release is the release of qi, I silently gathered the qi in the window.

A golden haze unique to Ki shook the spear with extremely intense speculation, and an exclamation flowed from Marianne’s mouth.

When I glanced at them, they seemed to be admiring them too, but since I am an Asian, I seem to be holding back my exclamation.

When enough spirits were gathered in the spear, he slashed the golden-colored spear toward the golem’s chest with all his might.

Then, like the tip of a spear, a sharp golden light shot out at a speed that surpassed sound and pierced the golem’s chest.

The light, which gradually lost its power while running through the blue sky, completely hid its shape leaving behind golden particles.

“This is the release of energy. It can be used in many ways besides what I have just shown, but I chose this method because it was the most intuitive way to show it.”

As soon as I said that this was the end, two applause started to sound from the side and from far away.

Of course, Marianne is next to her, and although I can’t see her from behind, it’s probably Rose.

“Then, I think you’ve learned a little bit about what ki is today, so I’ll take a moment to ask you some questions. Who has no one to ask?”

Having said that, Marianne gave her time, but no one raised her hand as to whether she had anything to ask or she didn’t want to.

“… It seems that there is none. Well, it’s a bit early, but I’ll end this month’s class here. The rest of the time is for self-practice. Student John Doe, you have something to talk about, so come with me.”

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