A Cash Warrior Chapter 174

A Cash Warrior 174

# 174

-7 Volume 25

Then, his magical power rose to a certain extent, and it was enough to use a few skills in an emergency.

“Come take a look around the area.”

After sending entropy reconnaissance, Jeong Dae-sik concentrated his consciousness and looked to see if there were any other monsters around by dilating his attention.

But for a moment, I felt goosebumps and felt that something was lurking nearby.

‘Is it really not the end of Vseslav? Is there another boss mob?’

Since he did his best to defeat Beseslav, Jeong Dae-sik was unable to fight any more.

It was the same for most of the troops.

They fought well as planned, but they did not leave any surplus.

‘Should I withdraw first? If that happens, the mission will be a failure.’

This was the first official mission of the Fenrir unit.

The thought of going back without success was terrifying.

He didn’t want to disappoint Kang Young-hoo, and more than anything he didn’t want to disappoint himself.

Jeong Dae-sik honestly told the current situation to the troops.

“Even after defeating Beseslav, the Magic Stones did not appear, so it cannot be said that the attack has been completed. That’s why I can feel something nearby. It may be a boss mob, but… As you know, there is currently no power left. I can’t fight anymore, so it’s proper to go back to this way.

However, since this is our first mission, we do not want to go back without even checking the identity of the boss mob. At the very least, I think it’s right to look at what kind of boss mobs are, rearrange them, and then find a way to attack them again. However, given the circumstances, I would like to ask for your opinion rather than arbitrarily decide. Do you want to go in the direction you think there is something, or should you retreat like this…”

Jeong Dae-sik’s words brought a look of concern to the members’ faces for an instant.

Then Jaewoo Lee shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Won’t it be okay if you come and observe what kind of boss mobs are? It’s uncomfortable to step back like this.”

Kim Song-geun nodded at Lee Jae-woo’s words.

“There are still some magic stones that I brought for emergencies, so I don’t think it would be too much of a problem to take a look at it by supplementing some magic.”

Ki Cheol-min also seemed to agree.

“It would be a shame if there was nothing to save after going through this hardship. You should be able to promise for the future.”

Kim Tae-hee and Huh Mi-rae did not show any differences.

The only person who objected was Godeokhwa.

“Do you really need to take a risk? It’s never too late to go out of the dungeon and recover your power, then come back.”

Kim Tae-hee immediately refuted that statement.

“If the dungeon is not cleared, the monster’s return to the realm will be faster. Next time they enter, they will have to deal with a group of Weirwolves or Wolfhedin, of course, and they may run into Beseslav again. In that case, it’s better to check now.”

God Deok-hwa expressed dissatisfaction with Kim Tae-hee’s words.

However, in the end, the decision rested with the deputy commander, Jeong Dae-sik.

And Jeong Dae-sik agreed with Kim Tae-hee.

“If it’s only reconnaissance and not attack, there’s no problem with the current state. I never fight. I’ll just check the identity of the boss mob and come back. Then let’s leave after a while.”

Jeong Dae-sik devoured all the remaining emergency food.

Then he gathered up his clean eyes and swallowed a gourd to barely quench his hunger.

Then he led his men across the ruined forest in a mess.

After walking for a while, I discovered something with the entropy of the front.

“What’s inside?”

Daesik Jeong stopped the process and focused his attention on entropy for a moment.

Through the linked field of view, the entropy was seen as it was.

The inside of the cave revealed by Jack O’Lantern wasn’t as big as the place where he had fought Asmodeus the other day.

However, as if made artificially, the slopes were well carved, and an altar made of stone was visible in the innermost part of the cave.

‘What the hell is that?’

Jeong Dae-sik concentrated his consciousness and conveyed his meaning to entropy.

‘Entropy, look at what’s on the altar.’

‘What’s inside the altar? Can you open the altar?’

Soon entropy lifted the upper part of the altar, which was made of stone and weighed heavily.

Then the upper part of the altar opened like a box lid, revealing an empty space inside.

There was something unexpected in that space.

Jeong Dae-sik spoke to himself without realizing it.

Then, the members of the unit, who had no way of knowing what Jeong Dae-sik was looking at, asked in amazement.

“What did entropy discover?”

“It looks like a heart to me.”

Hearing the word “heart”, the troops were surprised.

Then Ki Chul-min came up with a credible story.

“On rare occasions, I heard that there are monsters that store weak areas such as the heart or brain separately.”

“Is it like that with Beseslav?”

“It’s very likely. That’s why even after defeating Beseslav, the Magic Stone didn’t appear.”

“It’s because you didn’t completely kill Beseslav.”

“I’ll go there first.”

Fenrir’s troops arrived in front of the altar in the cave where there was entropy in about a month.

Inside the altar was a heart that was too large for a human being.

The heart, which was surrounded and protected by the bluish death force, was still beating with thump, thump, and beat sounds as if it were alive.

Jeong Dae-sik looked at the heart carefully.

It is protected by death force, so you don’t know what will happen if you stab it at random.

He used his skill to be careful.

When the skill was activated, I felt my vision getting brighter and information about my heart came to mind.

Next to the name written ‘Heart of Beseslav’, there was a crown sign meaning a boss mob.

Judging from the fact that it was blue, there was a high possibility that it would be at least a sapphire-class magic crystal.

And the vitality figure was floating below it, and unfortunately, this time too, it was impossible to distinguish the weak points and the strong points.

All of them were marked as weak points, so it was impossible to judge how the surrounding dead force had an effect.

‘Observation level 2 seems to have a limit to observation… If you want to attack a dangerous dungeon infested with rare monsters, it would be better to upgrade your observation skills. Entropy! Upgrade your observation skills.’


Jeong Dae-sik blinked a few times as his eyes felt warm.

Let’s use the observation skill again right away, more information was floating on the altar.

It flowed into his head as if it were being entered, and Dae-Sik Jeong was able to confirm several things at once about Beseslav’s heart.

‘The dead force enveloping the heart only acts as a preservative, but it doesn’t seem to be particularly dangerous. However, if left as it is, Beseslav’s body will be reconstructed and reappeared. You have to deal with it before that, but you can just stab it with a knife or crush it with a hammer, but there seems to be a better way…?’

Jeong Dae-sik was amazed at the information he could get from level 3 observation and said to his troops.

“It may sound disgusting, but listen to me. You know I’m an all-in-one, right?”

The troops nodded at once, and Jeong Dae-sik continued to speak.

“This is a fact that I discovered with the all-in-one ability. There seems to be a reason why the heart of Beseslav is kept separately. It is because the heart of Beseslav itself is the best item that can be obtained in this dungeon.”

At that, Jaewoo Lee tilted his head in bewilderment.

“What this means is that if you eat Vseslav’s heart alive, your body functions will improve.”

Heo Mi-rae’s face turned pale when he said that Beseslav’s heart should be eaten raw.

Surprisingly, the other members of the unit were the same.

Seeing them gossiping, Jeong Dae-sik continued.

“Sometimes, there are monsters that can become an elixir just by eating a heart or drinking blood. A typical example is a dragon. There are even rumors that eating a dragon’s heart will make you immortal, so I don’t think everyone will hesitate with the heart of a dragon in front of you. .”

Jeong Dae-sik inserted a hunting knife into Beseslav’s heart without hesitation.

Even after the sword was pierced, Vseslav’s heart was still alive and thump-thump-thumping.

Jeong Dae-sik cut it into several pieces.

Divided into eight equal to the number of members of the troop, one loaf was given out.

“There may be some side effects because there is still a lot of energy, but it will be worth the risk. I will try it first.”

Jeong Dae-sik shoved the chunk of Beseslav’s heart, which was still alive even though the blood was dripping with it, in his mouth, and swallowed it.

Because of Yamafan, I was still hungry, so it went better than I expected.

Seeing the scene, the other troops also ate Beseslav’s heart at once.

Only Heo Mi-rae was hesitant until the end, but she thought that she could not be the only one, so she cried and put it in her mouth.

After swallowing, Mi-rae Heo vomited in vain one after another in the bloody blood in her mouth.

But Jeong Dae-shik said, “Are you okay?” ‘ he asked, with tears in his eyes, and he nodded.

Suddenly, the altar cracked and collapsed on both sides.

And the place was distorted, and the magic stone finally appeared.


Jeong Dae-sik smiled at the magic stone that appeared with the dazzling light.

‘As expected, it’s a sapphire class.’

The magic stone that appeared in the air was so blue that it made my eyes shiver.

It had a different level of transparency and clarity than normal blue stones, so it was absolutely beautiful.

By snatching it from the air as it soon fell down, Jeong Dae-sik announced the end of the mission.

“Now that you have obtained the Magic Stone, the mission has been completed. As of this time, SJ1D has been attacked.”

With the relief and joy of having successfully completed the first official mission, the troops cheered.

Looking at them happily, Jeong Dae-sik gave a brief congratulations.

“Everyone worked hard. You made it this far.”

“No, it’s all thanks to the commander.”

“Captain is the best!”

Everyone was happy and raised Jeong Dae-sik.

Had it not been for them to be in a narrow cave, they would have slapped them.

Jeong Dae-sik almost banged his head in the ceiling of the cave, but even if he did, he was in the best mood.

‘We defeated an 8-star monster without a single injury! With them, it wouldn’t be difficult to build the raid of my dreams!’

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