A Cash Warrior Chapter 185

A Cash Warrior 185

# 185

-8 Volume 11

“I don’t know what other hunters think, but since I’ve been wrestling with monsters here in the Hawaiian Islands for a long time, I find the monsters outside the dungeon to be far more dangerous than the ones inside the dungeon. Because the monsters in the dungeon protect their respective areas and do not try to escape from them. Rather, they fight each other to protect their territory.

However, outside the dungeon and into the real world, they recognize the public enemy of humans and act strategically. Even those who do not form groups move in groups for a common goal: to build and defend the nest.”

Adam said with a worried face.

“Watching them move in unison, it’s like watching a well-trained army. If all the monsters in the dungeon jump out… If the last monster break occurs, then mankind will not be able to guarantee victory.”

It was truly a creepy story.

Jeong Dae-sik hides his eerie feeling inside and tells him not to worry.

「If they move strategically, doesn’t it mean that humans are that much of a threat? In fact, weapons have been developed that can control monsters without the abilities of the Awakened, so it won’t take long for them to become mere beasts.”

Instead of answering, Adam smiled and left, saying see you tomorrow.

Jeong Dae-sik went to the dormitory and said to Kim Si-on, who was next to him.

“What do you think of Adam’s words?”

“Everything he says will be true.”

From the moment the contingent landed in Hawaii, Kim Si-on had been using a respectful admiration for Jeong Dae-sik.

Since he is the commander of the contingent, he is treated with respect as a superior.

Kim Si-on continued with a thoughtful face.

“Once the monsters set up a nest and set a territory, it is not easy to regain it. In fact, some places that have been completely nested are called stolen lands, aren’t they?”

“That’s right. Even Korea, where there are the most powerful hunters in the world, has not been able to reclaim Ulleungdo and Jeju Island.”

“It was very unusual to retake Oahu here. It must have been possible because of the existence of the MFP. So, Chief Engineer Adam Kirkland must be someone who knows better than anyone about the monsters that have adapted to reality.”

“Anyway, the monster investigation team will stay at the defense base tomorrow, so the Foreign Legion must also participate in the operation.”

“I wonder if there is.”

“Then see you tomorrow.”

“see you tommorow.”

Jeong Dae-sik and Kim Si-on split at the entrance of the dorm.

And as he passed the hallway lined with the rooms the Fenrir unit was assigned to, he accidentally ran into Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Tae-hee just stopped in place and answered immediately.

“What’s going on, Captain?”

Seeing that he was called the captain, he had an attitude of stubbornly keeping a distance.

Jeong Dae-sik grabbed her and led her into the room.

“What happened the other day… I must have done something wrong. I apologize formally once again.”

Kim Tae-hee turned her head back to what Jeong Dae-sik said and pretended not to know.

“Is there anything the captain has to apologize for? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Do I have to call you Choi Hee to hear me?”

“Is it just Kim Tae-hee here?”

“Choi Hee.”

“Don’t call me that. Isn’t it important to distinguish between public and private life?”

Watching Kim Tae-hee keep shooting, Jeong Dae-sik sighed.

“I’m not here to help retake the Hawaiian Islands. When I’m done here, I’m going to head over to the US mainland to participate in a charity auction hosted by Palmer Street. You know who’s coming. Will there be?”

“Before I met him, I want to hear what you were trying to tell me. It must have been an important story, so you must have called me up to that point. You probably didn’t call me to blame for the scandal with Young Eun-ha, did you?”

At those words, Kim Tae-hee’s face suddenly turned red.

She took off her horn-rimmed glasses and rubbed the corners of her eyes roughly with the back of her hand.

When I took off my glasses, Tae-hee Kim disappeared and Choi-hee was standing in front of me.

“Then why not?”

Jeong Dae-sik was speechless when he saw her weeping, so he couldn’t say anything.

Choi Hee showed a weak side like never before, and kept saying things like self-talk.

“After all, you’re calling me to apologize to me, is it to inquire about Kwangpil-doo? I’m not interested in anything…”

It was then that Jeong Dae-sik realized why Choi Hee slapped him on the cheek the other day.

It was because he was in a hurry to ask about Gwangpil-doo, rather than grabbing her as she ran away from her wounds and standing her up to comfort her.

Then he realized his indifference later and was very sorry.

But when I tried to say I’m sorry again, it felt like it was of no value.

Is that so?

As soon as he saw Choi Hee shivering with his lips trembling, a strong impulse came to him.

Jeong Dae-sik, without realizing it, bowed his head to Choi-hee and lightly kissed her lips.

Choi Hee opened her eyes wide in surprise.

His face looked like a child, so Jeong Dae-sik smiled briefly and kissed him more deeply this time.

After that, Choi Hee turned into a blank face as if she had lost a bit of emotion.

Seeing that expression, Jeong Dae-sik realized what he had done and took a step back.

Only then did Choi Hee quickly come to her senses and put back the glasses she was holding in her hand.

Then he returned to Kim Tae-hee and told the story of Gwangpil-doo, which Jeong Dae-sik was curious about.

“I’m not sure. It’s just a guess, made up of a few rumors I’ve picked up.”

“What guess is that?”

“My guess is that Kwang Pil-Doo is hiding his abilities.”

“You’re hiding your powers?”

Jeong Dae-sik frowned and recalled the figure of Gwangpil-doo he saw while in the Zodiac raid.

He fought with a flaming sword, and seeing that, Jeong Dae-shik had guessed that Gwangpil-gu was a powerhouse or emitter.

But does that mean that this ability is not Kwang Pil-doo’s original ability?

Kim Tae-hee’s words continued.

“Before entering the Zodiac raid, Kwang Pil-doo’s whereabouts are obscure. Like Dae-sik Jeong, he suddenly appeared and stood out at once. That’s why he joined the Zodiac raid… Since then, he’s been fighting with a flame sword all the time. It’s the item’s ability, not the power of the leader.”

Then I remembered the story I heard from Han Mi-ran.

Jeong Dae-sik brought the story to his mouth.

“Is it true that Park Tae-san, who fought Kwang Pil-doo, lost his ability?”

“As far as I know, it has been confirmed to be true. However, there is no way to know whether that was due to the power of the rookie leader or the aftermath of battle.”

“How is Park Tae-san’s condition…?”

“Should I say I’m completely out of my mind? You’re a bit old, but still, you’re not out of your mind. But now, you’re entrusting yourself to a nursing home for the elderly with dementia.”

Are you saying that the person who suffered the first monster break as a first-generation capable person and possessed one of the 7-star weapons became a dementia patient?

“He said it was kind of shocking.”

“But, isn’t Jinju Yeo okay?”

“It seems like it is, but that person also retired after the battle with the Great Leader. I mean, I haven’t seen him use his abilities even once after fighting the Great Leader.”

“Then you mean it’s true that the gangsters rob the Awakened’s abilities?”

“It would be more accurate to say that it destroys rather than robs. I think the madman has the ability to turn Awoken into ordinary people.”

“How could a mere human destroy a God-given ability?”

“I don’t know about that. But if you go to a charity auction and run into a madman, you shouldn’t fight him. You better be careful until you see what his abilities are.”

Jeong Dae-sik nodded and muttered.

“When I get back to Korea, I’ll have to meet Yeo Jin-ju and find out what happened.”

Chapter 47. Special Operations

Even before the dawn was starting to fade, the contingent team, the Phoenix Raid Squadron, and the joint special operations force to install the MFP gathered in one place.

First, each captain finally coordinated detailed opinions and held a general operation briefing in a large conference room.

After that, detailed operation details were delivered to each unit, and after a quick meal, the operation began at 9:00 in the morning after about an hour of preparation.

To and to do and to do!

While the propeller of the large transport helicopter rotated with a loud noise, a total of 14 people, including Fenrir and Foreign Legion members, were transferred to the helicopter.

Because it was impossible to move by boat due to the serpent, he had no choice but to use the sky road to get to Molokai Island.

Ride over and over!

While traveling in a helicopter, Jae-Woo Lee exclaimed at the scenery of Hawaii spreading out the window.


Because he didn’t come to play, Jae-woo Lee was scared of screaming and the crew’s eyes were on him.

Heo Mirae’s face was pale at the thought of going down for the first time in her life.

However, since they plan to use the latest equipment, even a beginner would be able to descend to the ground without any problems.

‘That’s Molokai Island.’

As the Hawaiian Islands were once called a paradise on earth, the green islands boasted their beautiful appearance on the blue sea.

However, in reality, the place is no less than a dungeon infested with monsters, so we had to be vigilant.

Soon the helicopter changed direction and approached Molokai Island from the shore.

To the east of the island that was quickly approaching, they saw the Kamakou Plateau where they had to go.

ride on and on!

The helicopter came to a halt in an agricultural area on the Kamakou Ridge, and the descent signal was dropped.

Jeong Dae-sik took the lead and jumped out of the helicopter.

A gust of wind slapped him on the cheek, and as soon as he landed on the ground, he untied the wire harness, which automatically steered.

Soon after him, the other 13 men descended to the ground.

Jeong Dae-sik rushed forward to buy time for the crew to untie the wire harness and prepare them for battle.

Hearing the loud sound of propellers, the monsters hiding in the forest began to pop out from all directions.

Jeong Dae-sik fired an MFP grenade at the walking Mermen running toward this side.

Whirrily Lirik – Don’t fall for it!

The MFP grenade flew into the air, and as soon as it landed on the ground, it emitted electromagnetic pulses.

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