A Cash Warrior Chapter 246

A Cash Warrior 246

# 246

-10 episode 23

Entropy immediately saw through the situation and opened his mouth.

“It’s called Gwangpildu!”

While Ki Chul-min let out a startled sound and everyone was startled, what was just a small dot was getting closer and closer.

As Entropy said, the person walking this way kicking the ashes on the floor was a savage leader.

“Gwangpil-gu! Did you get Rye and chase after you all the way here?”

As if to prove what Ki Cheol-min sighed, Durahan drank the magic recovery potion and was ready to fight. The reason Gwangpil-doo came all the way here must be to acquire Barding, which is the 6th of the 7-Star Weapons.

“How did you already come all the way here?”

The members of the unit, who had anticipated the time of meeting him a long time later, were startled and roared. God Deok-hwa guessed the reason.

“Perhaps that’s because Chernobog’s influence has disappeared. He must have shortened the distance by using a teleportation scroll or similar method.”

Fortunately or not, he was alone. But being alone didn’t seem to mean much.

Gwangpil-doo was wrapped around his whole body in dazzling armaments.

He wore the Delight Sword that belonged to Kang Chul-woo on his side, the brilliant aura armor that Jade Palmer had on his body, and the Elves Balm from the national treasure chest on his chest.

On his back, he carried the Chiron Bow and Sbieski shield he had stolen from Yeo Jin-ju and Park Tae-san.

He was armed with as many as five of the seven-star weapons, so his momentum was great just by standing there.

All of them radiate dazzling light like a kaleidoscope and dazzle the eyes of the beholder, making it difficult to even aim at them.

It was already expressed with his whole body that he possessed strength beyond the human category.

Nevertheless, he was not satisfied and he was trying to get all the 7-star weapons, so it seemed justified to define the light leader as an enemy.

Moreover, he not only inflicted a lot of damage to acquire armor, but also lost the abilities of Choi Hee and other Awakeneds, so he crossed the irretrievable river.

Seeing such a bright leader, the Fenrir troops began to prepare for battle one by one. Then Durahan turned to them and said,

“This is my fight! You guys are back.”

When Entropy delivered those words, Chul-min Ki shook his head.

“Kim Tae-hee, who was once a member of the Fenrir corps… No, as long as he touched Choi-hee, that guy is also our enemy. Besides, that guy is defined as a public enemy, so a fight with him is inevitable as long as we meet face-to-face. is.”

As if everyone agreed with Ki Cheol-min, the Fenrir troops all aimed their weapons at the gwangpil-du.

He had just recovered from an injury, and his magic power was not enough and he was not tired, but his appearance was not as strong as those who had just returned from the battle with Chernobog a while ago.

“Chul-min Ki, you are right! Did you not survive even after facing a whopping 15-star Chernobog in front of you? So there is no problem with Gwangpil-du, who is the same human being!”

Heo Mi-rae raised her voice uncomfortably at Lee Jae-woo’s exclamation with excitement.

“I have satisfied my greed by stealing the powers of many awakened people, so now I have to pay the price!”

Song-geun Kim and Deok-hwa God silently showed signs of agreement, and Major Mikhail was also eager to join the fight.

Although he did not have any support from the leader of the world, and was in a position to oppose the enemy of the leader, Durahan, his superior, Colonel Vladimir, was also wary of holding a 7-star weapon in one hand.

For now, Durahan seemed to have decided that it was right to antagonize the gang leader by taking the side of the Fenrir unit, which took care of his life to the end, even if it were second to none.

They reflexively built a kind of formation around Durahan.

Seeing the scene, Gwangpil-du, who had been walking in this direction, stopped his steps.

He opened his mouth, standing at a distance where they could see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices.

“Looking at the rising sun, it looks like you defeated Chernobog.”

As Kwang Pil-doo said that, the sunlight fell on his head as if he was receiving some kind of light.

He stood on the ground covered with black ashes and the corpses of monsters and raised his head for a moment as if savoring the sunlight.

Then he lowered his eyes again, saw Durahan and the Fenrir troops that lined up around him, and saw Entropy and Jeong Dae-sik in her arms and said,

“I really hoped I would defeat Chernobog.”

Hearing that, Ki Chul-min revealed this.

“Once the situation has been assessed, it would be better to quickly roll up your tail and run away.”

“Because… you want to say that your power is stronger than that of the 15-star Chernobog?

Ki Chul-min emphasized the fact that they are strong enough to defeat Chernobog, but Gwangpil-doo was listening with the back of his ear.

He seemed to care only about the one who defeated Chernobog, and no one else.

“It would be great if Jeong Dae-shik defeated Chernobog. It’s a blessing from Russia. But it might be unfortunate for you guys. It’s especially bad for you, Durahan.”

The brain-attacking leader struck the core precisely.

“I don’t think Dae-Sik Jeong will be in a situation to fight in the aftermath of the defeat of Chernobog, so you will have to deal with me directly. I may not be as strong as Chernobog, but it’s not too much of a problem to defeat one of you. So recommended do.”

Kwang Pil-doo breathed a sigh of relief as he felt that he was talking too much and then continued.

“Durahan, yield to me the barrage and back away obediently. In that case, I will leave only your abilities.”

Hearing those words, Durahan twisted his lips.

「You are a power destroyer……」

Gwangpildu nodded his head as he understood what Durahhan had said since he began to speak in English.

“Yes. I am an ability destroyer. So it would be better not to test my abilities.”

Then Durahan drove the barrage and took a step forward.

“It looks like you are trying to destroy my supernatural power, but you know what my power is and destroy it?”

Hearing that story, Ki Chul-min frowned.

Come to think of it, he was famous for being the leader of the rebels, the leader of the Liberation Army, and the owner of one of the seven-star weapons, Dura-Han, but nothing was known about his abilities.

His identity is his identity, so not much is known about him, but Delanipos’s power was so great that other parts were buried.

Even Ki Cheol-min knew about Romulus’s spear that said it would never break at all, but he had no memory of hearing about Durahan’s ability.

Durahan shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“Well, I don’t think I will use this ability very often.”

He immediately turned to the Fenrir troops and said:

“Unfortunately, there seems to be no opportunity to show off your skills. I’ll take care of it anyway!”

As soon as his words fell, his figure disappeared.

The Barding had begun to demonstrate its abilities.

Disappeared from his place in the blink of an eye, he launched dozens of attacks towards the gwangpil-doo in a short span of time, even to say it was a moment.

Of course, no one saw the scene properly.

It wasn’t a visible kind of attack. Even the crazy leader who was attacked did not react properly.

In Durahhan’s eyes, he just stood far away, looking at the wrong place, while Romulus’s spear fell towards the spearhead.

And a moment suitable to be called a moment.

The Brilliant Aura Armor, one of the 7-star weapons worn by the Brilliant Leader, blocked the attacks from Romulus’s spear.

Of course, Durahan didn’t aim at the place where the guru was wearing his armor.

He was clearly aiming at his forehead with the intention of killing him with a single blow, and even though he was wearing armor, his face was completely exposed.

Brilliant Aura Armor was similar to medieval plate armor, but the helmet had no face covering.

In addition, Durahan did not forget, and aimed not only at the face, but also at the joints, which are considered the weak points of the armor.

It was calculated that even if only one of the dogs was attacked, it would be able to inflict damage to the leader to some extent.

However, none of the attacks worked against the leader.

To be precise, it didn’t work for the 7-star weapon.

Brilliant Aura Armor did not allow any attacks from Romulus’s spear and made a strong defense.

The moment Romulus’s spear pierced the lighthead’s face, the shape of the armor changed and covered the place.

Not only that, but the shape of the joints also changed to be sharp like a horn, and the spear of Romulus was thrown back.

Because the armor had long been without an owner, not much is known about its function.

However, when he actually attacked, it could be said that it was armor belonging to the 7-star armament.

It had the ability to defend itself by changing its shape according to the attack it was applied to.

Still, it was under Durahhan’s calculations to some extent.

I guessed that Romulus’s spear would not be able to penetrate the defense of the wide leader armed with 7-star weapons.

Besides, Gwangpildu had four more 7-star weapons, so it would be quite difficult for Durahan to defeat him.

Nevertheless, the reason that Durahan was confident of victory was because of the power that God had given him.

His power ranking is high for a reason.

Even if you are armed with great weapons, it is of no use if the attack does not hit.

However, Durahan had barding that allowed him to move at a great speed.

As long as he was riding on Delanifoss, it was safe to say that there was no attack hitting him.

It is possible to deflect his attacks, but it is almost impossible to harm him.

Above all, Durahan had the ability to shed all attacks.

In fact, Durahan fought countless battles while fighting government troops or monsters, but never suffered a fatal wound.

Although he suffered various minor injuries, it was only at the level of a scratch resulting from extreme movement, and he was never hit by an enemy attack.

Therefore, Durahan believed in his abilities more than anything else.

Even more trustworthy than Barding, one of the 7 Star Weapons.

After all, the opponent had five 7-star weapons, so it was decided that he could not fight with just one.

And under normal circumstances, that judgment would have been correct.

But now, it was not a common situation, and Durahhan did not see through that fact.

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