A Cash Warrior Chapter 39

A Cash Warrior 39

# 39

– Volume 2 Episode 14

Jeong Dae-sik thought that Seol Yu-ran would get up and leave.

But she didn’t.

The next moment, they cling to each other and pull down Jeong Dae-sik’s clothes.

“Pretend you didn’t hear what I just said. Let’s say you don’t have any work tonight. It means don’t be burdened.”

If it has nothing to do with scouting, why is Seol Yu-ran like this?

I couldn’t help but wonder, but the question was blocked by lips that came rushing over me.

Seol Yu-ran’s lips were fragrant and sweet no matter what she had applied.

As earning money was given priority above all else, he built a wall with women.

In a world where poverty is a sin, they could not even dream of dating.

But suddenly a beautiful woman attacked me naked, and I had no talent to fight it.

Even Hwang Mi-gun somehow refused, but this was absolutely unreasonable.

Jeong Dae-sik knocked Seol Yu-ran down and rushed in without hesitation.

the next morning.

When I woke up, Seol Yu-ran was already gone.

There was only commotion in all directions due to the crew preparing for departure.

‘Have I ever been possessed by a fox?’

Jeong Dae-sik scratched his head and brushed off the afterglow of the night before preparing to go hunting.

When we went out to get our food and clothes, Cheol-min Ki was waiting.

He looked at Jeong Dae-sik and grinned with a strange expression.

“Did you have fun last night?”

Seol Yu-ran was quite noisy.

Despite the crew lying nearby, he was not hesitant.

As Jeong Dae-sik scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, Ki Cheol-min chuckled.

“Still, I had fun with the most beautiful woman in the Zodiac raid. Well, it wouldn’t be a waste to lose some magic.”

“Huh? Losing magic power. What does that mean?”

Ki Cheol-min burst into laughter at Jeong Dae-sik’s stupid question.

“Hey, don’t you know that?”

“Ahahaha! You really don’t know?”

“So what do you mean?”

When Jeong Dae-sik couldn’t stand it and showed his temper, Ki Cheol-min said with tears in his eyes.

“Do you know the reason why female hunters don’t hesitate to attack with meat to try to sleep with famous male hunters? It’s because of the myth.”

“Is it a myth?”

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it is said that when we have a relationship with talented people like us, magical powers are mixed. So there is a saying that when you do it with someone with excellent magic, you share that ability.”

“It’s absurd… What’s the rationale?”

“No. So, it’s a myth. But there are surprisingly many people who believe it.”

Ki Cheol-min tapped Jeong Dae-sik on the back and said.

“Perhaps all the female crew members here are anxious? Since Seol Yu-ran stopped the start, there will be no stopping women in your barracks from tonight. She is a rare triple-positioner, so she will want to sleep with you no matter what.”

Jeong Dae-sik had an ambiguous expression on his face because he did not know whether to be happy or not.

It should be good that the popularity exploded all of a sudden, but it made me feel bad about losing my ability.

Even if it was just a myth, it was difficult to just ignore it.

Not only Jeong Dae-shik, but all the people who went in and out of the dungeon were weak in superstition.

Since it is a place where life goes back and forth for even a small mistake, I had no choice but to be sensitive to jinx and omens.

It was for the same reason that Jeong Dae-sik became a target for women.

Usually, her eyes are attached to the top of her head, so the one with a nose as high as Everest was a female hunter.

It was difficult for a woman to survive in the harsh world of the hunter.

Also, among the hunters, the ratio of women was on the low side.

That is why the female hunter had better skills than the male hunter.

As long as they overcame their physical handicap and survived, there were many cases where the skills of female hunters were superior if they were of the same age.

Naturally, such female hunters never look back on men who are worse than themselves.

Hunters with a lower rank than him did not even look at him.

According to the myth Ki Cheol-min said, sleeping with such people would only take away his abilities, so he unconditionally wanted only a strong and strong man with a higher grade than himself.

For that reason, Jeong Dae-sik, who is supposed to be a capable triple-positioner, was a good match for female hunters of the same class or below.

It is said that horses are good opponents, and they are nothing less than prey.

Perhaps because of his mood, he could feel Jeong Dae-sik’s gaze on him throughout the meal.

All the female hunters were looking at themselves with twinkling eyes.

In Hwang Mi-gun’s eyes, life was shining.

In anger that Seol Yu-ran had lost Jeong Dae-sik, she was ready to eat him.

It couldn’t have been more of a burden.

Before I even started hunting, I felt like I was getting faster for the women.

Soon, the meal was over and the day’s schedule began.

Members of each team gathered and listened to a brief briefing.

Then, as yesterday, he formed a line and went to the hunting ground.


The road leading to section C.

When Seol Yu-ran’s eyes met, she gave a refreshing wink.

If it was a man, it was enough to make my heart flutter, but I wasn’t very happy with it because I had heard it.

It wasn’t because he liked Jeong Dae-sik, but he was only aiming for his body to recruit or steal his abilities, so no matter how manly he was, he couldn’t help but feel good.

It was even more so because Ki Chul-min was constantly giggling next to him.

He took the bandages off in one day.

There was an unpleasant scar in the middle of the face, but the wound healed cleanly.

Even if anyone doubts its amazing resilience.

No one cared for him as he was just a temporary agent.

It’s because he doesn’t even care that he’s injured.

Of the temporary crew, only three people made it to Area C.

It was Jeong Dae-sik, Ki Cheol-min, and one unknown dealer of Leo.

The dealer was also injured, but it was minor.

So, like Ki Chul-min, he seemed to have decided to go hunting together until the end.

In any case, the number of staff is significantly lower than yesterday, as most of the temporary crew had been left behind at base camp.

It felt like almost half were missing.

Nevertheless, there was no tension in the advance squad.

Rather, it was an atmosphere of ease because it was possible to get rid of the interim crew and fight directly.

Not long after leaving the base camp, monsters started appearing.

Indeed, like Section C, the size was all distracting.

The movements of the regular crew against such monsters were very inconsistent.

Up until now, it felt like the temporary crew had been fighting only a joke.

It’s quick, clear, and smooth.

The five teams moved effortlessly as if they were one body.

“Aquarius! Aggro to the left, to the left!”

“Leo is aiming at his right flank! Now! Out!”

“Haejwa, not yet. Save your magic! Wait for the signal!”

“Taurus is returning to the rear! Kill the prey!”

“Sagittarius! Reload, reload!”

Following the busily passing orders through the communicator, the regular crews moved in unison.

The fact that he had fought dozens or hundreds of times with this combination was disgusting.

That’s why the battle speed was very fast.

Even if a large monster appeared, he quickly defeated it and moved forward.

Then, at some point, the number of monsters started to appear less frequently.

The march was stopped and the team leaders gathered.

For this moment, Hwang Mi-gun and Seol Yu-ran also put aside their hostility towards each other and focused on the situation in front of them.

“If you see the monsters disappear, you must be right, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s most likely the area where boss mobs appear!”

“From the types of monsters I’ve seen so far, it seems like they’re also insects.”

“I don’t know, but it must be a large paper.”

“Is it a flying type?”

“No, it’s more likely to be a land type. Flying types are rare.”

“Isn’t it a super-large species?”

“It’s not that level of a dungeon.”

“It’s roughly a large species of land-type insect-type monster, that’s it.”

After the discussion, each team leader regrouped.

Because it was a fight against a boss mob, the strategy was different from before.

The advance team was divided into three groups.

Tankers, close deals, long deals, and buffers were evenly distributed in the three groups.

Only one healer fell to the rear under Hwang Mi-gun’s protection.

Park Moo-sik, the head of the tank team, was in general command of the three groups, and one team leader was assigned to each of the three groups.

“Then let’s go!”

Shortly after the procession advanced again, an expansive space like a cave appeared.

It was like a jungle-like place with trees everywhere, but it was dark and damp because there was no light.

Everywhere there were carnivorous plants with their mouths wide open and drooling.

The carnivorous plants here were small enough to not feel threatened.

The viscosity of the saliva was also weak, so even if it touched it, it was slightly blistering.

Even so, of course, it’s annoying.

As the team was moving away from a thicket of carnivorous plants, a horrifying noise was suddenly heard in front of them.


“It’s a boss mob!”

As soon as he heard Park Moo-sik’s cry, a boss mob protecting the core of the dungeon appeared.

“It’s a thorn scorpion!”

The monster appeared to be an evolutionary version of the thorn spider, which Jeong Dae-sik defeated with his powerful force.

It was the size of a house, and the hairs that grew densely all over the body were as sharp as thorns.

It also had a pair of large claws and eight thick legs.

What caught the eye more than anything else was the tail soaring high at the back.

A poison stinger was attached to the tip of a large tail surrounded by an outer carapace.

The poison was dripping from the stinger, and there was a crackling and burning sound wherever the poison touched.

It was highly probable that the acid was strong enough to burn the skin just by rubbing it.

Above all, that chin!

Every time it closed its ghastly jaw, which was split sideways, there was a roaring sound, like a clash of chains.

Judging from the fact that the chin, which appears to be an extension of the outer skin, looks quite hard, there is a high possibility that the upper is also incredibly strong.

It seemed to really overwhelm the crowd, but Park Moo-sik shouted without panicking.

“Our group A enters first! Group B and C spread out to the sides!”

The operation was like this.

The opponent is presumed to be a large insect-type monster.

Since there was a high probability of having an outer skin, the probability of a prolonged battle was also high.

If each team rushed in with the roles divided, the tanker or the dealer could be knocked out first by claws or stingers.

Then, only one deal or buffer will remain, and then the hunting will be over the water.

In order to prevent that, the three groups of each team member are evenly distributed to take turns tapping the boss mob.

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