A Cash Warrior Chapter 42

A Cash Warrior 42

# 42

– Volume 2 Episode 17

He was seated only when the commotion and interest were far enough away, and he realized why people’s attention was focused on him belatedly.

‘yes. Usually, Hunters don’t get around by subway or bus. Even Ki Cheol-min took a taxi back, right? Most of them have their own car because they have a lot of luggage to carry. That’s why ordinary citizens don’t see many hunters.’

Jeong Dae-sik thought for a moment that he should also buy a car.

As a result, my thoughts naturally flowed toward retirement.

‘yes. After receiving this payment, there is no need to continue as a hunter. Buy a building, buy an apartment, buy a car. I will live comfortably from now on. If it’s in the middle of Gangnam, a few billion won would be unreasonable, but if I go out of Seoul, it’s just my body.

On the other hand, I also wondered what it would be like to continue being a hunter in the future.

‘I’ve definitely felt it through this hunt, but I’m not quite good at my current level, isn’t it? Because the leaders of that great Zodiac raid tried to sign me in. Even if you don’t have to invest more money in your abilities, you might be able to get more money by hunting just a few times. Actually, this hunt was quite dangerous, but there were no injuries. Did you manage to do it? If you close your eyes and work for a few more months… you might earn tens of billions, not billions!’

The difference between billions and tens of billions is huge.

It is unreasonable to live as a rich man in Seoul with several billions of dollars.

But with a few tens of billions of dollars, you can live in Seoul as a wealthy person.

‘You only live once… You have to live a good life. He was born and raised in Seoul all his life, but he always said he was nothing but a rat. Jjokbang, semi-basement room, gosiwon, inn room… I’m tired of going back and forth like that.’

Jeong Dae-sik recalled his childhood.

While working part-time as a flyer or delivery person, I saw many beautiful houses around the Han River.

Even in the dark night, the windows are lit up like jewel boxes.

There were not only once or twice that he lamented why there are so many rich people in the world and why he is so poor.

‘I am strong. And you can become stronger in the future! Because I have the power of Hyeonjil…!’

He gnawed at his molars as he looked out at Seoul, the huge city passing by the car window.

‘It doesn’t make sense to stop here. i need to make more money Earn as much as possible…’

Jeong Dae-sik’s eyes, looking at the tall skyscraper that seemed to pierce the sky, were trembling with greed.

The next day after completing the dungeon raid.

Jeong Dae-sik visited the armor repair shop.

It was because the reinforced aluminum armor that I had bought with a lot of heart was messed up.

“Basically, it costs about 3 million won to straighten out the crumpled, repaint, and polish it.”

Jeong Dae-sik was terrified at the factory manager’s words.

“No, what… What does it cost 3 million won to just repair it?”

Hearing Daesik Jeong’s voice, the factory manager waved his hand.

“Originally, the purchase price is the same as the purchase price, but the repair and maintenance costs are quite expensive. The word is reinforced aluminum, how difficult is it to handle it.”

Jeong Dae-sik sighed and said.

“If the repair price is a little cheap, I tried to feed some options, but I can’t.”

The factory manager showed an encouraging sign.

“Well, what option are you trying to feed?”

“Yeah, there are some basic things.”

“There is an option to increase overall defense, but this is a configuration that is added by default when you buy armor. It is bulletproof and durable to cutting. Throw away any attacks. Less. If possible, it’s good to include that level of options.”

“But, it’s unreasonable to add options only when the repair cost is only 300.”

When Jeong Dae-sik cried and cried, the factory manager said with a reluctant look.

“Well then, why don’t you remove the gloss and add options? Then I’ll try setting it to 500.”

“Is there a big difference between putting the gloss on and not putting it on?”

“Reinforced aluminum doesn’t form without luster. When the luster disappears, it just looks like scrap metal. But it doesn’t affect defense. There are people who say it’s shiny and it gives better defense, but that’s purely a matter of feeling. ”

“Hmm… I don’t care if it’s shiny or not. 3 million won is too burdensome.”

“Egg, this person! If a hunter saves money on armor, you can’t use it! It’s a part that is directly related to life, so you have to be sarcastic to use it. Even if you save money elsewhere, be sure to include this option. I’ll take great care of it.”

After pretending to be troubled for a while, Jeong Dae-sik decided to repair it for 5 million won and include an option.

It wasn’t a very satisfactory bargain, but I couldn’t even say that it was a loss.

It was better than trying to cut the price forcibly and the finish was poor, so I made a compromise.

It took about three days to repair the armor and add options, so it seemed like he had to take a break from hunting in the meantime.

Jeong Dae-sik left the armor repair shop and found a weapon shop this time.

Last time, he wanted to have a more plausible weapon as he acquired a skill called powerful power.

“Hey, are you here?”

When Jeong Dae-sik went to the weapon shop he usually goes to, the owner greeted him with a welcome expression.

The existence of regular customers is a rare law in any industry, but it was even more so in this world.

Since it’s so common for people to die, it’s nice to have a sense of relief that if a visitor comes back, they’re still alive.

In addition, as the number of visits to the Hunters increased, the unit of money they spent was inevitably larger.

Most of them get stronger in proportion to the time they survive, earn more money as they get stronger, and use that money to buy weapons and armor.

Jeong Dae-sik, who has been using the same weapon shop since the first hunt, was a valuable regular from the owner’s point of view.

Nevertheless, the face of the owner facing Jeong Dae-sik was not very pleasant.

It’s because he knows all too well that he’s not good at bargaining, and that all the bonuses are wiped out.

There were times when he couldn’t even break his heart if he lost his mind, so there was even a kind of war fortune on the face of the owner who brought Jeong Dae-sik inside.

Resolving to leave a reading today without fail, he coughed a few times and asked Jeong Dae-sik what he was doing.

“It’s been a while since I changed weapons. Any problem?”

“Oh, so you came to buy a new weapon?”

“Last hunt was pretty fun, right? In the meantime, you’ve come to buy new weapons. So, what would you like to see today? Are you going to change your automatic rifle again or upgrade?”

“The automatic rifle is fine. I’m going to buy some knuckles.”

“Aha! Knuckle, that’s fine. Isn’t it a weapon that can bring out the maximum attack power at the minimum price?”

The owner pulled out a large box from the depths of the store and brought it with him.

Inside the box divided into compartments were all kinds of knuckles.

“The cheapest one is a self-defense knuckle made of special steel… To be honest, it’s not suitable for hunters. What hunters are usually looking for is a knuckle made of chrome diamond. Some have it, and some have a guard attached.”

“How often do you do this?”

“Since chrome diamond is a new material, it is a bit pricey for a knuckle. Yes, it is several hundred thousand won. If you have the money, I would honestly recommend this rather than this.”

The knuckle, which the owner took out with a confident expression, was designed to protect the bones of the back of the hand.

The shape itself wasn’t that special, but the material was unusual or had a strange luster.

“It’s made from rainbow cow bones.”

“A rainbow?”

“It’s a monster with a slightly transparent body like a slime, with bones and organs visible… I’ve never seen the real thing, so I don’t know. Because of their unique properties, batting weapons made from rainbow cow bones have been quite popular lately. It’s still in short supply, so I had a hard time finding them.”

“You have an unusual temper, what is it?”

The owner smiled brightly at Jeong Dae-sik’s question.

“Don’t be surprised, I’ll show you.”

The owner didn’t even exercise, so he wore the knuckle on his plump hands.

And the other hand, wearing plain knuckles, clashed fists at each other.



The knuckles collided with each other, and in an instant, a light enough to make the headlights of a car emit light.

As Jeong Dae-sik flinched and wrinkled his eyelids, the owner grinned.

“As you can see, it glows upon impact. So, if you hit an enemy in the face with this knuckle, the light flashes and confuses your vision. For monsters that are nocturnal or that live underground, their eyesight is weak, so you can’t look ahead for a while. It can make you blind. How about it? It’ll be a big help in close combat, right?”

Jeong Dae-sik pondered for a moment.

“It must be a useful item for tanks who need to draw aggro. But wouldn’t it be a big deal if the dealer used it wrong? What should I do if the aggro is messed up?”

“Of course, it’s an item that tanks prefer rather than dealers. It’s a weapon that obstructs sight, so the dealer won’t be attacked right away. Besides, it has a lot of resilience and durability.”


“Yeah, the chrome diamond I showed you earlier is very hard, so it won’t break at all. Where is the town usually located? Since there are so many different monsters, there’s no guarantee that it won’t break. It doesn’t get crushed, it just breaks, so there’s no answer if you do it in the middle of a battle.

Aren’t weapons different depending on the material? Reinforced aluminum collapses, and reinforced plastic… Well, let’s not talk. There are quite a few fortresses made of new ceramic material, which may be good for armor, but not as a weapon. Although it has excellent durability, it has the property of absorbing shock, so its attack power is weak.

However, in the case of this rainbow cow’s bone, it has the strengths of both sides. Instead of cracking like a chrome diamond, it dents like hardened aluminum, but it has excellent resilience, so it gradually returns to its original shape. If you make it properly, you can use it semi-permanently. You don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs.”

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