A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 139

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 139

EP 22 – Make world great again (5)

When we heard that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs had entered into a fierce renegotiation with the United States, it was already around the time when Knights Without Borders had begun to take over Europe.

[Armada’s Natalia Clan Chief Confronts Humanity’s Crisis-]

[Sanofi Potion has a recovery fund worth 6.72 trillion won-]

[PMC G&K dispatched Unit 404 to Europe-]

As expected, things went smoothly.

This is because, as the world has dubbed the catastrophe_Grand Catastrophe_, when the human race shows signs of ending in victory, all the PMCs have come to the forefront to raise their name.

Of course, they were all latecomers, and nobody knew that.

[Legion d’Honaire and Grand Croix’s tribute to Hunter Seol Jin-woon have been decided. France’s highest order of decoration. Seol Hunter, known as the vice president of the Korea Superman Association, in the Battle of Calais-]

[Our broadcasting station broadcast the Battle of Calais live, so before discussing Minister Han Seung-moon’s political negotiating power, it seems that he can’t leave out about his superpowers. From myself, to the extent that it is quite unique-]

Of course, it is a self-evident fact that all these phenomena stemmed from the success of the ‘Defense of Calais’, and it was also clear who the greatest meritorious person in this war was.

In that sense, my main stage was not the front, but the political arena.

Aside from occasionally sweeping the battlefield with Jiyoon, I would send Korean hunters to secretly safe places or negotiate with other governments to later adjust the influence of Knights Without Borders.

I brought Pi Chae-won to make contact with powerful Europeans, and led them to the Knights Without Borders.

Armada, Spain’s mega guild, Angela Merkel as a political member of the German Democratic Party, and even influential PMCs under the Moscow regime.

Of course, most of them had visited Paris, and they were very favorable to Lumière in the first place, so it was close to selling her name and running a business.


If you can read the flow of the times, you know right away who the fate that enveloped Europe is heading for, and you are anxious to put the rope on our side.

“… … .”

My gamble was a great success, and the times were running back as I had predicted. The line I drew clearly determined the future of Europe.

One thing I didn’t expect.

[…] … It is reported that Air Force One has arrived at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.]

The president of the United States came to see me in person.

* * *

No one knows the President of the United States. Especially since I live in Yeouido after drinking water. And when I think of this person, the first thing that comes to mind is impeachment.

Of course, he wasn’t really impeached.

He was re-elected with the lowest approval rating ever, but only resigned himself when he was faced with impeachment over suspicions of Russian election interference and election finance law violations.

Not only was it news that drew the attention of the world, but it was not so long ago that the gate was opened in the midst of the early US presidential election because of it.

“… … .”

okay. It’s not that long ago that I saw this person on TV often.

I met him on a plane dedicated to the president of the United States, and he had very white hair.

The confident attitude is still there.

“… … So, right now, there are zombies in the middle of the United States, and how would I feel when two candidates are making all sorts of stupid fuss over whether zombies are human or not? He said he would get some votes and paralyze the government.”

“Ah, yes. yes… … .”

“At the time, I was clearly in a state of suspension of authority, but the people of the country regained laughter at the very slight extravagance that I had committed. I boldly gave up Central and built the Great Wall. Of course, Congress bubbled in the mouth, but what do I know? It satisfies both people whose family is zombies and people who are afraid of zombies.”

He smiled confidently.

“Actually, zombies and immigrants have many things in common. It eats away at the United States, it is unclear whether it is a citizen or not, it keeps sneaking in, spreads exponentially, and there are people who like them. In that sense, America should be proud of having a top expert on this matter as president.”

It was a very dangerous joke, but I nodded my head half-passed.

“Ah, ah ha… … .”

Actually, I didn’t know what to say. I think my hair just went white for a while.

Of course, it wasn’t because I didn’t speak English. In the beginning, he is also using easy and intuitive English for me.

However, even after working all day, I had a drink with Lumière, who came to me suddenly, wondering what was going on, until 4 am, and I was barely lying in bed in the hotel.

It was 5 a.m. when I heard the news that the President of the United States had arrived in France, and by the time I was watching the news, a CIA agent who had already come to see me was knocking on my door.

He wiggled his eyebrows as he noticed that I wasn’t feeling very well.

“Oh, my God, I must have been a bit of a sudden visit. I was expecting a surprise, but it looks like I was being rude.”

“Ah, ha ha, no.”

“Thank you for your words, but when I was young, I worked day and night like a minister. In fact, is that still the case? Anyway. I know very well that political business is killing people.”

He suddenly picked up the remote control.

And he looked at me and smiled.

“It’s not that I didn’t consider one minister’s schedule. However, there is a more important timing than that.”

“… … .”

“as you know. Doesn’t politics or business or timing matter? Actually, there are a few things I want to show the minister… … .”


He pressed a button on the remote control.


“… … ?”

The TV turned on at the push of a button he pressed,

The world began to tremble.

[…] … I, Choongbin Lee, on behalf of the people, declare an all-out war against the Communist Party.]

* * *

[…] … The ugly reality of the party that leads China is known to the world and to all people. The people should be the supreme ruler of China, but from the moment the Party shoots and kills the people, the cause has departed from the Party.

“Hmm. In fact, the tin is already dead. Li Choongbin’s listing has already taken over the leadership of the Communist Party. With guns and tongues.”

[…] Decades ago, when countless people’s voices resounded in Tiananmen Square, the Communist Party slaughtered the people and even killed the soldiers of Shenyang County who were protecting them. This is evidenced by the person who was then the ambassador of Shenyang County.]

“I heard that his illegitimate son died then. It is said that he hid it from the party because he was morally flawed, but in reality he was like a son. It’s a very touching story. Decades of revenge.”

[…] … Accordingly, as the Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission and as a soldier serving the people, I declare that the People’s Liberation Army has been reborn as the National Army, not the Party Army.]

“ah! Here’s another behind-the-scenes story.”

[…] … The People’s Liberation Army truly liberates the people from shackles-]

The presidential plane itself became a closed room, and it was as if we were watching a movie in the closed room.

In particular, he revealed all the facts to me in a very high-pitched voice, as if talking about the secrets of the film’s production.

“Originally, there must have been several armed clashes surrounding North Korea. As a result, the 7th Fleet entered the West Sea and the South China Sea, and the majority of the People’s Liberation Army had to concentrate in Shenyang as the starting point. Not to stop monsters, but to threaten America.”

“… … .”

“Of course there would be no war. However, the longer the confrontation, the more chaos within China would have become, and the political burden of the president must have reached the point of irreversibility. And Shenyang is the home of Li’s listing.”

This was, obviously, a plan that went right up to its realization.

I could feel it instinctively.

Something has changed because of me.

“In Shenyang, General Li would have rallied the entire army to occupy Beijing and shut down the underground bunker where he was staying. In the meantime, the 7th Fleet has neutralized all nuclear facilities in China.”

“… … .”

“President Lee was dragged to Tiananmen Square to meet his end at the hands of the people, and Minister Ri Choong-bin, who carried public opinion on his back, would not have become the leader of a coup d’état military government, but a true father of revolution.”

That is to say, it is not the case now.

“Changbin Lee, when his plans went awry, led his special forces to occupy the underground bunker. It was an extremely risky gamble, but he succeeded in a coup without American help.”

I asked him.

“… … What was your original plan?”

The president spoke of things that should have been going on.

“The UN peacekeepers would have set foot in China, and a country called the Commonwealth of China would have been born. With the Chinese military command system collapsing right now, each warlord and ethnic minority group must have become dozens of autonomous regional federations. This is not expected. I would have made it that way.”

“… … .”

He was barely listening with sleep and drunkenness, but he continued to speak without hesitation by himself.

“I had a clear reason for wanting to separate China this far. because? of course! Each faction will enter into a size competition. This is because he must actively protect the people around him. Minority, foreign, and each warlord may have subjugated endangered civilians under its control.”

So, now.

If everything went according to plan, everything went well, but thanks to my fuss,

It is said that the ‘Federation of China’ was not newly formed, only that the ownership of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ was changed.

is this

As he listened to what he was saying with a slightly cryptic feeling, he continued speaking with a confident gesture.

“The threat of civil war is blocked by the United States. And, no more, China would not have sacrificed civilians to stay in power. If I had been more proactive, I would have protected it. North Korea is no exception.”

At the familiar English word North Korea, I felt my mind focus for a moment.

“With a little exaggeration, during my tenure, I had the world’s best expertise in North Korea, and from my point of view, the current situation in North Korea is terrifying.”

“… … .”

“Under the Constitution, it is not protected by neighboring countries because it is South Korean territory, but South Korea does not actively protect North Korea. Rather, I used it. Like pushing the monsters out of Seoul to North Korea.”

As the person who pushed the monster to North Korea, I listened to him with a very serious attitude.

He continued speaking in a high-pitched voice.

“It is a choice for the national interest, not a choice for the public interest. The problem is, the North Korean regime tolerates him. For the benefit of the government!”

“… … .”

“Don’t you think the Commonwealth of China’s protection of the North Korean people on behalf of the South is not a choice for the public good?”

It was true that we treated North Korea too harshly to argue that this was too much interference in internal affairs.


I wasn’t stupid enough to shut up here.

I asked him in a blunt, calm voice.

“… … Then, wouldn’t it be resolved if we advised North Korea to help North Korea more actively? There seems to be room for interpretation as somewhat excessive interference in internal affairs.”

“If that was the case, wouldn’t the Korean government insist on paying something in return? For example, a request for additional air strikes from the 7th Fleet.”

From my point of view, knowing that Won Ok-bun brought in the United States, which had nothing to do with North Korea, and ripped off the airstrike support at a time when they were receiving nuclear bombs by flirting with North Korea, it was also quite reasonable to be honest.

Still, America is too self-righteous.

I questioned him.

“… … If that is the case, then why is there such a thing as sovereignty and why is there such a thing as a nation? Would you rather conquer the world?”

“haha! I’m sorry if I said a bit harshly, but I’m just taking the most efficient way for us. To control a country that cannot function as a nation.”

A country that cannot function as a nation.

At first glance, it may sound like you are talking about North Korea, but it was also a criticism of us for not protecting the North Korean people while claiming the sovereignty of North Korea.

I calmly protested against this.

“It is true that we failed to tightly control the North Korean regime, but in such a situation, the head of the country that put two bombs in the heart of the empire would say that a powerful country must intervene and control the situation according to their own standards. It doesn’t seem like this.”

“Hmm! Your English is very impressive.”

Oh yeah. Although it seems like a compliment. I wonder if the American influence is big enough for me to learn English so hard.

So I just laughed.

“… … haha.”


The ability to laugh and turn people around was very artistic.

“… … .”

It was all a reasonable argument, obviously, but I had no intention of listening directly to the people who stalked Europe, so I kept my mouth shut at this point.

Anyway, things weren’t easy to decide just by sharing a few words here. It didn’t seem like it would be resolved.

And after sharing a few words, neither this yangban nor me have strong ego personalities, so I didn’t think anything would change through the conversation.

“… … .”

After all, politics and business are all about skills and performance. When it was clear that Knights Without Borders would dominate Europe, I believed in my home base and tried to break up the current encounter.

“… … It was a very enjoyable and interesting conversation, but unfortunately I-”

“Ah, wait a minute. Minister. We still have more to show you.”

He raised a hand to stop me, and carefully checked my watch.

“… … Yes?”

“Wait. About now… … .”

at that time.

The news screen that sent out Lee Chung-bin was changed.

It was breaking news, but now it is also breaking news.

“… … What is this?”

he told me

“Now that China has talked enough, let’s move on to Europe.”

On TV, Lumière started the press conference.

With a depressed expression, he was holding a file in his hand.

“… … Oh, don’t you wonder why I spread rizism in Europe?”

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