A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 7

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 7

007 episode. checkmate (1)

“Is there anything unusual that happened last night?”

“There is not.”

Inspection carried out every morning, the guard looked around the room with bitter eyes.

I tried opening the locker and lifting the blanket with a stick.

Then, as if he had nothing to complain about, he approached Igor’s subordinate, Zephyr, and stabbed him in the chest with a stick.

“When you become an adult, can’t you straighten a single blanket?”

Zephyr’s face wrinkled.

The blanket was not much different from the usual condition.

‘Isn’t there anything bad about it? I’m suddenly sick today.’

“Inspection is over. Let the cleaning begin.”

The guards disappeared and the prisoners walked slowly towards the door. Each class and each room had their own outdoor cleaning area.

Before leaving, Igor came to Cain.

“You still have no intention of giving up? It’s as simple as saying one word: you’re going to pay your protection tax.”

“… … none.”

A gigantic hand slammed down Cain’s cheek.


Cain raised his mana and strengthened his skin.


It was loud, but it didn’t hurt.

The feel of a feather touching and falling.

“A creepy bastard.”

Looking into Cain’s unmoving eyes, Igor shook his head.

It was always like that

It feels like it’s just going to be sucked into the pupil and eaten when you look at it.

“I have to clean, so I’ll do this for now.”

Igor’s huge body disappeared out of the door.

After that, Zephyr came over.

“I’m going to hit one too. Since morning, the guards have been harassing me.”

Cain looked at Zephyr with his lips twitching in front of him and pondered for a moment how to act.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 152 / 165]

Even after coming out of solitary confinement, Cain steadily returned the circuit’s mana.

when moving between places.

when eating at a restaurant.

When taking a shower after work.

Any time in between.

Although it did not come out as effective as when I was completely focused in a single room, the amount of mana increased steadily.

‘I’ll have to adjust it to my subordinates as well.’

Suppression is not difficult. Even if you do not use mana, you can resist to some extent with your own strength.

But now that the circuit is built, there is no need to lengthen the situation unnecessarily.

Rather, it is beneficial to focus a little more on circuit strengthening during that time.


Someone grabbed Zephyr’s hand as he climbed high into the sky. It was Morphine, who had not left yet and was observing the situation.


“No, he just came out of the cell. If the skull shakes too much, it can also cause problems with the head. Then Igor-sama will be in trouble.”

Even thinking about it yourself is bullshit.

But no words came to mind.

‘I can’t tell you, ‘I imagined a scene in which your head exploded like a fruit tree,’ I said.’

A cold sweat ran down Morphine’s back.

In his eyes, the current situation was like a timid rabbit smashing into a tiger’s body.

“And recently, you haven’t personally instructed me to bully this guy.”

“Well. i get it. Rookie, I guess you’re lucky.”

Zephyr walked out the door with a satisfied expression on his face.


Morphine felt the tension in her body release.

“Good job.”

“Oh, yes. thank you Hehe.”

Morphine had already changed her mind.

to follow Cain.

He was not very loyal to Igor in the first place, and considering Cain’s movement and grip strength he had seen before, it was the right choice.

‘Maybe stronger than Kiftel.’

Former Class A class leader Kiftel.

Igor didn’t even win against him.

“And from what I heard.”

Naturally, respectful words came out of Morphine’s mouth.

Cain was well ten years younger than him, but he didn’t care.

It was natural. Power is everything in this prison.

Age was of no use.

Another important thing is treatment.

Since you don’t know when or how the position of the class leader will change, it was also important to know the flow in advance and get on it.

“Isn’t it the payday in ten days? Then Igor will move. By an example of disobeying his words, he intends to take all the money.”

Cain nodded with an expressionless face.

“It is somewhat expected.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Remember everything else Igor said and tell me. like now.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Morphine’s heart swelled slightly.

The thought that he seized the opportunity that others did not know first.

* * *

It’s been three days since I’ve watched people’s great country.

“I won this game too. Ask me for money.”

“Illness! When I get my paycheck, give me one more plate!”

I slowly felt that the time had come.

In my head, I’ve already played hundreds of matches with a virtual opponent.

It was time to test whether the skills I had accumulated alone would actually work.

“I wonder if I can put it aside for the next edition.”

People’s eyes turned to me.

“Ah, this might look interesting when you look at it from the side, but it’s not as easy as you think. For beginners… … .”

“We don’t just play games. You’re betting money for fun, but you haven’t even gotten your paycheck yet.”

Either embarrass you, or openly ignore it.

It didn’t deviate much from the expected reaction.

Without a word, I took out the money and placed it on the chessboard.

ten thousand shillings.

It was money borrowed from Morphine.

“no. where do you get your money… … .”

“I guarantee it’s not the money behind it.”

People start to look at each other.

You’re probably looking at several possibilities.

Stolen or brought in from outside.

Neither is a temptation that can be easily resisted.

10,000 shillings is two months’ worth of salary.

“Humphrey. If you don’t mind, could you give me a seat? I’ll give you some newcomers.”

“I do. I’m probably a little embarrassed.”

Humphrey, who was sitting there, moved away, and a middle-aged man who was watching took the place.

“Sit down.”

I sat in the front seat.

“I think 10,000 shillings per plate is too much, how about 2,000 shillings? We usually do that.”

“no. I’ll bet ten thousand shillings as it is. They only have to pay two thousand shillings.”

The middle-aged face wrinkled.

“I don’t know what kind of confidence you have, but I said it with your own mouth, so don’t regret it.”

The great country has begun.

‘… … It’s not difficult.’

It wasn’t that his opponent’s skills were inferior.

There was no hesitation in numbers, and his skill in creating situations was not common.

‘I can only see everything in my eyes.’

what are you thinking

Also, what number are you aiming for in the end?

I slowly led the situation.

Pretending to be caught up in the number of enemies, at some point the flow will lean towards me.

“Huh, hey!”

It wasn’t long before the game leaned towards me.

By just one move, my pawn took the opponent’s king.

In the eyes of people, it would have seemed like a battle without fail.

“Is this the first time you try it?”

“It just looks like a lie. It’s a skill that came in after leaving it outside.”

I was handed two thousand shillings.

I put the money on my stake next to the chessboard.

“If you win, I will give you all.”

momentary silence.

It was a short word, but the weight was not small.

“Next, I’ll leave it to you.”

I didn’t show all of my skills on purpose.

Those who thought this was worth it continued to wait their turn for the match.

“No, I think there is a bishop caught here… … .”

“It was just one difference! One number!”

The situation was thoroughly manipulated.

To win by a narrow margin in every game.

At first, those who were aiming for money, now rushed in with a strong desire to win.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“The exercise time will be over soon, so let’s do it here.”

The empty eyes of those who lost money turned to the banknotes in my hand.

He must have been full of thoughts of ripping me off, but the opposite happened, so it made sense.

“… … get it.”

The money I won was 50,000 shillings.

Anyway, this amount is meaningless right now.

I returned half of them to their original owners.

“Oh, no. Are you really giving it to me?”

“I get it, but I get it… … .”

“Oh, thank you! thank you!”

After all, it is impossible to escape from this prison on your own. You need someone to be your hands and feet, and the more you have, the better.

Even with hints, the underlying emotions are necessary, so buying a favor like this in advance is not a bad choice.

* * *

“Shall we talk for a second?”

On the way back from the dining room to the room, familiar faces followed.

3 people in total. class B.

Those guys who were kicking me when I first opened my eyes in this world.

‘The flies have yet to fall off.’

One of them approached the guard at the side of the road and said something. The guard nodded his head.

“Let’s talk later. Because there are too many people here.”

I pretended not to win and walked after them.

We arrived at the back of the restaurant and looked around.

There were no guards’ eyes, no prisoners passing by.

I slowly backed away and distanced myself from them.

The back was a dead-end wall, so the guys didn’t put much restraint on it either.

“We don’t understand why people hate you. You say you see blood when you touch it? It was Rotten that bastard was asshole.”

The guy in the front groaned and said.

The other two giggled together.

“It just needs to be handled with care. so as not to get hurt As long as you don’t beat it to the point where you can’t work, it’s okay.”

I put my hands behind my back and pulled up the small pieces of stone on the floor with mana and grabbed them.

“We still have compassion, so we don’t intend to use our fists again. If you show your sincerity properly, I can just let you go.”

His gaze turned to my pocket.

He must have seen me winning money at chess.

“What do you think?”

Despite their strong physique, they didn’t seem to have mastered any professional combat skills.

‘I’ll be able to deal with it with just one hand. Let’s try some magic.’

“Don’t refuse. If you want it, take it away.”

“You must earn a rod for something that can be easily solved… … .”

His words didn’t last long.

Because I threw a stone with mana on a hand with a healthy tendon.

“… … !”

The body of the guy who had been hit with a stone in the stomach fell down.

His expression was distorted, and even breathing properly seemed difficult.

“I seem to be forgetting, but my left hand is fine.”

The guys who had been watching the fallen comrades with amazement came to their senses and started to run at me.

As the target continued to move, it seemed difficult to hit the stone with the same intensity as it was just before.

“You cowardly bastard!”

Just before the guy running ahead threw his fist, I collected the mana I had in my left hand and focused on the flow of mana in my body.

Elements of various species gathered at one point of my fingertips according to my meticulous guidance, and were shot out to the point of external manifestation.

“… … !”

A wind blew at his feet.

The magic was completed in less than a few seconds.

The body of the guy, who had already faithfully followed the inertia, began to lean forward.

I simply twisted my body to avoid the fist, and I put my knees where the guy’s face would fall.



The sound of cracking nose bones resounded.

As he held his nose, he fell to the floor.

“Even my limp legs don’t fall while running, but it seems like you are more asshole than me.”

The fist of the other guy who flew in afterward, created a wind and pushed the orbit slightly.

My fists slashed through my ears and cut through the air, and I shoved my fists into the rest of the guy’s face.

I could see his pupils lose focus.

It’s a fist loaded with mana, so ordinary people can’t get it without being stunned.

As the guy with the broken nose came to his senses and was about to get up, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down to the floor.

“Ugh, f*ck it, ah-!”

Then, as if by rubbing a cigarette on the floor, he moved from side to side, squeezing it relentlessly.

“Ah, ahh! That, stop, not-”

Soundproofing magic was applied to prevent the sound from leaking into the front of the restaurant.

‘… … It can’t be long Mana is not infinite.’

I ended up grabbing my hair and pushing it hard into the floor once.

Then he raised his hair again and whispered in the ear of the man who was shaking his body.

“Don’t bother me anymore. Then I’ll really kill you. As you can see, I don’t care about solitary confinement or increased sentences.”


When he let go of his hand, his face fell to the floor.

I wiped my hands and stood up.

The guy who had been stoned in the stomach was still awake, but he had no intention of rushing into the situation in front of him that had happened within a few minutes.

I passed him and headed back to the room.

* * *

The second consultation day has arrived.

I remembered the conversation I had with Morphine as I followed the guard to the warden’s office.

“No, what kind of money is this?”

“Leave it. I will return the principal.”

I left all the money I won at chess with him.

If Igor found it, it was clear that something troublesome would happen again.

“Oh, no. I can leave it to you, but you can keep the money I gave you… … .”

“Okay. Like Igor, I have no intention of extorting money from my close associates.”

“Ka, Cain-sama.”

At the insignificant favor, the guy made a shocked face.

Igor’s violence continued day after day, but as long as the skin was strengthened and endured, it was not a problem.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 185 / 185]

And it wasn’t long before he hid his power.

After a few days, the mana reached the target of 200.

As the circuit level rises, the output efficiency of mana also changes.

“Go in. The warden is waiting inside.”

While I was thinking, I arrived at the front door of the office.


“Come here.”

We sat down in a chair and talked about non-nutritious things.

There was not much difference in the topic of the talk from the first consultation. Things like prison adjustments or improvements that come to mind.

It was fortunate that the consultation ended in two rounds.

When there was a brief pause in the conversation after listening through one ear, I glanced at the glass case where the trophies were displayed and threw the bait.

“You seem to have a lot of interest in chess.”

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