Academy Genius Commander chapter 348

348 - Peter Yeager Supports Love (5)

348 – Peter Yeager Supports Love (5)

The war was over, but there was still cleaning up to be done, so I couldn’t just return to the empire.

Well, the only thing I have to do now is idle compared to my usual duties as a captain who has to watch while staying in the imperial capital.

At best, the best thing to do is to order the military police to arrest those who have become a bit attached to the Milanese Union, hold a summary court-martial, strike the hammer of justice, and sentence them to death or exile after confiscation of all their property.

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Or perhaps it was just spending time with His Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess every day to let everyone know about the close relationship between the Empire and the Duchy of Philorence.

However, even though the intensity of the work is low, spending time with the Duke and Duchess, even if it is a trial…

“Your Highness the Duke, please open your mouth. Ah.”

“Chloe, I am not a child. So, you don’t have to feed it like this. Plus, there’s Captain Jaeger in front of us.”

“This is also strictly public duty. Captain Jaeger said, we need to show that we love each other so much that we can’t live apart. So, do it. Or are you saying you don’t like the snacks I feed you?”

“I understand, but how long will I be calling you to convey the message? In private, please feel free to call me “You.” “Now you are no longer just a guard knight and a duke.”

I say it’s because of the political moves I made, but they originally couldn’t live without each other, but when they became officially recognized as a couple… Affection between people who are young is no joke.

According to what I roughly heard, he greets me with a light kiss when he wakes up in the morning, and says I love him every day.

It may be okay in a public place, but in a private place like a meal with me, they openly feed me things like snacks and food like that.

As someone who has lived a total of nearly 41 years, including 20 years in my previous life and 21 years in the Empire, this is such a burdensome sight to see that I feel like my stomach will burst from being full even if I don’t eat.

“I understand, you. Now, open your mouth and say ah. Or would you like me to feed you by mouth?”

After saying that, Chloe pretended to bring the cookie in her hand to her mouth, and the Duke took the cookie and chewed it.

“Captain Jaeger is our couple’s benefactor and is like family, but this only happens when we are alone.”

“Yes, you.”

“This snack is so delicious. “Did Lady Charlotte bake it for you this time too?”

Chloe smiled at those words and said.

“Over the past few days, I have been learning how to bake cookies from my wife. “Your Highness, no, I hope you like it.”

The 11-year-old boy’s face turned as red as blush, and as I watched from the side, my skin started to swell all over my body, letting me know that the current situation was not easy.

I feel like I’m dying of more embarrassment than the two people involved.

Honestly, it is true that I asked to direct it because I connected the two and such actions were strategically necessary.

Watching the love between a young boy and a girl from a distance so close that their noses can touch is so strange that I almost want to close my eyes.

But the reason I can survive is because I have four beautiful and lovely wives when I go home, and when we joke around, I’m at a high level that can’t be compared to them.

When I first entered the academy, if I had to see this scene right in front of me, I might have fainted because I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

The duke, who had been burying his face in the girl’s breasts in front of me even before we were officially recognized as dating, doesn’t seem to have gotten used to it even though it’s already been a week since this became a full-fledged relationship.

“Chloe baked it herself. Thank you.”

I looked around to escape for a moment from the sight of this couple falling into their own world right in front of me.

The butlers who had served the duke’s family for generations, the new maids and maids were whispering to each other.

“Chloe, I’ve known for several years that the Duchess and His Royal Highness have a close relationship… But was it really to this extent?”

“Although Your Majesty is still young, if you are that old, you will never take a concubine in your life. In this case, shouldn’t you quit being a maid and find a wife? “I looked at her concubine position and her father told me to come in, so what is this?”

“It’s not for nothing that bards these days make up songs about those two people and spread them around.”

When you become the master of a principality, you don’t need to add a single exaggeration, and the maids and servants who will serve you will follow you everywhere, at all times, except for the bedroom you share with the woman.

Of course, because they have received thorough training, they do not disclose matters that must be kept confidential even if they are tortured, so they are beings who can live comfortably in private spaces…

The servants who serve him are also very hungry for rumors, so when it comes to matters that do not need to be kept confidential, they secretly receive bribes from nobles around them and sell information.

For that reason, even in the Reich Empire, even if one is not a servant of His Majesty belonging to a palace such as Grand Chamberlain, any noble who has received a title can know this much.

The emperor is very energetic, loves women a lot, likes foods such as eels and oysters, and has a habit of collecting famous swords.

I took advantage of that and paid a lot of money to the loud-mouthed maid and her servants to spread the word about how good they were.

It is said that the effect was so effective that after a week, the bard was making up a song and singing it, which is proof that it was fully effective.

“By the way, Duchess.”

Hearing my words, Chloe wiped the duke’s face with an expression that had everything in the world and then turned to me.

“Are there any more foolish ways of ignoring your wife like before? If so, please feel free to tell me at any time during my stay.”

I pretended to slit my throat with my hand.

“You don’t have to worry, Captain. “After the maids who had been ignoring me a few days ago were severely punished, no one has stopped ignoring me.”

You have to be at least the daughter of a family that has received a knighthood to work as a maid in the duke’s family. Because of this, she is proud of her status and position, and her desire for success is also quite strong.

That alone might not be a bad thing, but in terms of her origins, Chloe is a woman who was an orphan and suffered a lot of trouble, similar to mine.

She, whose status was insignificant compared to their own, suddenly became a duchess, and became someone who had to bow down and serve her. There were some of her subordinates who couldn’t come to her senses and tried to exploit her by using insidious tricks.

On behalf of His Highness the Duke, who was still an inexperienced woman, I personally uprooted their families and brought them into disrepair.

Originally, it was a problem that only the person involved needed to be punished, but in order to show off the power of the young duke, I ordered him to handle it severely, and it ended up like that.

“Then I’m so glad. Your Majesty the Duke, are you doing well in your studies as a Duke? “If you focus too much on playing with your wife, you won’t be a good duke.”

“I want to play with Chloe all day long, but if I can’t do my job perfectly like in the past. Didn’t they teach us that we can’t protect the principality or Chloe? “The study taught by the personal professor sent by the empire is difficult, but I am steadily following along.”

“You must study harder from now on. If you study hard, the duke will definitely make the principality a rich and powerful country in the future, and you will be able to become a better master than me.”

“…… That might be a bit difficult, but I’ll try.”

The reason I can say this is because he protected the duke from the clutches of the regent who tried to kill him and Chloe.

This is a remark that can be overlooked because he respects me from the bottom of his heart, but if someone in a similar position to me said something like this, it could result in his head being blown off for lese majeste.

Now that I have established such a close relationship with the empire, my work is almost done. Now all I have to do is find a successor to succeed me.

So, I had a light chat with the two about the current situation for an hour and then stood up.

As I turned my back to leave, I heard the duke’s slightly troubled voice coming from behind.

“Chloe, I heard that I clean up the jam.”

“No. Now, stay still. “I’m going to clean it with my mouth.”

“……The other maids are all watching.”

“I have no choice but to spread the word that our relationship is good, right?”

When I turned around because I was concerned about what I heard, Chloe wiped the jam off the corner of the Duke’s mouth with her tongue and immediately kissed him.

I could hear the sound of ‘side’ all the way to where it was.

The duke’s face was as red as a ripe apple, but he looked happier than anyone else in the world.

I did it, but isn’t it a very rewarding and nice sight to see?

After that, I stayed for about two more months until administrative support personnel from the empire came to help the duke’s rule. When they arrived, I sent a letter saying I would return to the empire and set off on my way back with the expedition.

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