After Failing To Conquer the Proud Girl She Ended Up Pursuing Me Instead chapter 44

44. Fate (complete)

44 – 44. Fate (完)

Feeling the heaviness and the intense coldness all around, I managed to get up.

My eyelids were heavy, and even with a bandage, the scratched wounds stung intensely.

I applied ointment, ah, it stings…

…The sleeping girl is next to me. And these scars, without a doubt, were given to me by her.

The crimson glow, undoubtedly remembering the stories I remembered.

From food to my health, she knew me so well, as if she had seen me from the beginning.

It was definitely Irene Melvus. Definitely.

As I thought that way, the picture that felt unfamiliar, and her face that seemed almost unrecognizable, began to appear clearly in my eyes.

She was undoubtedly a woman with exotic features from that place, with black hair.

It’s almost unbelievable, but how can I explain what has already happened?

I decided not to think deeply about it.

Anyway, the fact that she was sound asleep next to me was undeniable,

My heart, which I believed to be empty and devoid of anything, was pounding again, clearly, as if it were a lie.

Thinking that way, the world seemed different again.

The empty house that I didn’t care about before now seemed like a shameful, pitiful room to show her.

The scattered rags and the piled up convenience foods were…

Thinking about them made my chest feel hollow, as if it had dropped heavily.

It’s obvious that I’ll be interrogated afterwards. I need to think of a plan for that –

“Oh, there’s no need to think… Come here for a moment. It’s cold.”

With my shoulder lightly held, I was pulled back into the blanket.

“You’re awake? Because of me – “

My mouth was briefly blocked, feeling warm and plushy, and then a transparent thread appeared.

As I sniffed her nose and made a contented sound, my head felt the sensation of flowing through her thin fingers.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve come earlier. I should’ve talked more instead.”

With tears welling up, I gently whispered to her, pressing my forehead against hers.

“No, maybe I was the one who went crazy and recognized you because of some talent I have.”

“It seems like I made you wait for too long.”

“…Well, that may be true, but I also had time to adapt to this place in my own way.”

When I actually came back here, I still remember the days when I was stumbling.

I couldn’t remember the name of the university or my major, so it was really difficult.

I couldn’t even have fun and had to keep reviewing the things I studied and my notes, filling my head with the knowledge of this place.

“Me too… In my own way.”

As I said that, I became curious. How did she learn about the culture and the way of life here?

Did she meet someone? Did she study?

“Well… since I can hear your thoughts, it wasn’t that difficult to listen to it every day, and I just practiced writing a little more at first.”

“Where did you live?”

Where did she settle first? And how was she able to move here?

“I started by earning money.”


“Being able to know other people’s secrets is quite a big ability. So… why, uh… stocks? Was that where it all began, maybe?”

Ah, right. Her ability. But what? Stocks? Can that be considered knowing a secret…?

“Is it about your social status?”

“…If you know, it could be trouble, so I won’t tell you.”

…Trouble, huh? Well, did something shady happen?

“Let’s put aside those difficult stories, okay? Let’s focus on you resting a bit more. You look really tired. You know that, right?”

As she gently strokes my temples and caresses my cheek, her hand that keeps running through my hair feels so comforting that I find myself sinking deeper into her embrace.

After hesitating for a moment, I respond in a soft voice.

“I think losing weight is actually a good thing.”

But she shakes her head and pushes my thin wrist right in front of my own eyes, letting out a deep sigh.

“What’s good about being nothing but skin and bones without any muscles?”

“Still, I think it’s better than having excess fat.”

Indeed, when I first came back, my appearance was a bit… low-quality.

Nevertheless, she smirks, then briefly kisses my cheek, leaving me with a light peck.

“I told you I don’t mind that.”

Well, when a beauty says that, it’s not at all believable.

“…A pretty cake is also good to eat – “

Before I could finish my sentence, my mouth was blocked once again, this time for a longer and more persistent kiss, leaving my mouth all messy and wet.

When her eyes were slightly tired and couldn’t focus properly, she whispered in my ear.

“It tastes good, but what is it?”

…That’s her response.

“Heh, yeah. You got it.”

“I thought you wouldn’t know, then? Ah, I was going to say something… Right. Are you okay where it hurts? Does it hurt? I’m sorry. I should have been careful with my nails…”

Looking at it now, there’s a small cut on her arm too. I wonder what she did to get so hurt.

“It really hurts, but what can you do? If I put some ointment on and be careful, it’ll heal quickly.”

She gently stroked the bandage on the wound, then got out of bed and glanced at her smartphone before asking me.

“Aren’t you hungry? Shall we eat?”

“In a little while. What’s for breakfast?”

“We still have some stew, and if you want soup, I can make it right away. It might take a little time, though… Oh, and there’s bread too. They have so many kinds of bread here. It’s really amazing.”

Well, there were probably fewer kinds of bread there than here. This place has a lot of different countries and recipes. The tea party would be a bit more abundant.

“Is that so? Since you like bread, I can try baking some. Do you know how to use the internet?”

I realized how foolish that question was when I saw her using her smartphone perfectly fine in front of me.

…Wow, she’s fast at typing too.

“Yeah, I already know everything. Whatever. But by the way – “

Before she could ask where she learned all that, I was silenced once again.

Even though it was a bit shorter this time, it was enough to shut my mouth.

“No, don’t ask. I don’t even want to talk about it, let’s just focus on living happily together. Okay? We’ll talk about moving later.”

“Moving? You can’t afford it. What do you do for a living, anyway?”

“I know you won’t believe me even if I tell you.”

“Just tell me.”

“Well… So, the person who pays your salary.”

…Damn it. She’s really crazy.

For some reason, I thought she wouldn’t have much wealth, but it’s even more mind-boggling that my expectations were right.

No, but yeah. Well, actually, in a way, it was a natural thing.

“…Sigh, I had this thought as soon as I saw you in front of me.”

“Did you notice from the crow drawing?”

Yeah. This part. Where in the world is there a company that pays money just for drawing crows? Besides her, there wouldn’t be anyone else who would give me such privileges.

“Just with that, how did you think that you ordered it? I’m not delusional or anything.”

When I actually had that thought, I cursed inwardly and told myself to get a grip.

“I’m sorry. I should have come a little earlier.”

“I hope you don’t get hurt because of that. You’re here. That’s enough for me to be fine.”

Yeah, I’m fine. Really. As long as she’s there, I’m complete.

Even if I were broke, it would have been fine. I had the certainty that my life would be complete with her.

“…You’re too kind, it’s a flaw. But that’s why I fell for you.”

Gurgle, and my stomach growled loudly again.

Not just mine, but hers too.

After patting her head, I held her hand and stood up from the seat.

“Let’s go eat. I’ll make stew.”

“Then I’ll go next door for a moment to get some bread. No, never mind. No, it’s okay. Let’s go together. As a way to bring back something extra.”

“Okay, then.”

I think it’s somewhat predictable how my life will unfold from now on.

And in reality, it is. That evening, I left my house in a limousine.

Late at night, I flew on a plane from the airport, took a longer drive, and arrived at a mansion in the mountains.

It was like a slightly smaller version of the mansion we used to live in.

There were guards and cameras all around the mansion, but the difference was that there were no attendants inside.

She actively used newspapers, starting with the internet and even acquiring high-performance computers.

For work, and to enjoy ‘new’ entertainment with me.

I was so tired of reading books, so she seemed very excited about trying something new together.

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Well, and lastly, what surprised me was how skillfully she handled Paul.

Actually, that should be obvious too. She was just as skilled with crows.

Sometimes, while drinking tea, I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t met her.

Whether I could have experienced this kind of love, meeting someone who passionately looks at only me and lives solely for me…

Of course, the answer is ‘no’.

Her obsession is highly desirable and brings me happiness.

Now I feel like I don’t need anything else besides her.

Yes, just as I realized.

I wasn’t in a position to conquer.

From the beginning, I was conquered by her.

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