Became an Archmage That Possessors Were Obsessed With chapter 48

Became an Archmage That Possessors Were Obsessed With 48

48 – Trying Man

As MacDowell entered the house, he absentmindedly recalled the story the system had told him in the past.

[The possession of MacDowell has been successfully completed in the body of the deceased trying man.]

Certainly, even if it was only when he entered the novel “The Diary of an Inferior Knight,” the system had notified him that Trying Man had died.

It was also because of the aforementioned reason that he could only use the possession function, not the warp function. So, logically speaking, Trying Man was dead. But is that really true?

“I feel strange.”

At the moment when he had come, ignoring Levias who wanted to get closer, his chest had started to itch. And now, as he looked at the board, his heart began to beat wildly. It was reading the post by Levias, or rather, Syangbudle.

Undoubtedly, this emotion is not mine. Then, could it be said that it is the emotion of Trying Man, the original owner of this body? Does it make sense for the emotions of a person who is already dead to be ingrained in the body? I had many questions, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion.

“Trying Man. Are you dead, or are you alive?”

No answer came back even when I spoke in the empty space. I changed the subject of my question.

The system that had guided me until now. The system with an unknown identity that had been appointed as the administrator of the Myulso-gal, or whatever it was called. I decided to ask the system directly. I don’t know if I’ll get an answer, but…

“System, didn’t you say that Trying Man had clearly died? No matter how much I think about it, the spirit of Trying Man remains in my body. Explain. If there is a function related to the Myulso-gal administrator function, execute it.”

[Insufficient administrator authority.]

Not that it’s unknown, but the administrator’s authority is insufficient.

“There seems to be something I don’t know.”

If it is actually in a state where a person has died, then it is likely that their soul has not yet left this place.

In the first place, weren’t we all beings whose “souls” were possessed in the “novel” from our bodies that existed on Earth?

Even if they died, there was a possibility that the soul existed as an independent entity.

“I have no idea.”

No matter how much we try to infer, it’s just an abstract and complicated concept. So, I admit it. The Traingman is somewhere watching over me. At least, there is a bit of his spirit left in my body.

“Just so you know, I despise people like Leviah.”

MacDerris dislikes opportunists the most. Those shallow individuals who don’t work hard but jump on the bandwagon when the situation changes. Some may call them talented, but at least for MacDerris, they are one of the types he doesn’t want to keep around.

If you ask if Leviah is an opportunist, it’s hard to answer. She maintained a rather friendly relationship with Traingman, who was being bullied without any abilities. She even offered to testify to the instructor about violence-related incidents. Maybe if Traingman hadn’t launched indiscriminate confession attacks, they could have become closer friends.

But still. That’s how it is.

[Willow branches]

[Title: I think I’m starting to like my awkward male friend… How should I approach him?]

After reading this post, I can no longer see Leviah in a positive light. What could be the reason why Leviah now feels affection for Traingman?

Is it because the inferior inspector, who was previously ignored, suddenly appeared with great power? Or is it because he saved his brother who was being bullied? Or is it just because the future looks promising, so she wants to jump on that bandwagon? Or is it because she sincerely fell for him when she saw him confidently saving her despite being threatened by a noble right in front of her?

Either way, it’s unpleasant.

MacDerris organized his thoughts and searched through the Mearsogal. Then, something caught his eye.

[Administrator Store]

After saving the world of Fleemia, MacDerris gained access to the Administrator Store and obtained the usage rights and points. That message that popped up at that time was probably this.

[MacDerris’ administrator points have increased by 3,000. You can use the points to purchase desired benefits from the administrator store.]

He hadn’t had a chance to properly check the store because he was only busy observing the newly added administrator abilities. MacDerris decided to check the store after a long time.

[Administrator Store]

From Noble mtl dot com

[Permanent Ban Voucher for Mearsogal Users: 100 points]

Permanently ban a user who is active on Mearsogal. This ban function is tied to the soul, so even dummy accounts created by the individual will be automatically banned.

[Location Confirmation Voucher for Mearsogal Users: 5,000 points]

You can find out where a user who has been active on Mearsogal within the last 24 hours is currently located in the novel they possess.

[Administrator Function Creation: 100,000 points]

It is possible to create new functions. However, the types and capabilities of the functions that can be created are limited depending on the administrator level. It is not possible to create functions beyond the authority level.

The administrator store had quite a few functions. Most of them were related to the Maelstrom Gallery. Even if the functions were not necessary or even if they were really needed, Macdallas was disappointed because they were extremely expensive. But then he discovered one meaningful item.

[Maelstrom Gallery Death Board Confirmation Function: 3,000 points]

You gain access to the Maelstrom Gallery Death Board and the ability to write posts and comments.

“The Maelstrom Gallery Death Board?”

It couldn’t be an uninteresting function. Macdallas had 3,100 points. So, he considered it enough to invest all but 100 points to purchase it. Without hesitation, Macdallas pressed the purchase button.

[3,000 points were spent, and the remaining points changed to 100 points.]

[The menu for the Maelstrom Gallery Death Board in the doomed novel has been activated.]

When he clicked on the Death Board menu, a different interface appeared in the air.

“Welcome to the place where the ones who couldn’t leave remain, the Maelstrom Gallery Death Board. This is a space managed by the Ready Outside administrator. If you engage in problematic behavior, your soul may be permanently annihilated, so please be careful.”

While Macdallas managed the Maelstrom Gallery with administrator privileges, the Ready Outside administrator not only managed the Maelstrom Gallery Death Board “directly,” but also issued a warning of soul annihilation for any abnormal behavior.

“The security here is stricter than the Maelstrom Gallery. There must be some flaws. Maybe there is information related to the Ready Outside administrator.”

As soon as he logged in, Macdallas searched through the bulletin board, but most of the posts were from people lamenting about their previous lives.

[Anonymous1: I wish I had done everything I wanted to do before I died… I regret it so much.]

[Anonymous1031: I died in just one day after being reincarnated into this sh*tty novel… Are there any other people like me?]

Here, like before, most people used the nickname “Anonymous” for their activities, while a few used fixed nicknames.

After browsing the bulletin board for a while, Macdallas came to a conclusion.

“There’s no necessary information here either.”

In the novel he was reincarnated into, there were many people who had been there for a long time and had even built families. So, Macdallas asked if there were any individuals who knew the novel they were reincarnated into, the region they lived in, and information related to their families.

Sometimes there were people who deliberately provoked others, but there were also those who actually provided information if there was any connection.

“Just a moment…”

With a trembling heart, MacDerris used the post search function.

Title: The Talentless Mage Dreams of the Archmage.

It was none other than the world view that MacDerris had possessed. He searched for its name. If there were any possessors among the humans who had died from his massacre magic, they would surely have come to this bulletin board.

[The title cannot be searched.]

MacDerris quietly stared at that message and thought to himself.

“Perhaps it’s for the best.”

Among the colleagues he had killed, there were surely one or two who were possessors, even though MacDerris didn’t know.

If he were to meet them, he wanted to talk to them. To apologize for not saving them, for involving them in his slaughter magic. He wanted to seek forgiveness.

In the Inter-Species World War, MacDerris’ massacre magic saved numerous people but also killed many allies.

Did they resent MacDerris? Or did they forgive his mistakes, considering that he led the war to victory? Even MacDerris himself couldn’t know.

MacDerris stared blankly at the bulletin board for a while before posting a new thread.

He didn’t engage in unnecessary provocation or insults. He simply used the anonymous nickname “7001”.

[Anonymous7001: Does anyone happen to know about the Trying Man?]

Amidst the countless pouring posts, MacDerris’ post was buried. Not a single comment was made.

MacDerris was about to leave, thinking it was expected. But at that moment…

[trying man: MacDerris-nim… Just in case, I purposely delayed leaving a comment. I’m sorry, but can we change this to a secret post?]

A comment was left by Trying Man. He even mentioned the name “MacDerrus.”

The soul of Trying Man, who had to sadly face death no matter how hard he tried, was still wandering in the afterlife.

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