I Became My Ex-Girlfriend’s Summon chapter 50

I Became My Ex-Girlfriend's Summon 50

50 – 50.

They say that if something happens three times, it’s inevitable.

Personally, I don’t believe in such superstitions.

“Seeing you again?”

The presence of Shin Yuna, who appeared before my eyes, shattered my beliefs.

“So, you’re here too…”

I had come to confront her, intending to give her a piece of my mind, but her unexpected appearance left me flustered.

“W-why are you here…”

“I moved here recently.”

Shin Yuna smiled brightly, saying that she had moved into this apartment not long ago.

I simply couldn’t believe it.

How many coincidences had to align for us to end up in this situation?

I felt a sense of fear as my mind became hazy.

“Did you move here too?”


“Welcome. It’s actually quite nice to live here. The neighborhood is quiet.”

Shin Yuna, on the other hand, accepted this situation so naturally.

As if she had expected everything.

Curiosity about her true identity started to creep up on me, and I cautiously asked with a serious expression.

“Aren’t… you surprised…?”

She continued to smile brightly as she replied,

“I knew you were moving.”

“…You knew?”

“I guess I’m pretty perceptive, huh?”

It seemed like a conversation about that “point” of hers.

Suddenly, a very suspicious smell filled the air.

“Come to think of it, it was the same last time.”

When we had met before, Shin Yuna had said she knew she would meet “me.”

There was definitely something more than just a coincidence…

“But why did you come?”

At that moment, Shin Yuna asked why she had come to my house.


I belatedly regained my composure and expressed my dissatisfaction, asking her to be quiet as originally planned.

“It’s too noisy over there. I mean, how can you play music all night long? We can even hear it in our bathroom.”

Upon hearing this, she widened her already large eyes in surprise.

“eeek…! Was it that noisy?!”

It was a reaction that seemed straight out of a Japanese anime.

“I’m so sorry…! I didn’t know because you didn’t say anything until now…!”

She hurriedly apologized and showed a sincere expression of remorse.

It seemed like she really didn’t do it on purpose.

“…Now that I understand, please be careful from now on.”

“Yes! I’m truly sorry for causing trouble!”

Feeling a slight sympathy towards her as she came out with a determined posture, I couldn’t help but end my complaints and reached out my hand discreetly.

“Let’s take care of each other from now on.”

“Ah! Yes…!”

And then, we lightly shook hands and exchanged a handshake.


In an instant, Shin Yuna’s face turned bright red, and suddenly, she let out a startled cry and pulled her hand away forcefully.


She looked at me with a face that seemed to be engulfed in shock, murmuring incomprehensible words.

“Um… Are you… okay?”

“…Huh? Ah, I-I’m fine!”

It was a completely not okay reaction.


“T-This can’t be true.”

Shin Yuna fell into unprecedented confusion.

Since she awakened her ability to see the future while still in her mother’s womb, she had never been greatly shaken in her life.

Not even when her mother passed away.


A moment ago, when her hand touched Yoochan’s, her ability suddenly activated.

She was extremely flustered by the incredible future that brushed past her.

It was the first time in her life that she felt her heart sinking.

“Well then, I’ll be going now.”

Meanwhile, Yoochan, who was looking at her with a face that seemed to say he didn’t understand English, scratched his head and gave a quick greeting.


Yuna, who was slightly surprised by his greeting, quickly nodded her head and returned the greeting.

“B-Be careful!”

She wasn’t even aware that her own voice was reversed.


After Kang Yoochan finished his complaint-cum-greeting and left.

Shin Yuna, who was leaning against the closed door, just sat down on the front porch, her tears flowing down.


And then, with a face that seemed to have lost half of her soul, she slowly looked back at the vivid memory of just a little while ago.


Clearly, the future her was sprawled naked on the bed in the master bedroom, writhing and struggling frantically.

-Ugh…! Ah…! Ahh…!

With her eyes turned inside out like a beast in heat, she let out vulgar moans.


It was a sight that her current self couldn’t even imagine.

“Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous…!”

From the moment she was born, Shin Yuna occasionally saw glimpses of the future, and she grew up showing a nonchalant response to everything.

No matter what she went through, she wouldn’t be overly happy, nor would she be greatly sad.

After all, everything was expected, so she didn’t have much excitement.

Of course, she was born with a constitution that couldn’t receive innate magic power, so she had to use her abilities at the cost of her lifespan.

Willingly using her abilities, she often peeked into the future, and since she was young, she naturally possessed a broad-minded personality, managing Japan’s politics and business world.


Even she, who was an extraordinary strong-willed person, couldn’t maintain her composure this time.

To think that she would end up tossing and turning in bed in such a pathetic state!

For her, who had experienced an unexpected mental breakdown, it was not an easily acceptable future.

…And, to make matters worse, it was happening underneath the man next door.

“…Why on earth am I with Kang Yoo-chan…?”

In the future, Yuna was clearly lying beneath Yoo-chan.

She couldn’t tell the exact situation, but it was certain that she was enjoying an intense act to the point of losing her mind.

“…What should I do….”

Yuna, engulfed in unknown fear, let out a heavy sigh, covering her flushed face.


It was after parting ways with Shin Yuna and returning to his room.

While waiting for the bed mattress that would be delivered soon, Yoo-chan sat in the corner of the room, organizing various thoughts. Suddenly, he remembered the content about the Origin Stone in Kang Yoo-chan’s project.

“The Origin Stone…”

In the report, it was written that my magic power was similar to the Origin Stone.

It’s like a living Philosopher’s Stone or something.

But as the person involved, it didn’t really resonate with me.

“If it’s that amazing, shouldn’t there be some special ability or something?”

Honestly, it’s a bit unfair.

It’s great that my magic is similar to the Philosopher’s Stone or whatever.

Who in this world wouldn’t want a special power?

But I can’t do anything, let alone use that special power.

I can’t even properly control my basic magic and I keep stumbling around.

Without any power or authority, I can’t even utter a word against the Magic Association.

It’s really frustrating, to the point where I could explode.

“Life is so unfair.”

Frustrated, I let out a deep sigh and couldn’t hold back my anger any longer, jumping up.

“I can’t live like this…!”

While living alone, I had to somehow unleash my potential and increase my standing.

At the very least, to the point where I could raise my voice.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So I immediately took off my outer robe and began practicing magic control.

“…Stay calm…”

Just like I learned in the training camp, I took a comfortable posture and regulated my breathing.

“…As if manipulating the hands within my body…”

The trainer in charge of the training camp had always explained to us to move another hand that exists in our bodies.

Just like how we move our hands without thinking about it, move naturally.


Finally, as I raised my concentration to the maximum, I felt something moving inside my body.

The problem is what comes next.

“Grab it…!”

There is definitely magic power inside my body, but somehow I couldn’t move that magic power as I wished.

It felt like trying to grab the air, waving my hand in the empty space.

“Grr… Just grab it!”

If it were any other time, I would have been discouraged and stopped the training right here.

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But because I thought it was the only way to overcome all the situations surrounding me, I couldn’t stop in the middle.

Both Hanyeo-won and Ma-yeon-seo, it all starts from here.

“Ah. It seems like it’ll work if I just do a little more…!”

That was the time when I kept repeating the training endlessly, not even realizing how time was passing.

By the time the sky outside the window had turned pitch dark.

Ding-dong, ding-dong.

The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house.


Thanks to that, my concentration was completely broken.

Ding-dong, ding-dong.

I thought the bed was coming at the sound of the urgent doorbell, so I quickly put on the shirt I had thrown off and hurriedly went to the entrance.

“I’m coming!”

And then I opened the door swiftly to greet the visitor….


Unexpectedly, there was a face standing in front of the door.

“Oh, hello…?”

It wasn’t a delivery driver, but my neighbor Shin Yuna.

…And she was oddly wearing thin clothes.

She appeared in a white cropped tee that revealed a tremendous volume and short dolphin shorts that unabashedly exposed her tempting thighs. She was twisting her body with an extremely embarrassed expression.

I unconsciously narrowed my eyes at her suspicious behavior.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well… um….”

She, who always appeared relaxed, couldn’t even meet my gaze and stumbled over her words.

“Um, I wanted to apologize for earlier….”


“Yeah, I was being too noisy….”

It seemed she had come to apologize for the noise pollution during the day.

“F-for the apology, I want to… buy dinner….”

Shin Yuna shyly covered her chest with her arms and discreetly hid herself.

Apparently, she didn’t realize that such an action actually emphasized her ample bosom.

“It’s strange.”

Feeling a sense of suspicion in her appearance, I blocked her approach.

“It’s okay.”


“It’s not that big of a deal, so it’s okay if you don’t buy me food.”


She seemed taken aback by my rejection and once again showed signs of hesitation, waving her hands.

“Oh, no! It’s not that I’m okay with it!”

“I bought you food last time. Let’s just count that, okay?”

“Ugh. Well, that…”

Shin Yuna met my gaze briefly, not knowing what to do.

Her large pupils were moist.

It felt like she was forcing herself to do something she really didn’t want to.

“What’s going on…?”

Puzzled by her inexplicable behavior, I decided to send her away with the thought of not getting involved with her for a while.

“Anyway, it’s okay now. Please go back.”

At that moment,


Suddenly, Shin Yuna’s delicate face began to contort as if she could burst into tears at any moment.

“Um… excuse me?”

In response to her sobbing figure, I became flustered and cautiously tried to speak…




In the end, tears burst forth.

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