I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 44

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 44

About half an hour later, the redhead compiled all the information on the naughty scroll and handed it over to Liszt.

Liszt looked at the way to get it, and immediately felt that one head and two were big.

First of all, you need to obtain the three artifacts lost by Loki, the god of mischief, which are the naughty boots, the naughty mask, and the naughty scepter.

The drop location for the Naughty Boots is the Roaring Sea, the drop location for the Naughty Mask is the Frost Canyon, and the drop location for the Naughty Scepter is the Thunder Mountains.

The key problem is that these three artifacts are not dropped by designated bosses, but are randomly dropped.

Loki’s three artifacts are just quest props and do not have any attributes, which is fundamentally different from “mythical equipment” being referred to as artifacts.

However, it was only the beginning after all the hard work to get the three artifacts, and there was an extremely lengthy task process behind.

For example, to go to the ruined world of God to find the whereabouts of Loki.

For example, you need the Key of Zeus to unlock Loki’s shackles.

For example, after opening the shackles, Hera’s potion is required to wake Loki.

The tediousness of the entire task flow is simply outrageous.

Liszt could feel the maliciousness of the system.

This naughty scroll on him was harvested during that dark turmoil and dropped by an unnamed adventurer.

The ghost knows what this adventurer thinks, but he just pushed the quest process to the end and got the final quest reward.

Unexpectedly, the naughty scroll that took so much time to get is actually a waste item…

Yes, for Liszt, the naughty scroll is priceless, but for adventurers, it is an outright waste item.

In the end, the poor adventurer couldn’t even keep waste props as a souvenir, and in the dark turmoil, it was transferred to Liszt’s hands.

Now, however, Liszt was going to play the role of the poor adventurer.

It’s hard to get back together, and it’s hard to get your ex-girlfriend back.

How could it be so simple to bring the King of Light into the harem?

Liszt decided to roll up his sleeves and work hard.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Liszt came to the Roaring Sea and wanted to get naughty boots.

Obtaining the desired props or equipment by fighting monsters is a solid physical work.

But there is no way, this work must be done by Liszt himself.

The drop rate of Loki’s three artifacts is pitifully low. If the task is handed over to Ye Luo or Red Hair, they will not have to do anything else for at least three months.

Liszt’s super-level magic can directly map the map.

So his efficiency doesn’t know where to go.

Liszt entered the Roaring Sea.

The Roaring Sea, as the name suggests, is the Roaring Sea.

The sky was covered with overcast clouds, and thunder rolled in it, and the almost uninterrupted lightning was woven into a giant net of thunder and lightning that covered the entire sky.

Under the sky shrouded in the giant net of thunder and lightning, there are countless angry tornadoes, the tornadoes pierce the sky and the earth, like a tall pillar that stretches the sky.

Lightning is surging, tornadoes are raging, rain is pouring, and it seems that the end of the world is here.

The grey ocean roared, the whirlpool was like a huge black hole leading to a fiery purgatory, and the waves were like the walls of the forbidden army in the temple of Olympus.

However, the Roaring Sea is somewhat “unworthy of its name”, it is not such a high-level map, it is relatively low-level.

The Roaring Sea is a veritable novice map. After the adventurers leave the novice village, they usually come here to fight monsters and upgrade.

So…why did this map make such a big splash?

Of course to show off.

The Miracle development team designed maps in order of difficulty. The Roaring Sea, a novice map, was the first batch of maps.

This batch of novice maps was distributed to different design teams. These young designers were young and energetic, and they all rushed forward. No one was willing to fall behind other teams.

As a result, the novice maps made are more refined and exaggerated. After the acceptance team entered the map, everyone was confused.

Dear, let you make novice maps, not let you make “slaughter Mengxin” maps!

But in the end, the acceptance team still recognized these maps, and it is not a bad thing to let the novice feel the charm and sincerity of the miracle world as soon as possible.

Thinking of these pasts, Liszt couldn’t help but smile.

He belongs to the props group, but this year, the spread of interesting stories has always been fast, and it can be spread throughout the company in less than three seconds.

Liszt floated in mid-air, and he was ready to do it.

Before starting, he needs to clear the field. He doesn’t want Mengxin to become a pond fish and encounter the impending disaster.

The murmur of Forbidden Magic Sylvanas.

“Warning! Warning! There is an abnormal data on the Roaring Sea map, and the system is being repaired urgently. All adventurers please leave the Roaring Sea immediately, and the opening time will be notified later!”

“Warning! Warning! Due to abnormal data, all adventurers please leave the Roaring Sea immediately, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!”

The newcomers who were working hard to fight monsters and upgrade in the Roaring Sea suddenly heard such a system prompt.

They’re just newbies, and of course they don’t think about the words used by the system – the real system will never use the words “at your own risk”.

This is the system prompt sound disguised by Liszt using the forbidden spell magic “Sylvanas’ Whisper”.

Mengxin has no reason to live with himself. There are still several novice maps. If there is a problem with this map, then go to other maps.

Liszt was not at ease, he threw another magic into the sky.

Level 8 Magic Tristalo’s joke.

He distorted reality and turned the lightning sky of the Roaring Sea into eight big red characters: “The data is abnormal, it is being repaired!”

Level 6 magic and life detector.

Of course, it is impossible for all adventurers to be so obedient, and there will always be adventurers who think that abnormal data is no big deal.

Level 7 magic · group directional teleportation.

Liszt forcibly sent all these disobedient adventurers away.

After confirming that all the adventurers had left, Liszt started his performance.

Ultra-Order Magic · Skyfire.

The overwhelming red flames fell like a shower, but it was only an instant, and the Roaring Sea was completely evaporated, killing the entire map in seconds.

Not to mention the sea of roaring, even the abyss of desire, in front of super-level magic, can only be killed in seconds.

However, the mischievous boots did not fall off smoothly.

Super Magic Elemental Erosion.

With Liszt as the center, a super-large element tornado swept up, and all the fire elements touched by the tornado were absorbed into it.

The elemental tornado spread to the entire Roaring Sea, swept away all the fire elements, and then returned to Liszt’s body.

“The Guard is Here”

Then, the map refreshes.

If the fire element is not destroyed, the map will not be refreshed.


Ultra-Order Magic · Skyfire.

Super Magic Elemental Erosion.

Liszt became a boring pusher, killing the Roaring Sea in seconds.

After 30 cycles, Liszt still failed to get the naughty boots.

He sighed and was about to release the forbidden spell again.

This is the time…

“Who are you and what are you doing?”

The sudden voice behind him startled Liszt.

He looked back, not knowing when, a dog man was standing behind him.

That’s right, he’s a dog person. He looks like a husky, but his coat looks like a Dalmatian with black spots on a white background.

“Who are you and what are you doing?”

Liszt asked back.

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