It Is Getting Dark chapter 6

It Is Getting Dark 6

6 – Trick (2)

In a rattling carriage, four women were sitting on chairs.

Since the carriage left, it has been quiet without saying a word to each other.

It was because people with zero intimacy and who had never been in contact with each other had gathered for a reason.

Because they always communicated through an agent even when they shared their intentions because they might raise suspicion, they were people who had never spoken to each other.

The only exceptions were the princess and her escort knights, but when Crusch, a female knight known for being hard-nosed, spoke to the princess first, it involved the safety of the princess.

Otherwise, there was almost no case where the sign here spoke to her princess first.

Moreover, since the princess had only been looking outside her carriage ever since she got into her carriage, no one spoke of her first in this awkward situation.

Eina Garcia, the watchful disciple of the Magic Tower Lord.

Saint Chalisse Eventyne, who doesn’t like her current situation.

The female knight, Crusch Maxveer, closed his eyes without thinking.

And her third princess, Aka Trisha Magneus, who sleeps with her chin on her chin and her eyes closed in the carriage.

The atmosphere inside the carriage was desolate.

After a long time in that state, I finally heard a human voice from inside the carriage.

“Even sleeping in a rocking carriage. That’s good.”

The princess woke up and started talking.

Eina, who was looking at her and wanted to say something, opened her mouth, but Shalis opened her mouth first.

“Are you okay? It seems that the current situation has changed a lot from the picture I drew at the beginning.”

The princess stood with her hands on her lap with her pods intertwined, she said.

“The saintess is very worried.”

Well, if it were the princess, she would lose out in the race for the throne, but if her plan failed, her church might end up fighting the emperor without any gains. I couldn’t pick it up.

“Then, don’t you worry? Originally, it was planned based on Marquis Schuellichen’s soldiers. But where are we now? Since Marquis Schuellichen died on the way back from the ecliptic, aren’t we moving along with the Marquis’ corpse?”

“The sudden death of the Marquis was inevitable.”

“It’s not something that can be done just because it had to be done. Anyone can see that the picture is strange. The original plan was to pay condolences for contributing to the empire. This is not a problem. But now, as soon as the Marquis dies, we control the information and lead the troops with the Marquis’ body. It is a strange picture for anyone to see.”

“So, why does that matter?”

After hearing what the saintess said, the princess asked her role.


“Since the saintess is mistaken, I will have to correct it. That doesn’t matter at all. Saintess. One word. It’s a problem that can be solved with just one word.”

“What is it? That one word?”

“The Marquis’ illness was caused by a witch. Is it tidy?”

“…I roughly understood it. But that.”

The princess cut off her saintess’ words before she finished.

“The Marquis died suddenly, and regardless of the Marquis’ death, traces of a witch were found on the body of the Marquis while the body was being sorted out. The Marquis’ illness may be the work of a person in the Marquis family. So inevitably. Information was controlled.”

“But I’m sure there are still people who have questions.”

“What does that matter? There is an assistant within the marquis family. Once the words come out of her mouth, people will bite them before thinking it’s weird. That’s what a human creature is. Even the innocent saintess wouldn’t know.”

The saintess grinded her teeth at the princess’s words, but she endured it.

“Then, in the end, the church will be responsible for the problem. After all, you will need the mouth of the church.”

“It’s the same as what I was originally trying to do. It just added one more thing.”

The princess smiled and said.

The saintess did not like this situation now.

She said that the princess was the same, but her saintess thought differently.

Yeah, it’s different to capture and weave the noble who actually made her witch, and turn a marquis who has nothing to do with a witch into a witch.

The reason was that even a person with a little bit of talent in magic would be exposed immediately if they checked the corpse of the Marquis, so the risk the church had to take was different in that it was starkly different.

From the beginning, the saintess did not want to accept this.

But she accepted the work inside the church, and she also understood that it was necessary for the church, so she compelled to comply.

Still, the thought that she did not want to be involved with the three princesses did not disappear.

That was the case even now.

The Church gains the same, but the Church has one more responsibility.

That might be quite dangerous.

I would understand that the circumstances had changed, but even though the church was not at fault, the princess passed the responsibility on to the church without any hesitation.

On the contrary, wasn’t the cause of the mismanagement on the part of the princess?

“Is Her Highness the Princess saying that? I’ll tell you. If we are in a situation where we do not think we will receive what we have been promised, or if we expect damage to the church, we will withdraw. It’s different from the original promise. Would you accept this much?”

From noble mtl dot com.

“Well, that much I have to accept.”

After the conversation between the saintess and the princess ended, the atmosphere became quiet again.

Eina tried to attach her words, but she didn’t succeed in the end, and Eina gave up and attached her eyes.

It happened the day before we arrived at the marquis’ estate.

* * *

After Matheus received the letter from Cassius, he ran with his horse.

It’s not that far away, but Cassius said it was urgent, so Matheus rode on without stopping.

And in the end, we arrived at the thick monster forest that Cassius and Carl talked about.

Mateus still didn’t think there would be anyone here.

Still, I followed Cassius’ orders.

It was because that was what Matheus thought of as chivalry.

Cassius gave himself grace and opportunity.

If it was Cassius’ order, he would just have to follow it. While thinking that way, Matheus also had the idea that the current situation might be a test Cassius gave to confirm his loyalty.

Matheus remembered what his brother Carl had said while standing next to Cassius, whom he was following.

‘Once you arrive at the Dark Beast Forest, follow the screams of the Beasts. Then there will be a strange-looking man with black hair.’

But it was quiet.

I couldn’t hear the demons’ screams.

“As expected, was it a test?”

So, is he passing the exam?

It was when I was thinking that.


Boom! Bang! Bang!

A huge roar came from the forest as the earth shook, and at the same time the roar of the beast was heard.

It was too loud to think I heard it wrong.

Koo Goo Goo!

Thump! Thud!

“Kieek, kieek!”

What sounded like an angry howl was repeated over and over again and gradually turned into a scream.

Matheus wondered if this might be what Carl was talking about, so he went into the woods.

The closer you get to the loud sound. The scene Matheus saw was shocking.

Trees fell as if giants had trampled them over, uprooted and tossed.

I began to think that Mateus might be fighting a giant and a monster.

“Are there any giants in this forest?”

Mateus was worried.

As I began to think that the person Cassius and Carl had been living with might be a giant, I was worried that the giant might be tearing my body apart to pass the time.

They are giants that appear only in fairy tales that children can read, but most of the giants were ferocious in any story.

As I went deeper and deeper into the forest with such concerns, the person I saw was very different from what I had imagined.

If there is only one thing that Matheus himself agrees with.

That the creature might kill itself.

The beast-like gigantic monster fell dead with its head pulled out, and the creature that seemed to have killed the beast was different from the giant Matheus had thought of, and was human by all accounts, and was slightly smaller than Matheus himself.

He sensed the presence of Matheus, a small creature that could not be compared to the giant he had thought of, and rushed towards Matheus.

Matheus barely responded to the hand that tried to grab his neck, but he couldn’t push it away.

It was a tremendous force.

If you get caught like this, you might break your neck and die.

“Sah, save me!”

The words were squeezed out of the desire to live, which was not intentional by Matheus himself.

The moment you wonder, ‘Is this how I die?’.

A voice reached my ears.

“Ah, was it a person?”

With that voice, the hand that was about to grab Matheus’ neck was clenched into a fist and swung in different directions.

Koo Goo Goo!

The trees in the direction he was swinging his fist were swept away like a landslide.

“Sorry, I thought you were a demon. This is a place where no one comes. But what are you doing here?”

Mateus grabbed his weak leg and barely stood up.

“Are you Baren?”

“Oh, you know me?”

Matheus handed a letter from his pocket to Varen.

“I have been ordered by the head of the family to hand over the letter.”

After speaking, Matheus collapsed from exhaustion.

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