It Is Getting Dark chapter 8

It Is Getting Dark 8

8 – Fun

Me and Cassius were decorating the basement connected to Carl’s room.

It was to disguise it to look like a warehouse.

The room that was originally a laboratory started to be filled with magic books and weapons.

“You feel a sense of shame that you made such a facility in your room, that you didn’t even know anything about it.”

Kassius said while servicing his weapons.

“By the way, how did you create such a facility without me knowing?”

I couldn’t answer Cassius’ words.

That’s because I didn’t make it up.

“Besides, I don’t know that Katrina knew that b*tch as well.”

Cassius was really ashamed and was in agony.

But after listening to Cassius, I really have a question.

How did Katrina find out?

As Cassius put the book on the bookshelf, his thoughts stopped at Cassius’ question.

“But did Cassius really have to put up with that condition?”

“You mean hanging myself?”

“Yes. That she predicted the number of princesses and came up with a number accordingly? No matter how much time is spent, it will be over soon. I was also notarized there. No matter how you deal with witches, the princess will kill you under the pretext of a bet. If you lose, I have to slit your throat. Can you really win?”

From Cassius’ point of view, it was certainly unbelievable.

But I remember.

Witch Hunt The worst event ever, a chess event.

An event where only character skins were put on chess pieces, and all that was really playing chess.

I didn’t have any ideas when I put it up as an event, so it was obvious that it was a rough idea, so the curse of cursing was all over.

Perhaps the management team expected it, and the rewards given other than the chess piece skin were ridiculously good, so it was a well-known event for newbies.

But in that event, the final boss was the princess, and there was a lot of talk because of the difficulty level.

I was not good at playing chess, but I ended up using both hands and looking through the strategies.

And I remember that strategy article.

「If the princess wants to win against her crazy b*tch, she has to catch the first attack. The way to place horses keeps changing if you leave it behind. If you catch the first turn while reselling coins, count according to the notation shown below. Then the crazy b*tch is dragged around and exploded on its own.”

And the comments on the strategy article were full of praise.

I also followed the strategy and barely beat it.

And I remembered all the moves in the strategy.

When the princess lost, she liked the shameful scene that came out, so after watching it again and again, she memorized it.

But I couldn’t say that to Cassius.

Honestly, I don’t know if the number I put in Witch Hunt and the princess really are the same.

I stay still, but it’s wrong, because dying is the same anyway. Did anything

What can I do if I make a mistake and lose?

So I had to fake it to convince Cassius.

“Brother, what do you think of Her Highness the Princess?”

Kassius’s hand, which was refining the sword to make it look like the one in the warehouse, stopped.

He seemed to be thinking about my question.

And the stopped hand started moving again and spoke to me.

“Well, isn’t he a talented man full of ambition? If I had known that there was a madman who made witches, I would have thought of tearing them to death, but would not have thought of using them in this way.”

I am not crazy. The crazy thing was the knife.

But I didn’t bother to say it.

I’m sure you won’t understand anyway.

“Well, I can’t deny that, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”


As I put the magic book on the bookshelf, I turned back to Cassius and said to him.

“I am talking about Her Highness’s temper.”

“Your temper?”


Her I haven’t met her yet It’s funny to talk about her, but probably no one knows her better than I who went through her on her location hunt.

“As my older brother said, His Highness is resourceful. And it must have been supported by His Majesty’s disposition to value rationality and efficiency. And His Highness is a person who is satisfied only when he has everything he wants in his hands.”

“By the way?”

“There are many moves that people play to win. Deception, attack, defense, intimidation, negotiation, etc. And if it’s Your Highness’s choice, it’ll be negotiations.”


“Your Highness is the kind of person who will step in even if it’s a trap if it’s profitable as a result, and cut off what you have in order to get what you want. And what Your Highness wants will always be victory. The number to win is limited. So it is predictable.”

“Believe that? I can’t believe it, but it’s good for now. Then, even so, why did you put forward such an unreasonable requirement? If you were to hang your head, you should have demanded at least a bow when you won.”

“Then I wouldn’t have accepted it. If that were the case, it might seem like an equal request at first glance, but I know we’re wasting time, and from the point of view of Your Highness, who could kill me right away, it’s a loss to accept.”

“That’s why you set that condition?”

“Yes. You risked my own life, but to refuse to receive anything when you win is to hurt Your Highness’s pride. Your Highness will accept this as well, since it’s not a loss.”

“Then why did you choose chess?”

I just remembered it while looking at the witch’s seed.

Of course I can’t say that.

“Because I am the only one who can predict Her Highness, the princess.”

* * *

The princess accepted Maria’s request.


She, of course, said that Maria told her to carry her sword, but she didn’t believe her words.

The reason I accepted it even though I knew it was to pass the time was because I wanted to confirm his ability to beat me with the number he predicted while putting out absurd conditions.

No, it was because I wanted to cut his throat myself as he climbed up to her on a topic that I had no one to know.

A game of chess wouldn’t take too long, so I thought it would be good for entertainment.

Thus, a chessboard was placed between Maria and the princess, and the princess yielded her first move as she requested.

Maria looked at the paper she pulled out and moved her first move.

The princess burst into laughter when she started.

She had never had a teacher who taught her how to play chess like this.

In chess, even the first move has 400 cases.

That’s why the princess pretended that her maid in front of her was looking at her paper, and she thought Maria herself would put it.

She and she said, ‘This lady-in-waiting is probably the most skilled in this mansion,’ she was sure.

With such shallow thoughts, she made up her mind that she wouldn’t let her go if she created this kind of situation.

But gradually time passed and 10 minutes passed.

“Quite, you put it.”

The board was similar.

I was being pushed back a little, but enough to overturn it.

It was the 20th minute.

“Now, just thinking about it for a moment.”

I threw her phone as bait and ate an important horse, but the road was opened and I had to run away.

After 30 minutes.

The horse was still there, but it couldn’t move.

The king rushed in and was busy running away.

And finally.

“It says just say checkmate.”

The princess snatched the paper from Maria’s hand.

And I saw it.

A number written on a piece of paper.

The princess couldn’t admit it.

“Did you use magic?”

Her hand holding the paper was shaking without even realizing it.

The princess asked Maria.

But she answered Aina, who thought she had asked herself.

“Since we entered the mansion, magic has never been activated.”

“There is a rumor that a man named Carl is related to a witch. Did you use a witch?”

This time the answer came from the saintess.

“Are you crazy? Are there heretic judges out there?”

“In that case, really. Losing to someone you’ve never seen before?”

As the princess clenched her fist, she crumpled the wad of paper in her hand.

It was as if someone was looking down from afar.

From noble mtl dot com.

Even when I lost to someone, I was never this miserable.

I miss you.

A man named Carl.

* * *

Casius and I were sitting in the office after finishing the basement.

“Once, how did you clean the basement? All I had to do was wait. Is there any way to make the knife more time consuming?”

“There are a few things, but wait for Maria to come back first.”

Then Maria entered the office.

I asked Maria with a trembling heart.

“How are you?”

“I followed the paper given by the young master. I won. hehehe, chess seems to be easier than I thought.”

I was relieved to hear that I had won, and Cassius was surprised.

“You said you won?”

Kassius looked at me and said.

“You, what the hell are you cheating on?”

As if Cassius was quite surprised, he spoke gibberish.

“It is a witch. After all, you are using a witch!”

Anyway, it’s not just the two of us, so what if you say that?

“I also have an older brother, Maria. You put in such absurd things.”

‘Maria can misunderstand.’

“Okay, let’s move on to the next one. This time in a restaurant….”

I was about to talk about my next plan.

Maria cut her off.

“Boss, Her Highness, the princess, has something to tell you.”

“Your Highness?”


Maria took her piece of paper out of her pocket and read it.

“Tell me the time required. I will wait.”

“Wait? What are you talking about?”

Why is someone who should be eager to kill me suddenly waiting?

Perhaps the reason I asked was written on the paper Maria was holding, she looked at the paper and said again.

“It says “I want to see the next four moves.””

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