Miserable Reincarnation chapter 19

Miserable Reincarnation 19

19 – Demon Hunt (1)

The journey with Harang continued even after lunch.

It wasn’t a continuous sparring session. Their paths just happened to cross while trying to part ways.

Lian had to gather funds by completing a request, and Harang had to respond to a military summons. That’s why Harang ended up sitting in the vacant seat of the unmanned taxi called by Lian.

On the way back to the temporary branch, Harang glanced at Lian and recalled the conversation he had just had with Jason.

[The board is almost set. Return.]

A colossal project prepared for a whopping six months. The goal of the project was clear—to sweep away all the unruly elements located outside the barrier.

Normally, as a mercenary group, they would avoid getting involved in a power struggle of this scale, but this time was different.

The client was the government.

As the LaPlace Mercenary Corps, they had no choice. If they refused, it was clear they would end up on the list of ‘unruly elements.’

Of course, if the leader hadn’t vacated his position, they wouldn’t have accepted.

‘They probably knew the leader would be absent when they made the request.’

Feeling the complexity in the air, Lian cautiously spoke.

“…Do you have something to say?”

“You’re about to remove your probationary status.”

“Yes. That’s correct.”

Successfully completing three missions would allow him to officially join as a full member.

Of course, whether on paper or not, it would take at least half a year of training before he became capable enough to be deployed solo without a sniper…

‘Would he need to do that?’

Lian’s skills were not typical of a 4th ranker. He felt it even more strongly during today’s training.

Attacks that delved into the opponent’s defenses like a sharp Seoul wind. The countless sensations of real combat that could be felt from there. And the stamina that didn’t give in even after several hours of continuous training.

It was certain that within a few years, he could advance to a higher rank.

Like any mercenary, Harang had a high pride in his skills.

In fact, he was making a name for himself in the mercenary industry.


‘What was I doing at the age of ten?’

When he was the same age as Lian, he couldn’t boast of being better. No, it was certain. How many humans could reach the 4th rank at the age of 10?


There were a few names that came to mind immediately, but Harang couldn’t bring himself to speak those names out loud.

Giants positioned at the peaks of each field.

Comparing them with Lian’s talent was simply absurd.

‘…No way. It can’t be that extreme.’

Harang forcefully denied the possibilities that flashed through his mind.

The likelihood of the military sending such a talented individual generously was nonexistent. Whether sent for support or surveillance, or brought secretly by Jason…

With Harang’s limited imagination, that was the extent of the possibilities.

Of course, regardless of which it was, the fact that Lian would be exploited wouldn’t change.


The door opened, revealing the familiar alley in front of Harang’s eyes. It was the temporary branch and hiding place that the La Place Mercenary Corps had been using for the past six months.

By the end of this month, I should be able to return to where I originally belonged. Of course, assuming the mission is successful.


Lian will also be involved in the project.

“Of course, as long as he becomes an official member before that.”

There is one more mission left. Once we finish today’s mission, Lian will come to understand the true intentions of the Rian de la Plaza Mercenary Corps.

And he will join the battle against the large gangsters.

“…Whether it’s the military or us, there’s no difference.”

What does that kid think of us?

Harang let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes.



Lian, coming down the stairs, looked around. Unexpectedly, the lobby was chaotic.

Unlike last time, there wasn’t a deathly silence as soon as he entered.

Of course, the attention was still directed towards him.

Although it was natural to be tense in such a sudden situation, Lian took it as a positive sign. The emotions reflected in their eyes were closer to curiosity than hostility.

“…After Jason, now it’s Harang? He doesn’t seem that special.”

“He probably has some hidden talent that doesn’t show on the surface.”

“Maybe he’s a hacker or someone with supernatural abilities.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to work together once after being recognized as an official member.”

The wary gazes when he first joined the mercenary corps had noticeably diminished. It was possible because the mercenary society valued skill above all else.

Of course, not all of them were speaking kindly.

“Isn’t it too early? You haven’t even been officially recognized as a member yet.”

“I agree.”

“Heh heh. Everyone seems excited to see a newcomer after such a long time.”

As I walked towards the desk, I overheard those words.


Someone suddenly appeared and blocked Lian’s path.

A man in combat attire. His short, neatly groomed hair and beard hinted at his background as a man.


As Lian and the man’s eyes met, a strange silence fell over the lobby.

“They call me Muller.”

Lian glanced at Muller’s face and slightly lowered his head.

“I’m Lian. But…what can I do for you?”

Muller was not alone. Mercenaries dressed similarly were gathered in a corner. War veterans. Unlike the other members, they had an overall fierce impression.

“War veterans do tend to give off that vibe.”

They were the ones who were closest to death among the mercenaries. When governments that had to be mindful of public opinion needed to handle dirty business that should not be exposed, they were the ones hired to do it.

“They have intense gazes.”

It wasn’t intentional. It was just that their expressions had reached a point where even their blank faces showed traces of life.

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If it were anyone else, they would have taken a step back. But it was a story that didn’t apply to Lian. Instead, he took a step closer and met Muller’s eyes.

He had experienced countless fights like this before.

Rather, it was the mercenaries who were spewing groans.

“…Not scared, huh?”

“Is Kang impressive?”

“I hesitate to face Muller myself.”

Muller, without a word, looked down at Lian and opened his mouth.

“Task: Hunt wild horses on the outskirts of Turlas. Reward: Ten million. Interested in joining?”

Ten million cel. The payment was overwhelmingly higher than the other tasks Lian had performed so far. If he succeeded in this mission, there would be no financial problems for the next few months.

But Lian had no intention of accepting it so easily.

If the reward was calling for ten million cels outright, the difficulty of the mission would undoubtedly correspond to it.

“I’m still an apprentice.”

“Apprentices usually don’t answer like that.”

“Then, what should I do?”

Whether Lian didn’t expect to be so boldly questioned, or Muller remained silent for a moment.

“Accept it without knowing the subject, stupidly accept it, watch for my superior’s reaction, or panic and decline.”

“If a stranger offers ten million cels out of nowhere, wouldn’t anyone be suspicious?”

“Suspicious, yes. But it’s not something you bring up openly.”

Lian seemed to know the reason.

The subtle pressure felt since the beginning of the conversation with Muller.

War mercenaries clad in combat uniforms all over their bodies. In front of those who emitted magical power as fierce as their origins, most ordinary humans probably couldn’t even breathe properly.

Lian shrugged his shoulders and replied.

“I’m the type who speaks my mind.”

“Same here. I have a personality that speaks my mind like anyone else. And I like bold people like you.”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“A request for a Massu hunt on the outskirts of Turlas. The reward is one billion. Are you up for it?”

In that brief moment, half a billion was added. Lian swallowed a bitter laugh in his heart.

‘I bet he was checking my reaction all along.’

It must have been a request for not just ten million cels, but a whopping one billion cels from the start. Half a billion cels wouldn’t be a significant increase just for a few words of conversation.

Lian, who had been looking around for a moment, spoke.

“Can you make such a proposal in front of everyone?”

“It’s a task assigned from the desk anyway. Whether you gather a few people or not, that’s up to me.”


“And, it seems like your value is the cheapest right now.”

From assessing skills to subtly giving favorable evaluations, his eloquence was impressive.


Certainly, he must be a figure who has solidified his position both inside and outside the mercenary group.

“I’d like to have a more sincere conversation.”

Muller raised one corner of his mouth as if saying he had been waiting.

“Let’s move to a different place. Luckily, I know a good spot.”

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