Miserable Reincarnation chapter 28

Miserable Reincarnation 28

28 – Project (3)

Time passed quickly.

Only three days remained until the start of the “Project.” Instead of carrying out the mission during that time, Lian poured his time into learning the common knowledge that was spread throughout society.

Of course, even that was slowly reaching its limit.

“There’s too much censored information.”

Most of the information, excluding the basic ones, had restricted access. Especially for religious organizations that were not publicly known, like the Knights of Ahtax.

“And the internet is slow too.”

Even though I paid separately, it was still like this. Even though most of the electronic devices in the hotel room were just for show, it was particularly bad here.

“I should get a new room later.”

After the project is completed, I’ll change hotels. Lianne made up her mind and headed outside. The place where Lianne’s feet stopped was a park near the hotel. As expected of an outskirts area, it was completely neglected, but the sports facilities that were built in the early days still remained.

The half-peeled paint on the iron bars was a typical example.

“There are definitely a lot of homeless people.”

As an unmanaged park, homeless people inevitably took their places in the secluded corners.

Of course, it didn’t really matter.

“Should I just practice for an hour today?”

Her physique had become so firm that it couldn’t be compared to when she first arrived in this world.

If she could grow this much in just a few weeks, she would be able to transform her body into an ideal one in a few months.

Lianne moved her body up and down as she thought.

“Should I go to the library?”

Analog seemed to have less censorship than digital. It would take more time, but it was worth investing in.

As Lianne was organizing her thoughts, a familiar face appeared in her sight.

Red hair shining through the thick robe.

Stepping confidently.

It was Dionne.

The person I conversed with for the first time after realizing my past life.

Looking back, meeting Diana at the junkyard was nothing short of providence.

Thanks to her, I met Jason, and because of that, I was able to join the Rappelace Mercenary Corps.

Honestly, I was lucky.

If the person I first encountered was not Diana but a gang member wielding a gun.

If the owner of the junk shop Diana brought me to wasn’t Jason.

If Lian, who was an outstanding genius capable of drawing a sword in just one day, wasn’t there.

If just one of these things had gone differently, the current Lian wouldn’t exist.

“What’s the connection with Jason?”

Seemingly close yet distant. It was clear there was some unknown relationship, like the last time when she put Jason to sleep with water magic.

Of course, despite the curiosity, Lian had no intention of prying into Jason’s affairs.

“I have to give something to her, but what?”

Regardless of what the person involved thought, Lian considered herself indebted to Diana.

However, she couldn’t just hand over money recklessly. Being prideful compared to her peers, Diana would likely get angry instead of being grateful.

In that case, it would be better to demand something and offer something in return as a form of compensation.

In the process, she could also build a constructive relationship with Jason.

Lian stopped exercising and approached where Diana was. Diana seemed to be fiddling with something in a corner.

Playing a prank, perhaps? Lian tilted her head, but at the same time, she swallowed hard as Diana conjured a bright red flame in her hand.



As if sensing the popularity, Diana’s body, which had been igniting flames, stiffened. Swallowing her dry saliva, she slowly turned her head.


“What are you doing here?”

“Look, did you see it?”


Lian shrugged nonchalantly. Diana stared at Lian for a while, then exhaled a shallow sigh and turned her head sideways.

“…It would’ve been better if you hadn’t seen.”

Diana cleared her throat and smoothly changed the subject.

“What have you been up to lately?”

Her actions betrayed her inner thoughts. However, Lian didn’t feel the need to show it. For now, it seemed better to keep her secret hidden.

“Oh, nothing special. Just getting by.”

“I see…?”

“What about you?”

“It’s the same as the day we first met. Roaming around the scrapyard, picking up things to sell from Mr. Jason.”

An awkward silence followed.

Diana, who had been standing in an awkward posture, spoke.

“If there’s nothing else to say… Can I go now?”

After initiating the conversation herself, Diana was about to turn around when Lian grabbed her arm with a smirk.

“Do you happen to know where the library is? If you show me, I’ll show my gratitude.”

Lian spoke in a low voice. Diana, who was about to turn away, widened her eyes and looked down at his hand. After blinking a few times, she swallowed her dry saliva and opened her mouth.

“….So, your hand….”

“Ah, sorry.”

Did I grip too hard? Lian thought as he pulled his hand away. Of course, Diana didn’t react that way because he had hurt her. It was merely her first contact with someone of the opposite s*x.

Certainly, there were many street urchins in the alley, but none of them approached with pure intentions. It was typical for them to come for robbery, and there was never anyone like Lian, approaching with a gentle smile.

So, it was unexpectedly perplexing.

‘She was taken aback.’

After a moment of deep breaths, Diana, who had finally regained her composure, spoke.

“Enough with the apologies. Buy me some food later.”


Staring intently at Lian, Diana slowly walked away.

“Follow me. The public library is this way.”


As soon as they arrived at the library, Lian scanned through the history section. As expected from a library in the outskirts, the maintenance was terrible, but it was tolerable.

[History of Wars with the Eastern Continent]

[Magic, Sorcery, and the History of Martial Arts]

[The Fourth Continental War]

[The Last Royal Family of the Continent, Rodain]


Lian licked his lips as he turned the pages. The frequency of wars was incomparable to his previous life. Even at this moment, large and small wars were happening all over the continent.

In a world with magic, it was unclear how wars were conducted, but at least one thing was certain.

[Creshia University Massacre]

If the outcome had been more dreadful, it would have been, without a doubt, utterly horrifying.


From Noble mtl dot com

It’s something I feel every time, but this world operates under the strict laws of the strong.

Moving to a place with religious texts, Lian placed a handful of thick books on the desk. Then, she began to sift through the pages one by one.

‘Here it is. The Axtus Holy Knights. Spread throughout the continent, their believers encompass both physical adepts and sorcerers.’ What exactly ‘Axtus’ means hasn’t been revealed….

Not revealed? That’s absurd. They must have censored it.

Even if there were only thousands of believers, the fact that it hasn’t been disclosed to the public doesn’t make sense. Just take Muller, for instance; he knew about the Axtus Holy Knights.

‘Other books must be the same.’

Lian sighed lightly, raising her head. On the opposite chair, Diana was hunched over, embracing her knees.

“Are you okay?”


Is she upset? Lian chuckled and turned her head to the side. It didn’t seem like they had been here for so long, but outside had already darkened.

It’s a long time for a little kid to wait.

“…I’m really going to eat something expensive.”

“Do as you please.”

The place where Diana’s footsteps stopped was a bustling restaurant area. She hurriedly headed towards a secluded spot, flipped her hood, and sat down.

“Would you like to place an order?”

Lian glanced at Diana. Despite claiming to eat something expensive, her finger was pointing to the cheapest item on the menu.

“Corn stew….”

“Meat stew and two popular side dishes, please.”


As the waiter turned away, Diana exclaimed with wide eyes.


“It’s okay. I have a lot of money.”

Not long after, the food arrived. Despite ordering three dishes, Diana enjoyed her meal so much that it seemed insignificant. It also suited Lian’s taste quite well.

‘Not bad.’

Just as they were about to place an additional order.


A deafening explosion echoed through the restaurant.

Is it a terrorist attack? Lian urgently turned his head in the direction of the noise.

In the middle of the dining area, a man stood holding his own throat. Blood trickled through his fingers.

Even at a glance, it seemed like a fatal wound.

After a brief silence, the injured man spoke with a boiling voice.

“Come out! You damn assassin!”


Simultaneously, sharp flames erupted from the man’s arms.

The spreading flames consumed everything around as fuel, growing in size.


“Police! Call the police!”

Instead of panicking, Lian surveyed the area around the man.


A faint presence that wouldn’t be heard if not concentrated.

‘…an assassin.’

Lian quickly bit her tongue and slowly stepped back.

I don’t know what their relationship is, but it didn’t seem wise to interfere.

Lian’s thoughts couldn’t continue any further.

The flames that had been lazily exploring everything around suddenly expanded like an explosion.



Without hesitation, Lian grabbed Dionna’s body and leaped out of the building.


In the next moment, the explosion swallowed everything around.


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