Miserable Reincarnation chapter 36

Miserable Reincarnation 36

36 – Explosive Pursuer (2)

“Watch over Lian,” Jason said.

“When the project starts, follow Lian closely and record every move. Don’t bother hiding; he’ll notice your every move soon enough. It’s better to reveal it openly rather than make him feel uncomfortable. Understand?”

Amila, who had been handling desk duties for a while, was involved in the operation for this reason alone.

Jason himself must have brought Lian. His actions seemed so…

“Do you consider Mr. Lian a spy?”

“No, not a spy. It’s a much more complicated relationship than that. This is all I can tell you.”

Unable to hold back any longer, Amila blurted out her question.

“Wasn’t it you who brought Mr. Lian?”

As she said that, the air around Amila felt heavy. She had crossed a line. In that moment, Amila’s mind was consumed by that thought alone.

“I-I’m sorry.”


Jason reached for the doorknob, passing by Amila.

Until Jason disappeared, Amila couldn’t take a single step.

On the day of the operation,

Just as Jason had said, Lian sensed Amila’s true intentions the moment the operation began.

“So, Amila is on the same team as me.”

A gaze that seemed to penetrate through.

Though her heart raced, Amila didn’t offer any explanations. She continued the operation, being as careful as possible not to make Lian uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t matter if we get caught. No matter how urgent they are, we can’t just let the enemy run wild inside.”

Jason heard the warning. But he couldn’t help but have doubts in his mind.

Even though the operation had completely gone awry.

He acted like a veteran who had experienced similar situations hundreds of times. From a certain point, Lian had taken command, and Amila didn’t refuse his orders.

It wasn’t just because of Jason’s command. Lian’s instructions were the best way to salvage the situation.

That thought reached its peak when Lian faced the Camento Gang’s bodyguards.

A Braken-born elemental mage. Facing a skilled individual who could handle three elements, Lian never allowed a single effective hit.

Amila knew this because she was also a manipulation-type mage. She could see how absurdly high Lian’s mana manipulation skills were.

So she thought she couldn’t be more surprised.

Just now, she heard that Lian was actually a young boy.

“No way…”

Amila finally understood completely. It was even more unbelievable that someone so talented and skilled had reached such a level at such a young age, without any backing.

Then what on earth could be the powerful backing that allowed him to casually intervene in the clash between the Laphlace Mercenaries, the government, and the underworld that ruled the dark realm?


Several names flashed through her mind. Names that she couldn’t even utter casually. Amila swallowed her dry saliva.

“…They didn’t bring him directly from the start.”

They had come to find Jason themselves.

To directly witness with their own eyes which side would seize the power of Tulas.

That’s probably why they said they weren’t spies. If they had intended to intervene directly, they wouldn’t have revealed themselves so blatantly.

“…Can we win?”

The White Tiger is not as powerful as Egon.

They were monsters that not only surpassed the level of simply having a lot of magic power but also influenced the surrounding environment just by their presence.

To be frank, Zoltan Pasur was not at that level.

“But stronger than me.”

Swift and powerful.

Even if you perfectly guard against a severe difference in skills, there are times when damage accumulates. And now was exactly that situation. However, it’s not like you can avoid it. Zoltan Pasur was agile, unexpectedly nimble for his size, relentlessly pressing against me without giving any momentary openings.

Body build, strength, magical power… maybe even hierarchy. Literally, in every aspect, I was at a disadvantage, except for one thing.


In combat experience, we were definitely superior. There was no need for hesitation.

“Too narrow.”

Due to the magical power swirling like bristles around Zoltan Pasur, all attacks were blocked.

In a place like this, there was no way to preserve a distance. The moment you’re cornered, you’ll be overwhelmed without a chance to catch your breath.

Lian’s decision was quick. He vigorously rotated the inner magical power, strengthening the body to its limits. The sensation of heat emanating from both arms. Even while narrowing his eyebrows at the subordinate’s first experience, Lian did not hesitate in his next move.

“What’s the trick?”

Zoltan Pasur felt the magical power in the air condensing in one place.

The little one’s pupils contained the eerie aura of the beasts he had often seen in his hometown.

“But it’s too obvious.”

The bigger the attack, the easier it is to counter. Especially when it’s so blatantly revealed. The little one, who had been clever so far, suddenly throwing such a reckless move seemed unlikely. There must be something more.

Zoltan Pasur not rushing straight at Lian was because of that.

‘Indeed, you are cautious.’

As soon as Lian confirmed that Joltan Pashur was not narrowing the distance between them, he made his judgment.

‘I had my eye on that from the beginning.’


The ground exploded. Immediately after, the marble that made up the corridor crumbled and collapsed.

In the swirling dust, Joltan Pashur realized Lian’s trickery.

The floor was sinking, slowly but surely. No, it was not something that could be described as “slow”. In a matter of seconds, this entire corridor would be thrust into the underground.

To be precise, it was the garage where the armored vehicles were stored.

“How did you know?”

“I have a good intuition.”

Joltan Pashur asked, and Lian answered. Kuuung! The shaking marble corridor split into several pieces and fell.

Thud, thud, thud…!

Two men falling in an instant.

Even as they plummeted dozens of meters below, Lian never took his eyes off Joltan Pashur.

Joltan Pashur’s gauntlet. Every time that gauntlet gleamed, a powerful blow that surpassed the effective range would be unleashed.

There was no way to change direction. When the blow was about to reach point-blank range, Lian shouted.


Saaak! In the next moment, subtle mages pulled Lian back.



“It’s okay.”

Lian felt her vision reddening. She thought she had avoided it, but he changed the course midway. Lian wiped the blood flowing down her face.

“You’re not hurt much.”

I unknowingly spoke in informal language. It was a habit from my past life.

Normally, I would have quickly noticed the mistake, but now the situation was too critical to pay attention to such trivial things.

The moment she landed on the ground, Lian rolled to the side without hesitation.


A powerful strike brushed past Lian’s side. Fragments scattered, embedding into Lian’s body.

Seeing Lian in this state, Joltan Pashur smirked.

“I thought something would change when the space widened.”

“You talk too much. Is it because you’re old?”

“Kukukuk. You know how to provoke.”

Indeed, wouldn’t he fall for this level of provocation? It was the easiest method after all. Lian inwardly chuckled.

‘Should I use the dagger?’

The dagger nestled within her bosom. If she used the dagger, she could definitely inflict a fatal blow. There was no better way to surprise and confuse the opponent than suddenly transforming into a lich.

But if she did that, she would reveal her secret to Amila.

In that case, there was only one option left.

“You seem thoughtful; let me help you.”

Joltan Pashur murmured like that and approached her. Although he appeared indifferent, his eyes were full of certainty about victory.

Lian was not surprised. The composure she gained from experiencing battles beyond life and death did not easily shake over such a small matter.


Kwon-gi pierced through the mana.

In that moment, Joltan Fashur couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. Clearly, Rian wasn’t in an attacking position…

The front of his shirt was completely torn apart. In that fleeting moment, the mana that enveloped his body had been completely pierced.

“What was that just now…?”

It was just a slight graze on his skin. However, Joltan Fashur’s face was frozen in a way that was incomparable to before.

There was no preamble to the attack Rian had just unleashed. None of the preparatory movements necessary to throw a punch… None of them were visible.

As if…

“Like your attack. Right?”

Rian sneered as he looked at Joltan Fashur’s face.

The insight that went beyond analyzing and fully understanding the opponent’s movements, to the point of making them his own.

That was the field in which the Rian of his past life had excelled.


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Joltan Fashur’s face contorted completely. Crunch! The titanium gauntlet made a chilling sound.

“How dare you… steal my technique-.”

Before Joltan Fashur could finish his words, Rian raised his mana.

Countless punches appeared in the air and struck his body forcefully.

Thud thud thud thud thud thud…!


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