Miserable Reincarnation chapter 59

Miserable Reincarnation 59

59 – The Black Mage (2)

A dense fog filled the area.


Even though the visibility had drastically decreased, Lian’s steps showed no hesitation. It was as if the fog had no effect on him at all.

In reality, he couldn’t see clearly in front of him. It was just that the range in which he could ascend to the 5th level and spread his magic power had expanded.

Several times more than before.

Of course, his senses had also been enhanced.

“Is it over there?”

Thanks to the tracking spell that Tina had given him, it was not difficult to find the target.

Although he had initially thought that the auxiliary spell only referred to buffs like shields or physical enhancements, it seemed that there were various other types as well.

At the edge of his vision, he could see someone rushing through the fog. It was undoubtedly the person who had just shot an arrow at Tina.

Lian reached for his waist and without hesitation, pulled the trigger. The pistol bullet, piercing through the fog, was blocked by a crimson shield.

Boom! Thud!


It wouldn’t hurt to turn back once, would it?

“He’s quite confident, isn’t he?”

Lian had thought that he would be able to close the distance in an instant, but the guy’s movements were faster than he had expected. If he took some time, he might be able to catch him, but then he would be too far away from the main unit.

Lian’s judgment was quick.


In an instant, the form of the pistol transformed into a dagger, then, imbued with magic to its limits, it was thrust forward with full force.


Like a flash, the dagger shot out, accelerated as if fueled by Lian’s magic, exploding with the force of a power-packed onslaught. It pierced through the protective shield that didn’t even flinch at bullets.



The man with a dagger through his thigh vomited blood, tumbling on the ground.

Seemingly bewildered, his eyes staring at Lian trembled like aspen leaves.

But just for a moment; he plunged both hands into the ground, unfolded a spell.


The earth began to ripple as if alive. While Lian paused to regain balance, corpses started rising one by one from the soil.

Amidst the grotesque scene of blood, soil, and entrails mingling, Lian’s gaze wasn’t directed there.


Common magic gathered around the man assuming a posture as if drawing a bowstring. Apparently, the corpses were originally meant to buy time for preparing this spell.

“What the hell is this crazy brat…!!”


Magic taking on the shape of arrows faster than expected. The speed at which the spell unfolded was unbelievable for someone digging through corpses in a place like this.


With that snarl, an arrow shot towards Lian.

At that moment, corpses lunged forward, grabbing Lian’s ankles.

As if it were his moment of enlightenment, a faint smile crossed the man’s face.

Of course, Lian’s expression remained unchanged.


At Tina’s voice from behind, Lian promptly lowered his body.


In the next moment, a massive shockwave swept through the area with an explosive sound.

Bodies shattered into pieces, scattered in all directions.

Thud, thud, thud!

Through the dust, Tina appeared with a shotgun glowing red as if overheated in her hands.

Undoubtedly, the result of reinforcing firepower to the limit with auxiliary magic.

‘This shield must be one of them.’

Lian stared at the protective shield that unfolded around him. Due to its rushed nature, it lacked perfection, but it was sufficient to shield Lian from the shockwave.

In the brief moment, only three auxiliary magic symbols were revealed. The skill was far more exceptional than Lian had anticipated.

Seems like going for reconnaissance alone wasn’t a futile endeavor.

Lian rose from his position before the dust could settle, swiftly closing in on the man attempting to flee.

The wounds on his thigh seemed to have been treated in the meantime.

‘No need to hold back.’

He clenched his fist lightly.

However, the moment the gauntlet touched the man’s side, it produced a sound akin to the bursting of air throughout the area.



A scream, akin to a death knell. The man, thrown to the floor as if expelled, lay there unconscious, spewing blood.


Tina, belatedly approaching, stared at the man with a suppressed gasp. Surely, he had taken only one blow, but the aftermath was gruesomely beyond imagination.

Not only was his side shattered, but he was completely buried.

“…Didn’t kill him, did you?”

“Yes. We need to interrogate him to find out who’s behind him.”


Did she contemplate all that in that brief moment?

“He has excellent regenerative abilities, so he won’t die from something like this.”


Tina unconsciously chuckled.


“Caught him?”

Lieutenant Kevin stared at Tina with a grim face. It was hard to believe that those who had been elusive for days would reveal themselves in broad daylight.

“He attacked from over there. That’s how I knew.”


Lieutenant Kevin caressed his chin, scrutinizing the stern face of the subdued man. He retrieved a small pendant from his chest, infusing it with magic slowly. It seemed to be an artifact equipped with scanning capabilities.

“He belongs to the command faction. Investigate the rear; we might find the mastermind. I’ll handle him….”

Kevin stopped speaking and narrowed his eyes. It was because of the boy standing next to Tina.

“Did the little one pick this up too?”

“…Yes? Oh, are you referring to Rian?”


“He’s a new member who joined recently. Muller recommended him and brought him in.”

Kevin scrutinized Rian with sharp eyes. Despite trusting Muller and the members, he couldn’t believe that a boy like him was part of the Laflas Mercenary Corps.

Muller spoke discreetly.

“I’ll explain. Can you come this way for a moment?”

Kevin frowned but obediently followed Muller to a quiet place.


A faint anger was apparent on the face that spoke those words.

“Why did you bring a former boy soldier in front of me? Don’t even think about pretending you didn’t know.”

The distinct aura ingrained in his body. A magic power that didn’t match his age. Even the dry eyes that didn’t even tremble while walking through a field of corpses.

These were the characteristics of ‘talented’ boy soldiers sent to the front lines.

“You misunderstand.”

“Don’t play games with me right now-“

“I am Hara’s disciple.”

Kevin fell silent. The words that came out of Muller’s mouth were shocking.

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“At least as far as I know.”


“The gauntlet worn on the hand. It was used by Harang during active duty.”

Kevin’s head naturally turned backward.

Indeed, it was the gauntlet that remained vivid in his memory.

“Despite appearances, he has a record of single-handedly tearing apart a Pocalos giant.”


“I pondered over it and brought him here. Would I, a former soldier of the Western Front, bring a mad lad who was a rookie?”

Even though he didn’t know about the past, at least now, it meant he was a member of the Raphlas Mercenary Corps.

Instead of asking further, Kevin stared intently into Muller’s eyes. Then, he slightly stuck out his tongue and tilted his head sideways. It was a sign that he understood enough, and now it was up to him.

“Thank you, Captain.”

“If you know, then get this guy into the cargo hold.”

Saying so, Kevin kicked the sprawled black mage with his foot.

As Kevin started to move with determined steps.


His gaze shifted to Lian. Lian was still sitting indifferently amidst the field of corpses. Regardless of the resurrection of the dead, not a crack appeared in his expression. He simply mechanically pulled the trigger.

It was an attitude that could never be adopted unless one was accustomed to a life of killing and being killed.


Is he not a rookie, after all?

“A guy with magical power like mine?”

However, Kevin didn’t dwell on it any further.

Anyway, it was something that had to be quietly covered up.

Even if suffocating emotions arise, a soldier must pretend not to see and live as ordered. There are dozens of officers who acted all righteous for nothing and ended up with broken bones.

But even someone like Kevin couldn’t help the doubt welling up in his mind.

‘…What on earth are they thinking, those high-ups.’

Is it not enough that they send young soldiers to the front lines, now they want to plant them even within the Turas? And in the ranks of the Laplace Mercenary Corps, no less?

‘Though seeing a tiger fight might mean I have some idea.’

I don’t know. Kevin decided not to dwell on it too deeply. It was beyond the level where a mere captain could intervene anymore.

‘…At least it’s on the level of a general.’

Using the mission as an excuse, he had thought of reuniting with old comrades for the first time in a long while.

Kevin lowered his gaze from the unconscious black magician, activated the radio, a direct line to the execution unit.

– Click.

[Yes, Captain.]

“Send just one person. Someone who knows how to talk.”



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