Miserable Reincarnation chapter 8

Miserable Reincarnation 8

8 – Laplace Mercenary Group (2)

Lian went down the stairs. The softly lit stairs were so clean that it was hard to believe that this building was a junk shop.

Even Lian, who had frequented several mercenary offices, noted the effort that had been put into cleanliness.

‘It’s much cleaner than expected.’

It was a good sign, meaning that the infrastructure of the mercenary group was excellent.

As they entered the lobby, the chatting mercenaries all fell silent and turned to look this way.

Ignoring their gazes, Lian followed Jason to the desk.

“Prepare a new membership contract.”

The staff member checked Ri-an’s face and narrowed his eyebrows. But that was it, he immediately changed his face and responded professionally.

“You can go to room number 3. There will be a contract ready for you.”

As Ri-an headed to room 3, he listened carefully to the conversation of the mercenaries passing by.

“……Jason has recruited a rookie?”

“He must have known that there is a big project next month, right?”

“He’s way too young. Is he a child-like android perhaps?”

“Not anyone else, but Jason, wouldn’t mistake machine noise for biological signals.”

“He might be using a high-level perception-inhibiting spell.”

Gazes intertwined with various emotions, including caution.

However, the intense magic contained beyond those gazes proved that they were by no means mediocre mercenaries.

“It’s this way.”

While following Jason, Ri-an continued to listen to the mercenaries’ conversation.

Because there was nothing good about revealing his ignorance, this was his way of gathering information.


Jason, who had stopped at the end of the corridor, touched the wall.


The steel door split wide open to both sides, revealing the interior structure.

A clean-designed meeting room.

Jason, seated on the sofa, pointed to the other side with his prosthetic arm. Ri-an nodded and took a seat.

“You must already know, but this is a temporary branch. The main branch is somewhere else.”


“I’m just saying in case, but our Laplace Mercenary Corps does not cut some slack just because you’re young. We’ll get you the jobs according to your capabilities, but there is no one to protect you during combat.”

“I understand that much.”

Lian knew the mechanics of mercenaries better than anyone else. He also knew that very few people in the midst of a fierce battlefield were considerate enough to care about the lives of others.

“I’m relieved to hear you understand.”

Nodding his head, he handed out the contract.

“This is a standard industry contract. Read it, judge for yourself.”


Lian immediately skimmed through the contract.

A soldier and a mercenary for 10 years. For him, who had collaborated with reputed mercenary companies dozens of times, finding a toxic clause was not a difficult task. After all, even the most prestigious mercenary companies were prone to hiding malicious clauses, especially during the re-contract season.

But the contract Jason handed over was not only flawless, but it was overly generous considering Lian’s age.

Jason crossed his arms and looked down at Lian. It seemed like he just loosely handed it over, but upon close inspection, one could realize it wasn’t so.

Generally, contracts of proper mercenary groups are plastered with professional terms that are difficult to understand even for adults, let alone irregular mercenary groups.

From Noble mtl dot com

Physical performers are usually weak in this area, so it was common to accompany a lawyer or broker to interpret the contract…

However, Lian’s sharpness mirrored that of a professional, nullifying such worries.

‘Clearly, he has received professional level education.’

I wonder what kind of life he has led.

“Can I ask one question?”

“If it’s just one.”

Jason answered.

“The structure seems closer to a freelancer than a mercenary, is that right?”

Although there are several differences between a mercenary and a freelancer, the biggest two are affiliation and freedom.

For a mercenary, orders are handed down from the top, while freelancers select their contracts through a broker.

At first glance, it may seem like there is no benefit to being a mercenary, but that’s only seen from a one-dimensional perspective.

Unlike freelancers, who have to find a reliable broker and trudge for offers, mercenaries have most of their tedious tasks taken care of by their superiors.

This means they can focus on their tasks without wasting time on other areas.

“That’s it. Just being ‘belonged’ somewhere alone keeps you out of unnecessary troubles, it’s overwhelmingly convenient. However, the method of the Laplace’s Mercenary troop was a bit different.

“Our mercenary troop is relatively free.”

No one forces you to form a team or take on a request.

Executing a request and creating a team are up to the individual.

This may seem like respecting individual freedom at a glance but…

‘Members who can’t prove their skills will be perfect for elimination.’

If skills are low, they won’t be able to join the team, and then naturally, they won’t be able to execute any requests.

They will naturally fall off.

Despite the cruel method, there was no more certain way from the standpoint of the executives who manage the quality of the mercenaries.

‘So that’s why the treatment is overly good.’

This might have stemmed from only taking experienced professionals as members.

‘I’m starting to get it.’

Why the desk clerk looked at me like that when I came downstairs.

Because in their eyes, an unknown newbie appeared as a professional.

“Don’t worry too much. A senior member will be assigned to protect the new recruits. You can get help the first three times.”

“Is the selection of the senior member random?”

“It usually is random. But… I’m not sure about this time.”

Because there will be more than one or two people interested in the boy who suddenly appeared.


Lian fell into thought momentarily. If I can’t prove myself within these three times, no. No need to wait till the third time, once I screw up the first request, my reputation will instantly fall to the ground.

In the mercenary industry, rumors are faster than anything. Lian was sure no one would be kind enough to treat a skill-less man as a comrade.

‘Does it mean that while we speak of three times, in reality, the first time is everything?’

The importance of the first mission, Lian figured out in a heartbeat.

‘Could it be.’

Was the fact that they let us choose our requests itself a test to see if we had enough judgement?

Lian casually caught Jason’s eye. Jason, with a rotten smile that seemed to say he had been waiting.

The moment he saw that smile, he was certain.


Lian put his tongue out. He hadn’t expected them to be so thoroughly ‘professional’ mercenaries.

The fools who had chosen a job beyond their league had clearly intended to get down to business from the start.

‘I guess if you’re not smart, you have to at least be quick-witted.’

But he couldn’t hesitate now. Having bluffed so much until this moment, if he started to whimper now, his reputation would be destroyed instantaneously.

Lian, who had made up his mind, did not hesitate and signed the contract. Jason, seemingly having waited, extended his hand.

“Welcome to the Laplace Mercenaries.”

Holding the contract ready to turn around, Lian spoke up.

“May I ask one more question?”


“Is there a good restaurant around here?”

Whether it was due to recalling past-life memories or due to not having a single meal until this point, his stomach was furiously hungry.

“I’d appreciate it if you could give me some money as well.”



After Lian left, Jason immediately handed over the contract to the desk clerk.

He watched her record the details, save and photocopy the personal information, and store the copy on the server, before finally sealing the original. It was a tedious process, but ultimately, it was a problem he had to deal with.

After all, he was the one who had recommended Lian.

A woman watching Jason’s movements whilst resting her chin in her hand, commented.

“A plain recommendation in times like these. Is he your hidden child or something?”

“……I doubt it.”

“Well, I guess there’s no way your child would look so average.”

The woman, who was wearing a white shirt over a red crop top, had a languid tone, like she was drunk.

But the undercurrent in her tone was definitely not that of an ordinary person.

“What’s he doing there?”

“I don’t know.”

Jason shook his head firmly.

The mysterious, prominent family who were possibly watching them through Lian.

There was no need to irritate them by unnecessarily investigating them.

‘The less we know about that kid, the better.’

There was no need for involvement from other executives either.

“Don’t dodge about. It’s boring being stuck in this backward region all day long.”

When Jason said nothing in response, the woman shook her head with a disappointed look, speaking to the office worker at the desk.

“Assign me to the new recruit who just walked in.”

“Of course, Harang.”

As Jason scowled, Harang cheekily shrugged her shoulders.

“Why? If it means you don’t have to mentor him, you should be grateful.”

By regulation, a recommender cannot become the mentor of the new recruit they recommended. Nonetheless, leaving Lian, their ‘subject of interest,’ up in the air was not an option.

Having direct involvement from Harang, an executive, left no grounds for Jason to refuse.

“…Do as you wish.”

“hehehe. So it’s permitted?”

With a smile, Harang stretched.

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