The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 127

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 127

127 Episode 29. Black Label Union #4(2)

There was no reason to let the incompetent Union representatives decorate Ismail.

With the Union representative who is restless.

The Banco traders belonging to the Union who had gathered were clamoring to live among themselves.

“I agree too. We’d rather just kill him. I think that would be convenient.”

“If you don’t step out of Ismail, you can hire even a good assassin.”

“I agree!”

But there were also opposing voices.

“No, these people! Thinking squiggly! And if it fails, who will lose the backseat?”

“you’re right. Let’s avoid seeing blood. What wizards are we? These are people who can’t take care of my body, so I should avoid that kind of thing.”

“Do you have any other opinions than that? It’s not the way I see it.”

Of course, they also had good opinions.

I just couldn’t say it right here.

‘I’ve already eaten here. I don’t know why I’m still stuck here. Even if I left, I should have left sooner.’

Until now, they belonged to the Black Label Union to do business in a good place called Black Label.

However, is there any need to stick to the Union in the field where there is a new option called the Lyon Guild?

‘this… … No matter how much I think about it, I think that’s right.’

“What good ideas do you have?”

In addition, the person called the representative was from where he came from, so he ate too much and was incompetent.

to the point of being sad.

‘It’s not here. There’s a hole in the boat I’m on When we’re together, we’ll get along well. Then, before we all search together, wouldn’t it be right to consider the country as well?’

“greatness! there’s no answer I’ll try anything if it gives me a cool deposit interest. In the current situation… … .”

The frustrating feeling is that they all looked at the Union representative, who was speechless.

‘I don’t think that stupid pirate bastard will do anything.’

I just didn’t say anything.

It was the union representative’s responsibility for not reacting quickly enough that things got to this point.

If we had reacted quickly from the beginning, the situation would not have gotten so bad.

‘Is there any way things will work out since a nerd-like guy only believed in his strength and took over that position? In the first place, if you don’t have anything to gain by sticking here, it’s better to act quickly.’

“I will go back. If anything is decided, please let me know.”

As soon as one person left, the Banco vendors belonging to Union who had gathered began to leave their seats without you or me.

The Union representative, who was watching them, suddenly had an anxious thought, but the bigger problem was Ismail’s sudden change in attitude.

‘why… … .’

His subordinate Joseph approached the Union representative, who was speechless.

“Dr. Warren, the atmosphere is unsettling.”

He also felt the unfamiliar atmosphere of the banco vendors belonging to Union.

“Right now, there is no such person. If this is not a win-win, I don’t know if the banco vendors here, like squirrels, are joining the Lyon Guild.”

Is there any reason why the Lyon Guild will stop the Banco vendors belonging to Union from visiting?

“There’s no reason to stop there, and we even started an argument to fight us, so I’m sure we’ll welcome it.”

Joseph couldn’t shake the disturbing thoughts that had crept into my head.

“then… … Isn’t it all over?”

Even after hearing those words, Union CEO, who had no thought, only the warning that Ismail had lingered in his mind.

‘That’s not the problem. If Ismail abandoned us in the first place… … .’

“I do not get it. Why did you leave us?”

The sudden remark raised his doubts.

“What are you talking about now?”

“I was involved here at Ismail. They told me not to do things that way.”

“Is that like that?”

“I told you. I’d rather kill him.”

“ah… … But did you stop that at Ismail?”

The Ismail family itself was so mystical that Joseph was not unaware that their way of contacting them was a telephonic method.

It wasn’t that the union representative didn’t hide it, but he sometimes told himself things related to them.

“Then it’s over, isn’t it?”

“Ugh… … Why the hell did you leave us We haven’t looked at each other for a while.”

When the Union representative clenched his fist in an unknown anger, Joseph saw this and wrinkled his expression in a place he couldn’t see.

‘It seems like I know why I threw it away. If I tell the truth, I think my tongue will be pulled out.’

“Then what do you do? If even Ismail came out like that, wouldn’t we be in danger?”

At those words, the spirit of the Union representative flashed.

‘Yes, it’s dangerous. I’m dangerous.’

Ismail’s way of doing things he couldn’t have known.

They had to either pack their bags and run away to the sea, or stop doing anything that bothered them.

‘What do we do? Aren’t my hairs really flying like this?’

Union CEO, who was trembling without realizing it, was startled by the sound of footsteps nearby and gave his gaze to the place.

There, one of his subordinates was tidying up the messy room.

‘Damn it… … .’

The Union president, frowned upon, recalled a gold coin he had previously received from Rockefeller.

The gold coin that I received as money for the old man on the road to the underworld.

Fortunately, I still had it.

‘Why did you bring this so badly?’

The Union representative took out a gold coin from his jacket pocket.

“Warren Ball. Why are you all of a sudden?”

Joseph looked at the Union representative, who was acting strangely, as if he couldn’t understand.

Then the Union representative threw the gold coin in his hand and threw it away.

“Damn it. I thought I was crazy, and I was holding old money on the road to the underworld.”

What do sailors think of superstitions?

At least for him, who had been pirating for a long time, superstition meant something.

Seeing the Union representative tossing a gold coin like that, Joseph immediately talked to him if he had any feelings.

“Warren Ball. If Ismail was thrown away, wouldn’t we have to act quickly too?”

Union representative responded to that.

“What should I do? If Ismail had abandoned it, we would have already finished.”

“Somehow, the guild side said that it came out with a lot of guts.”

“You have to find a way to live. I’m not joking, I need to find a way to live right now.”

Joseph shook his head quickly.

What’s the best way to do this in this situation?

‘Even if I get rid of this job and go out to sea again… … .’

Even Joseph was unaware of the vastly augmented naval forces that had never been before.

He was also well aware of the naval battleships that had grown beyond comparison with their heyday.

‘no. There’s no chance of winning there anymore. And now I have a body with a wife and children.’

“I don’t think it’s a very good idea to throw things out of here and go out to sea again.”

The Union representative agreed to that.

“You have arranged all the sea affairs. My previous visit to the governor was just an attempt to float, and it was already too late to return to the sea. Because I’m too tired of land life.”

“Then what would you like to do? Even if we fight the guild here anyway. There’s no such thing as a win-win. But let’s do it the way we used to.”

“It will stop at Ismail. You’ll kill me on Ismail before I twist that little guy’s hair. Poison or whatever.”

“Then isn’t it a big deal?”

“So you’re looking for a way to live, you bastard!”

Joseph continued his search for life with a serious expression on his face, as if his job was his.

‘What a good number… … okay. It would be better if it was over anyway.’

“Warren Ball. If that’s the case, how about this?”

As soon as Joseph seemed to have some good ideas, the Union representative took an urgent interest.

“Are there any good numbers?”

“Actually, rather than a good number… … .”

“Don’t be confused and tell me straight away, because if you can’t find a way to live right now, it’s both you and me.”

“that is… … If you can’t go against the trend anyway.”

To Joseph, this seemed the best they could do.

“How about joining the guild instead? Then we will be able to continue to work as Banco as before, and since Ismail took his side anyway, we won’t kill it.”

“What? This bastard is a hole-in-the-mouth!”

At the nonsensical sound, the Union representative grabbed him by the neck.

“Hey, you bastard! Say it now! Crawl under someone now!”

“But Prince Warren! Other than that, we have no other way to live. And even if you don’t like Prince Warren, some of our members are already thinking of joining the guild. There is no answer here, and there is no chance of winning even if we fight, so we will give up and stick to that side.”

“Do you think those babies will let go? Do you think I, Warren Dragon, will leave the traitor bastards alone!”

As his voice rose, Joseph also wrinkled his face and bowed his head.

“That’s why I didn’t want to tell you this. I think you’ll be against it anyway.”

“But it is! How can you tell me to go under that blue bastard?!”

The Union representative then shouted.

“You must be proud of yourself! How I! I, who once heard the voices of pirates, go under that bastard!”

“Then what are you going to do? Warren must be well aware that no matter how much you fight, there is no chance of winning. That doesn’t mean you’re going to go back to the sea, do you?”

“This bastard!”

The Union representative, unable to contain his anger, slapped Joseph in the face.

The representative of Union raised his voice towards Joseph, who shuffled around with a loud noise.

“Even if I die, I can’t do that! An Ismail is enough to bow my head to someone in my life! And I, Warren Dragon, were originally a seaman. The sea bastard has been on land for too long.”

It was the same with the sea as there was no chance of winning.

Still, there was a past when the sea off Black Label was stained with blood and flames, so he thought about going out to sea again.

‘Yeah, the governor was very annoying too. I’m going to go out to sea again. Then Ismail won’t get involved. After all, this has nothing to do with Banco.’

“It’s time to end this damn land life. I had forgotten that a guy like me was originally fit for the sea. A sailor is a sailor forever. What kind of terrestrial life.”

The zealous Warren shouted at his minions, who were lying on the floor.

“I’ll finish everything here and go out to sea soon. You go and get a boat that can go to the pirate island. I’ll have to go and call back the valiant pirates to fight for my name. And with the money you earn here, you buy a bunch of pirate ships. I will be my old self again.”

The thought of becoming a pirate again could not calm the excitement of the Union representative, and Joseph, lying on the floor, looked up at him silently with mixed emotions.

A few days passed like that.

As Union representative, Warren Dragoon, who converted all the assets he had accumulated over the years into gold coins, loaded the gold coins in several wagons and left for the dark night harbor.

It was late at night, so the city was dark without a single light, and the Union representative, looking at the city, smiled lightly.

‘Even though it’s a place I’ll never see again, I don’t feel much. Yeah, this wasn’t my hometown.’

“Is the boat ready?”

His wagon was also accompanied by his subordinate, Joseph.

“Yes, I have everything prepared as Prince Warren directed. If you go to the port now, a smuggler will be waiting for you.”

At that, Warren wrinkled his face.

“What is Warren Ball? Now back to the pirate yard. Just call it like the old days. Captain.”

“yes… … Captain.”

“Hey, it’s goodbye here too. I’ll probably never come back a second time.”

As he arrived at the port, his carriage was blocked by imperial soldiers who suddenly appeared.

Bewildered by the unexpected, Warren looked out the window and gave a perplexed expression on his face.

“What, what? What are those soldiers?”

Then Joseph quickly got out of the wagon and started running somewhere.

‘What’s that bastard doing now?’

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