The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 15

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 15

Episode 15 04. Became Banco’s Assistant (3)

As Rockefeller pondered for a moment, Carter glanced at his pocket watch and checked the time.

It’s still too early for guests to come, but I checked it just in case you didn’t know.

“I think I roughly explained the gold coins, but have all my questions been answered?”


“Okay, then let me explain what you’re going to do next.”

Of the three things a goldsmith does, the first has already been explained, and Carter begins to talk about the rest.

“First of all, there is one thing you need to focus on. It’s my job to deal with customers who come here on behalf of me, who is busy making talents. Did I mention there are three things before?”

“Yes, you said so.”

“Then tell me about the rest. Haven’t you heard of it here and there?”

“It’s about keeping gold coins, and lending them to others and earning interest.”

“Yeah, you know exactly.”

Carter nodded with satisfaction.

“That is what you are going to do. I deal with customers who came to store gold coins on my behalf, and I pay interest to customers who need gold coins.”

Carter took out the book he had prepared beforehand and showed it to Rockefeller.

“This is the store ledger. Check it out.”

Rockefeller opened the book Carter had handed over and looked through the contents.

The ledger was full of details of all the transactions that had been carried out in his store so far.

It was the first time I saw it, so I didn’t understand it right away, but as I continued to look, I started to get a sense of what it was about.

‘The contents of the ledger, what is there.’

It was Rockefeller, who had been concentrating on looking at the books for a while, so Carter asked to confirm.

“Do you know roughly what was written on the ledger?”

“Yeah, I guess I know. The name of the lord who recently borrowed gold coins is also written here.”

Carter asked a few more questions, and Rockefeller answered them as faithfully as possible, letting him know that he understood the contents of the book.

After confirming, Carter frowned slightly and praised Rockefeller.

“After all, he’s learned from his father, so he’s quick to understand. Good job. Yep, that’s pretty much what it is. It’s a ledger I double check every day, so don’t ever think about tinkering with it.”

Rockefeller waved his hand at those words.

“It will never happen. Trust me.”

“This thing is. It’s about trusting each other. I don’t think you’d dare play with that ledger, but I can assure you that if that happens, nothing good will happen to you. It would be good to write this down.”

“Do not worry. In doing this, trust and faith are life.”

“Yeah, always keep that in mind.”

However, what you may not know is that humans are animals.

But he couldn’t trust the store without trust, so Carter decided to trust Rockefeller and continued the conversation.

“First of all, let me explain how the visitor deposits the gold coins. people say Occasionally, they pay a certain storage fee to use a banco to keep their gold coins safe.”

“Won’t the storage fee be worth it?”

“That is their mind. But there’s a barracks right next to this shop, and I guarantee you the gold coins you put in. So, if you don’t trust yourself and the people around you, you’ll have to leave it here, paying the storage fee.”

“It is.”

“Here, you just need to receive gold coins from the guests and write them down in this ledger. And this is the most important thing.”

Prepare a lot

Carter showed Rockefeller the paper gold coin receipt.

“This is a gold coin deposit certificate, so it is a kind of borrowing certificate issued by this store to prove it when a customer leaves gold coins.”

I owe you.

It was simply a document proving that ‘I owe you something’.

‘I thought there would be an IOU as well.’

Rockefeller took a closer look at the gold coin he had handed over.

There was written ‘5 IOU’, and below it was additionally written that the ‘Lyon Guild’ endorsed this IOU.

‘Is it the starting point of paper money? It’s amazing to see something like this in a different world.’

As Rockefeller smiled meaningfully, Carter began to explain the gold coin receipt he had given him.

“It says 5 IOU, right? What that means is that if you have the gold coin storage certificate, our store will give you 5 talents of course.”

Carter raised his index finger as emphasized.

“And what you must remember here is that even if a customer leaves the store with gold coins and then comes right away and loses the gold coin receipt, you should never give the gold coins to that person. Even if you leave the store door and come back in, it’s never okay. This is true even if you lose your gold coin storage card in the store.”

Rockefeller immediately understood.


“No matter what kind of bullshit he says. Be sure to tell your guests that you can give out gold coins only if you have this gold coin storage certificate. Be sure to tell them that if you lose it, it will be over.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind. No matter what happens, if I don’t have this gold coin receipt, I will never give you gold coins.”

Carter explained why.

“He can do his tricks, but apart from that, the gold coin vouchers from this store can be traded separately outside.”


“In that sense, it doesn’t really matter who took the gold coins here. What’s important is that This is the gold coin storage certificate given here. If this is the case, even if the wretched beggar comes, you have to pay the gold coins. This is the same for all bancoes. Gezi, a promise.”

I knew everything, but Rockefeller acted like I didn’t know for my age.

It was because I thought it was a problem even if I knew too much about the Banco job.

‘It wouldn’t be a bad thing to pretend that I don’t know enough.’

“It seems that the people who deposit gold coins here are also dealing separately with the deposit card outside?”

Carter hit the ball straight away.

“right. We don’t really care what they do outside with this receipt. We just need to give out the gold coins as an increase in the amount of gold coins that come here.”

“By the way, this is a sudden thought. What happens if someone forges this gold coin with a bad idea? Wouldn’t that be a bit of a problem?”

Unlike modern society, there was a power called magic that could accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So when Rockefeller questioned it, Carter grinned.

“So this is what you need.”

Carter pulled out something that looked like a magnifying glass from my pocket.

It was a magic tool, or artifact, to check for counterfeit gold coin receipts.

“This is it. This is a special identification artifact created by the Lyon Guild. It was made to find counterfeit gold coin receipts.”

There was a strong sense of confidence in the smile on his lips.

“Have you ever heard of Sinclair? It’s a name that’s a bit daunting for a country boy to understand.”

“Yes, of course I do. Do you not know the Sinclair family?”

Magician Sinclair.

Rockefeller could not have known that the family power was so huge that it was equal to that of a country.

‘If I had been possessed by the Sinclair family, I would be living without worrying about the world by now.’

Carter continued.

“Yeah, it’s a very famous place, so even a country boy like you seems to know the name. Anyway, this is an artifact that the Archmage who belongs there made specially for our Lyon Guild. So, no matter how mischievous wizards play with them, they can never escape the discrimination of this artifact.”

Rockefeller raised the question again.

“Then what if the Sinclair wizard is playing around with you?”

“That’s it… … .”

Carter shook his head.

“It’s not going to happen. In the first place, the Sinclairs themselves were wealthy, so would they do such a thing?”

“There is such a thing as only one.”

“Yeah, as you said, there is only one thing, but would people who have no regrets come to such a periphery and play such pranks? And there’s a family reputation. If you get caught doing something like that, it’s like you’re painting the family name, who would do that?”

As he spoke confidently, Rockefeller shook his head inwardly.

‘It’s a law that gets stuck in the foot of the ax you believe in.’

Even the Sinclairs, one of the wealthiest families in the world, were not rich enough to buy the whole world.

‘Maybe the moment their gold coins dried up was when the war with the sword master Tephez was coming to an end?’

No matter how wealthy a family may be, if they fight against a family with similar financial resources, they will of course run out of money.

‘There is no one in the world to trust.’

After explaining how to store the gold coins, Carter decided to tell you about the last remaining gold loan.

“And the last thing is to get interest on the gold coins you are borrowing here. Monthly interest is 6% of the borrowed gold coins. One talent is 32 shillings, so you earn 2 shillings every month in interest. So, if someone borrows one talent this month, he can take two shillings with interest a month.”

“Isn’t it exactly two shillings?”

“Yes, but as a rule of thumb, calculate it in two shillings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone bet on something like this, because they’re all fools who don’t even know how to count.”

6% interest per month meant that the interest rate was quite high.

‘The interest rate is high. Six percent a month.’

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