The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 21

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 21

Episode 21 06. I became Banco’s assistant #3(3)

The mercenary commander Carl, who had gone to leave the advance received from the lord of Montefeltro in Banco, returned to the camp.

Returning on horseback, he had a subordinate, Set, one of the three mercenaries who had given him attention earlier.

Set approached the returned captain without hesitation, handed the reins and talked to him.

“How was your trip to Banco?”

Seeing his question, I thought maybe he was making a bet with my co-workers.

It was obvious what the bet was.

“Did the captain ripped too much?”

At the same time as Set asked, I saw a group of people standing from a distance and eavesdropping on their conversation.

These were the parties who bet on this bet.

“It was nothing special.”

He responded as calmly and casually as possible, but he could not avoid the sting of Set, who had spent many years with him.

“Did the captain get robbed? right?”


As Carl did not answer, Set immediately whistled and raised his voice.

“hey! did i say The captain will also go and be robbed!”

Even though he didn’t say anything, he couldn’t pass quietly, but seeing his subordinates even screaming made him upset.

“Well, nothing happened?”

“Really? Did nothing happen there?”

When Set asked a question, Captain Carl shook his head with a solemn expression.

The jjambap I had been living for all this time was great, but I couldn’t be a laughing stock to my subordinates because I couldn’t manage a single skin.

When Captain Carl returned to his barracks carelessly, Set’s expression wrinkled.

Of course, I thought I was going to be ripped off, but it wasn’t.


Immediately after returning to the camp, the mercenary commander Carl prepared to subdue the orcs.

Compared to their reputation, subjugating the orcs was a daunting task, and for that reason, they also had no intention of devoting much time to this mission.

I will finish the job as soon as possible and move on to find the next job.


But there is a problem.

The men who had sent reconnaissance in advance came back with unexpected news.

“Orc shaman?”

“Are you sure. There was a shaman in the pack.”

“And the size of the group is quite large, isn’t it? It’s not a typical village level. It was a great village that was united by several villages.”

When two of his men, who looked as badass as Captain Carl, reported that, Carl and the rest of his men could not hide their bewildered expressions.

Orc subjugation, which I thought would be no big deal, was complicated by the sudden appearance of an orc shaman.

‘Orc shaman.’

At this moment, Karl remembered the boy in Banco who had asked him many questions out of needless worry.

The boy must have mentioned the orc shaman.

‘I thought it was nonsense, but how did this happen.’

At the time of the conversation with the boy, Karl tried to ignore the conversation, saying that the orc shaman was nonsense.

The chance of encountering an orc shaman in a normal orc subjugation was very slim.

“If that’s true, it’s a pain in the butt. A shaman.”

Carl looked bewildered, and the same was true of his subordinates.

Each of the subordinates began to spit out a word.

“If you are a shaman… … Is this unreasonable?”

“There is no answer if you are enchanted by an orc. It is not our area of expertise.”

“What a shaman! You didn’t hear that from the beginning, did you?”

There were not one or two subordinates who complained.

Some of his subordinates began to have doubts about this quest.

“Somehow I said it was too easy. I wondered why they called us to subdue one orc.”

“I think the same. The lord here deceived us.”

“Did you hide that and call us? Aren’t you crazy?”

“Maybe. If we had requested it as it is, we would not have accepted it.”

“But what are you going to do? Are you going to give up? Or are you going to do something?”

“The orc shaman is not something we can do.”

Even with their common sense, there were very few professions that could resist the orc shaman.

“Can’t it be done without a wizard or an elemental magician? There is no way to stop the spell.”

“Are there no Templars in this nearby denomination? Templars, I think, will do something.”

“Or even a witch? Last time, the witch doctor solved it with the help of a witch.”

“No, what a witch! Then, what do you do when a word comes out of the church? Do you want to be driven into a witch and a rogue heresy?”

“So, you have to be as quiet as possible. Who is talking about the neighborhood?”

As the subordinates’ voices rose, Captain Carl, who was alone in his thoughts, raised his hand and made everyone quiet.

in silence for a while.

When the eyes of his subordinates gathered on him, Set made a voice.

“What are you going to do?”

In response to that question, Carl told me what he was thinking.

“However, I cannot give up on this job. We have a reputation we have built up.”

When the clamors of his subordinates were about to come out again, Carl quickly continued the conversation.

“This is the case, as long as you save the wizard, it will be okay. There are only shamans, but the scale itself is enough for us to handle.”

Then, Seth raised his doubts.

“Then you want to summon a wizard? Then the belly button is bigger than the belly button? You can’t run a wizard with a penny or two, can you?”

Most of his subordinates seemed to agree with Set’s words.

Captain Carl reacted to that.

“The cost will be charged to the lord here who deceives us.”

* * *

next day.

The lord faced the hound mercenary commander and his subordinates who came to him.

Of course, the lord did not welcome them alone.

Behind the lord who sat opposite the mercenary leader, the Overseer, who could be called the leader of the sears, and several sears were guarding their seats.

‘You seem to have noticed the bad expressions on their faces. It’s not a general subjugation.’

Orc subjugation was requested, but the orc shaman was a different matter.

So, the lord Chester, who was trembling, broke his luck.

“What did you come here for? Orc subjugation, do you think it has already started?”

Then, when he looked at the hound mercenaries, their expressions were bleak.

“I would have paid half of the price in advance. what is the problem?”

When the lord acted shamelessly, the mercenary commander who came to him was angry, but he thought to solve it with words.

“An unexpected problem arose during the course of work.”

“Is this an unexpected problem?”

The lord who was scratching my chin tilted his head.

“What’s the matter?”

“There was something you didn’t tell us.”

“Aren’t you talking?”

The young lord, who raised both palms, looked at the poets around him with an expression of ignorance.

“What did I not say?”

After all, they were all in the same vein, so the poets did not intend to say anything nonsense.

Like the lord, the poets who trembled answered the lord’s question.

“Is there such a thing?”

“We don’t even know.”

The lord, who looked at his reaction roughly, asked the mercenary commander.

“Doesn’t it look like the number of orcs you’re trying to subdue was higher than you thought?”

“It is not. The number of orcs does not matter to us.”

“okay? Chiron.”

The lord called the Overseer, the leader of the seers.

Overseer Chiron Mark.

He was the commander of all the sears who oversaw the security of the territory.

“Yes, Lord.”

“Did you not tell me about the orc subjugation?”

“There was nothing like that. I tend to report everything to the Lord, even the smallest things in the territory.”

The Overseer looked at the mercenary commander.

“The rumored hound mercenaries would have enough orcs to deal with. Surely there will be no problems?”

His words continued.

“It is a bit surprising that the hound mercenaries would not come all the way here just because of the orcs. I have no idea why I came here.”

As expected, the mercenary commander Carl became uncomfortable with them, but he tried to calm the discomfort.

It was because there was nothing good about getting along with the lord here.

“There was an orc shaman. This is something we have seen for ourselves.”

“Orc Shaman?”

As if they knew the reason for coming here, the lord and his men all at once began to pour out the reactions the mercenary commander wanted.

“Were there any orc shamans? A shaman isn’t like an orc wizard, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. If you’re a shaman, sure… … It’s a problem.”

The mercenary captain, who had a wrinkled expression on his face at the seemingly disgusting acting, asked the lord openly.

“So the unit price didn’t match, so I came back.”

“Is the unit price not right?”

“Yes, of course not. What we were asked to do was to subdue orcs, and there was no talk of an orc shaman.”

“Hmm… … .”

As long as there were no wizards in any mercenary corps, the lord did not know that the subjugation of the orc horde, including the orc shaman, would be impossible.

However, the reason the lord called them was because he thought he would be able to handle things in an appropriate line.

If they had requested the subjugation of the orc horde that included the orc shaman in the first place, a suitable subjugation force would have come to them, and the amount they demanded would have been quite substantial.

“That was embarrassing. We never dreamed of an orc shaman there. Isn’t that right, Shiron?”

“Yeah, I had no idea there were shamans in the orc hordes that I thought were simple.”

“Yeah, we didn’t know that at all.”

The mercenary commander, Carl, responded with a wrinkled expression.

“I’m glad you know now.”

“How can you not do it on your own?”

Shameless shameless

Did you really not know?

“With an orc shaman, our strength alone is too much. As you know, the shaman is an untouchable being in the general realm, so I think we need a wizard to counter it. And I would like the Lord to bear the additional costs.”

Then, the young man’s expression changed completely.

“What if I say no?”

“Then, this subjugation should be dismissed as non-existent.”

“Will there be a penalty for breaking the contract?”

This time, the mercenary commander’s expression turned bloody.

“Do you want to go to war with us? If you keep asking for something that goes beyond common sense, we have no choice but to move accordingly.”

Youngjoo burst out laughing as if it were a boran.

“Haha, that’s a joke. With what kind of joke are you staring at someone like that? If the wrong person saw it, they would think we had a very bad relationship. Isn’t that right, Karl?”

“We’re the kind of people who don’t like jokes, right?”

For an instant, the smile disappeared from the lord’s face.

“Okay. Just kidding, as you said, I’ll cover the extra cost of hiring a wizard. So, don’t worry too much and complete the assigned task well. There’s a lot of uproar inside the estate these days because of the orcs. I’m going to die of a headache.”

It was true that he was upset, but if he paid the additional cost of hiring a wizard instead, there was no need for Karl to argue with him any more.

‘Looking at the gentle listening, it looks like you expected this far. Well, if it was normal, the cost would have been higher.’

“Okay then.”

The lord took out a pen and the IOU that seemed to have been prepared in advance on the table.

“Yeah, roughly how much do you need? There is no money in mind.”

Looking at the piece of paper he took out, Carl wrinkled his eyes again.

“Lord, you don’t intend to pay for that now, do you?”

The lord who stopped the pen looked at Carl and asked.

“Is there any problem? I don’t have any cash right now, so I’ll write a IOU instead.”

“Wizards are paid upfront. And I prefer the gold coins I see right away rather than the useless pieces of paper that the Lord guarantees.”

The lord, who was trying to do something with the IOU, showed a slightly bitter expression.

“I’m not going to be ruined here, my face wash is constantly coming off, so what’s the problem? As long as you have this written on me, you can get gold coins from me anytime, anywhere.”

The lord asked again.

“Or do you think my family and this land will be destroyed someday?”

“If there is a big war in this area, I don’t know. Then, who knows if the lord will give up his right to this land and run away? Then, all the deeds of borrowing written by the lord will become pieces of tissue paper, aren’t they? Or did you say it was guaranteed by the imperial family? Then the wizard might get it.”

“that… … No.”

“Then it will be difficult. A wizard will never trust the Lord’s IOU.”

It was bittersweet, but the lord knew that the loan he had written did not work well.

People from neighboring territories or merchants doing business within their territories received the IOUs that they wrote well, but foreigners who did not trust themselves and the territories were different.

Because they preferred gold coins that could be used anywhere right now rather than a IOU that might become a piece of paper.

“Then what would you like to do? Youngji’s situation isn’t very good these days. If I had a lot of gold coins, I would have given them away.”

At this moment, I don’t know why, but Karl remembered the Banco boy he had met before.

“Then you should borrow gold coins.”

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