The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 65

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 65

Episode 65 16. Girl, I will be eaten by debt (6)

Yeongju, who was aware of the situation, decided to take care of me first.

He knew that they were the only ones who could protect him in case of emergency.

‘For now, the guys here have to listen to me. Then I live.’

It was not very common for the head of the lord to be blown off by the riot of the angry Young Ji-min, but it was a common occurrence when wars and chaos continued in the past.

And in most cases, the chiefs who lead the Shea or the army to protect the lord were led by a lot of things.

Unlike Young Ji-min, who was weak, they had the power to punish the poor lord.

The lord, well reminded of this, hurriedly raised his voice.

“First of all, calm down. I will never steal your gold coins. I don’t know anything else, but I’m sure of this.”

The eyes of the Overseer looking at such a lord were cold.

Was it because of his disappointment?

There seemed to be no loyalty whatsoever.

“Then please hurry. At this very moment, our ironclad loyalty is being put to the test a bit. I beg you earnestly… … Please don’t let this loyalty of ours end just tonight.”

Fortunately, I had gold coins that I didn’t pay interest on Carter Banco.

The gold coin seemed to be able to prevent the urgent exercise of bonds by the sears.

The problem was next.

‘You can stop that right now. However… … .’

The lord didn’t even have enough gold coins to give out gold coins to all Yeongji-min who had his deed of loan.

What will happen if there is not enough gold coins to appease the angry residents?

The lord, who quickly shook his head, could even think about the tax issue.

‘It’s still difficult, but if we don’t collect taxes here… … .’

Those who could not receive gold coins from the lord were now potential creditors.

Since there is money to be received from the debtor lord, most of them have an excuse not to pay taxes.

‘It will be very difficult to operate the estate.’

If the residents of the territory do not pay taxes because of the bond exercise, it is quite natural that there will be major difficulties in running the estate right away.

However, he could not see a way to solve the loan deed that he had abused.

If I had known that it would be like that, I wouldn’t have filmed it that way in the first place.

‘Damn it… … .’

The expression of the lord who was walking in the lead, leading the poets who were somehow angry, was quite eye-catching.

late night.

I thought about the huge nightmare the lord will face in the future, who unwillingly hand over the gold coins he had to the withers.

‘It’s a big deal. really… … It’s a big deal.’

On the other hand, the expressions of the poets who were relieved by recovering their gold coins were brightening infinitely.

“I am really happy. Just in case, we still had our gold coins.”

“We found our gold coins, so we don’t know the rest.”

“Thank you so much, my lord.”

When the short-thinking group of Shea expressed their gratitude to the lord, the lord could feel the tension relieved a little.

Fortunately, thanks to the gold coins he had prepared in advance, he was able to put out the urgent fire right away.

But this was the next problem.

‘Now what?’

I don’t know, but all of this happened because I didn’t have any gold coins.

He seemed to need gold coins right away.

But where to get it?

‘Gold coins… … Where the hell do you borrow it?’

Usually, to borrow gold coins, you had to stop at Banco.

This is Carter Banco.

But the Carter Banco became an enemy, so the option of visiting them and borrowing gold was lost.

‘ね… … Then should I go to another Banco?’

He thought so, but if he was a Banco who was well aware of the circumstances of the estate here, he would have known that lending gold coins to a lord who owes a lot of debt through excessive deeds of borrowing would be like crazy.

at that time.

A commotion began to arise from outside Yeongjuseong.

Seeing the angry Young Ji-min’s voice reached their ears, it seemed as if the group of Yeong-ji-min, which started in Carter Banco, had moved to Yeongju-seong.

Hearing this, the Overseer narrowed her eyes and raised her voice.

“It seems that a group of people from Carter Banco came to protest the Lord.”

No one heard that and no one objected.

It was obvious what they had been doing just by shouting from outside.

The lord sighed briefly for a moment.

As before, the lord growled towards the group of Shea, who had gathered his gold coins and became his subordinates again.

“What are they? If you have gold coins, you should move quickly.”

I didn’t know what the future was going to be, but I was on my side right now to the point that it withered.

“You’re not going to leave them there now, are you?”

Was it because I had gold coins?

Was it a sudden surge of loyalty that was not there, or did the fearful lord of the past come to mind?

The sears who took the gold coins began to move quickly.

They returned to their original duty.

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