The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 75

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 75

Episode 75 19. Lyon Guild (3)

This was something that wasn’t even in the novel.

So Rockefeller thought for a moment about why.

‘Maybe I have a problem with paying interest?’

The concept of giving interest to the person who deposited the gold coins was not yet here.

Therefore, it is also possible that problems arise with it.

‘I’ll have to ask.’

“Perhaps… … Did I have a problem with paying interest?”

When I asked what he was thinking, Bishop Berkis immediately nodded his head.

“It’s good for me, but people in my family find it strange. Even if a banco trader receives a deposit for gold coins, he pays interest in a situation where it is not enough. There were people who came to me and worried unnecessarily, saying that this was some kind of scam. To be honest, I was a little nervous too, but so far it’s been running without any problems, so what’s the deal?”

Bishop Berkis asked.

“You have to answer one more time. Is that a scam?”

Rockefeller shook his head in denial.

“It’s a scam. Absolutely not. What we, Banco, cherish the property of the church is service to God in its own way. All of this was done to make it look good to the Church and to your Excellency Bishop Berkis, and I am very sorry if you sell it like that.”

“right. Of course, it’s good to think that way. People here don’t seem to be. Even though they are from the same family.”

As the conversation progressed, Rockefeller’s mind was bound to be a bit complicated.

Because it was different from the picture I wanted.

‘I can’t do this.’

The reason Rockefeller came here was to make friends with the Lyon guild leader through his connections with Bishop Berkis, a member of the Lyon family.

However, he had a feeling that the Lyon Guildmaster might be a bit harsh on him because of what he had done.

‘First, I’ll have to meet the Lyon guild chief.’

“Then I’ll meet the Lyon guild chief and have a good talk.”

Bishop Berkis shook his head.

“Okay, you go ahead and talk. I’ve been estranged from each other lately because I took the gold out of there. You might be able to solve the problem.”

Rockefeller, having met Bishop Berkis like this, was introduced to the place where the Lyon Guildmaster was.

The street with the most banco in Lyon, a special commercial district.

In a place called Ghetto Nuovo, Rockefeller saw bancoes clustered together along rather narrow alleyways.

There was only one banco in the Montefeltro estate located on the outskirts of the empire, but in Lyon, which was commercially developed, there were not one, but dozens of such bancoes, and they were doing business in a small shop of less than 4 pyeong. was watching work

‘Is this the ghetto nuovo?’

Ghetto Nuovo was briefly introduced in the novel.

In fact, this was a place where those who were abandoned by the gods lived in isolation from the common people.

However, due to the development of commerce, people who needed urgent electricity came to this place frequently, and as such incidents continued to accumulate, this place naturally became a Banco street lined with banco vendors.

‘You’re coming here. Are you already smelling money?’

Where Lyon’s wealthiest people gather.

At Ghetto Nuovo, Rockefeller followed a guide given by Bishop Berkis to the Lyon Guild headquarters in Ghetto Nuovo.

‘Are you here?’

Lyon Guild Headquarters, I thought it was a great building.

Contrary to what I had expected, I found a small, shabby two-story building.

And the sign on the building had the name Lyon Banco written on it.

‘I think Lyon Banco is also used as the guild headquarters?’

When entering the store, unlike the shabby building, the inside has a luxurious and old-fashioned atmosphere.

‘It’s definitely different on the inside. Everything looks luxurious.’

As Rockefeller entered the store with his guide, an old gentleman in a stylish robe approached and greeted them with a friendly smile.

“What did you come here for? How are you, Bishop?”

When the guide came forward and whispered something to the old gentleman, the old gentleman looked at Rockefeller up and down with a different gaze.

It was never a pretty gaze, and there was also a vigilant look.

“Are you from the Montefeltro estate? It’s not someone I used to know, so he must have been an assistant there. I’ve heard a lot of rumors.”

Unlike the first time he greeted me, it was a stingy tone.

“Yes, I am the Rockefeller Ross Medic working for Uncle Carter. It is an honor to meet you.”

The old gentleman who narrowed his eyes to the answering Rockefeller led him with a chin.

“Follow me. Is there anyone who still wants to see you?”

So guided by the old gentleman, Rockefeller went up to the second floor of the building.

The second floor of the building looked like a Banco office, where a middle-aged nobleman was sitting at a desk doing his work.

The nobleman, who raised his head pretending to be popular, opened his mouth to the guests.


The old gentleman responded politely to that question.

“Prince Benjamin, Iza is a banco trader from the Montefeltro estate. Seeing that he’s not someone we know, I think he’s an assistant to the rumors.”

Benjamin hit the desk with the palm of his hand.

Then he pointed his index finger at Rockefeller.

“Oh! You were the assistant of the rumor. Yes, you were the problem.”

Unpleasant actions that made me feel bad continued, but Rockefeller did not express it and first said hello.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Rockefeller Ross Medici from the Montefeltro estate. Please feel free to call me Rockefeller.”

Afraid to say hello, the old gentleman who was with me cautioned me.

“He is a member of the Lyon family here, the head of the Lyon Guild, and also the one who holds the status of Viscount. To be polite as a commoner.”

Rockefeller bowed his head briefly to signify that he understood, and the old gentleman took a step back and stood quietly.

In line with this, the guild leader, who continued to point at Rockefeller, continued.

“You don’t know, but I miss you so much. I was really curious to know what kind of tableware they had.”

The uncomfortable atmosphere continued, but Rockefeller had something to gain from him, so he decided not to go out of his way.

Benjamin stared at Rockefeller for a while, then smiled and stood up.

“okay! He had some great ideas. Paying interest to those who have deposited gold coins!”

Guild leader Benjamin waved the old gentleman who was guarding his seat.

And then, as I sat alone with Rockefeller, I continued my speech.

“Honestly, when I first heard about it, I thought Carter was half crazy.”

Rockefeller quietly listened to what he had to say.

“Did this guy rot his brain while he was stuck on the outskirts of the river, or did he decide to suck the XX of the church members to go to heaven now? I really don’t understand how he came to such a crazy idea. No, you’re paying interest to the world in a world where gold coin storage fees aren’t enough? Isn’t this common sense? Let me answer you one more time.”

“Yeah, it’s not as common sense as you might think.”

“Yeah, it’s not common sense. Absolutely not.”

Benjamin’s expression wasn’t very good, probably because of the many complaints he had with Rockefeller.

“But then something very funny happened there. Bishop Berkis, who had entrusted gold coins to me while paying gold coin storage fees, no, he abandoned even a member of the same family and went to a stranger who did not know what to do with the gold coins?”

Although Benjamin finished his speech and looked at Rockefeller, Rockefeller’s expression did not change.

At Rockefeller’s audacity, Benjamin naturally began to nod his head.

“I understand. If you leave it there, you pay interest. It’s only me who doesn’t understand, but in any case, from the perspective of depositing gold coins, it is of course better to receive interest than to pay gold coin storage fees.”

His own hatred was felt in his gaze at Rockefeller.

“But do you know who was harmed by that?”

Rockefeller responded as if waiting.

“It seems like you know a little bit.”

“Yeah, I know you well. Because of you shaking your head like that, I’m hurting myself, doing business here. Someone who doesn’t know any X is turning his head in a strange way, so whoever has been receiving gold coin deposits is losing money here!”

After speaking, Benjamin calmed his excitement for a moment, then returned to his seat and sat down.

“great. I don’t know what you were thinking of doing that. Maybe that’s a mistake. No one has ever done business that way.”

The following words had their own thorns.

“But I mean. Whether it’s a mistake or whatever, if someone gets hurt because of it. And if that someone is pretty important.”

It was then that Benjamin showed a forced smile.

“Isn’t it natural for a subordinate to think about it again?”

Now the say went to Rockefeller.

After thinking for a moment before answering him, Rockefeller realized that he was at a crossroads of choice.

‘The moment has come to choose whether to unintentionally choose a relationship with the bishop, or whether to rewrite the relationship with the guild leader here.’

It seemed self-evident that the relationship with Bishop Berkis would deteriorate if he took the side of the guild chief and withdrew the interest-giving business he had been doing.

It was because the church was the place that was as savvy as the guild leader here and was completely blocked from the front and back.

‘But if I withdraw from the interest-paying business, Bishop Berkis will probably bite my piety. It’s obvious if you don’t look.’

Both options were so extreme that Rockefeller decided to try persuading him first.

“I think I’m going to have to answer you from now on, but first, I want to ask you one thing before answering.”

“Anything you want to ask?”


“Tell me.”

“Did Prince Benjamin have anything negative about my business?”


Guild leader Benjamin was so absurd that he burst into laughter.

“Do you think it’s natural to pay interest instead of paying for gold coins?”

“It’s not, but I don’t think it’s that much of a loss when you compare the interest on loans and interest on deposits. Rather, if you collect a lot of money using deposit interest as a bait, wouldn’t it be possible to make a bigger loan business with it?”

But not everyone was like Rockefeller.

Benjamin shook his head openly at those words.

“I never think so. we’re a trader Of course, if it’s a business, you should think about making more money. There’s no one who sets laws for things here, but I’m the head of this guild. From my business point of view, your thoughts are absolutely unacceptable. Instead of paying interest there, we should increase our trust in our Banco and receive a higher storage fee for gold coins.”

“… … .”

How can your thoughts be so different?

But Rockefeller soon understood.

Here’s the financial level, the baby level.

So I thought that people here might not understand my thoughts.

‘I understand. People here are still ignorant of finance.’

“But it might be more beneficial to do it like me.”

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