The Founder of the Great Financial Family chapter 8

The Founder of the Great Financial Family 8

Episode 8 03. Meeting the Goldsmith (2)


Rockefeller, who pretended to be popular with a small cough, knocked on the store’s door and entered.

As Rockefeller entered the store, Carter Goldsmith, who was sitting in a chair, looked up to see the customer.

‘what? It’s a kid.’

“what brings you here.”

Carter wondered why the boy, who looked to be about 15, had come to see him.

Judging from his appearance, it didn’t look like he was going to have a lot of money.

‘It doesn’t seem like the son of a noble family, I don’t know.’

“What are you doing here?”

Carter, who did not dare to think that he would be a guest, naturally let go, and Rockefeller politely greeted Carter.

“Nice to meet you. I had work to do, so I stopped by for a while.”

“Work? Isn’t that an errand?”

“It’s not an errand. It’s my job.”

Although the clothes were old, they were not clothes for a serf or a slave to wear.

Carter, thinking that he must have been a commoner, decided to hear more about what had caused him to come to Rockefeller rather than stalk Rockefeller.

“Okay, what did you come here for?”

“How am I supposed to say this… … I have a deal to offer, can I tell you this?”

“A deal offer?”

Carter naturally frowned as he asked the question.

What the hell did the little guy know to offer him a deal?

‘It’s not like you’re playing with me, the little guy has something to offer you.’

“What suggestion? You didn’t come here to play, did you?”

At this time, Rockefeller’s expression was infinitely serious.

“It’s not a joke. Even though I am so young, I am a full-fledged head of a family.”

“What? Are you the father?”

Carter gave a slightly startled look at the word father.

That little one must already be the head of the family.

“What about your parents?”

“Recently, even my father passed away.”

“What do we do?”

“Both of you have a chronic illness… … .”


Carter, fiddling with my beard, pondered whether there had been a commoner who had recently died.

‘I heard someone was dead, but who was that? The name… … .’

After thinking for a while, Carter was able to recognize Rockefeller’s true identity.

Because there was only one commoner who died recently.

“Yes, you were the tax collector’s son. He said he was the head of the family, so he must be the eldest son.”

Carter barely remembered that he was the collector’s son.

“Yes, this is Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“right. Your family name was Los Medici. I remember now.”

Rockefeller bowed his head more politely than the first time and showed him courtesy.

“Yeah, poor thing. But what kind of deal are you trying to come to me? I’m a goldsmith, so I wouldn’t have anything to do with you?”

Although the goldsmith was a commoner, his customers were all nobles or wealthy commoners.

However, this young customer who came to him boldly did not seem to be able to join the customer axis he was dealing with.

Because it looked so shabby and insignificant.

So, just as I had strong doubts, I began to explain why Rockefeller came.

“that is… … Since the family situation was not good, I wanted to live somehow, so I searched in various ways to see if there was anything else to do.”

Carter didn’t respond, folded his arms, and decided to listen quietly to his story.

“But by chance, I met someone who had been favored by my grandfather.”

“Are you favored by your grandfather?”

Although he was a goldsmith, he was also engaged in the usury business of lending money to others.

So, they knew roughly what kind of people there were in the territory.

The Los Medici family was no exception here.

Carter immediately began to shake his head as if he had remembered something.

“Yeah, I said that the collector’s father was originally a doctor. He wore a red gown and was rumored to be a red doctor. But did he get favor from his grandfather? Who is it?”

“As for him, I have little to say. I didn’t even see it properly, but one of the reasons I came here is to do business on his behalf.”

“What? You said you came to trade on his behalf?”


Carter couldn’t help but frown.

‘no way… … .’

Carter seemed to have noticed something, and Rockefeller listened carefully.

“He told me he would give me a portion of the proceeds from the gold trade as long as I could do it for him.”

“I said something, and it was smuggling.”

It was illegal to trade without taxes within the territory.

But if you were crazy about money, it was smuggling.

Because I was able to earn more by not paying taxes.

“Did he say that if I help with the transaction, he will take the commission off?”

“Yeah, I knew it wasn’t a good thing, but I’m not in a good mood… … I starved for days.”

If a grown-up person had come and said something like that, Carter might have been suspicious in the first place.

Because I wasn’t sure if it was him or someone else who was driving the trafficking.

But Rockefeller was so young that Carter had no idea that Rockefeller was in charge.

‘In fact, it would have been good to use it from his point of view. What is your grandfather’s blessing? I just took it and put it on because it’s easy to use, and this kid, I’m in a hurry to make a living right now, so I’d say he’d do anything.’

“That’s right. I would have gotten involved in such a thing already at a young age. this is smuggling It’s not a normal transaction, so if you find out, the Lord will be very angry.”

As soon as he heard those words, Rockefeller was relieved in his heart.

‘great. You’re totally deceived.’

The acting itself was perfect.

He faithfully played the pitiful role of the head of the household at a young age.

‘It would be unreasonable to think that I was in charge of this. That’s why I’m so young.’

Being young can sometimes be a great weapon to get others to be vigilant.

Carter pondered for a moment when he heard Rockefeller’s deal.

‘Smuggling is also a dangerous thing, but if you keep your secrets well, it won’t be a big problem. And how does the lord know what’s going on here? He’s a black-eyed bastard who can’t even read the books of the store.’

He was a timid merchant who was not good at making sales.

But this time, the risk he had to take was small.

‘It’s safer than doing it in Lyon. Because it doesn’t taste very good.’

“By the way. Do you know how dangerous this is?”

Rockefeller, showing a bit of fear, faithfully carried out his performance.

“yes… … I know for sure that this isn’t a good thing because it’s smuggling. Maybe if you get caught by the lord… … Something bad will happen, right?”

“If, very if. If this incident is revealed, I will tell the Lord that it is something I do not know at all. No matter what you say, it’s okay if you say it’s me.”

“Yes, I am well aware of that. So he will entrust me with this job and give me money.”

“Yeah, you know that.”

Carter tried to satisfy his greed by acting as if he had a deep understanding of Rockefeller’s situation.

‘I’d rather have something like this come in. Why do I have no money for this?’

“I don’t like this either. Because it hurts when you get caught. But since your circumstances are pitiful, please close your eyes just this one time.”

Carter, like the smuggler whom he had cursed earlier, tried to win the favor of Rockefeller with a blatant lie.

“Me too. In fact, I didn’t say anything, but I had help from your father.”

In fact, if it was called a tax collector, Young Ji-min was an object of hatred.

So what he said was a very obvious lie, but the person who said it thought that the person who said it was young and would be easily deceived.

“If that had not happened, I would probably have rejected your offer, or I would have reported this to the lord. Because that’s natural.”

Rockefeller didn’t show it, but his blatant lies were too heinous.

‘You have to put saliva on your mouth and lie. Who is deceived by that?’

Carter, who had no idea what Rockefeller was thinking, continued to say what he had to say.

“This is something that the Lord must never know, no matter what happens. Are you smuggling? The lord may be generous with everything else, but he can be very sharp when it comes to money matters.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he put a smile on his lips.

“Okay, let’s see something first. How much did you bring?”

The amount of placer brought was small.

So Rockefeller decided to pack appropriately.

“He said that it was unreasonable to trade in large quantities from the beginning, as this is the first trade. So we didn’t bring much.”

“I’ll see you anyway.”

Although the amount brought was small, Carter was quite satisfied.

‘At first glance, it’s the highest grade among placer gold. I think it will be pretty pure. In terms of quantity, it is a little insufficient to make one gold coin, but where is this?’

Carter, who shook his head alone, questioned for a moment.

Was there any place on the continent where such high quality gold was found?

“By the way, where did you say that this placer came from? Did you hear anything?”

Rockefeller replied with a look of ignorance.

“I never heard of such a thing. I could see you being careful when talking to me. maybe… … Wouldn’t it have been brought from a distant place to deceive everyone?”

“okay? Hmm… … Rather, things are… … .”

“He said he would trade with another goldsmith if he didn’t like it.”

Carter was taken aback by that.

Because it was a smuggling trade, he was smashing the price of placer and later realized that he was not the best.

‘I can’t let this opportunity come like this.’

“I think I misunderstood something, but the stuff is very good. If you can keep trading, just tell me I’ll keep giving you a good price.”

Rockefeller asked again to confirm.

“Is it such a good placer?”

“Yeah, that’s great. If so, it’s almost top-notch. The purity looks very good. Great.”

Why did the Gold Meek War break out?

If it was a clumsy gold vein, the dwarves would not have fought so terribly with the empire in the name of reclaiming their old land.

‘Okay, just as I thought. This land is still alive.’

It was located on the outskirts of the Empire and nobody paid any attention to this place.

‘Yeah, that would be my next goal.’

Rockefeller, who was able to solve the problem of making a living right away by smuggling with a goldsmith, was able to set a new goal here.

‘People who don’t know should always have big intentions. Even if you can’t do that, the middle is always the way to go.’

Although possessed as the eldest son of a poor commoner, Rockefeller had no intention of being complacent with his life.

‘You can’t die as a commoner because you know everything that will happen in the future.’

It wasn’t just the goldsmiths who made the most of their money.

Rockefeller thought money was the best.

‘If I can earn a lot of money, I can buy this land.’

His new goal to solve hunger.

It was to own the land of Montefeltro, the most undervalued continent on the continent.

‘This is where the Los Medici family is founded. The richest family in the world.’

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