The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 14

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 14

14 – The Weight of a Hero (5)

After a long night, morning dawned at Hanyul Military Academy.


Arna Christine Dottir woke up at the usual time, took a shower, dried her hair, applied simple makeup, and got dressed.

Finally, she made sure not to forget to wear her artifact earrings.


Arna checked her reflection in the mirror. She made a final inspection to ensure there were no smudges in her makeup or any wrinkles in her clothes.

“Pass. You look beautiful today as well.”

It felt a bit awkward for Arna to say such things about herself, but she believed she was pretty.

The golden hair overflowing with radiance, smooth skin without a single blemish, and the undeniable volume of her body even when wearing clothes.

Perhaps if she weren’t an Awakener, she might be pursuing a career in modeling by now?

“I also… This kind of thinking is dangerous….”

Arna was an unavoidable woman. She had a strong desire to flaunt her attractive points.

Heroes always had to shine.

“Hmm, there’s still time….”

Her makeover was completed faster than expected. With some time left before the lecture, Arna sat on the bed and picked up her phone.


If her hobby at night was reading romance comics, her habit in the morning was using her phone.

Once she stepped outside, it was hard to pick up the phone. There was no need to expose herself to others by being engrossed in her phone.

It wasn’t a behavior befitting a hero.

So, this moment in her room was the only time she could enjoy her phone.

Tap, tap.

The first thing she did as soon as she turned on her phone was to access the school community, ‘Every Hunter.’

Arna entered her name on the general bulletin board and pressed the search button.

From Noble mtl dot com

That’s right.

Arna’s hidden yet another hobby.

─── Every Hunter Hanyul Military Academy ───

**Search Results for “<아르나>”:**

[Anonymous: Saw someone posting a photo shoot of Arna on YouTube.]

[Anonymous: Check out Arna, she’s like a goddess!]

[Anonymous: Shouting out again, thank you Arna for visiting Heljosen, my goat.]

[Anonymous: Everyone knows now that Arna is at the top of her game.]

[Anonymous: Arna’s talent is seriously top-notch. Will she overshadow Kang Yoori’s career in a few years?]


Nothing but praise fills the comments. There’s a sense of pride welling up inside. Indeed, receiving compliments always feels fresh and exhilarating.

This is the taste of ego-surfing.


But where there’s light, darkness also looms. Arna cautiously decided to delve into the shadows.

She searched for another name in the search bar, the initials “ㅇㄹㄴ.”

─── Everyhunter Han Yulsagwan Academy ───

**Search Results for “<ㅇㄹㄴ>”:**

[Anonymous: Seen ㅇㄹㄴ on TV faking patriotism? Disgusting, it’s nauseating just watching her force those nationalistic remarks. Should’ve stepped on a Lego and died randomly on the street.]

[Anonymous: Once they graduate from ㅇㄹㄴ Academy, they immediately become traitors. Pretending to love Korea just to train in nationalistic indoctrination.]

[Anonymous: The problem is the ㅇㄹㄴ kids sucking up to an unproven girl. What career does she have like Kang Yoori? What does she have?]

[Anonymous: Seriously, are ㅇㄹㄴ fans so desperate they’re attacking Kang Yoori? Disgusting, right now?]

[Anonymous: If you look at the evaluation competition, it’s basically a joke. More than half are just mediocre. Actually, are they ㅅㅇㅅ fans or ㅇㄹㄴ fans?]

[Anonymous: ㅇㄹㄴ <<<< Can never reach Kang Yoori’s level even if they stake their entire reputation. Can’t even compare.]

[Anonymous: Honestly, their looks are mediocre too. If ㅇㄹㄴ got screwed like ㄹㅅㄷ? They’d just disappear, not even make it on TV.]

[Anonymous: Why are hunters turning into idols? It’s ridiculous, starting from ㅇㄹㄴ, no point, just aiming for viral fame.]


It’s barely morning, yet a fever spikes within. Chest burning, head heating up.

She knows. If there’s fandom, there’s backlash. Not everyone in the world is kind to Arna. There are surely people who despise her.


She knows it, but it hurts too much.

The casually thrown stones relentlessly crushed Arna’s heart.

“I wish he would at least say something in person….”

At times like this, Sungyoon Shin couldn’t help but come to mind. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the type to hide behind anonymity.


While continuing her ego-searching, a certain post caught Arna’s attention.

[Anonymous: What’s in this picture? Looks like a boyfriend in front. Anyone know who it is?]

A boyfriend? Scandals weren’t her style. Arna rarely had any interaction with the opposite s*x.

If there was something suspicious….

“I did go to a sushi restaurant with him recently….”

Could it be a photo from that time? Has it already spread on the internet?

With a pounding heart, Arna cautiously clicked on the post.

Please, let it not be true….


Title: What’s in this picture? Looks like a boyfriend in front. Anyone know who it is?

Content: If you think you’re hot sh*t and barged in here, f*ck off. LOL

File name: Rough_Green_Frog_Smiling_Meme.jpg




“Wahahahaha! Today’s lecture will be replaced with fishing!”


A massive wave struck the rocks. Small water droplets began to envelop the area like a spray.

Due to the seawater mixed with salt, the students expressed discomfort in various ways.

“What kind of fishing is this….”

Lecture title: Cultivating Creative Thinking.

Professor Kimgye Jun and the Military Arts instructor, Geumgye Jun, once again confused many students with an absurd topic.

“Ha, hahahahaha….”

Arna was just as bewildered here.

Today, even her hair was somewhat well-styled. But because of the sea breeze, it ended up a mess for no reason.

“Do not underestimate fishing!”

The combatant and instructor, Geum Gye-jun, raised a supply fishing rod with a powerful voice. Where did he get that from again?

He’s someone from a strange place who’s thoroughly prepared.

“Through fishing, we can learn a lot! Like patience!”

Swish. Geum Gye-jun cast the fishing line far away.

A man in a Giants uniform, with an orange bag tied around his head, quietly enjoyed fishing.

His appearance was both absurd and, at the same time, terrifying.

“Patience. It’s one of the essential qualities our awakened individuals must possess. Today’s lesson will be about learning patience through fishing.”


The students booed individually. What kind of absurdity was this on a joyful Friday?

“However, if you manage to catch even one fish, you can leave immediately.”


“But if you fail to catch a single one, there’s no leaving. Also, using magic to catch them is considered a failure.”

Honestly, they could probably catch at least one. With such expectations in mind, the students began to take their supply fishing rods.

Arna also grabbed one.

“Now, where should I…”

Now it was time to find the fishing spot. Arna scanned around the rocky shore.

Where should I fish for a good catch?

“Arna, it’s here.”

Then, Shin Yoon-seong’s voice came from behind. Arna turned her head.

“aaahh! What are all these equipments…!”

She screamed in surprise. She couldn’t help it. There was a tent set right in the middle of the rocky shore.

But that wasn’t all. Besides the tent, there were folding chairs, a cooler, cooking utensils, mosquito repellent, and even a lamp. Shin Yoon-seong had meticulously prepared for this.

“What’s with that mismatched vest and hat…! And even a tacky fanny pack…!”

“You don’t have to praise it so much. For a fisherman, this is just the basics. Do you need anything, Arna?”

“I don’t need anything…!”

It was unbelievable. When did he prepare all this equipment? He hadn’t even mentioned fishing beforehand.

“If you need anything, just let me know. Interaction among fellow fishermen is always welcome.”

“What fisherman! I’m just going to catch one and leave!”

Swish. Before she knew it, Arna ended up starting to fish next to Shin Yoon-seong.

Well, she’ll catch just one fish and leave. It’ll only take a moment.

“It’s here! Look! The bait came quickly!”

As soon as she cast the line, the signal came immediately. Arna, excited, quickly reeled in the line.


However, what she pulled up wasn’t a fish. It was a shiny black seaweed stem.


“You’re underestimating fishing too much.”

Sip. Shin Yoon-seong sat in a folding chair, leisurely sipping coffee. Judging by the smell, it was a typical instant coffee.

“It’s, it’s okay… I’ve tasted the first bite, so maybe next time there will be… “

“There’s a saying that the first catch is half the catch.”

“S-Stop being so noisy…!”


This time, Shin Yoon-seong’s fishing rod responded. He stood up, casually stretching his shoulders and neck.

There was a scent of a master.

“Keep it in your memory. I’ll show you the skill of a real angler.”

Gripping the fishing rod from the rack, Shin Yoon-seong reeled in the line with a steady rhythm of pushing and pulling.


However, what he pulled up wasn’t a fish. It was an old, soaked piece of cloth.

“What is this? You were talking as if you were going to catch a big one.”


“It was just mediocre.”


Morning passed…

Afternoon passed…

It was nearing sunset.

“Hey, spoon! I’m heading home first!”

A distant voice was heard. It was a high school student with a tattoo on his neck.

The student left.

Now, there were only two people left on the rocky shore.



Here, there were only Arna and Shin Yoon-seong. While others were finishing work and heading home, these two were still hanging on the rocks, fishing.

“No… how… until this time… not a single one… why on earth…?”

Arna couldn’t believe it. They had caught a total of zero fish. What kind of curse had befallen them?

Perhaps it was the spot?

“When fishing, there are days like this. Don’t be too impatient.”

Shin Yoon-seong continued to enjoy the sea, leisurely tearing open a protein bar.

Could they be determined to do this until night? Arna couldn’t quite understand Shin Yoon-seong.

“How can you be so relaxed? Watching everyone leave one by one doesn’t make you think at all?”

“I don’t think about anything.”

Shin Yoon-seong added.

“After all, isn’t this class a pass-fail subject? It’s not like there’s competition like in a graded system.”

“But still…”

“Do you have an obsession with being first in even this subject?”


Top of the class, Arna.

Arna is doing her best every day to meet the expectations of society. She doesn’t neglect even the smallest things. A hero, whether in studies, sports, makeup, or anything, has to be perfect.

Even this fishing had to produce a plausible result.

“You seem to live quite exhausting lives.”

“But… if I show any flaws, people won’t stay quiet.”

“Have you ever directly faced such criticism?”

“Well… not in front of me, but…”

Arna’s words trailed off.

Shin Yoon-seong thought for a moment, then sighed as if he understood something.

“Ah… you’ve been searching, haven’t you.”


“Why do something stupid like that? You’ll only get hurt for no reason.”

By the way, Shin Yoon-seong is also considered a celebrity within the school community.

“Ordinary people have to care about it! My name is plastered all over the community! How can you just ignore it!”

From Noble mtl dot com

“They’re probably posts from people whose faces you don’t even know. There’s no need to take it seriously.”

“That mental resilience… truly enviable.”

He meant it. Even if he didn’t know about anything else, he definitely wanted to learn just that mental strength.

Would his heart be a bit more at ease then?

“As I’ve said before, Arna, you need to let go a bit.”


“While it’s good to constantly strive to become a hero, sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect on yourself.”

Tying up those words, Shin Yoonseong found himself somewhat surprised.

That he would say such things.

He was conveying the words he had heard from the art director before coming to this world directly to Arna.

Above all, Shin Yoonseong was an experienced individual.

Having passed through the time when he ran forward only looking ahead, sacrificing everything to the bone, for success.

But what were the results?

Nothing remained. He couldn’t receive any reward for all that effort.

He couldn’t blame anyone.

It was all his own fault for not managing his body properly.

He had tripped over his own feet because he had run too hastily.


He sincerely hoped that Arna wouldn’t be like that.

He wished she wouldn’t walk the same path as him.

“Everything has its own time.”


“There’s no use regretting it after you’ve fallen. Pick up the pieces too late.”


“Are you listening to me?”


Silence. Arna, who had been so noisy, didn’t say a word.

Shin Yoonseong glanced to the side.

“Are you asleep right now…?”

“Ah, oh! Sorry! I’ve been standing for hours, and I dozed off for a moment! What did you just say?”

“…Never mind.”

The person was in the midst of saying something nice, but fell asleep. Their heightened sensitivity had completely chilled.

“Oh, it’s biting!”

At that moment, Arna’s fishing rod reacted. Perhaps it caught another seaweed stem.

“Whoa…! Seriously, it’s real…! This time, it’s for real…!”

Arna desperately held onto the fishing rod with all her might. However, her posture seemed ready to collapse at any moment, utterly uneasy.

“This…! It’s quite big…! Seems like it caught something enormous…!”

Arna was struggling. She needed someone’s help as she couldn’t muster the strength, unable to even use her magical abilities.

Yunseong immediately embraced Arna from behind.

“What, what’s happening all of a sudden…!”

“Hold on tight. I’ll handle the line.”

While Arna held on, Yunseong diligently turned the handle.

After a long struggle, something emerged above the surface.

“A, a fish…!”

Arna was taken aback. Such a large fish appearing near the rocky shore was astonishing. It seemed easily over a meter in size, and its breadth was immense.

It was a Busiri.

“Dragging it this far might be too much.”

It emerged on the surface but was still far away. The struggle had to continue.

Using just the supplied fishing rod had clear limitations.

Yunseong decided to employ a different method.

“Arna, just hold on as you are, without doing more.”

“What? Wait! What are you planning to do with that spoon!”

Yunseong took out a spoon.

Subsequently, after sufficiently enlarging its size, he sent it far into the sea.

He intended to use it as a ladle.

“Didn’t you hear what the instructor said? Using magic is prohibited!”

“Then do you plan to let that thing go? Even if it requires using magic, that creature must be caught.”

“Is it okay to fail?”

“Can’t you just catch another fish and bring it?”

For Yunseong, the immediate pass or fail wasn’t as crucial. Whether he could obtain that massive Busiri was more important.

Yunseong used the spoon to scoop up the struggling Busiri from the surface of the water.


As the tense game of tug-of-war suddenly snapped, Arna gracefully fell backward.

Her well-maintained golden hair and neatly washed clothes were now all dirtied with mud.


Ah, it’s over now.

I ended up using magic after all.

Even if I take this out, I won’t pass, will I?

What if rumors spread later? Arna secretly used magic because she couldn’t catch a single fish. The community will buzz for a while.

“Hoo, huhu….”

But why is it that laughter flowed in this situation? Laughter erupted despite it not being a laughing matter.

Furthermore, there was a strange sense of tranquility. The muddled thoughts deep in her chest were melting away.

Why is that? Is it the joy of finally catching the fish she couldn’t catch until now? Or is it the satisfaction of breaking the rules?

“It’s a complete hero failure….”

Regardless of what it was, Arna was not a hero today.

A hero should never give up in any hardship and should always pursue justice in the face of any temptation.

“But still….”

Sometimes, isn’t it okay to let go of all this?

Whether it’s being a hero or whatever, just putting everything down.

Just staring blankly at the sky like this.

It had been a long time since she looked at the sky where the sunset had faded. Were clouds really that beautiful? She hadn’t had the luxury to look at the sky while running forward every day.


Now was the time to look back at Arna, not as the hero, but as a human. It was time to prioritize her own happiness that she had left far behind.

Don’t care about people’s gazes.

“Um, you know….”

Arna raised her body. She looked towards Shin Yoon-seong, seeking an answer from him.

As Yoon-seong said, maybe it’s time to let go of some of the burdens on her shoulders.


Meanwhile, Yoon-seong thrust the blade into the gills of the lifted fish. Red blood gushed out like a fountain.

“Kyaaah…! What are you doing now…! To my fish…!”

“Well, if you catch it, you should clean it up and put it in the pot right away. Do you happen to like spicy stew?”

“Spicy stew? What…! I was trying to set it free…!”


“Kyaaah…! Stop it…!”

“You want me to just let go of this hard-caught blowfish? Are you out of your mind? If you have time to talk nonsense, go get some soju from the icebox.”

“Soju…! Why did you bring that in the first place…!”

Yeah. Let’s put aside following the hero for a moment.

During this time, let go of everything.

Without being bound by rules, without the need to act perfect.

Just express yourself as you are.

At least for the time being….

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