The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 20

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 20

20 – First Semester Training (2)

The blind side is indeed a useful skill. You can check all directions at any time with just a spoon without turning your eyes.

But the risks were clear.

After casting the skill, dizziness and severe fatigue rushed in. It seemed that the skill itself consumed quite a bit of mana.

Even with the effect of the artifact, it’s surprising. It seems like a skill that can’t be easily used in everyday life.

It’s a pity, but the plan to travel to Europe with just a spoon was quickly abandoned.

Just use it during important moments or occasionally.

For example, when checking the line in front of a popular restaurant.

“Are you all preparing well for the first semester training?”

After the lecture, Kim Dong-hak, a technical officer and instructor, spoke to the students. His gray hair, showing experience, was still sparkling today.

“Oh, is it already the training period….”

Not only the tattooed guy next to him but also all the students in the classroom sighed.

Even Arna let out a sigh.

“But still, don’t worry too much. We’ve prepared for a less intense training than last year. Just endure for about 5 days.”

“Even those 5 days feel damn long…!”

Every year, this Hanyul Military Academy conducts extensive training.

It’s called education and training.

This education and training are conducted once in the first semester and once in the second semester, a total of twice, and its intensity is quite famous.

Roughly speaking in military terms, it’s like imagining guerrilla training or cold-weather training. Enduring that hellish training for five consecutive days.

Naturally, students can’t help but curse.

“Instructor! What kind of training is this time!”

There are various types of training.

There is tactical training where virtual monsters are set up, and performance is evaluated, and there is cooperative warfare where students are divided into teams and engage in attacks and defenses.

“I can’t tell you according to regulations. The only thing I can tell you is just bring your body.”

Kim Dong-hak showed a sly smile.

As much as he’s an experienced officer, he enjoys teasing the kids who are like his own children.

“Ugh, last year was seriously infuriating, you know. I couldn’t sleep for three days straight just because I caught an S-class Ma-su. Isn’t that right, spoon?”

“I remember. It was truly the worst.”

Of course, it’s a lie. I wasn’t there at that time. I’ve never experienced catching an S-class Ma-su or anything like that.

I just pretended to know and chimed in casually.

“I wonder what kind of crappy training they’ll make us do this time… Just telling us to bring our bodies, it seems like they’re really planning some elaborate lie.”

Although I can’t know what training they did in the past, I knew very well what kind of training they would do in the future.

The theme of this education and training.

It is none other than a survival game.

“Hey, guy with a stiff neck.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Do you happen to feel nauseous?”


The guy with the tattoo chuckled.

“Why would I, a straight guy, feel nauseous? Let me tell you, I’m a guy who can casually read a book even in a moving car.”

“It’s different from car sickness. Just in case, it’s a good idea to have motion sickness medicine before training.”

This time, the training is not taking place at this Hanyul Officer Academy but on a remote island far away. Since the island is surrounded by the sea, we have to take a boat to get there.

If someone gets seasick on the way to the island, it could really mess things up. It can be considered an automatic disqualification before the start of training.

Motion sickness medicine is essential.

“But why motion sickness medicine out of the blue? What does that have to do with education and training?”

“Sigh… I gave you a hint to this extent, and you still don’t get it. Are you really such a stubborn guy?”

“Huh? What did you say? I can’t hear you. Speak louder.”

The tattooed guy raised his voice with an innocent face.

Soon, leaving behind the impending tragedy.



“That’s what I said. I told you to bring motion sickness medicine.”

A luxury cruise ship. The guy with the tattoo moaned while hanging on the railing of the deck.

He was in the midst of suffering from seasickness.

Even though it’s not a cheap fishing boat, it’s a relatively expensive cruise ship, and yet he’s experiencing motion sickness.

The guy who claimed he could read a book even in a moving car was clearly lying. In the first place, the idea of the tattooed guy looking for a book is an impossible thing.

“Can you go through the training in this condition?”

“I can’t…! Of course, I have to give up…! How can I… ugh…!”


In the end, it was the tattooed guy who spewed out the contents from his mouth. Perhaps he had a hearty breakfast as it continued to spout endlessly.

I’m going to prey on the fish today.

─Hoo, hoo.

While enjoying the sea breeze, the announcement echoed throughout the entire passenger ship.

─All combatants and students should gather immediately in the central lobby. I’ll broadcast it again….

It was the voice of Kim Dong-hak, the instructor for the technical team. It seems like the training is about to begin. In fact, you could already see the island in the distance.

“Hey, Spoon… call the medical team….”

“The medical team is on the 3rd floor of the passenger ship. I’d love to take you there, but there are instructions to assemble immediately.”

“Hey…! People are dying, and they’re acting like they don’t know… ugh…!”


“See you after the training is over.”

It seems the tattooed guy will be eliminated in this training. The competition has decreased by one.

I descended from the deck and headed to the central lobby. Many students had gathered, making the lobby quite lively.


Coincidentally, Kim Dong-hak was waiting on the platform. Not only him, but I could also see the faces of other instructors.

The highest-ranking Kim Dong-hak raised the microphone.

─Before we proceed with the training, I’ll provide some guidance.


The atmosphere in the lobby was naturally not good. Hundreds of students gathered and voiced their disapproval. Some even raised their middle fingers.

By the way, that student was me.

─At least everyone seems to have plenty of energy. It looks like it will be an enjoyable training this year too.

Next, Kim Dong-hak activated the projector. On the large screen, an island appeared.

─Some of you may have already figured it out. This island you see is the location of this training.

A well-made training ground with towering trees, lush leaves, an endless cave, and finally, a giant waterfall.

For an artificial island, it was quite a well-crafted training ground.

─The training content is simple. Survive on that island. For 5 days.

Survive in the wild for a full 5 days. Even a 3-day reserve forces mobilization training is tough, but enduring 5 days on that island is another level.

Ooh. Lift your finger off pause once again.

“Instructor, what about water and food?”

A student raised his hand and asked. Being stuck on the island for five days, the question was about how to handle the matter of food.

Kim Dong-hak raised the corners of his mouth in a sly smile.

─ That’s a good question. There’s nothing more important than the issue of supplies.


The screen transitioned to the next scene. This time, a plastic box appeared.

─ This box is a supply box containing food and water. You’ll see it often in the future while on the island.

“Are they hidden all over the island?”

─ Some are, and sometimes they are delivered separately. Of course, the quantity is limited.

Limited. The intention behind that word was clear.

It meant that students would have to fight over supplies.

There was no choice but to fight. The instinct for survival as humans is only natural.

From Noble mtl dot com


The lobby began to flow with a stillness as if cold water had been poured. Even before the start of the training, they were already wary of each other.

─ From now on, I will distribute the numbers one by one. Just stick the number on your back.

The instructors who were waiting handed out the numbered tags. There were a total of 500.

For your information, my number is 18.


─ These numbers will play a role as crucial as life itself in this training. If it gets damaged or taken by someone else, you’ll be eliminated on the spot, so keep that in mind.

With the assigned numbers, fighting became even more inevitable. The lower the opponent’s mouth, the higher the chance of getting supplies.

─ I’ll say it again; the goal of this training is survival. Three days at a minimum. If you can’t endure for at least three days and are eliminated, there will be supplementary training waiting for you later.

“What happens if we endure all five days?”

There might be those who fill only the three-day minimum and give up. There’s no reason to go through the difficulty of all five days.

So a student asked. If you complete all five days, what benefits do you get? Are there separate rewards?

─ After the training, for two days, you will have everything on this cruise ship.

The place they were standing right now was inside a luxurious cruise ship. From suites to upscale restaurants, bars, theaters, entertainment facilities, and even a swimming pool were available.

Literally, it meant they would be given a vacation.

─ On the contrary, students who don’t complete all five days will clean the island during that time. There won’t be anything luxurious like a cruise ship.

Honestly, the vacation itself didn’t appeal much. I even thought about enduring just three days and quitting.

However, failing means cleaning the island. It’s unfair enough to go through training, and now they have to do more work afterwards?

I can’t even bear to think about it. I have no choice but to endure for another 5 days, even if I have to do something stupid.


Now, we will have a simple inspection of personal belongings. Female students, please line up on the left, and male students on the right.

The inspection of personal belongings then began. After the inspection, the students received supply duffel bags and headed somewhere. They are probably headed towards the island.


There are about 500 participants in this survival game. Who among them should I be wary of?

I decided to take a look.

“Sigh. I hate the sea. It’s just ruining my makeup for no reason.”

First, there is a female student who looks older than her age. It’s Baek Joo-hee, a C-class awakened.

Her abilities are nothing special, but she strangely attracts men around her.

She will surely use multiple men to survive in this survival game as well.

“So, it’s okay to just shoot them all without hesitation?”

Next is a male student who is sharpening an arrowhead, Lee Sang-hoon, a B-class awakened.

“hehehe. Supplies. They’re all mine.”

Finally, there is a male student crouching and dividing something alone. Similarly, it’s Han Ba-ram, a B-class awakened like Lee Sang-hoon.

He has a surprising speed that even flies would be startled by.



“Is there no one else?”

While my attention was on another student, it was my turn in no time. Instructor Kim Dong-hak was waiting for me.

“Hello. Thank you for your hard work today as well.”

“Shin Yoon-seong, you were cursing at me earlier.”


Caught red-handed.

Well, I did raise my hand openly.

“I’ve heard the recent news. You suppressed the monster that appeared in the shopping district?”

“I only managed to catch one monster. It’s amazing how they give rewards for something like that.”

“Nevertheless, you saved the citizens from danger, didn’t you? You did the right thing. It’s only natural to receive a reward.”

Tap tap. Kim Dong-hak tapped my shoulder. Then he slowly moved his hand down to my chest, waist, and pants.

“I am looking forward to this training as well. I hope you can surprise me once again.”

“I will try my best.”

The inspection was finally over. Now it was time to receive the supply duffle bag and head to the island.


But Kim Dong-hak stopped me on the road. What’s going on? The luggage check should have been completed.

“We haven’t checked your shoes yet. Take them off.”

“Why do you need to check my shoes? I saw the person in front of me didn’t do it.”

“Didn’t you insult me earlier? Consider this as your punishment.”

Gosh. The old man is so strict.

I reluctantly took off both of my shoes.

“Take out the insoles as well.”


“Hurry up.”


As I removed the insoles, various protein bars and candies spilled out from inside the shoes.

Damn it. I struggled so much to stuff those in last night. It all went to waste.

“No outside food allowed during this training. I’ll have to confiscate these.”


Well, at least it ends here.

There are still emergency rations left.

Exactly, I can’t imagine there won’t be jerky under my balls.


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