The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 30

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 30

30 – My Own Villain (2)

After a brief video lecture, we immediately went into practice.

Me and the other team members entered the sink room next to the classroom. The sink room, which hadn’t been synchronized yet, was empty of any objects. It was just an empty room.

“Got it? No need to be scared! They’re just villains on the outside, but inside, they’re no different from empty candies!”

“Uh, yeah… I got it… I’ll try my best….”

“Baek Ju-hee, do you understand too?”

“Ah, fine. I understand. I’m going to be driven crazy, seriously!”

As soon as we entered the training ground, the team split into two groups. First, the women gathered around Arna as the center. It seemed like they were having a mission meeting or something.

On the other hand, the group of guys, including me…

“Hey, Tattoo Boy. From now on, I’ll give you a quiz. Let’s see if you can guess correctly.”

“Quiz? Sure. Shoot.”

We were casually exchanging quizzes. I threw a question.

“Alright, here’s a question. What bread does God hate the most?”

“The bread God hates the most? What’s that?”

“Exactly, freshly baked bread.”


We clutched our stomachs and burst into laughter as the synchroma left.

“Ugh, seriously….”

Meanwhile, Arnah, who was watching from a distance, shot a disdainful glance as if she were looking at bugs.

No need to frown like that. Honestly, she found it amusing too.

[Before we proceed with interpersonal combat training, we will synchronize. Please remain seated and do not move.]

As we waited endlessly, Serdana’s voice flowed through the speaker outside. Finally, our turn had come.


Then the synchroma started operating. This room, devoid of any objects, soon transformed into a beautiful event hall.

Large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a white virgin road spread across the floor, and the guest seats packed in front of the central stage.

We entered the wedding hall.

“Wow… it’s beautiful….”

Even Arnah, who had just furrowed her brow, sparkled her eyes upon seeing the splendid wedding hall.


“Oh my….”

The other female students were no different. They were completely absorbed in admiring the venue.

“Hey, a spoon…. I suddenly started feeling tired….”

“I feel the same….”

The guy with the tattoo next to me shrugged his shoulders.

It wasn’t just the guy with the tattoo. I felt the same way. Just entering the wedding hall seemed to drain my energy.

I couldn’t figure out why.

[This squad will conduct training in this wedding hall. Please follow the marked circles on the floor to your respective positions.]

Following the instructions, all squad members began moving to their designated spots.

First, civilian Arnah went up the virgin road all the way to the stage. She stood alone on the stage.

Next, playing the role of investigators, Baek Joo-hee and Prometheus sat in the front row of the guest seats. They were near Arnah.

Finally, in our roles as villains, both I and the tattooed guy were assigned to the farthest corner of Virgin Road, near the entrance.

It was the furthest place from the stage where Arna was.

“Now that everyone has moved to their positions, let me explain the mission objective.”


The mission objective wasn’t anything special.

It involved two detectives confronting the villains who came to kidnap a bride.

By the way, when we say bride here, we mean Arna.

“I-I’m the bride…?”

[The bride role cannot perform any actions, so keep that in mind. Using force in the middle or attempting to escape is not allowed.]

It seems even escaping from the villains is not an option. Probably because the bride is in a wedding dress, there are limitations to running.

“So, does that mean I just have to stay still no matter what those villains do…?”

[Yes, that’s correct.]

“… “

Arna sat there, dumbfounded. Mouth wide open.

[If there are no further questions, we will start the practical training. Everyone, please approach the training with sincerity.]


As soon as the signal sounded, Arna quickly snapped back to attention and pleaded towards the guest seats.

“Please! Defeat those villains! Especially that spoon villain! Please, make sure to get rid of him!”

Tears were streaming down her face.

Indeed, Arna. There’s no half-hearted way to approach training. She was even handling civilian acting exceptionally well.

In this situation, I also had to play the villain accordingly.

“Hey, tattoo guy. Go sweep the lobby’s congratulatory funds.”

“It’s not ‘congratulatory funds,’ it’s a wedding gift!”

“Oh, my apologies. I made a typo.”

“It’s not a typo, it’s a verbal mistake!”

Even in this situation, Arna was correcting my mistakes.

“Living in America and having our language corrected by an American. It’s embarrassing as a Korean. I’m lacking a lot too.”

“Are you doing this on purpose? I’m not from the United States!”

From Noble mtl dot com

Arna waved her fists vigorously. She seemed quite angry about something.

But what can be done? What can a civilian do here? Besides getting angry, what else can be done here?

“Tattoo Guy, go mark Baek Ju-hee. Meanwhile, I’ll take care of the rest.”

“What rest? There’s only one guy left, isn’t there…?”

Tattoo Guy gripped Pol-ex in his hand. Baek Ju-hee shouldn’t pose much difficulty; I could handle an opponent like her without much trouble.

But still…

“Hey, Baek Ju-hee.”

“Huh? You calling me?”

“Yeah. Why are you just standing there this time? Open that big mouth of yours like last time…”


Baek Ju-hee yelled with a flushed face. It boasted an impressive volume, almost rivaling Arna’s tremendous roar. For a moment, I thought my eardrums might burst.

“I have eyes too, you know! How can I give my body to someone who looks like a water strider!”

“That’s why you were mad.”

I casually turned my head to look at Tattoo Guy.

We may be on the same team, but he really isn’t good-looking. Honestly, I think he got off lightly, even compared to a water strider. I might have a slight inkling of Baek Ju-hee’s feelings.

“Hey, Spoon. Is he cursing at me right now?”

At least he didn’t resemble me in the slightest. Tattoo Guy bowed deeply, grinding his teeth.

“I thought I’d just do the training roughly because it’s training, but… I guess I need to do it sincerely.”


He immediately kicked off and rushed forward. Tattoo Guy’s sole goal was simple: to defeat Baek Ju-hee.

It had been a long time since I forgot the mission objective. Tattoo Guy was solely focused on facing Baek Ju-hee.

“Get lost, you water strider!”


Well, as planned, Tattoo Guy and Baek Ju-hee faced off.

While the two engaged in combat, I leisurely headed to where the stage was set.

“Uh… no… um….”

But in the middle of the way, Prometheus blocked the path. He was standing in front of me, dripping cold sweat and not knowing what to do.

I raised the spoon and said, “If you step aside now, I won’t do anything.”

“Yes, yes…!”


Prometheus didn’t hesitate and immediately opened the way. With this, the high-pass to the central stage was complete.

“Now, wait! Where is everyone going? You’re supposed to protect me! Come back quickly!”

Even in Arna’s desperate plea, the detectives did not consider returning.

One was in a chaotic state fighting a water serpent, and another had already given up training and left.



Unimpeded by anyone, a figure approached Arna. As the distance narrowed, Arna’s face began to turn blue.

“Oh, please…! I told you not to come…!”

“Do I look like someone who would turn back because of that?”


Arna urgently clasped her chest with both arms.

“What are you planning to do to me…! If you do anything foolish, I won’t just let it go during training or whatever…!”

“Foolish? I’m just faithfully playing the role of the villain. I’m doing my best to kidnap you.”

“S-So, what do you intend to do after kidnapping me…!”

After kidnapping? Well, kidnapping should mark the end of training, right? I haven’t really thought about what to do next.

Still, since Arna is helpless, might as well take advantage of the situation.

Where to start? What would make Arna cry and fuss the most?

Yeah. Since it’s come to this, let’s feed her a Hawaiian pizza loaded with plenty of pineapple.

Even Arna, who doesn’t discriminate against food, would find that hard to endure. She’ll express her suffering all over her body.

“You can look forward to it. I’ll decorate your wedding night splendidly.”

“Hiiiiieee…! Go away…! You pervert…! This conscienceless playboy…!”

Playboy? Is she losing her mind? Arna was now just spouting random words.


I reached out to kidnap Arna. Swiftly lifting her into the princess-carry position.

“W-What are you touching right now…! Let go…!”

“Stay still. If you make a mistake…”


Perhaps due to Arna thrashing about violently, there was a sound of something snapping at her waist.

Simultaneously, an indescribable and immense pain spread through her entire body along the nerves. Moreover, sweat began to pour down like rain outside her body.

It seemed she had truly dislocated her waist. All because of lifting the monster with swollen breasts.

“Reallyyyyy! What am I going to become if I dislocate my waist in this situation…!”

In the end, there was no winner in this training.

Arnaud and I, we were both losers.

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