The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today chapter 44

The Spoon Villain Is Obsessed with the Hero Again Today 44

44 – Evaluation Match (6)

“Wow! It’s my first time eating out with that senior!”

Choi Soeun, after a long time, visited the shopping district outside the school with her junior. Among them, they entered the food alley.

Perhaps because it was the busiest time in the evening, the place was bustling with people. Similarly, it was difficult to find an empty seat inside the restaurants.

It was the vibrant scene of a thriving downtown area.

“Hmm… Smells good.”

The junior tilted his head and started sniffing the air. He was reacting to the scent of meat wafting from a nearby pork belly restaurant.

Perhaps his appetite was aroused. The junior blinked his eyes and asked, “Senior! Where should we go eat?”

“Well, let’s take a look around.”

There was no fixed menu. The plan was to wander around and find a suitable place to have a meal.

Ideally, I’d like to eat comfortably in a place without too many people…

“But I can’t eat something expensive. I’ve already spent all my allowance for this month…”

“Don’t worry about money. I’ll take care of it.”

The one who first suggested eating out was Choi Soeun. The junior just followed along. Naturally, it was appropriate for Choi Soeun to open her wallet here.

“Oh… really?”

“When have I ever lied?”

“Senior! I really love you!”

The junior jumped up and down in place, clasping her hands together. It was crowded, and she was making a scene in the middle of the street. Choi Soeun’s face turned bright red.

“But why are we eating out today? Senior, you don’t usually eat out.”

That’s right. Choi Soeun was not one to enjoy eating out. Most of the time, she used the student cafeteria or cooked in the kitchen herself.

“Just because. The midterms are over, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to eat out occasionally.”

Today, they had come out with the idea of having a light celebration. Also, as a gesture of comfort to the junior who had worked hard during that time.

“Okay! I’m so happy!”

“Don’t just say that, think about what you want to eat. It’s getting chilly.”

“Oh… I-I have to decide on the menu…?”

In addition to receiving a treat, now she had to choose the menu. From the junior’s perspective, it couldn’t help but be awkward.

Choosing cheap food might seem like ignoring the other person’s sincerity, and choosing expensive food might make it seem like showing off for no reason…

“Beef is fine.”


At the mention that beef was also an option, the junior’s eyes widened.

What’s this? There’s no one who gives beef out of goodwill, right?

Why does such a saying exist? There’s no such thing as beef without a price. A pure heart extends only to pork.

Of course, Choi Soeun was definitely not that kind of person…

“Then, um, h-hanwoo too…?”

“Uh, it’s fine.”

My goodness. It’s not just any beef, but Hanwoo beef. Whatever the case, this must be confirmed.

“W-well, shamelessly, let’s go with Hanwoo….”

“Sure, let’s go with that. But where is a Hanwoo restaurant?”

“hehehehe, Hanwoo… Hanwoo….”

The junior followed Choi Soeun, drooling with anticipation. Choi Soeun started looking for a nearby meat restaurant.

“Oh, there it is.”

It happened to be nearby. Among the gathered stores, the building boasted the most luxury. A two-story building, and the entire ground floor was a meat restaurant.

It seemed that there was a fairly long line waiting. It appeared to be a popular place.

“Just wait here for a moment. I’ll go and write down our names on the waiting list and come back…”

─What a mask and hat. Looks like a celebrity is here.

Choi Soeun’s two feet, heading towards the waiting line, stopped instantly. The reason was a familiar voice nearby.

That voice was undoubtedly Shin Yoonsung.

Choi Soeun unconsciously turned her head.

─But! It would be awkward if people recognized us while we’re on the way!

However, Shin Yoonsung was not alone. Another woman was with him.

Although she covered her face with a mask, she couldn’t completely hide her flashy blonde hair. Some strands of hair were peeking out from the outside of the hat.

Choi Soeun immediately noticed. That woman was Arna.

Shin Yoonsung and Arna stood side by side in the waiting line.


She knows. They are not in that kind of relationship. The misunderstanding had been cleared up long ago.

Yes. They just happened to come out to eat together by chance, as they belong to the same combat unit.

Having a meal together is just something that can happen in daily life.

There’s no need to attach great significance to it.

─Really… Why are you wearing something on your head?

─Something on my head? Is there something stuck on my head?

─Just bow for a moment. I’ll take it off for you.

But why? Whenever she sees the two of them together, her heart inexplicably tightens. Her solo standing figure here felt somehow pathetic and lonely.

In addition, the unidentified emotions hidden in her heart were about to surface.

What those emotions were, Choi Soeun herself did not know exactly.

From Noble mtl dot com

However, it was evident that the emotion was of very poor quality.

“No, it can’t be.”

Choi Soeun placed her hand lightly over her chest, attempting to suppress the emotion somehow. This was a public place. She couldn’t afford to show any signs.

She needed to leave this place quickly before the other person noticed. Giving up on registering her name on the waiting list, Choi Soeun swiftly turned on her heel.

“Hey, senior? Is something wrong? You don’t look good.”

“No, it’s nothing. Nothing happened.”

Choi Soeun smiled, saying it was nothing.

But her true feelings were different. There was a stifling heaviness settling in her chest.

She needed to ventilate this suffocation quickly.

“Let’s go eat sashimi instead of Hanwoo beef.”

“What? Sashimi?”

Suddenly, why did she change the plan from Hanwoo beef to sashimi? Her junior could only tilt his head in response to Choi Soeun’s capricious behavior.

Well, from the perspective of benefiting, whether it’s meat or sashimi, it didn’t matter much. Both were delicious foods.

“Let’s go for the most expensive one. Yeah, I think rockfish sashimi would be great.”

“Um… Rockfish sashimi? Isn’t that more expensive than Hanwoo…?”

“Whether it’s Hanwoo or rockfish, it’s all the same.”

Then Choi Soeun asked her junior.

“Oh, if we’re having sashimi, we should definitely have a glass of soju too. You’ll drink, right?”

“S-Surely, you don’t usually drink on weekdays, right? Besides, you drove here….”

“We’ll call a substitute driver.”

Choi Soeun, seemingly resolute, began looking for a sashimi restaurant. At this moment, she was more eager for alcohol than food.

She wanted to get drunk quickly.

That way, perhaps this muddled feeling would ease a bit.


After greasing my stomach with Hanwoo beef, it was the next day.

I came to the classroom as usual to attend lectures. And as usual, I chose a suitable seat and sat down.



Out of the blue, a foot landed on my desk. It boasted a rather expensive-looking pair of leather loafers.

“Oh, Shin Yoonseong.”

The owner of those shoes was none other than Kang Tae-hoon. Today, he appeared in front of me once again, wearing a stern expression.

Kang Tae-hoon continued to speak, grinding his teeth.

“Why didn’t you come yesterday? I waited for a long time.”

“Waited for a long time? For me?”

“Yeah. I waited for that damn spoon as if I were going to spend the whole night.”

Oh right. Yesterday, I had completely forgotten about playing with Kang Tae-hoon because I was busy eating beef. At the very least, even if I couldn’t play, I should have taken him for a simple walk.

As I imagined Kang Tae-hoon waiting for the spoon silently in the outdoor training ground, I felt guilty. Yesterday was my mistake. I admit it.

“How much do you have to piss me off to be satisfied? Huh?”

Perhaps because we didn’t go for a walk yesterday, he looked visibly upset. Well, my old dog Jjijji used to get moody if I didn’t take him for a walk for a day.

By the way, when I say Jjijji here, I mean the dog’s name, not a girl’s chest.

He was the dog I raised during my school days.

I miss you, Jjijji.

“Hey, where’s your mind wandering off to? You’re not listening to me right now… Uh, uh, achoo…!”

Suddenly, Kang Tae-hoon sneezed while talking.

I took out a disposable tissue from my pocket and handed it to Kang Tae-hoon.

“Maybe you caught a cold. Here, take this.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Kang Tae-hoon wiped his runny nose with the tissue I gave him.

“Carrying around disposable tissues, you’re quite a thoughtful guy.”

“I went to a barbecue restaurant yesterday and grabbed a few. Let me know if you need more.”

“Alright. One is enough… huh?”

Kang Tae-hoon suddenly tilted his head. After staying still for a moment, he soon began screaming.

“Hey, you son of a…aaargh!”

Following that, Kang Tae-hoon threw the tissue he was using to wipe his nose onto the ground.

“This isn’t a tissue; it’s a cleaning solution wipe…!”


Not a tissue? I took out all the disposable tissues from my pocket and checked the text on the packaging.


Cleaning Master! Disposable All-Purpose Cleaner!

Stains, dust, kitchen, even the bathroom is OK!

*Caution, do not use on the human body



What was in that red basket yesterday wasn’t wipes for guests. It was a cleaning tool for wiping off the grease stains on the table.

I didn’t even know that and stole a bunch without realizing. I’ll have to go and apologize when I get the chance.

“Ahhhhh…! My nooooose…!”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-hoon began to scream in agony, grabbing his nose. He was almost doing tap dance steps.

It seemed very hot.

“You, youuu…! Seriously, stop it…!”

No, it wasn’t intentional.

I thought it was a real wipe and gave it with a pure heart.

Who would have thought things would turn out like this?

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