The Teacher’s Grace Is Like Heaven chapter 52

The Teacher's Grace Is Like Heaven 52

52 – Qingchulam Qing出於藍 (完)

The remnants of the martial arts group were quickly eliminated.

They had been bound together by a single Heavenly Horse in the first place. With that knot gone, they had no choice but to split.

Unless, of course, they resisted with one mind and one heart. Even if it was a Martial Saint with a heavenly connection. They would have suffered great losses…….

Well, even the political factions are not united. I wonder if it’s possible for a martial sect to do that. That’s Bi Yan’s honest opinion.

“Are you sure?”

I couldn’t understand. If it were Bi Yan, she could even hold the position of Martial Saint. Everyone had seen her overwhelming power that day.

There was probably no one who wasn’t mesmerized by that ultimate sword. At least, not an unattended one. Nevertheless, she decided to leave.

Abandoning all the fame and status she had earned. She would return to her hometown. When asked, she smiled.

“From the beginning, there was only one thing I wanted.”

“The eyes of the world, the fame I’ve earned, they’re all like fleeting flowers that fade in the end. There’s only one thing that lasts forever.”

She set out on the road. Leaving all but one behind. Some say. She must be a true martial artist.

Without regard for formalities, she left to master a higher form of martial arts. She must have left her training to become a god.

“Well, I beg to differ.”

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“What do you mean, she’s certainly a mu among mu.”

“As far as I’m concerned, she’s nothing more than a wench.”

“A wench?”

“Yes, a love-thirsty wench.”

At the words of someone spilling out of a guest’s glass, they laughed.

On the surface, they weren’t wrong: she wore no makeup, bought no ornaments or silk clothes, was an unassuming woman.

Moreover, she had single-handedly slain the demon known as the Heavenly Horse, a demon no one else had ever slain.

“What? How to cremate? Why do you suddenly ask?”

“Don’t bother trying to find out.”

“Aha, you have a deity in your heart, don’t you?”

“Shut up.”


The demonic sect was destroyed by the political faction. But it won’t be the end of the story.

The scars left by the Magi are still there, and each side has its own ideas, and each side keeps the other in check.

If anything has changed, it’s that they’re now driven by their own convictions, or by the influence of others. Perhaps Murim is a little better.

“We must investigate this matter thoroughly.”

“But weren’t there traitors in Hebei Feng Street?”

“I found them all and killed them. With my own hands.”

Hebei Fang Family was purged by the new patriarch. There were a surprising number of people who had crossed the line between the Magi and Hebei Penga,

and they were discovered. As the head of the household, he was in charge and had blood on his hands. Naturally, no one objected to the bloody purge.

Because the current head of the family had executed the former head of the family with his own hands. The man responsible for the past proved why he was the first head of Hebei.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Change is necessary.

“There will be a backlash.”

“It is Gazoo who will be in charge of it.”

Change has begun in Sichuan. Gone was the emphasis on building up force. Instead, the emphasis was on self-education.

Doing what you want. Jia Zhu emphasized this, and the members of the family began to follow his wishes, even if they were skeptical. They began to follow his wishes. Although the Sichuan Tang family’s reputation as a bullhorn would fade, in time something else would take its place. “Come on, let’s do this quickly.” Namgung Sega inherited the mantle from Chen Biyun. Naturally, there were those who distrusted him. In fact, in some ways, it was natural. Namgung Sega’s former patriarch had been found to be in cahoots with a mage, and yet Bi Yan had entrusted him with the position of blind master.

For now, we’re all just waiting and seeing. If there’s even the slightest hint of a pod, I’ll pick it up and get up, but that’s okay.

I’m sure I’ll get through it. Just like I did in my previous life.

A warm spring breeze was blowing from somewhere. Someone had said. Where there’s a meeting, there’s a parting. They certainly weren’t wrong.

Bi-Yeon had met and parted ways with so many people in her life. Maybe someday they’ll meet again, but there’s no promise.

However, even Bi Yan could admit that. There was only one thing I didn’t want to admit. There would be exceptions to the rule.

“Well, then, I’ll return to my home.”

“Well, thank you for your service.”

“Of course, thank you.”


“You can forgive me for that, can’t you?”

As she watched her walk back to the main house, Bi Yan was lost in thought. In her previous life, not a single person had been willing to stand by her side.

Everyone shunned him, calling him a blood-soaked, thousand-kill demon. I suppose it’s karma. But now, not in his previous life, it’s a different story.

The martial artists honor her, calling her the best of the best. There were also many who begged her to join their sect.

“Do they know.”

“Do they know that I have been called the Thousand-Flesh Demon, that I have taken countless lives with my hands? If they knew, would they still praise me.

She couldn’t be sure. But even so, she could not truly give her heart to them. Karma from past lives does not disappear easily.

It continues to haunt her as a memory. Perhaps she would have to carry that karma for the rest of her life, but she chose that path anyway.

Over a hundred years of pain.

Haunting nightmares.

Still, there was only one thing that kept her going.

Finally, she stopped walking.



* * *

She called out the name she had never forgotten. One day, the pupil must surpass the master.

That’s why teachers exist. To make the pupil a little better than he is. I already knew that in my head.

But you always thought you weren’t good enough as a teacher. All he knew was the Three Swords, and he had no rank, and he had no money.

If only I hadn’t reaped the rewards, she could have lived happily ever after in a better place, she always thought.

If the day came when she was beyond me, and she wanted to leave me, would I be able to let her go coolly?

Would I ugly grab her ankle or something? I had always worried about that.

In the name of worrying about her, I tried to grab her ankle. I was so scared that I ran away. She came back and locked herself in.

If he had thought of his disciple,

he would have returned to his hometown, not here.

But, nevertheless,

why he came back here.

Because there is a what if. If Bi Yan ever returns, I must be here to greet her.

I know. It’s survival of the fittest in the Martial Kingdom, and the strongest take over everything. And surely she has talent.

Perhaps, with a little more practice, she can rise to a place that the likes of me will never reach. And then she will leave me.

“I’ll have to accept that.”

Spring has come to the house, and the warm spring sunlight seems to melt the chill from the roof. I picked up the broom.

To sweep the dirt and rotting leaves from the yard. Jegalsega had taken good care of me. And there was news.

I had mixed feelings, especially when I heard that Yan Yi had become the number one in the martial arts. Yan’s accomplishment was something to celebrate, but Tenkaichi, that name was attached to it.

A name that a third-rate martial artist like me would never dare to cross. In just a few short years, I’ve risen to that level. I hated myself for not being able to celebrate.

Well, I suppose I have no choice but to let you go. Over the past few years, I’ve made up my mind. The trigger was a dream last night.

I don’t know if it was real. Or if it was just a dream. But there she was, crying.

I realized, once again, that a pupil is bound to be greatly influenced by their teacher.

Perhaps if I hold on to her, she’ll stay by my side, for she’s a good girl.

But instead, her bright wings will be crushed. I cannot bear that.

So, I decided to let him go. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t regret it, but she’s a child who can fly.

It’ll be a little lonely, but that’s okay. I can handle it. That’s what I was thinking, until I heard a voice behind me.


Winter has receded, and the warmth of spring has returned.

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  1. I have very mixed feelings about what I read. It seems that somewhere around the 25th chapter, the author started rushing and decided to skim over the plot of their book without delving too deeply into it. The ending is too abrupt, as we understand that they will live together for a long and happy life, but her lifespan is many times longer than that of the master, and their relationship throughout the entire book remained only that of a master and student, no matter how much it was disguised as love. The arc in which she leaves her master feels too forced, as if it was the only reasonable decision to quickly finish the book. I liked the text, I liked the story, and I sincerely rejoice that they are finally together. But. The hastiness of everything that happened in the second half of the book cannot help but disappoint. It is even more disappointing that they were not together for this entire half of the book.

    1. Blake says:

      I completely agree

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