The Villains I Taught Became Heroes chapter 50

The Villains I Taught Became Heroes 50

50 – Run or Fight – Part 2

It takes about ten years for an ordinary magician to master all intermediate level spells.

Intermediate spells are so many and so difficult.

Even in the Ivory Tower, the range and depth of intermediate spells were vast enough to be used immediately as a full power.

It didn’t take Lena that long to master all intermediate spells.

“Uh, what do you think?”

“…It’s amazing.”

Lee Hyun exclaimed in pure admiration.

Indeed, Lena possessed exceptional talent, surpassing any magician he had encountered before.

“Even better than I expected.”

Perhaps soon, Lena will be able to master advanced level spells.

After proudly patting Lena’s head with an awkward expression, Lee Hyun looked around.

“Let’s thank them too.”

“Yes, yes!”

The ones that Eehyun mentioned were undoubtedly Asura prison guards.

Thanks to their regular appearances and fights whenever needed, Lena’s practical combat experience had been easily elevated.

“It seems like you’ve become proficient at surviving too…”

Almost every day, Eehyun had sparred with Lena, teaching her the ways of survival. At first, she had cried and protested, but now she had grown quite accustomed to it, showing no signs of wavering during battles.

Gradually, she was becoming a skilled sorceress.

“Graduation is not too far away.”

Eehyun smiled faintly, and Lena, who couldn’t fathom his thoughts, could only revel in the joy.

“Now, are there any high-level spells left to learn?!”

Lena puffed out her chest, exuding confidence.

Observing her will to take on anything at any time, Eehyun pondered for a moment.

“What kind of magic would you like to learn first?”

“Oh, well…”

Had Lena not anticipated Eehyun’s question?

She hesitated, trying to gauge his reaction.

She seemed to have something she wanted to say but couldn’t find the words.

Eehyun didn’t rush her. He had spent quite a while living with Lena, and he knew that her hesitation stemmed from deep contemplation. There was no point in pressing her.

Instead, he just clasped her hand and waited.

“I… I want to learn ‘Lord of Fire’…”

Lord of Fire.

A high-level fire-element spell that Eehyun frequently used.

It complemented well with the wind spirit Sylphid, making it a formidable choice.

“Alright. I’ll teach you ‘Lord of Fire.’ However, keep in mind that this is quite a challenging spell, even among high-level magic.”

In any case, it was considered one of the top-tier fire-element spells.

Eehyun earnestly taught Lena the incantation and the mana manipulation techniques required for it.

Lena, who usually accepted the teachings quietly, raised her hand this time.

“Lord of Fire!”

However, there was only one fireball created.

Seeing Lena’s bewildered expression, Ihyeon chuckled and nodded.

“You memorized the spell of the Lord of Fire, but wonder why a fireball appeared? The reason you failed the spell is simple. It’s because you’re not ready to acquire advanced magic yet.”

“W-what do you mean?”




“How… How do you acquire it?”

“I can’t express it in words. You have to awaken it within yourself.”

In the game, advanced magic could be learned through special quests or events. Ihyeon, however, obtained it using a bug, but Lena couldn’t rely on that; she had to awaken it on her own.

“Even if I teach you what I know, you might not be able to accept it. The reason is simple. Our mental images are different.”

“Mental images…”

“The essence of advanced magic is similar to manifesting your inner world into reality. Like overlaying the intense flames in your mind onto a fireball to create the Lord of Fire.”

“Uh, it sounds difficult.”

Ihyeon smiled at Lena’s worried expression.

Learning advanced magic might take several years or more.

But would Ihyeon just watch that happen? He had his own preparations.

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“It’s not easy. Advanced magicians are not that common even in the Ivory Tower. And the masters belonging to each sect, in other words, the mages under the Archmage, are so few that you can count them even if you search the entire continent.”


“Those who have mastered all advanced magic and obtained the highest level magic. The masters of each sect have mastered the highest magic corresponding to their sect’s color. For example, Bella, the master of the Red Sect, has mastered the highest flame magic called Inferno.”

“H-highest magic…”

“I believe someday you’ll take the place of a master.”

“Uh, t-that’s…”

“A compliment. I think you’re more talented than me.”

Ihyeon, sitting in front of Lena, spoke with a serious expression, meeting her gaze.

Lena was taken aback by his words.

Master Ihyeon was her wall, the highest mountain, and always the hero to follow. It was astonishing to hear someone like him say she might surpass him.

As Lena was about to deny it, Ihyeon’s hand gently caressed her head.

” I’ve said it before, but you are my pride.”


The sense of burden grew.

But with it, the joy was also increasing.

“At, until then… W-will, will Master still be by my side…?”

“That would be difficult.”


What is this talk again?

Lena felt her heart thump.

Staring straight at her, Ihyeon continued calmly.

“When you master advanced magic, I plan to send you to Bella.”

“What? Why, why?!”

“Well, it’s challenging. After advanced magic, I won’t be able to teach you anymore. As you know, I have also mastered advanced magic.”

Literal as it sounds.

If Lena were to master advanced magic, she would become a magician on par with Ihyeon. It’s a rule that equals can’t teach each other.

Of course, it’s common sense, but Lena couldn’t accept that common sense.

“But, but! I-I am still, with Master…!”

“You want to learn more from me?”


Though Lena nodded vigorously, Ihyeon just looked at her with warm eyes.

Lena’s reason was speaking to herself.

That Ihyeon’s words were right a hundred times.

That, as Ihyeon said, learning more magic under him would not hold much meaning.

But Lena wasn’t strong enough to accept that reason.

Tears welled up.

Her body trembled.

She should say something, but the words wouldn’t come.

“That might be tough. I don’t know about talents in things other than magic, but… you don’t have a talent for anything else.”

“I-I can also, use a sword!!”

Lee Hyun is not only strong in magic.

His swordsmanship is never weak.

Having faced him directly, Lena, who knows him better, drew the sword from Lee Hyun’s waist, raised it, and pierced the awkward empty space.

“Hey, there!”

It was a posture that couldn’t be tolerated.

Nevertheless, Lena, who clumsily tried to imitate Lee Hyun, eventually missed the sword.

“Well, I’ll do well! I’ll work hard, so…”

“No. I can only teach you magic. Anything else would not only be unhelpful but also a hindrance. You don’t have the qualifications as a magic swordsman.”

Lee Hyun cut to the chase. Then, he gently stroked Lena’s tearful face.

“If you really want to learn from me, come to the academy later.”

After obtaining the qualification of a sage at the Tower of Sages, he planned to go to the academy.

At that time, he would have plenty of other things to teach.

But she, who looked at Lee Hyun with trembling eyes, eventually shed tears.

“M-master… Idiot…”

Lena turned quickly and ran towards the cabin.

Lying on the bed in her room in the cabin, Lena sobbed uncontrollably.

Until now, she had diligently learned magic for her master, enjoying his pleased expression.

But she didn’t realize that it would lead to the time of parting with Lee Hyun.

– Really?

At that moment, Seifid’s voice was heard. Seifid, who was sitting beside the dejected Lena, holding her hand, spoke carefully.

– You… en, en. Le-learning magic… w-was fun, right…

“…Yes, it was… h-hic. But…”

It was as Seifid said.

Learning magic was enjoyable.

Moreover, gaining strength through Lee Hyun’s teachings was a transformative experience.

But what was the use of it all?

“…Sniff… M-my master is leaving…”

– Ugh… Th-that’s a bit. Uhm. It must be difficult…

Even Seifid’s comfort didn’t ease her heart.

It was when I was fidgeting and sniffling on the bed.


“Hee, heeik.”

“We need to move right now.”

“Yes, yes…?”

The knot in my stomach hadn’t unraveled yet.

But Lee Hyun’s voice was desperate beyond measure.

What could be going on?

Lena, getting up from her seat with a sense of puzzlement, shivered at his following words.

“The main base of the Asura Sect is approaching.”

It seemed that the opponents they had faced until now were merely the vanguard, and now real enemies were coming.

Sensing the countless magical powers in the forest, Lena swallowed hard.

“Let’s escape as quickly as possible and head towards Greenhill.”


“Don’t worry too much. Nothing serious will happen.”

Lee Hyun reassured Lena, gripping his sword.

In reality, nothing serious was expected to happen.

Of course, they might face a bit of crisis.

“There they are!”

“Capture them!”

Hearing the sharp cries echoing from the forest, Lee Hyun chuckled discreetly, knowing Lena was out of sight.

“If there’s no awakening event, we can create one. The main base of the Asura Sect will be a suitable use for Lena’s awakening event.”

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