When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me chapter 1

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me 1

While browsing the Internet community, a post caught my eye.

[Museum ← I thought it was a f*cking app, but it is surprisingly useful]

I’m looking at the post and it seems to be better than I thought.

When I asked if you would recommend any strange movies, I actually liked it.

[Comment 12]

[Use it when you can’t see it. It’s a b*tch]

[It’s better to not have a part-time rating]

[There was a playground for young people. Occasionally, when the server crashes, a f*cking sound comes out, but I’m using it pretty well ㅇㅇ]

[It’s pretty cool that a review is posted because the site administrators know it very well hahaha]


An application that provides movie recommendations, ratings, and review services to users based on data.

It started as a small website created by a film club, but after a long time of accumulated data and accuracy of the curation service spread by word of mouth, it has now developed into a small and medium-sized company that even critics often use.

Accordingly, the management company was also actively expanding its business, such as providing rating information by forming partnerships with various companies without missing an opportunity.

And now, in the bathroom of that great company, I was cleaning up the coffee stains on the floor with a mop that ran out.

At 11 o’clock in the office where work is in full swing, it is obviously not a normal situation for me, as a regular employee, to be mopping in a corner of the bathroom.

The voices that contrast with me are slowly coming through the wall.

“Garyun-ah, there was an article on the inquiry board saying that there was a bug in the comment system.”

“Oh, I just checked and fixed it. But Seolha unnie, are we really receiving investment from that company? It is a very famous place.”

“Yes, there is a video subscription service that I talked about last time. He was very interested in that.”

“It’s a video subscription… … . Will that really work?”

“Well, whatever it is, it’s still a long way off, so we’ll just have to do what we have to do.”

Investor, when did the collapsing film club grow to this extent?

“Hey, Yoo-Jin.”

While I was sticking my head out the doorway and looking at my colleagues, someone called my name nervously.

Chae Seol-ha, a woman with long black hair that gives an innocent look and an unbelievably young face at the age of 28.

First of all, I am the CEO of this company.

“Why are you so twisted? Have you finished cleaning?”


Hearing my answer, Chae-seol chuckled and held out a bundle of papers.

“If there’s nothing to do, don’t be bruised, take this and shred it.”


“Brother, wait a minute. Please change the water from the water purifier while you are doing that.”

As I was about to take the wad of paper and move towards the shredder, a low voice knocked on my ear.

I turned my head toward the source of the voice and reflexively frowned. Her hair, shining silver in the sunlight through the window, was unbearably dazzling.

“… … Why are you looking at me like that? I can’t even ask for it because I’m afraid.”

“No, little girl, it’s not like that, but suddenly your eyes are dazzling.”

“That’s Okay. What can I tell you, I.”

Yu Ga-ryun, the woman in charge of the development of the museum, raised her eyebrows as if displeased. The blue light stings the eyes.

By the way, although I am using the title ‘hyung’, it is only a means to keep my distance from me, and it is clearly a woman.

“Hey, I didn’t even change the water in the water purifier. what are you really doing How many times does it all seem easy? Or what, have you decided which company to change to? So are you just leaving?”

“Seolha, stop it. Things like that happen, too.”

A warm voice cut off the hardships on a day when it rained in my ears. It was the voice of Dasom Lee, who is in charge of the design of the museum.

She intervened between me and Chae Seol-ha and started whispering something into my ear.

“Dojin-ah, please understand. Seolha is very angry today… … .”

Ivory-colored hair tied with a hair gouache tickles her cheeks. She tried to slip away, but it was difficult to keep her distance from her, who was pushing her body recklessly while holding her forearm.

“Dojin, you didn’t do anything well either, so don’t run away and listen properly. My sister told me not to do useless things. All you have to do is sit down at the office and do the cleaning. When it’s all over, I’ll massage my sister’s shoulder a little too. It’s not that difficult, is it?”


“Dasomi unnie! If you keep going like that, your habit will only get worse. It’s only once or twice that I see you sincerely.”

Chae Seol-ha took Lee Da-som and me apart with a dissatisfied expression. I turned on the shredder in the corner of the office, leaving the two of them arguing behind me.

I really tried to learn a lot for the company.

I studied hard while reducing the amount of time I slept, thinking that things like development and accounting would be helpful, not to mention design, my major field.

But as you can see I am useless. No matter how many certifications I have acquired, the only things I can do at this company right now are cleaning, running errands for coffee, or even a massage.

Were you disappointed with such incompetence?

The classmates, who once had a good time with laughter blooming, now, instead of laughing, were showing displeasure just looking at my face. It’s like watching an ugly duckling caught among swans.

“Seolha, I’m done.”

“Oh, that’s it. You said you went to our project earlier, right? Not because I have a personal business to see.”

This is the fifth question I have been asked as of today.

“Yeah, how many times have I told you? I sent an e-mail to see if there was anything to find out about the advertisement, and they said they wanted to meet me there.”

“… … okay.”

Hearing my answer, Seol-ha Chae sighed deeply. He bowed his head, so he couldn’t tell what his expression was.

“by the way… … Were you a woman?”


“The head of the design department you met was a woman.”

The blood-stained eyes turned to this side.

“No, I.”

“Dojin-hyung, we are going through such a hard time, did you come here with a woman?”

Yu Ga-ryun, who was typing on the computer keyboard, spoke in a voice mixed with dissatisfaction.

“Because we met for work.”

“It’s done. They ask if you’ve been dating a girl.”

“It was a woman. The girl is right, but I just didn’t say much. It’s just a discussion about how to advertise and what style to design.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a bang and a knock on the desk hit the eardrums.

“Woman? It’s true that you met a girl! I told you to stay at work because you don’t have to do anything, but why are you so anxious that you can’t reveal women and girls when you have free time?”

“Seolha is right. Jin-ah Do, in this day and age, if you are accused of gender issues, your company’s image could be damaged, so you must have been telling me to be careful. Why the hell are you doing that?”

I had no choice but to repeat the words of apology.


“You know that if you apologize every day, that’s all.

It’s always been like that. woman, woman, and woman.

You’re thinking that I’m hanging out with women and leaving my work behind.

But I just wanted to find out what I could do for the company.

“I’m here… … .”

Then, with a squeaking sound, someone opened the door of the office and entered.

“Hey, why are you fighting again… … .”

The chestnut-brown hair that sticks out like a dog’s hair from poor grooming, half-closed eyes, and a droopy voice. If we could give humans a power saving function, it would be like this.

“That bastard has met a girl again!”

“Hmm… … . really?”

“The person in charge I met on the job was just a woman.”

Min-seo Oh, a woman in charge of the museum’s accountant, grinned. It was a very artificial smile, with only the corners of his lips raised in the middle of expressionless.

“I should have been careful though… … . They don’t have the ability to just shoot, so it’s not that everyone thinks they’re playing around… … .”

right. Anyway, the only thing I know how to do is wipe the coffee stains in the bathroom, but I can’t help but get angry because I haven’t been able to do that properly lately.

“… … .”

But that is only until today. Because this wasn’t the way I was supposed to live, and it wasn’t the way they were supposed to live either.

I turned my head and looked at Chae Seol-ha’s face. That face filled with discomfort, as if staring at an insect.

“Yoo Do-jin, what are you doing? What did you put on my face?”

After all, if we stayed like this, it would only be a waste of time for each other.

“I’m asking, answer me.”

I left Chae Seol-ha’s voice behind and pulled out a pre-prepared envelope from the inside of the desk.

“Oh, bro. What is that?”

I took the envelope containing the resignation letter from the drawer and approached Chae Seol-ha.

It will be the first and last gift I can make for the women who have cared for me so far.

“… … what? suddenly. Did you even write a reflection letter?”

With a calm mind, I handed her the envelope that symbolized the end of a long relationship.

“I will quit.”


Chae Seol-ha’s eyes widened as she checked the contents of the envelope.

“You, what are you?”


“I didn’t ask because I didn’t know that! What is this going to do now? I’m bored, but you want to play a joke?”

“No, that’s right. brother. It’s not really fun. Don’t make gags that don’t make sense.”

They were perplexed.

Maybe it’s because the departure of a founding member of a startup that’s in its midst can be viewed as bad from the outside.

But in the long run, it would be right for me to disappear even one day sooner.

“No, it’s true.”

“Hey, why are you doing this again? What are you dissatisfied with?”

“Because it doesn’t help. If you stay like this, you’re only holding on to your ankles.”

“What are you talking about… … ! Wait, you are.”

Chae Seol-ha’s two hands clasped my forearms.

“Are you going to change jobs? where are you? What are they doing, they’re trying to take someone else’s employee at will. They said they paid more than us? How much more?”

“No, there is no such place.”

I cut off Chae Seol-ha’s arm. She looked down at her hands for a moment and opened her mouth.

“… … So what, you’re going to do something stupid without any countermeasures? do you have a lot of money What you earn now will be gone in a few years. Eventually I have to work again. But do you think there is any other place other than us that will accept you?”

“It is.”

“If you know, be quiet when you are nice to me. Don’t beg later.”

“But I wasn’t here for money. That’s because I was earning with coins. A very, very long time ago.”

“What… … ?”

“If I just stay like this, I’m leaving because it will only cause trouble to you guys.”

I shoved the smartphone running the Bitcoin exchange app at Chae Seol-ha.

“uh? Now, wait, uh… … ?”

“I’m sorry so far. It’s just taking up a seat on a subject that I don’t have the ability to.”

With that said, I walked towards the entrance door.

“Come on, wait a minute. hey!”

The opaque glass on the door separated the space between them and mine, and the faces that had been clear before a while shimmered and disappeared like dust.

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