When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me chapter 66

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me 66

“You want to see the student roster?”

A woman’s voice resounded throughout the room.

It was a somewhat aggressive tone, showing signs of exhaustion, but Dasom continued speaking calmly without blinking an eye.

“yes. As I said before, he picked up my wallet, but I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t give a case and I’m so sorry that I sent it away.”

From one to ten, there is no truth to be found, a black lie.

But no one thinks of her as a lie.

On the contrary, Idasom’s watery voice and guilt-filled eyes were sincere to the extent that it felt the truth as soon as they heard it.

“⋯⋯Dasom knows that you are a geek, but our school doesn’t even give administrative authority to the gang. So, in principle, you shouldn’t show it.”

The woman, who continued to speak as if muttering, took a deep breath and began to rummage through the piles of papers piled up next to her.

“Dasom said you wanted to join the student council, didn’t you?”

“Yes, around next year⋯⋯.”

“Okay then. I guess I’ll see you sooner rather than later.”

The woman who tossed a thick file of papers on the desk spoke as if asking for it.

“You must not go anywhere and say that you saw it here. Personal information leaks and other things make it complicated for you and me.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Thank you, assistant professor.”

“Damn, because you call me assistant, tomorrow the sun will rise in the west, hey.”

“yes? That’s what my sister called me⋯⋯.”

“I know, I was just kidding. see you soon My sister is busy.”

If it was a school that called attendance rather than electronic attendance checks, you wouldn’t have to do this kind of troublesome thing.

He just wants to know the names of the three. Wouldn’t it make sense for everyone to remember the name of the benefactor who picked up the precious thing?

Dasom took the paper and began to turn the pages.

And a few seconds later, a familiar face appeared in her eyes. The face of a man who has filled his head recently.

Again, a shadow is cast. Dark, dark ⋯⋯.

But it’s different from an unpleasant shadow. Rather, it was closer to a warm and clear shadow that seemed to be cast under an unknown tree on a hot summer day.

So it hurt me even more. I thought that the feeling of pity was like this.

This child must have had a delicate and winding heart, like the roots of a tree, like the rough patterns on the bark, and like the veins of leaves. And it must have hurt a lot. Doesn’t the scar named shadow on his face prove it?

Numerous emotions passed through Dasom’s head in an instant.

An absurd imagination to the extent that it is absurd to even think about it. Upon realizing it, Dasom finally felt a sense of relief.

“I’m just saying it just in case, but you shouldn’t take pictures or write them down. Since we confirmed that you are a student in our department, you can talk to each other on your own.”

Yes. This is not normal behavior.

Stealing personal information of strangers without permission? Even telling lies!

You have to stop before it’s too late. Dasom closed her eyes tightly and covered the roll of paper.

“Did you see everything?”

“Nah, yes.”

With her head bowed, Dasom ran out of the teaching room as if to run away.

“⋯⋯You Dojin.”

However, even if you close your eyes and run away, the name engraved deep in your head will never be erased.

“Yoo Do-jin.”

* * *


In the morning, a small exclamation broke out from the mouth of Dasom, who was leaning against a power pole in the alley and fiddling with her smartphone.

“I woke up early today.”

She immediately hid herself in the darkness of a power pole and closely observed the man walking down the alley.

thank god. Judging by the little crumbs on his lips, he seems to have eaten breakfast properly.

I was wondering what to do when the midterm exam season started and I was living an irregular life and skipping meals more and more⋯⋯.

Dasom let out a light smile and moved a little further away.

It has already been a year since Dasom knew the man’s name, but not much had changed.

Of course, it was a natural result for her. You can’t pretend to be friendly just because you picked up something, isn’t it?

No, even if we talked to him, it was clear that it wouldn’t work out. It’s better to do nothing than to blow up your barely seized opportunity.

Just like watching celebrities on TV, just looking at their faces and behaviors can give you enough satisfaction, but you don’t have to risk it.

The important thing is to be normal. As long as you don’t deviate from your normal daily life like now, no problem will happen.

Dasom, who got on the subway after chasing the man’s back, grabbed her smartphone and ran the camera app as usual.

If this is the case, even if you look at your face to your heart’s content, you won’t be noticed. Oh, of course, if you just hold it, you might get suspicious, so don’t forget to move your fingers in between.


Idasom, startled by the eerie laughter that came out of her unconsciously, quickly covered her mouth.

Can not help it. Seeing how healthy he was, it felt like every corner of his chest was on fire. I liked the clothes I was wearing, so I couldn’t help but smile.

It really is. The knitted short-sleeved shirt brings out the delicate taste of the face, and the indigo blue slacks are hiding a manly atmosphere.

It must have been bought at the outlet three days ago. I wish I could wear more clothes with that kind of atmosphere in the future.


However, contrary to Dasom’s impression, the man himself began to touch the sleeves with a sullen expression, as if the clothes he was wearing were very awkward.

Don’t worry, it’s not weird at all.

They really, really, really, really fit together.

really cute!

All kinds of rhetoric pounded on Idasom’s throat, but they managed to squeeze it in. Maybe it’s because the clothes don’t really suit your taste.

In such a situation, it would be coercion if someone who didn’t know anything tried to force his or her taste.

Yes. He doesn’t know anything about a man named Yu Yu-jin.

So only.

Name, English name, Chinese name, age, date of birth, hometown, height, weight, chest measurement, arm length, waist circumference, foot size, address, hobbies, hairdresser you use most, your favorite education, restaurants you use frequently, external hobbies and specialties , academic background and school name, qualifications and licenses and acquisition date, military service status, part-time work experience and location, contest awards and award dates, language test scores, mobile phone number, e-mail address, nicknames frequently used in online games, preferred animals I just don’t know how much.

Of course, it is strange to know more than that.

All he knows is the things that he must know as a member of the Secretariat of the Visual Design Student Council, and only superficial facts that anyone can know with a little observation as a classmate.


⋯⋯After thinking about it carefully, I think that clothes taste is also essential data for events that require uniforms, such as future sports competitions and art college rallies.

Maybe tomorrow I can make a survey and run it around. It is also one of the cute things that the child has to answer meticulously without ignoring it even though it may be annoying.

― This station is Hongik University Station and Hongik University Station⋯⋯.

I was voicing out in my heart about the cuteness of a man, but time flew by. It’s time to slow down.

Dasom spread the distance again, pretending to be touching her smartphone, and naturally followed the man and walked away.

While observing a single hair that sprouted from the back of the man’s neck and swayed softly, a shrill voice came from behind.

“There, brother.”

She was a woman with a neat appearance, with her back hair curled with a hair band and large horn-rimmed glasses.

“Where do you wander around, dressed so modestly?”

A well-groomed woman pulled the earphones out of Yu-Jin’s ear and said.

“Oh that.”

“no fun.”

The well-groomed woman continued with a smile as if Yu Yu-jin, who showed an embarrassing reaction with her eyes closed, smiled as if she was having fun.

“How come Dojin-san seems to be getting less and less interesting as time goes by~?”


“Hey, it’s a joke. Testimony without fear of people⋯⋯.”

Even Lee Dasom burst into laughter at that ridiculous appearance.

aww you’re cute Whenever I get nervous like that, holding and opening my right hand feels like a hamster creaking, so I want to bite it tight.

“Did you eat?”

“I ate, no, I didn’t. I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Then let’s stop by Dunkin on the way. I didn’t eat dinner yesterday, so I’m young⋯⋯.”

“Are you on a diet?”

“Shut up.”

The child’s name is Chae Seol-ha. A female student in the visual design department just like herself. Contrary to his neat appearance, his easygoing behavior is very funny.

“Oh, I’m going to a club today.”

“What about Alba?”

“The president is closed for personal reasons. Anyway, I’m thinking of running the Jurassic series while I’m on break, how about it?”

“Ah, is the sequel being released this time?”

“ok. Because I want to see you too.”

“⋯⋯Ah, Ga-ryun-san as well.”


“No, just. I thought so.”

“Ah, what is it? Aren’t you still a bit nauseous? It has already been two months since you joined the club?”

What I like the most is that she and Yu-Jin became friends.

When Dojin spilled Coke on his pants at the movie theater, I wondered what a woman was doing⋯⋯.

No, it’s a good story for now. On the contrary, I am very grateful.

Thanks to this, our Dojinie started her social life!

Ah, really, I was very patient back then.

A smile crept on Dasom’s lips again. I saw that child smiling, so I think I can start the day strong.

May these days continue tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a week later, and a year later.

Yes, it was just that.

I only wished for that little thing.

“No, sister. Welcome. What is it, hurry up and get some people⋯⋯.”

Why did this happen?

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