When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me chapter 85

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me 85

“It’s a little cold.”

With those words, a wet towel was placed on Yu Ga-ryun’s back. Yu Ga-ryun, who was trembling at the cool sensation of pricking her skin, soon began to flinch in a different way.

“Me⋯⋯Summer, I’ll just do it.”

“Stay still.”

Even if it was over the towel, it was very tickling and embarrassing for someone else’s hand to touch his body.

I must have done such an unfamiliar thing to my brother. So, so big⋯⋯.

Yu Ga-ryun’s right fist trembled slightly.

“Are you okay?”

Yu Ga-ryun reflexively swallowed her breath at the sharp voice that dug into her ear. The voice she had only heard in her dreams began to stab her in the chest with reality from a certain moment.

And midsummer did not miss the silence of that moment.


Yu Ga-ryun opened her mouth to respond reflexively. But what came out was not words, but a hard breath.

Midsummer wiped Yu Ga-ryun’s back as she vomited out harsh breaths one after another.

“Say, you can’t.”

Those were the words that came out of Yu Ga-ryun’s mouth after a long silence.

“To whom?”



In response to the somewhat ambiguous question, Ga-ryun Yu turned her head to look at Midsummer’s expression, but only the faint light from the mood lamp could not tell what kind of emotion she had on her face.


Suddenly, the name of the three characters that came out of Midsummer’s mouth lifted Yu Ga-ryun’s chest.

“Is it because of a woman called?”

Yu Ga-ryun didn’t say anything.

“He kept muttering as he slept.”

Midsummer wiped Yu Ga-ryun’s forehead with a towel. Then he opened his mouth again.

“You must like it, that person.”

He didn’t put it in his mouth, but the target was clear. At the question that even felt sharp, Yu Ga-ryun had no choice but to admit it.


Only then did Han Yeo-reum understand why Yu Ga-ryun was lying.

If he tells Yu-jin about the problems Yu Ga-ryun is having right now, he will try to solve it. We will try to find a way to make everyone happy, as we have always done.

But, unfortunately, this is not possible. No matter what you do, you can’t solve it. it is so determined All he can do is make a choice.

So, it means you have to choose between Chae Seol-ha and Yu Ga-ryun.

Those who are not chosen in the process will be hurt. The chosen one will suffer no less than that. Yu Yu-jin, who saw a person moaning while covering his wounds, would also be hurt.

Yuga-ryun doesn’t like that.


He said as if midsummer had declared.

“Someday you will find out.”

catastrophe is unavoidable

“⋯⋯I guess.”



Yu Ga-ryun said in a weak voice.

“What should I do?”

“Are you asking me?”


Midsummer shut his mouth. She was only looking at Yu Ga-ryun’s face with a firm expression on her face.

“Tell me honestly.”

“I do not like it.”

Again, it will be straightforward.

Recognizing the sign of midsummer, Yu Ga-ryun held her hand and continued speaking in a calm tone.


“Sister, I don’t know anything. All I heard was a moment.”

I have only heard of the list of events through Yu Yu-jin’s mouth, but I have no idea what values they think based on or what feelings they have for each other.

If such a person tried to give advice, it would be a one-sided sermon.

“So that’s what I want to hear.”

A sober opinion of an outsider without any emotion involved. Yu Ga-ryun was hoping for that.


A long sigh escaped midsummer’s mouth.

“If you feel bad while listening, please tell me right away. Because I don’t want to struggle to get a taxi at night.”

Yuga-ryun quietly nodded her head. Midsummer, who watched it for a while, straightened her expression and opened her mouth.

“Do one thing.”

Yu Ga-ryun’s heart sank.

“I want you to be clear whether you like it or hate it, whether you want it to be happy or you want it to be unhappy.”

Love-hate is like a sticky mist, and it creeps up unnoticed and hides the feelings that have grown in the heart. If you are not sure about your feelings, you will not be able to make a cold evaluation or make a correct judgment.

So midsummer decided to close my left eye.

I decided to focus on only one word, hate, while ignoring the relationship connected by blood, the feeble affection that remains somewhere in my memory, and the principle of supremacy.

“Of course not.”

If that were the case, I wouldn’t have had to come all the way here.

“I don’t know how important the person to call Chaseol is to my sister. I don’t know what happened between the two of them. So I honestly don’t understand.”

Midsummer raised his voice.

“It was the person he chose. The person who asked me to chasing chose all the things that confused me because I couldn’t properly say one thing that I liked, that caused misunderstandings by guessing, and that I didn’t know how to get angry about such a topic. It doesn’t seem like he’s thinking about it, so he’s going to step back.”

Each and every word was a stumbling block.

“What else are you going to do with a person like that? are you sorry? Do you feel sorry for just holding on to the end? It’s not your sister’s concern. That person is responsible.”

Whatever it is, anything that kicks the ladder in front of you is mining. Midsummer had no sympathy for such a pathetic woman.

“If you really care about that person, would you yield?”

At that word, Ga-Ryun Yu’s face drained of blood. Midsummer laughed at the reaction that was not at all different from what he expected.

“More than ⋯⋯, it must have been, thinking like this.”

Yu Ga-ryun was almost forced to speak. I was crushed by the reality I didn’t want to see and didn’t want to admit.

“Yeah, at least for me.”

In the end, it is the story of wanting to shake off feelings of guilt while being loved by Yoo Ji-jin.

As soon as her desires are satisfied, a new desire arises again, and while she understands her human side, she reflexively clenched her fists at the unpleasant emotions rising in the corner of her heart. and then put it back

Because she wasn’t just sitting here to vent.


Midsummer said in a calm voice.

“Does your unnie like Yu-Jin?”

Yu Ga-ryun nodded her head with an unsure gesture, but clearly.

“I like it too.”

If Ga-ryun Yu likes a man named Yu-Jin, Han Yeo-Reum has a crush on a man named Yu-Jin.

“So I hope it goes well.”

It was a very daunting and happy thing to have someone wishing for their own happiness. At the same time, I thought that I wanted to convey the flames burning in my heart to the people in front of me, because it was good at the same time.

Midsummer, who prayed only for the misfortune of others, was the first moment to pray for someone’s happiness.

“It doesn’t make sense. I am a runaway teenager.”

The moment someone reports it, Yu-jin’s life is twisted. He will be branded as a sex offender who has committed a horrendous act by kidnapping a runaway high school student.

In fact, a woman named Oh Min-seo used herself as an excuse to blackmail him.

“Because of me, I spend money that I don’t need to spend, waste time, and I’m going to die because of my work, but I’m exhausted of my emotions ⋯⋯”

Judging from an objective point of view, the existence of midsummer was nothing more than a garbage bag that Yu-Jin had to sort out earlier.

“But I don’t care about that.”

Midsummer’s attitude when he said that was more than dignified and even brazen.

“Because he did. I wish you well.”

I took her hand, who was about to leave secretly, not wanting to cause trouble, and said clearly. She casually broke the will that she had managed to build up, and then asked for it.

Midsummer decided to respect his choice.

“So I will be fine.”

At any cost, it will work out somehow. Because that’s what he wants from him.

“Well, it might not go well.”

You may stumble several times in the process. You may have to go farther back than you thought.

“Still, I won’t make you regret it.”

It may not make you proud, but it will make you not regret it. I will do my best to at least make you think that I did a good job helping you at the jjimjilbang that day.

Midsummer reached out and clasped Yu Ga-ryun’s hand. The fingers digging through the narrow gap were a little sore, but at the same time, they felt cozy.

“So, think carefully about your sister.”


“What that person wants, and what a sister can do for it.”

A single drop of rainwater fell into the well that was only rattling in a small pit. The shock created by the small rainwater became a ripple and soon began to shake the entire well.

“And tell him that.”

Please believe me.

Ga-ryun Yu, who had been silently listening to Midsummer’s story, stretched out her hand. Midsummer closed her eyes as if she was prepared, but contrary to her expectations, Yu Ga-ryun’s hand passed over her cheek and directed to the nape of her neck. Then he carefully wrapped it around him.

The night passes. A pink light with a mysterious aura slowly rose over the darkened drawing paper, and then a brilliant light came up.

* * *

“Sister, do you have an appointment today?”

Dasom Lee, who was drinking coffee in the bath room, was startled by Yu Ga-ryun’s words.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the atmosphere of the company was literally messed up after Yoo Ji-jin left the company. Conversations were kept to a minimum only when necessary for work, and it had been a long time since we had lunch separately.

‘I’m sure it’s not.’

Dasom was curious about Yu Ga-ryun’s question, but opened her mouth as calmly as possible.

“why not?”

“Oh, then⋯⋯.”

Yu Ga-ryun held out her phone as if waiting. On the screen, there were screenshots that captured delicious looking pasta and celebrities who were making a fuss over the taste.

“Hey, would you like to go with me?”


“I really want to go, but I don’t want to go alone⋯⋯.”

Dasom was confused. As I looked at the contract that came into my mailbox, I kept thinking about what Yu Ga-ryun had said a while ago.

‘Why suddenly⋯⋯?’

The invitation from my younger brother, who came after a long time, was exciting but also terrifying.

“Sister, let’s go.”

“Uh, yes, yes.”

There was no taste to the pasta. Dasom was more focused on seeing Yu Ga-ryun’s face than on the taste. So I tried to understand her intentions.

“It’s worse than I thought. right?”

“uh? Is that so?”

“yes. I just feel it.”

However, Yu Ga-ryun’s expression was calm as usual.

‘Are you really here to eat? Make up with me⋯⋯, do you want to?’

Of course, since Yu Yu-jin apologized to each other for the abusive language incident that occurred after leaving the company, it is strange that they are talking about reconciliation rather than reconciliation. On the surface they were still friends and colleagues.

“Unnie, won’t you go eat shaved ice?”


“It’s a little loose. I want to eat something cold.”

“Ah, yes, then.”

However, the intangible bridge that connects the hearts was already twisted, and it was on the verge of sinking.

‘I have to apologize first.’

It’s because he’s gone because he’s been pouring out his twisted love for Yoo Jin. He was the one who made the mistake, but suddenly it was like being abandoned by others.

For Yu Ga-ryun, Yu Yu-jin must have been a precious person who was nothing less than an older brother.

Dasom, who was eating shaved ice with a timid movement, made up her mind and lifted her head.

“Oh, dear ⋯⋯.”

“Sister, do you like your brother?”

and vomited

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