When I Returned, a High School Romantic Comedy Began chapter 49

49. Midterm exam (12)

49. Midterm exam (12)

“You said you were going to talk to Chae-rin later?”

It was nearing dinner time.

Hayan and Jaune, who had finished studying, were having a quick meal with the bread they bought at the canteen.

Originally, eating was prohibited in the library, but since it was around evening time when no one was around, all you had to do was clean and ventilate properly, so there wasn’t a big problem.

“Yes, he came and spoke first.”


The two lived completely ignoring each other for three days.

‘In the end, Chaerin spoke first.’

In her opinion, Chae-rin was not the most stubborn friend.

Especially when a fight like this arises, you probably won’t be the first person to bend in.

No matter how stubborn a person is, I don’t think he can win against her.

‘The problem is that Jaune is not a stubborn person.’

Jaune may sometimes be stubborn in the wrong places, but in the end, he is always considerate of others.

It would have been funny if I had shown my pride.

He sincerely thought that it was not the right time to talk to her yet, so he firmly stayed away from her.

It was not a childish action like fighting, but a decision made with her in mind.

‘You must have realized that it’s useless to keep watching…’

That’s why it looked even more confident, and it was clear that Chaerin had given up.

Actually, it wasn’t a very complicated problem; Nayeon, who came to class, was the most fatal hit, but Hayan, who wasn’t there, couldn’t have known that fact.

‘It’s been nice to be able to be just the two of us every day these days.’

As friends, I was filled with joy when I heard that Joo-woon and Chae-rin were reconciling.

At the same time, I felt sad that it would be difficult to monopolize him like I did now in the future.

‘Maybe we should have just left school together.’

Every time she had the chance to go home from school with Jaune, she held back.

Even after fighting with Chae-rin, the urge to keep them apart and appease Hayan tries to overtake him.

After studying late, I walked home from school in the dark and wanted Jaune to take me home.

‘But you can’t cut in line.’

Chaerin and Hayan, who were in tears in the nurse’s office, had a lot of conversations.

Starting with trivial things like stories from middle school, it’s all about picking up.

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As the story continued, the two revealed their true feelings, saying things they had only guessed.

[Lee Joo-un, do you like it?]


Honestly, people who don’t know are idiots, but the fact that they said it out loud meant a lot.

Two people who like the same guy.

They were worried about this unfortunate situation that only made them sigh.

It would be better if Jaune could be split in half.

While the two were exchanging ridiculous imaginations, Hayan came up with a strange solution.

[How about we not confess to ourselves?]

Joo-un has almost zero dating knowledge.

Rather than being insensitive, he is a difficult man who somehow draws a line.

If you make that person confess first, wouldn’t you be able to understand and move on?

At first, Chaerin slightly laughed at Hayan’s offer, saying it was too childish, but the more she thought about it, the more she thought it was a pretty good deal.

Moreover, it’s not that Hayan isn’t pretty, but she was confident in her appearance, so she never thought it was a losing battle.

[Okay, but what if I break it?]

When she asked what the penalty would be if she broke her promise, Hayan stuck out her little finger.

Chae-rin looked at that and naturally raised her little finger.

Hayan looked at her with satisfaction and said.

[Little finger.]


[If you break it, is it your little finger?]


Hayan smiled at Jaune, recalling the eerie peace agreement that only he was aware of.

“Good, you two solve it well.”

Anything is okay as long as you don’t confess your promise first.

However, I didn’t want to enter his weakened mind after fighting Chae-rin.

A perfect love that is fairer than anyone else and that no one will disagree with.

That was the picture Hayan wanted.

“Then let’s go in now.”

“So, are you and Mr. Librarian today too?”

“Yes, it will be over today.”


By this time, the librarian had already finished work and was reading a book at home.

Hayan continued the lie she told last time without any hesitation.

Jaune had no reason to be suspicious, so he greeted her without thinking and left the library.

With that gone, the library became completely deserted.

Hayan was organizing the library and approached the bookshelf to put the returned books back in their place.

She organizes her books skillfully.

Then, for a moment, my hand stopped on classical literature.

“Where was this book…”

Even though it is a library department, there are so many books that the location is sometimes confusing.

As Hayan was thinking alone, someone spoke from behind.

“Faust is second from the top.”

“Aha, thank you… everything?”

Hayan looks back in surprise at the moment of the voice that cannot be heard.

I wondered if it was a ghost, but the person standing there was not a ghost, but a librarian with a ponytail and a unique, sad expression.

“Sam, why are you here? Ah, no, since when.”

Could it be that he was seen with Jaune the whole time?

Even though studying wasn’t something that could be made fun of, the meaning behind it was deeper for her, so she felt embarrassed.

The librarian looked at Hayan and said with a shallow smile.

“Since when White studied with a boy with a grumpy face?”


A voice echoes loudly in the quiet library.

The librarian said playfully, putting his index finger to his mouth.

“Shh, what if I scream in the library?”


She quietly organizes her books with an embarrassed expression on her face.

The librarian asked Hayan quietly.

“I like studying in the library with my boyfriend and being young~”

“I’m not your boyfriend.”

If you are older, how old are you?

Of course, to her, who was in her late 20s and approaching 30 the day after tomorrow, high school kids seemed like babies.

Still, because she stayed away and read books, it was easy to assume she was in her mid-20s with her fair skin and natural youth.

The librarian asked Hayan again, who immediately denied it and said he was not her boyfriend.

“Could it be unrequited love?”


She just blushes without answering the question.

But silence could also be a sufficient answer.

The librarian raised the corner of his mouth and said to Hayan, who had kept her mouth shut.

“Bringing a boy to the library and trying to seduce him… Is that really cute?”

“Well, it’s not like that!”

A librarian who hits the nail on the head.

Hayan couldn’t calm her red face from embarrassment.

As the teacher kept teasing me, I focused on organizing so I could run away quickly.

The librarian thought it was cute and smiled softly, then told her that something had occurred to her.

“That’s right, do you still have any friends around you who are in the library club?”

“Yes… no one was very interested in the library department.”

“This is really difficult.”

Since there is no one there, I leave it to Hayan every day for a day or two.

Currently, the two of us are somehow taking turns managing the library, but in the future, we need two more people so that we can easily handle the events we are waiting for one after another.

A librarian with an embarrassed expression.

As Hayan looked at her, a good thought passed through his mind.



“Have you said anything yet?”

A librarian who just called Hayan, but immediately turned him down.

She spoke to Hayan with an annoyed expression.

“Aren’t you talking about that Jaune guy?”


How many times today have I found out my true feelings?

As Hayan looked embarrassed and smiled awkwardly, the librarian spoke firmly.

“Don’t even dream of trying to have s*x in the sacred library.”

“Ah, teacher…”

Hayan clung to the librarian and complained.

However, she never gave in and maintained her stubborn stance.

“If you two end up staying together and then grow apart, what are you going to do then?”

While she lived as a librarian for a short period of five years, the political drama that occurred in the library department could never be said to be light.

A couple joins the library club, but after they break up, they both quit.

Isn’t there a fight in the library because the library club members were dating each other and then cheated on each other with another library club member?

‘Ha… my head hurts just thinking about it again.’

The librarian did not want to repeat the past again.

But Hayan did not back down from there.

“So you’re just going to wait until the girl comes?”

“That’s not true, but…”

“Honestly, it’s quite overwhelming because it’s just me and the teacher in the library club, and there’s an event next week.”

That was correct.

After the midterm exams, the library department had to run a youth reading encouragement program, so there was no way to hire just one white person to do the work.

The librarian sighed as he remembered what had already been a headache.


Still, I’m a little worried about leaving two suspicious-looking people in the same space.

As I continued to worry, the library remained silent.

Hayan gently put his foot in the doorway of her heart, where a gap had formed.

“Teacher, if you’re so untrustworthy, how about asking me to help you just once during the next program?”


“We don’t have enough workers anyway, and if you don’t like something after just one look, you can just move on.”

Reasonable offer.

I could fill in the shortage of manpower and, if necessary, ask to join the library staff.

Since she felt like lending a hand to the cat right now, she couldn’t help but nod.

“… Okay, don’t say anything else later.”

When she agreed after much thought, Hayan smiled brightly.

“hehehe~ I understand.”

Even though there was no guarantee that Jaune would help out right away, since he got permission, all that was left was to ask him for help.

Hayan left the library after saying hello to the librarian.

‘Now that I think about it, what if Jaune refuses?’

When I thought about it, there was a most important problem.

Looking at Jaune, he didn’t seem to particularly want to do anything after school.


Hayan went home seriously thinking about how to get him into the library.

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