A Cash Warrior Chapter 131

A Cash Warrior 131

# 131

– Volume 6 Episode 7

Lee Jae-woo, who was treated as a nerd within the Titan raid, must have been the first to see someone who exalted himself like this.

He looked very shy, but it wasn’t that he hated it.

It is so, because it was the same with Jeong Dae-sik.

Unless there is a special reason, it is impossible to say that you dislike favors toward yourself.

“Jaewoo hyung’s abilities are all-weather depending on what he draws. Isn’t he?”

“is it?”

“Of course it is! It’s a completely multi-position. If you make something like a golem, you can play the role of a tank, if you draw something like a gargoyle, it’s a one-distance, and if you draw a warrior, isn’t that a close deal? Besides, you can create items as you like. I think. I’ve seen it, but it might be more efficient to draw the equipment and implement it. Think about it! Hyung doesn’t even need to have a special weapon. He can create a weapon that suits the occasion, whenever the situation arises.”

Hyunmin Yoon got excited and talked about what he was thinking.

“If the monster spews poison gas, my brother can draw a gas mask and hand it out to the crew. If the teammates are injured, he can draw healing potions to heal their wounds. If I can create a Servant who uses magic or sorcery, then there will be another member of the Fenrir Army!”

“Haha, that’s difficult. At that point, you have to create something that moves by your own will, but the only thing I can embody is a painting, so it’s not like that. I’m controlling it myself… Potions in the same vein The same is difficult.”

“Can’t you write? Why, scrolls have similar aspects. If anything on paper can be realized anyway, isn’t writing possible? Maybe!”

It seems that Yoon Hyun-min did a lot of research on Hunters and abilities.

The idea was bold and free.

Even Lee Jae-woo seemed to be thinking about his abilities again.

Even as Jung Dae-sik heard, Yoon Hyun-min’s words were quite plausible.

If Lee Jae-woo could concentrate on realizing it without wasting his magical power, I didn’t know what Yoon Hyun-min said would be possible.

‘I called this guy without much thought, but it’s pretty useful, isn’t it?’

Jeong Dae-sik, who was interested in Yoon Hyun-min’s story, glanced at it once.

“There are a lot of unique abilities in our unit. Seo Ji-won also has a rare ability, isn’t it?”

“Ah! That’s right. He doesn’t know how to use space magic. That’s amazing. If Daeshik is the only person with all-in-one potential, he’s the only person who can inherit the name of the portal creator.”

“Is that that much? I know because I’ve used portals before, but I don’t think that’s enough. The portal maker says that it is possible to move through space over long distances. But Seo Ji-won…”

Inwardly, Jeong Dae-sik was also predicting the possibility of Seo Ji-won, but he deliberately pretended not to know and thought about Yoon Hyun-min.

He said with a fever right away.

“No! Space-related abilities, of whatever kind, are ultimately the same. Separating space or moving something from one space to another is nothing really special. You must have a huge amount of magical power to do the job. Well, there will be some difficulties in that part. Daeshik hyung and Jaewoo hyung have so much magical power, there will be no restrictions in that part…… ”

Jeong Dae-sik remembered that Seo Ji-won knew how to craft magic stones.

It was most likely a way to make up for his lack of magical power.

If that is the case, if you increase the amount of mana, you may grow dramatically in one day and become a portal maker with the same ability.

If that was the case, he could cover enough of his falling power as a wizard.

If the head is flying, it is possible to use magic efficiently even with a small amount of magic and become stronger, but in the case of Seo Ji-won, that was not the case.

Rather, it was correct to simply focus on space magic, even if it used a lot of magical power.

“Another special ability in the Fenrir unit is a self-immolator! There is Kim Song-geun!”

“Yeah? If you look for a clone magician, they seem to be there.”

At Lee Jae-woo’s words, Yoon Hyun-min shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, it’s more common than a paper magician or a space wizard. Still, there are only three talented people in the country. If that’s enough, it’s unique.”

Lee Jae-woo seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that his opponent was a third-year-old average person due to Yoon Hyun-min’s flamboyant speech and analytical skills.

He was excited and told the other crew’s gossip.

“What do you do if it’s unusual? Kim Song-geun is a true fighter in battle. You can tell just by looking at his presence in the one-eyed unit. He’s a self-immolator, so he’s good at collecting information by filling his head, but he has no interest in fighting monsters. .”

Having said that, Jae-woo Lee looked at Jeong Dae-sik with a sullen face, probably because he was drinking alone.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but Kim Song-geun was really chosen incorrectly. Why would the one-eyed commander oppose the selection? It was because he decided that he was not suitable for this kind of special forces mission.”

At those words, when Jeong Dae-sik quietly drank his glass, Yoon Hyun-min said as if frustrated.

“Probably not. It’s not that he doesn’t fit into combat, it’s that his weight class doesn’t match.”

“Think about it. Being a clone maker is to create several clones that look exactly like you, right? But no matter how many they are, they’re human-sized in the end. But most of the monsters are large.”

That part was what Jeong Dae-sik had in mind.

Jeong Dae-sik said while organizing his thoughts.

“That’s right. Probably, like the dungeon we went into today, it would have been a good fight if Kim Song-geun had been attached to small monsters such as goblins and kobolds. there will be.”

Whether or not Jeong Dae-sik felt that he was praising Kim Song-geun, Lee Jae-woo countered.

“That’s not the only problem that child has. He says he can’t get along with his alter ego. He always crawls into other people’s attack range and interrupts them? .”

“That part is the same as you. Because of the pressure and tension, he creates more numbers than necessary, so it’s out of control. In my view, it’s right for Kim Song-geun to make only three or four, or at most five, clones. His power will go up even more. Even though Kim Song-geun looks like that, he has a body that has trained in martial arts, so he uses physical skills well.”

Yoon Hyun-min, who was taking advantage of the time to eat meat, also said that he would miss the time.

“Besides, it would be great if I could increase my weight class. I’m not a talented person, so I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but if I can increase the size of the clone he creates, I’ll become much stronger.”

Seeing Hyunmin Yoon saying that, Jaewoo Lee narrowed his eyes.

“But you planted a spy in the titan raid? How do you know our troops so well?”

“That’s right, the Titan Raid is doing a lot of social media promotion… And I’m a hunter fanatic. I’ve been collecting all sorts of information about the Hunter, so not only the Titan Raid, but most of the raids and their members have almost all the characteristics. I know, of course, I don’t know the exact numbers, and I don’t know about raids that are run in a closed system with no outside activity at all.

So is the Zodiac Raid. Even if the scale is that big, there is no way to know what’s going on because they recruit members only through internal recommendations or scouts. I didn’t even know the faces of the raid members there, well. So, Gwangpildu, couldn’t that hunter have done such a thing?”

The name of the person I was interested in was revealed and Jeong Dae-sik asked a question.

“Is that Gwangpil-du really trying to collect all 7-star weapons? What is he trying to do with it?”

“That’s something that only you know. Maybe it’s just a desire to collect. But I’m sure you’re trying to collect all 7-star weapons. I recently applied for a duel for the third weapon.”

“If anyone has a third weapon…”

“It’s a person named Park Tae-san who is working as a solo artist. I know that he has retired and disappeared, but Kwang Pil-doo officially asked him to fight for the Seven Stars. But, is it because he knows where Park Tae-san is? I don’t know if he was expecting him to show up and just threw it away.”

“And I…”

Hyunmin Yoon hesitated a bit before saying.

“I have a question, can I ask a question?”

“That… the members of Fenrir’s troops. They are all talented people like Jaewoo hyung, so I understand why they were chosen. But Kim Tae-hee and Heo Mi-rae? I don’t know why they were chosen. I couldn’t find it, so I’m guessing she’s hiding some great ability, but Mi-rae Heo’s older sister…”

Yoon Hyun-min scratched the back of his head and continued speaking as if he was in trouble.

“I’m sorry, but since I was in the Foreign Legion, I thought it was lacking. Although the debuffer is rare, it’s not as rare as Jaewoo hyung or other special talents, and the amount of magical power seems to be very small.”

Jae-woo Lee was funny and immediately opened his eyes to Hyun-min Yoon.

“What, you. There’s something wrong with our commander’s eyes, is this?”

“No, no! I just… I was asking because I was curious. You don’t have to answer me.”

Hyun-min Yoon kept his mouth shut, but Dae-sik Jeong said obediently.

“Maybe Heo Mi-rae has a stronger ability than she thinks.”

“Are you going to the future?”

Seeing Jae-woo Lee reacting as if he did not know at all, Dae-sik Jeong continued.

“Have you ever wondered why Heo Mirae’s magic has the shape of a black butterfly?”

“I do not know?”

“Comparing it to other people’s magic, it’s easy. Even my own magic doesn’t have a specific form. That means that Heo Mi-rae’s magic is strong. If you look at the total amount of magic power, Jae-woo Lee, it may be less than you, but it’s powerful. It’s superior to that.”

“Also, he deserves high praise for his potential. It seems he doesn’t know it well, but as Heo Mirae develops his abilities, he may be in a different position than he is now.”

Jaewoo Lee widened his eyes as if it was unexpected.

“Yes? Why do you think so?”

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