A Cash Warrior Chapter 147

A Cash Warrior 147

# 147

– Volume 6 Episode 23

Jeong Dae-sik poured a very small amount of magical energy into the magic field one after another to create a very small magic field.

It was almost the size of a go stone and flew toward Red Cap like a magic bullet.

However, the aim was wrong and it flew to the wrong place and crashed.


Hearing the rustling of the grass, the red caps who were eating elk raised their heads in unison.

They weren’t much to see, but it was quite chilling to see the molgols with blood on their snouts in such a deep mountain.

He wore a bright red hat on his head, protruding long, blood-stained tusks, and long, red nails that looked like hooks.

Jeong Dae-sik held his breath while wearing a concealment.

To tell the truth, he would be able to annihilate them with a single shot, but Jeong Dae-sik required training to use magic warfare.

Magjeon was a powerful weapon, but it consumed an enormous amount of magical power.

It was foolish to use such magic to catch such a trivial red cap.

Jeong Dae-sik wanted to hone in on how to effectively use magic warfare even with a small amount of magical power.

‘It’s as far as sending a small magic commander away, but it’s not like an automatic rifle, so it’s difficult to hit the target. Entropy, is there a skill that can complement this part?’

‘Okay, I’ll buy it.’

Jeong Dae-sik immediately used the aiming skill.

Then a point of sight was marked on Redcap’s temple, which he focused on.

Jeong Dae-sik stretched out his left hand, wearing a magjeon, toward the place.

The magician, the size of a Go stone, flew towards it one after another.

Although it was small in size, the magic was concentrated, and it was comparable to any magic bullet.

They flew right to Redcap’s temple and pierced it at once.


When one red cap collapsed screaming a death sentence, the other red cap found Jeong Dae-sik and screamed.

Soon, eight red caps eating elk rushed towards Jeong Dae-sik.

Jeong Dae-shik fired the magic field one after another, but whether it was because the level of the observation skill was low, or whether this skill was originally like that, only one aiming point was displayed at a time.

Jeong Dae-sik flew away from the red cap and shouted.

“Entropy! If you upgrade your aiming skill, can you hit multiple targets at once? Or, is there a more plausible skill?”

“I won’t let it go if it’s absurd and makes you spend money! Buy the multi-aim skill!”


Jeong Dae-sik quickly escaped the red cap and started a new skill.

Then he flew backwards and fired a magic field.

The commander who flew one after another changed direction in the air.

They scattered with multiple aiming points created on the redcaps’ heads, and soon smashed the redcaps’ temples.

Before they could even reach Jeong Dae-sik, the red caps turned into corpses and rolled on the floor.

Jeong Dae-sik was satisfied with killing multiple monsters at once with a small amount of magical power.

But for advice on entropy, it couldn’t be.

Daesik Jeong criticized entropy by writing arrogance.

“If you had told me from the beginning that you had multiple aiming skills, you wouldn’t have purchased the aiming skill! No, it’s a similar skill in the first place, but why is it separate? Isn’t it a trick to take money twice?”

“What’s different?”

“Hey, yeah. Got it.”

Jeong Dae-sik took the counter he received from the Titan Raid and approached the Red Cap corpse.

When this counter was used, the monsters hunted were automatically displayed, and the information was sent to the support team at the base camp.

Then, even after Jeong Dae-sik left, the porters could come and dispose of the monster corpses.

‘In my experience, the magic boost skill becomes more effective the more it consumes all its magic power. If you want to use all your magic while catching jap mobs, you’ll have to diligently pursue them for 12 hours.’

Jeong Dae-sik had no intention of playing games with the crew members, but the commander of the squadron couldn’t just hang out at the base camp.

He also had to train, so he planned to go to places the troops could not reach and catch all the mobs.

‘Then let’s run somewhere!’


Ki Cheol-min pulled out the sword that had been put down.

Then he spewed out blood bubbles and the gremlin died.

The gremlins he had slaughtered were scattered around.

Ki Cheol-min wiped the sweat from his forehead and counted the number roughly.

‘I don’t think anyone missed it. Then let’s do the counter.’

Ki Chul-min walked around among the fallen gremlins and countered.

So far, he has caught a total of 53 monsters.

Even if they caught only jap mobs, it was a considerable number for those caught alone.

Because of that, the amount of mana was also worn out and he was very tired.

It was about time to go back.

‘Twelve hours are over in 20 minutes. I’ll have to go back to base camp. By the way, how many other guys did they catch? I should have caught the most. Only then will you be rewarded.’

Ki Chul-min ran lightly towards the base camp.

He still did not know what effect the treatment Jeong Dae-sik had given him was.

There was nothing different from usual, so I felt like I was being deceived.

However, Ki Chul-min has been watching Jung Dae-sik during his hunter days.

Although he was a money maker, he wasn’t naive enough to do this kind of trick.

Ki Cheol-min knows this too, so isn’t it because he’s stuck with Jeong Dae-sik until he’s overworked?

Ki Chul-min arrived at the base camp with five minutes left before the meeting.

Godeokhwa was already there.

The other guys didn’t seem to be filling the time yet.

Ki Cheol-min approached God Deok-hwa and spoke to him.

“Hey, did you catch a lot of monsters? How many did you catch?”

God Deok-hwa was difficult to put into words because he had few words.

Maybe it was because he had been in the Cthulhu Army, so he was as gloomy as a person who had all the misery of the world on his back.

Even the timid Mi-rae Heo felt bright compared to this guy.

At least she doesn’t look depressed all the time.

God Deok-hwa held out the counter instead of answering Ki Chul-min’s question.

Seeing this, Ki Cheol-min struggled to swallow a smirk.

’50? great! I’ve caught more.’

Ki Chul-min said, trying not to show his overjoyed tee.

“Why did you only catch this? Isn’t your sky wall repair perfect for dealing with these kinds of mobs?”

Godokhwa said bluntly.

“The forest is deep here, so you can’t wield the wall repairing line.”

“Why? Oh, the tree is falling?”

“Yeah. It’s a natural resource conservation area, so if you do logging, you will be punished.”

The government was very nervous when the Awoken used their powers to damage nature, knock down buildings, or injure people.

Since this area is a national park, no matter how hard it was to fight monsters, it was impossible to destroy the forest recklessly.

Ki Cheol-min glanced at God Deok-hwa and continued.

“How was it while hunting? Did you think things went well differently than usual?”

“No, it was the same.”

“Is it? But how do we increase our magic?”

“You’ll find out if you leave it alone.”

“Should I leave it alone?”

While Ki Chul-min was grumbling, Kim Song-geun and Heo Mi-rae appeared from the other side.

To be precise, Kim Song-geun was getting fed up and outpacing Heo Mi-rae, and Heo Mirae followed her with a gloomy face.

Ki Cheol-min looked at Kim Song-geun and raised one hand and said.

“Hey! How was the hunt? How many did you catch?”

Song-geun Kim trembled and looked at Mi-rae Heo, who was following her.

“Oooh, don’t even talk. Heo Mi-rae, it’s completely ruined because of him.”

Heo Mi-rae, who arrived soon after, said in a voice crawling with her head bowed.


“Why did you come in the direction I was going?”

“It wasn’t my intention…”

“Because I was so concerned about Mi-rae Heo, I could only catch about 40. You must have caught more, right?”

Kim Song-geun was crying and muttering all the time that it was because of Heo Mi-rae.

Then, Mi-rae Heo, who had been saying sorry over and over again, suddenly opened her eyes as if she felt the limit of her patience.

“I’m sorry… you said!”

Mi-rae Heo’s dark magic was scattered in all directions, and Song-geun Kim was terrified.

“Hey! That’s why it’s your fault!”

“Heuk heuk heuk… What should I do if I don’t like it… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Heo Mi-rae’s cry resounded in all directions like a piercing.

Last time, after emitting a large amount of magic while dealing with the Undead Queen, Mirae Heo had a hard time controlling her own magic.

It was very difficult to see that uncontrollable magical powers were pouring out from time to time.

Heo Mi-rae’s gloomy mood seemed to play a part in the reason.

Ki Cheol-min hastily comforted her.

“Hey, hey, Kim Song-geun, ignore that idiot! I’m jealous for nothing. I’m jealous.”

“Heuk heuk heuk heuk……”

Ki Cheol-min took care of Kim Song-geun while desperately appeasing her.

Kim Song-geun is usually a good guy, but he was too honest and had no pretense.

Kim Song-geun apologized to Heo Mi-rae, not an apology, with an expression of that he was going to die from exhaustion.

“Oh, yes! I’m sorry, I was wrong! Are you okay?”

“Well, that’s not the attitude of apologizing… ah ah ah ah ah!”

“Hey, you idiot!”

The new Godeokhwa, where Ki Chul-min stepped on Kim Song-geun, came to her.

Oddly enough, when Ki Chul-min struggled with all kinds of words, he did not stop crying, but God Deok-hwa swept his hair a few times and it stopped immediately.

Why are there all these girls? The late Ki Cheol-min was annoyed inwardly.

‘What do you do when your magic power is strong? I can’t even control it as I want.’

In Ki Chul-min’s view, there were many people in the Fenrir unit who had exceptional abilities but could not use them properly.

It was very annoying for Ki Chul-min, who was not so ordinary.

Even Huh Mi-rae’s melancholy felt like a grudge to Ki Cheol-min.

‘If I have that kind of magic, even if I look like a troll, thank you, I’ll do it.’

Anyway, seeing the true face of Heo Mi-rae for a while, I was concerned about how many monsters she had caught.

I wanted to ask how many fish I caught, but I couldn’t because I was afraid that I would touch the plant.

So I glanced at the counter, pretending to be handed a tissue to wipe my tears away.

‘Twenty? There is nothing to see more than I thought.’

Ki Chul-min smiled inwardly.

Seeing that Deok-Hwa God and Song-Geun Kim performed worse than him, it was highly likely that his 53 dogs was the best record.

The only people left were Seo Ji-Won and Lee Jae-Woo, but Seo Ji-Won was only an assistant, so his attack power was nothing to look at.

The problem is Jaewoo Lee.

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