A Cash Warrior Chapter 271

A Cash Warrior 271

# 271

-11 episode 23

While driving the car at high speed, Ki Cheol-min suddenly heard the ground thump.

When I turned around, I saw a cockatrice running after the car.

Ki Cheol-min let out a tongue-kicking sound with his teeth and stepped on the accelerator hard.

But Cockatrice was faster.

The sound of the ceiling collapsing was heard and the car sank down.

Ki Chul-min saw the cockatrice’s sharp claws breaking through the collapsed ceiling and scrawled an automatic rifle.

Soon the cockatrice’s claws were pulled out, but instead the windshield was smashed.

And the cockatrice’s ferocious beak lifted its head to peck, and had no choice but to let go of the handle and lay it on its side.

The car that ran uncontrollably collided with another car parked on the side of the road, and the momentum caused the Cockatrice to bounce off.

Ki Cheol-min kicked the dented door and ran outside and shot.

However, ordinary magic bullets on Cockatrice’s steely feathers had no effect.

Cheol-min Ki turned his gun back and took out a knife, thinking that it would be better to fight by hand.

It looked like a military knife, but because it was for hunting monsters, the blade of the knife, which was twice the size, glistened in the whitish sunlight.

Cockatrice, as if stimulated by the light, kicked in place and rushed in.

Ki Cheol-min leaned deeply and rolled forward.

Then, with all his might, he raised his upper body and stabbed the knife under Cockatrice’s neck.

At the same time, he pushed his magic power into it as hard as he could.

The back of Cockatrice’s head was pierced and its feathers trembled.

Soon, the cockatrice fell to the side, and Ki Cheol-min took a deep breath and stood up straight.

But it was clear that this was only the beginning.

Ki Cheol-min laughed in shock when he saw the Cockatrice rushing in after hearing the noise and the Gorgon running in the midst of it.

“There’s no such thing as leveling up monsters like this. Do you even have Gorgons?”

Gorgon was a 7-star monster, and in some dungeons, it was a powerful monster treated as a boss.

However, seeing them running mixed in with a herd of Cockatrice, I couldn’t help but get excited.

Apart from the shocking feeling, it was clear that the situation was not good.

The equipment was so poor that it was unclear how much it could survive with one automatic rifle or a monster hunting knife.

“Come on, let’s die! Even if you look like this, you’re a person who died once and came back to life!”

At the time when I was grinding my teeth with excitement that I couldn’t even become Ki Chul-min.


Suddenly, a violent storm came. Ki Cheol-min was almost pushed into the air at any moment, and he hurriedly bowed down.

Then, reflexively, he reached out and grabbed the side mirror of the car parked next to him.

He sent magical energy to his legs to hold his body firmly to the floor, but the wind skillfully twisted its direction.

And then it got stronger.

Soon the wind froze like a blade, striking the hordes and gorgons of the Cockatrice.


A sudden lightning bolt struck the screaming and raging wind.

Curl rumble! Awkward! Kwajik! Gwagwagwang!

There was no rest from the lightning flashing and crashing down, and the ice storm.

But now he seemed to know what was going on.

Not long after, Inyeong descended from the air with lightning bolts all over her body.

Its slender back looked as if it was less than a fistful, but its strength was definitely different.

“Thunder and Lightning Recall!”

A blinding lightning bolt from Horagales she stretched cut through the hordes of Cockatrice and flew towards the Gorgons.

It felt like everything was burning all over the place, and I was suffocating.

Ki Cheol-min, with his eyes tightly closed, fell forward and stayed in that state for a while.

“it’s okay?”

The strong wind that seemed to pull out all of his hair subsided and the light faded, and Ki Cheol-min raised his head.

Then I saw Choi Hee dangling softly from the air.

She looked quite different from when she was Kim Tae-hee.

He was wearing Shiraz silver plate armor that was given to him by the state, a cloak covered with scrolls, and a small potion, a belt woven like a gulbi, holding Horagales.

Horagales was still burning sparks, so he couldn’t get close to it hastily.

“…it’s okay, it’s okay.”

“Where have all the other crew gone and are you alone?”

“That’s for some reason… Do you know where the titans are?”

“I’m fighting the Lizardmen and Orc troops pouring out from over there. I couldn’t even deal with the small daggers, but the boss mob popped out and the fight is getting longer.”

“A boss mob?”

“It’s the Orc King. When he appears, the Orcs are running more rampant… Shall I take you there?”

Choi Hee picked up Ki Chul-min like a stray and put it on his side.

Then, in an instant, it soared into the air and fell back down to the ground.

The sudden pressure difference made my ears swell and my stomach upset.

It was then that Ki Cheol-min realized that he had starved for a long time while receiving the sap.


Choi Hee immediately took Ki Chul-min to the city where the Orcs and the raid were in full swing.

Each unit was guarding its position and facing the orcs, but I saw Kang Yeong-hoo out in front.

He waved his arm once, and the line froze and he saw the orcs shattered.

Leaping over those orcs, eccentric men of large size were approaching, wielding formidable weapons such as double axes.

Each unit was following the command of Kang Young-hoo and was blocking the orcs from rushing in.

Soon, a commotion broke out on the left side of the orcs, and that side began to crumble.

The foreign troops started the raid.


As the orcs became tangled with each other, the orc king, standing behind him, shouted.


Hearing that cry, the trembling orcs regained momentum and began to run madly.

Then, the crew suddenly appeared in the air and tried to attack the Orc King directly.

Ki Cheol-min’s eyes widened at their familiar appearance.

‘Is this the Fenrir unit?’

While Fenrir’s troops faced the orc king, the titan raid began to harpoon the orc swarm.

While the buffers, debuffers, and one-dill attacks were pouring down, tanks and geuns were pushing the orcs into one path at once.

Then, magic exploded there, and dozens of Orcs became blood clots in an instant.

Baba Baba Baba Baba!

In the midst of the death of the Orcs, a loud bang was heard from the seat where the Orc King was standing.

Ki Cheol-min noticed the familiar flow of magic that it was God Deok-hwa’s attack.

Soon, the cry of an angry orc king could be heard, but it was not as powerful as before.


One after another, a giant clone of Kim Song-geun appeared and threatened the Orc King, and the last hit broke.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Awkward!

The sight of the head of the orc king was blown off with a binge.

Soon the orc king fell forward, splashing green blood, and the orcs quickly lost their will.

Seeing them running away in all directions, Kang Yeong-hoo ordered them to pursue him to the end and kill him.

And as I retreated to the back, I found Ki Chul-min and Choi Hee belatedly.

“Ki Chul-min? You seem to have come to your senses.”

Ki Chul-min nodded at him, and Kang Young-hoo and Choi Hee also exchanged eye contact as if they were familiar.

Kang Yeong-hoo said as he took off his armor and wiped his face wet with blood and sweat.

“Is it okay to walk around like this already? You must not be tired yet.”

“No, it’s too good. That’s why, I want to know what kind of English it is.”

“Oh, you almost died?”

“Yes. Did Heo Mirae save me?”

Mirae Heo, who recently acquired the ability of a debuffer and a buffer, has dramatically improved her skills, just like Ki Chul-min.

If so, maybe he could have saved me from dying.

However, Kang Young-hoo shook his head.

“I heard that you were in a very serious condition. Mirae Heo, who was at the scene, gave first aid, but… Almost half of her body was lost, so she had no choice but to call someone else.”

“Anyone else…?”

At that time, an unexpected person appeared from behind Kang Young-hoo.

“It’s me.”

Ki Cheol-min looked at the person in bewilderment.

Ki Chul-min didn’t know her well. She had only heard rumors that she and Choi Hee were related by blood, but she was not a member of the Fenrir unit, and it was natural because she had no contact.

Then Choi Hee took a deep breath and said.

“He saved you. He mainly works as a buffer, but his ability is closer to that of a healer.”

If it’s Hill’s ability, he also has Heo Mirae.

Born with an amount of magical power from the beginning, she was also at a great level as a healer.

But to say that she restored something that Mi-rae Heo could not recover, I was both curious and surprised.

‘How the heck are you? You mean a more powerful healer than Heo Mirae?’

He had doubts, but it would have been rude to inquire into the power of the person who saved him.

Besides, Kang Young-hoo and Choi Hee also seemed reluctant to reveal her abilities in detail.

“I didn’t know that you saved me. I’m late to greet you. Thank you. I owe you my life.”

Choi shook his head.

“No. I just did what I had to do. It’s also a token of my gratitude to Daesik Jeong, the commander of Fenrir.”

“Dae-sik Jeong gave back her sister’s abilities. Even if I can’t repay that, I thought that if I could help Ms. Ki Cheol-min, a member of Ms. Dae-sik Jeong, I should do so.”

Ki Cheol-min scratched his head and nodded his head to thank him one after another, and then Choi Seon looked at him worriedly and said,

“By the way, are you feeling okay? I’ve never used my abilities this much before.”

Ki Cheol-min tilted his head inwardly. If he has such an excellent heel, why not use it?

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Dong’s story that Choi Seong-eun did a great job as a healer in other units as well.

“Yeah, well. It’s fine. You must have great skills.”

When Ki Cheol-min turned his arms around and said what he said, Kang Yeong-hoo stepped forward.

“I’m so glad. Anyway, it’s true that there aren’t enough people, so you should join the battle as well.”

“I heard that a monster break has occurred, but it seems the situation is serious.”

Kang Young-hoo frowned.

“It’s not serious….If this happens, it will be a disaster that surpasses the 1st monster break. There are already many new dungeons, but all the monsters came out of them, so it’s out of control at all.”

“If you can’t control it…”

“It means that monsters are swarming from all directions, and there is no proper defense anywhere.

Hearing what Kang Young-hoo was saying, Ki Cheol-min asked.

“Then Daesik Jeong… Where is our captain? Are you unaware of the news?”

Kang Yeong-hoo shook his head, and Ki Cheol-min repeatedly asked about Gwangpil-du’s whereabouts, but only the answer that he did not know came back.

It is said that a large-scale monster break occurred shortly after Gwangpil-doo escaped, and the pursuit was also fuzzy.

Judging from the situation, it was not the time to be worried about Gwangpil-doo.

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