A Cash Warrior Chapter 272

A Cash Warrior 272

# 272

-11 Volume 24

In this chaos, no matter how much the most serious leader, he will not be able to do anything with just one Gungnir.

First, he realized that it was urgent to kill the monsters, and said Ki Chul-min.

“I’ll have to get my gear back.”

“Once the orcs are cleaned up, the Fenrir troops will come back. Re-arm them and join them when they return.”

At that time, the paul-yongdae ran rushing towards him from the other side, not befitting his large size.

He looked at Kang Young-hoo and Choi Hee, and looked silently, then whispered something in Kang Young-hoo’s ear.

Then Kang Yeong-hoo opened his eyes wide and said.

When Pa Yong-dae nodded, Choi Hee spit it out as if annoyed.

“No, why are you whispering in front of people?”

In spite of the efforts of Pa Yong-dae, who had been whispering in his ear, Kang Yeong-hoo spoke casually.

“It seems that someone who is believed to be a gwangpil-du appeared in the suburbs of Seoul.”

“A lighthead?”

When Choi Hee asked a question while writing Oh Man-sang, Kang Young-hoo continued.

“Yeah. But it looks like you have all the 7-star weapons.”

Hearing this, Ki Cheol-min screamed in surprise.

“No, how? Five of the seven-star weapons were taken by the captain?”

Kang Yeong-hoo, who was clearly aware of that fact, said with a gloomy expression.

“Then there are two possibilities.”

Choi Hee answered immediately.

“Whether Dae-Sik Jeong gave the 7-star weapon to Gwangpil-Doo, or… it was stolen.”

Both the former and the latter were likely to cause great upheaval.

Ki Cheol-min clenched his molars.

Gwangpil-du took a deep breath and sprayed the Delight Sword to the side.

With that alone, all the blood and flesh of the monster that had been attached to it fell off.

Thanks to fighting with five 7-star weapons, he didn’t get hurt as much as his eyebrows, but he couldn’t help but feel exhausted.

It was good until people evacuated and defeated the Skell, but there was no end to the continuous pouring of monsters.

Watching the gryphons flying in a flock in the sky, I wondered if the world was really going to end like this.

Gwangpil-du got rid of his tiredness and fixed his sword and spear.

And I tried to move after killing a group of goblins who were squealing and running.

But suddenly, I saw the overpass collapsing.

Whoops… Bang! Bang!

Seeing the road collapsing, Gwangpil-du decided that there was something there.

Afraid to do so, a huge head appeared through the asphalt and buildings.

It was a bizarre-looking Imoogi.

It was a kind that hunters sometimes called a gyoryong, but it was a dragon that looked like a dragon.

I don’t know if they had dug underground or the sewers, but a man who suddenly jumped out to the ground and climbed onto the road on the wreckage of the collapsed overpass.

Gwangpil-doo frowned at his shiny body.

Judging from the fact that there were skin scraps all over his body, it must have been that he had just been called out.

If the monsters crawling out of the dungeon took off their skin, it was enough to know how much nutrients they had consumed.

It was evident that he had been hiding underground to shed his skin, and then crawled back to the ground because he was hungry.

Gwangpildu ran towards it and grabbed the rope hanging from his waist.

And threw it as hard as I could.

The Elves, which went to the Gyoryong and collided, exploded and roared.

Gyoryong twisted his body while spewing a painful sound at the sudden attack.

“Zuri Lili Lili!”

The freshly made scales were all smashed, and his waist was dented to the point where his bones were exposed.

Gyoryongs do not have wings, so they cannot fly, but they have four legs that are much larger than those of dragons and have an incredibly long tail.

Gyo-ryong found Gwangpil-doo and immediately wielded it.

Gwangpildu did not run, but stood up on his two legs and drove Gungnir into the floor.

And he endured the tail hitting him.

It felt as if my whole body had been beaten with a huge whip, but it was brief.

The armor had offset the shock.

Then, Gyoryong’s tail wrapped around Gwangpildu.

Gwangpildu was caught by the tail and lifted into the air.


The moment Gyo-ryong opens his mouth to swallow Gwangpil-doo. Gwangpildu gave strength to his whole body.

The armor radiated brilliant light and released a tremendous amount of energy.

Unable to overcome that power, his tail was cut off, and Gwangpildu fell straight into Gyoryong’s thrush and swung his sword and spear at the same time.

When Gwangpildu landed on the ground again, Gyoryong was split into two pairs from head to head.

Gyoryong’s corpse collapsed onto the road with a thumping sound, and black blood smelt and flowed in all directions.

Gwangpildu raised his feet to avoid the rushing blood like a river.

Then, behind him, he heard a shout.

When I turned my head, I saw three or four Awakened people who appeared to be members of a specific raid, and their mouths were wide open in surprise.

“I just… did that person knock this down by himself?”

“It’s a 6-star monster!”

Gwangpil-du thought that he could have killed him quickly because he was only a 6-star monster. Seeing him like that, one of the raid members pointed a finger at him.

“Ah! That person… I know that person! Aren’t you a fanatic?”

“What? Gwangpildu?”

“no way…….”

“By the way, you look familiar!”

They chattered among themselves, but one of them cautiously opened his mouth and asked a question.

“Are you a real fanatic?”

Gwangpildu quietly nodded his head.

“I heard you ran away, why are you here……”

The faces of the awakened people who realized Gwangpil-doo’s identity turned white.

Everyone knows that he is a power destroyer, so they are afraid to get close to him.

Since it is a public enemy who has fled, it would be right for the awakened to come forward and arrest him, but it seemed like everyone didn’t have the courage to do so.

Gwangpildu smiled bitterly inwardly, looking at him from afar with a frightened look.

Shea ah ah ah!

I thought I could hear the cracking of the air, but someone landed between them.

The face of the person who stood up straight was familiar.

While Kwang Pil-doo was thinking about what his name was, the other person spoke first.

“You were really here.”

As Kwangpildu stared at him without answering, he sharpened his teeth and shot Gwangpildu.

“Last time, I was pretty indebted to you, didn’t I?”

Then I remembered his name.

Gwang Pil-doo said, remembering the fact that he was Ki Chul-min.

“I thought he was dead, but I guess he wasn’t. He recovered quickly.”

“Then did you know that you would just die quietly and be sullen?”

Ki Cheol-min gritted his teeth and continued.

“Today, I will show you bitterness.”

“In what way? Your weapon must have been broken.”

“You know you can’t fight without Tyrbringer?”

To tell the truth, Kwang Pil-doo was right.

Without Tyrbringer, he would not have been a brute force opponent.

If it was just one Gungnir, it was impossible because he had six of the seven-star weapons.

Of course, Ki Chul-min also had Talaria or Dodgeborg’s Circlet obtained from Chernobog’s dungeon, but it was only a secondary weapon.

As if to prove the fact that Ki Cheol-min’s loud voice was bluff, he was not ready to jump in.

Meanwhile, other members of Fenrir appeared one after another.

With the help of God Deok-hwa and Heo Mi-rae, they flew through the air in an instant and surrounded Gwangpil-du in layers.

“If you want to escape this time, you will have to deal with the entire Fenrir army!”

Following Kim Song-geun’s shouts, Godeok-hwa asked him with a chin.

“Before that, I have something to check. Where the hell did that come from?”

What he was talking about was referring to the 7-star armor.

Kwang Pil-doo looked down at the 7-star weapon he was wearing and said.


“From whom?”

Mi-rae Heo asked a natural question in an anxious voice, and Pil-doo Gwang gave a simple answer.

“From Jeong Dae-sik.”

At that, Jaewoo Lee shouted.

“It can’t be! Why did our captain give it back to you?”

Ki Chul-min gritted his teeth and said.

“Even if that were the case, I would have to put it out again.”

As soon as the words fell, Seo Ji-won stepped out.

Gwangpildu flinched.

A strange feeling of incongruity spread around the place where he was standing.

It felt like being trapped in a barrier.

I could see everything and practically nothing had changed, but I felt a great sense of distance.

As a test, Gwangpildu stretched out Gungnir and stirred it.

Unsurprisingly, Gungnir could not cross any space surrounding him.

Last time he fought with the Fenrir unit, there was no Seo Ji-won, so Gwangpil-doo thought that there was a guy with annoying abilities.

Then he suddenly felt annoyed and said.

“Right now, there are monster breaks all over the place, but you guys are so leisurely.

Ki Chul-min was upset at what Gwang Pil-doo said.

“I wonder if we’ve all gathered to catch you? We’ve been asked to support the Magnum raid over here. We’re here to kill that dragon! But luckily, you were here.”

“Then you’ll know that I killed that Gyoryong. Then there’s no reason to fight me, right?”


“I don’t think now is the time to fight each other.”

As if to prove Gwangpil-doo’s words, the ground suddenly trembled.

As I turned my head, a huge swarm of mice began to flock to the buildings and roads.

It wasn’t a normal herd of mice.

It was a hell rat that could only be seen in dungeons.

Behind them were hordes of hell dogs.

Then there were some hell beasts or Cerberus.

It was highly likely that he would appear before long, so there was a lot of tension.

It was at that time when Ki Cheol-min couldn’t figure it out and was swearing.


Suddenly, things like white birds flew out of the air.

Its shape was not an ordinary bird.

It had only a large snout and tail attached to wings as large as a crow.

So they knew that another monster appeared in a swarm and prepared a battle stance.

The birds attacked the swarms of mice and began to eat them all.

After the birds swept away the swarms of mice, all that was left were the Hell Dogs, and it wasn’t long before strange creatures appeared on Earth comparable to the Hell Dogs.

Likewise, those with only large mouths on their heads grazed frightened, dazed raiders, and attacked the fel dogs.

Soon, a fierce fight broke out between them, and a welcome voice flew from the air saying they were bewildered as to what was going on.

“What are you all doing in a crowd?”

The crew all turned their heads towards it in unison.

And when he found a figure descending from the sky, he couldn’t hide his happy expression.

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