A Cash Warrior Chapter 79

A Cash Warrior 79

# 79

– Volume 4 Episode 4

Seeing the shiny Wyvern egg, the investigation team could not help but admire.

To be precise, Jeongyeon Lee’s eyes lit up as if she was looking at a huge diamond.

“Is this a Wyvern egg? Baby, be pretty too!”

Lee Jeong-yeon, who was clinging to the egg, spoke with a recalled expression.

“Oh my God! I think my heart has already been made. I can hear it beating.”

Jeong Dae-sik pulled Lee Jeong-yeon’s arm.

“No matter how pretty it is, that’s a monster’s egg. What’s inside is a cannibal-eating monster! It’s better to be careful.”

At Jeong Dae-shik’s warning, Lee Jeong-yeon laughed softly.

“It may still be so. But not all monsters prefer human meat. Depending on the type of monster, there are some that do not eat humans. They only attack humans because they are easier prey. Hunters recklessly hunt monsters. It’s also because they’re trying to hunt them down.”

Jeong Dae-sik frowned at the tone that seemed to be on the side of the monster.

“Why did the Awakened people appear in the world? The gods gave humans mysterious abilities in order to exterminate beings from the other world… In other words, to kill monsters! Monsters are not like wild animals. different.”

“Of course not! Monsters will have a completely different use than wild animals.”

I wanted to refute more by saying that it was Moore, but Dae-sik Jeong was not used to this kind of arguing.

I don’t even see the need to go so far.

However, I was vaguely rejected by Lee Jung-yeon’s way of thinking.

Then, I suddenly wondered where I was going to take the Wyvern egg and use it.

Even if it’s just an egg, what’s inside is a living monster.

Taking it out of the dungeon!

It seemed dangerous for any purpose.

‘I don’t know, though.’

The container containing the Wyvern eggs was tightly sealed.

It would be the first to be transported out of the dungeon.

Since the targeted Wyvern egg was safely secured, the purpose of this dispatch was actually accomplished.

However, there were still supplies left, and it was necessary to dismantle the hunted monsters and take out the by-products, so we decided to stay for another 24 hours.

In the meantime, several personnel have been called in to assist the investigation team in their exploration.

It was not possible to visit the nest where the Wyvern’s eggs were due to the distance, but Song Ki-beom and Lee Jeong-yeon decided to be satisfied with looking around the Wyvern’s realm.

The crew accompanying them were all the personnel who entered and exited the Wyvern’s nest, except for Kim Si-on and Yoo Tae-hoon, who were wounded.

Jeong Dae-shik was able to detect and avoid monsters, and Park Mu-won had the ability of a healer.

Buffer and debuffer Hwang Yu-mi and Heo Mi-rae were essential to accompany, and So Kang-doo, who was trying to make up for his mistakes, and Shin Chae-woon, who had the ability of a powerful tank, joined.

As he led the investigation team into the realm of the Wyvern, Jeong Dae-sik felt somewhat regretful.

Due to this hunt, I accidentally spent close to 1.9 billion won.

It felt like my pockets were empty when the balance had dropped to one spot.

It was actually empty. It was difficult to see the amount of money that was only about 1 million won as money.

‘I don’t know how much money I made from this hunt, but I don’t think the Crazy Buffalo will make that much money. The Grand Mall only caught one, and I don’t know which part makes the money. The wyverns I hunted at the most were left behind in the depths of the realm…’

Jeong Dae-sik tickled his tongue inwardly.

The foreign troops’ income this time was purely proportional to the number of monsters they caught and killed.

It was a condition of the contract to have all the monster settlement money you hunted, so the more monsters you catch, the better.

However, it didn’t seem like he had hunted a monster to the extent that he would have been satisfied with Jeong Dae-sik’s thoughts.

Rather, it seemed that more money was spent on acquiring the attention extension skill and increasing its effect.

At the very least, I got impatient at the thought that I had to do it.

‘There are still 24 hours left. Now that the Wyvern’s egg has been removed, the subspace is empty. I have to fill this up, but I can say that this hunt was worthwhile.’

The problem is the investigation team.

As long as he was carrying the investigation team with him as a security guard, he couldn’t act arbitrarily.

Jeong Dae-sik made a plan in his head.

“I’m going to rest here for a while.”

Jeong Dae-sik said, pointing to the pit under the emerald rock, which is not easily seen by monsters.

Ki-beom Song, Jeong-yeon Lee, and her assistant were quite tired because they had been walking around for a long time.

They showed a happy expression when they were told to rest and headed there.

We decided to eat for a while during the break, and while Park Mu-won stood guard, everyone took out emergency food.

Jeongyeon Lee took it out and ate it, then nodded and fell asleep.

As you can see, it was not in a situation to move quickly.

Jeong Dae-sik thought it was fine and suddenly shouted.

Heo Mirae, startled, said.

“Ah, no… I suddenly feel sick to my stomach.”

Jeong Dae-sik shook his head saying nothing was wrong, then grabbed his stomach again and pretended to be sick.

Then, Yumi Hwang, who was chewing on a biscuit, stole the corner of her mouth and brushed off the powder.

“What? Where does it hurt? Can I help you?”

“No. I guess I’ll have to go see some business.”

Hearing that, Sogangdu giggled.

“What is it, a stomachache?”


Jeong Dae-sik realistically grabbed his butt and came out of the bottom of the rock in a slumped posture.

And as if embarrassed, he glanced behind him, widening the distance.

Jeong Dae-sik, who sat down in a suitable place and disappeared, quickly looked around.

With the attention expansion skill, he could easily find where the monster was.

Last night I had extended attention for a long time in a state of extreme tension, and now I’m used to using it as if I was playing with my limbs.

‘great! There’s something in the near future!’

Jeong Dae-sik used his speedy skill and ran to the monster.

As I ran, I saw that it was a worm.

He was bigger than the worm I saw yesterday, but…

‘As long as you have recovered your magic, you can’t be my opponent!’

“Enhanced power.”

Awesome Awesome!

He clenched his fists as he ran.

A heavy sound resounded, and Adamant Knuckle smashed the worm’s head from behind.

The guy couldn’t even finish his horse.

Not knowing that he was going to die, he went out in one blow.

iron duck.

Jeong Dae-sik hurriedly put the worm’s body, which had fallen on the floor with his head blown away, into the subspace.

And, as when leaving, he quickly returned to his place using his haste.

He immediately got up from the bushes, pretending to have finished his errands, and approached them.

He was away for less than 10 minutes.

Jeong Dae-sik urged those who wanted to rest more with a relaxed smile.

“Well then, shall we go back?”

Several times after that, Jeong Dae-sik left while the party was taking a break or using reconnaissance as an excuse.

Then, he caught any monsters wandering nearby and shoved them into the subspace.

The Wyvern was so ferocious and powerful that it was difficult to catch him right away.

Since they could not go deep into the realm where the wyverns are haunted, they hunted worms, grand moles, and giant bison, a species similar to the crazy buffalo.

Even though the giant bison had only his head cut, the space quickly filled up.

By the time I returned to the base camp after completing the exploration, there was no room to put more in the subspace.

Of course, no one else noticed that Jeong Dae-sik was hunting something.

Therefore, there was no need to share the income with the other crew members.

Since it was only Jeong Dae-sik, he withdrew from the dungeon with a satisfied smile.

After leaving the dungeon and returning home, Jeong Dae-sik was afraid to return home and slept for almost a day.

The length of the day and night in the dungeon was different from reality, and he was very tired because he used the attention extension skill all the time in tension.

When I woke up from a good night’s sleep, my body and mind were all refreshed.

Living in a bright and spacious house with plenty of sunlight, it seemed more like that.

When I stayed in an inn room without a window, I didn’t feel like I was sleeping, and my body was always heavy.

However, my condition seemed to be blown away when I came to a house where people live.

‘It’s not like the Tower Palace.’

Jeong Dae-sik, who had been thinking about it for a long time, shook his head.

‘What is this petty civic thought? You can’t be satisfied here!’

Jeong Dae-sik rushed himself into the bathroom.

After a refreshing shower in the shower room, he got ready to go out.

‘Where, shall we take a ride?’

He picked up the leather case he had been given as he entered the raid on Titan.

I locked the door of the house with the card key and walked out of the garage to see a lucrative private car.

‘This is the car I will be riding from today!’

Since he had been given the car and kept it in the garage all the time, Dae-sik Jeong opened his mouth wide and looked around the car anew.

Attack on Titan was provided with all vehicles from Company H.

Although it was not sponsored by a famous overseas company because it was a small and medium-sized raid, there were many raids that did not have such benefits at all.

Even for a domestic company, it was a great job.

There were many reasons why the Titan Raid was provided with a vehicle free of charge from Company H.

Hunters made huge amounts of money as the extended reality world began and the dungeon era began.

Companies around the world were in the process of developing products for such hunters.

The most representative of the dogs was the car.

Most of the dungeons are terrain not suitable for moving by car, and the sound of the engine could attract monsters, so there were many cases of moving on foot while hunting.

However, the story is different when carrying monster by-products.

Usually, after hunters hunt in a specific area, there is a blank space in the monster’s area.

Therefore, it was somewhat safe until another monster took over the area.

Use the gap to set save points or set up a base camp so that porters will process and transport monster by-products.

In the process, a vehicle is needed, of course, a normal vehicle running on the road is of no use.

The terrain in the dungeon was very rough, and when attacked by monsters, the super high-strength steel plate was bound to tear like a piece of paper.

Therefore, illegal modification was inevitable.

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