A Cash Warrior Chapter 81

A Cash Warrior 81

# 81

-4 Volume 6

He entered the vacant lot with trembling steps and burst into laughter at the monster by-products piled up like a mountain.

“Khahahaha! This is amazing! Hey, how many of these are you? Did you catch all of them by yourself? Heck, you caught them alone, so you must have brought them alone!”

The man smiled lightly and suddenly took out a business card from his pocket.

“Nice to meet you! I’m a disguise!”

“Yes, I am Jeong Dae-sik.”

Jeong Dae-sik accepted the business card at once.

Thinking that it might be a surprisingly useful network, I politely shook hands with him, and the disguise man chatted a few words with the man at the monster waste disposal facility.

And brought out the gist.

“Look at it, it looks like they brought it without dismantling. It seems difficult to put a price on each one… Why don’t you just pass it on to five pages?”

five chapters?

5 billion?

Jeong Dae-sik immediately blushed at the thought of nonsense and tried to protest.

But when the disguise man stared at him with his eyes narrowed, he realized his misunderstanding.

‘5 billion!’

Even if you think about it with common sense, it doesn’t make sense to receive this amount of monster by-products for 500 million won.

50 billion was right.

‘…Of course, it may be less than the amount of money received by disassembling and appraising each by-product. But it will take a long time, and there is a high possibility that you will not buy it. About 5 billion won is a good price, so it might be better to just pass it on.’

Jeong Dae-sik finished the calculation and nodded his head thinking that there was nothing to lose.

“Okay. However, you must pay in cash in a lump sum. We will hand over it after confirming it on the spot.”

At Jeong Dae-sik’s words, Byeonjang-su shrugged his shoulders.

“Am! To see if there is. Wait a minute!”

He called somewhere and asked to wait for a while over a cup of coffee.

Jeong Dae-sik drank another cup of irresistible coffee, and after about 30 minutes, the disguise officer heard the phone ring and checked it.

“Um, okay. Would you like to call the account?”

Jeong Dae-sik called the account that was newly opened the other day.

Hunters usually used a dedicated account separately.

Once the Hunter license is issued, the limit of the designated account is automatically extended, but there was a limit here too, so to use an unlimited limit account, you had to get a separate issue.

Joining the Titan Raid and receiving a settlement account, a separate unlimited account was also issued.

Of course, no matter how many accounts you have, the total amount is displayed in the shop window.

All cash available online seemed to be included, whether tied up as a deposit or not.

When the money runs out, naturally, deposits are also in a state of cancellation.

Of course, cancellation would require procedures such as consent, but Democritus’ authority ignored that point.

“Now, I’ve paid, so let’s check it out.”

At Byeon Jang-soo’s words, Jeong Dae-sik checked the balance and saw that 5 billion had been properly deposited.

As he nodded, a large refrigeration truck arrived in front of the disposal site.

As the freezer compartment opened, foreign workers rushed out from inside.

They quickly carried the monster carcass into the container.

“Take care of it!”

The disguise general who shouted at them once, soon showed a good smile.

“If you need to deal with something like this from now on, please call the contact number on that business card. Then I’ll run to you right away wherever you are.”

Then there was no need to go to the monster disposal site one by one.

Jeong Dae-sik smiled.

“Okay. See you soon.”

Now that the money has come in, the first thing you need to do is be smart.

Daesik Jeong summoned entropy as soon as he returned home.

Jeong Dae-sik burst into laughter when he saw the entropy that appeared in the air.

I did not know that I would earn 5 billion won today, so it felt pretty good.

“Do you not know how to say anything other than that greeting?”

“If you upgrade the shop, you mean that she transforms into a full-bodied beauty?”

Jeong Dae-sik paused and asked a question.

“If it’s my need… you mean it’s going in the direction I want it to go?”

“Uh huh… So, if I desperately want a full-bodied beauty, that’s what I’m saying, right?”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

If you think about it honestly, what Dae-Sik Jeong wanted was the ability to earn more money, not the beauty of the face.

Thinking that the one made of gold ingots would be more realistic, Dae-Sik Jeong moved on to the useless conversation.

“It’s impossible to upgrade the shop right now, even if you don’t have the money, and among the skills I can acquire, you can move… Yes, fly! Are there any skills that can fly?”

It was my first time fighting a flying monster in the last hunt, so I had a lot of feelings about this and that.

It was even more so because I was traveling with many unique talents.

In particular, Yoo Tae-hoon’s ability was amazing.

Because of the characteristics of his abilities, he did not see the true nature of his abilities during simulated training.

Even after years of life as a porter, he had never seen a hunter, also called a necromancer, corpse manipulator, or dead burimi.

This is because the existence of a Necromancer has a rarity comparable to that of a Duelist.

Well, surprisingly, Kim Si-on’s ability was also great.

It was more so because it was an ability that targets people, not monsters.

Shi-on Kim is living as a hunter according to his conscience and morals, so it’s a shame, as he has the ability to influence people’s minds.

Although not from the Titan attack, Shin Chae-woon’s ability from the Cheongun Manma Attack was also worth noting.

The weapon that can only be described as an umbrella was very impressive.

Although it looks sloppy in appearance, it satisfies both attack and defense, and it seemed to function as a means of transportation after hearing about it.

I don’t know, but it seemed to be AA level.

The abilities of such several hunters were suggesting a new direction for Jeong Dae-sik, who would become an all-in-one in the future.

If they could have all of their abilities together, I didn’t know that the raid that Jeong Dae-sik would make in the future would be an unprecedented raid.

But that’s for later… Right now, I wanted to have the ability to fly.

When I saw Yoo Tae-hoon’s Undead Wyvern riding across the dungeon at once, I wanted to have a similar ability.

Not only was it advantageous to deal with flying monsters such as the Wyvern, but it was also possible to reduce the travel time in a wide dungeon.

This time around, I was earning a decent amount of extra hunting, so I thought I would continue if I had a chance in the future.

However, to hunt secretly, fast speed was essential.

If you have quick skills and flight skills, you will be able to travel far and wide within a short period of time.

“A floating body… Then I saw something like that.”

I didn’t care because the skill name didn’t seem like much, but floating body was literally the ability to lighten the body.

Like a steel body or attention extension, it is a passive skill that allows you to freely increase or decrease your weight without any special starting words.

At the first level, the effect was not so great, it seemed to be just jumping high or not being swept away by the strong wind.

However, as the level increased, it was possible to float in the air like a bird or to weaponize the body itself with a tremendous weight.

“Hmm… Well, the skill acquisition is only 10 million won, so I’ll have to try it first and think about it. Let’s get the floating body skill.”

“And I’ll buy the stealth skill and the sabotage skill as well.”

Watching Hwang Yu-mi and Heo Mirae active, I felt that I needed those two types of skills as well.

Furthermore, as the attention extension skill enables monster detection, it will be easier to avoid monsters if you have stealth and sabotage skills.


Jeong Dae-sik was greedy for attack power.

Already, he was able to do a very powerful attack at the level of 5 with his powerful powerful fist.

In front of the powerful force of reinforcement, almost all monsters were knocked down with one blow.

In most cases, there was no need to use reinforcement, but I wanted to have a stronger attack power after hearing that the attack power was great for some reason.

“Is it better to buy a new skill to improve attack power? Or is it better to upgrade an enhancement skill? Or is it better to upgrade a powerful power?”

“Um, that’s right. It was Moonhyeon Woo. Okay.”

Jeong Dae-sik said excitedly.

“I’ll buy the invincible skill first!”

“And upgrade your strengthening skills.”

“Finally, I’ll upgrade my powerful power.”

As a result, I spent 2.04 billion won in one sitting.

From 5 billion to almost half of the money was wasted in an instant.

Thinking it was an extreme luxury, Jeong Dae-sik stuck out his tongue inwardly.

‘I can’t get used to being able to spend several billions in one place.’

Still, seeing the number of items in the skill window increased, I was happy.

I wondered if this is how women feel proud after buying handbags and shoes and displaying them.

Jeong Dae-shik looked at the skill window and fiddled with his chin.

‘I didn’t intend to even purchase the Invincible Fist… but it’s a pity that there’s only one close-range attack pattern, the Strong Fist.’

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