A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 1

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 1

The gate opened on the first day

A world where the gates were opened on the first day of his term as a member of the National Assembly.

happening in a burning world


i thought i was lucky

I am a member of parliament at the age of 27. even constituency. Perhaps he was successful enough to be counted among his peers.

“I will abide by the Constitution, strive for the promotion of the people’s freedom and welfare, and for the peaceful reunification of the country…”

I can’t stand it as I am filled with ecstasy while I am reciting the oath in a trembling voice at the National Assembly.

“Putting the national interest first and fulfilling the duties of a member of the National Assembly according to conscience…”

At the class reunion, I had a riot with my friends, and I gave my cousin a position as a 7th grade civil servant assistant. We even ate rice with our local market.

A four-year contract civil servant and a walking constitutional institution. The axis of the separation of powers, the legislative branch. It’s so good I think I’m going to die

“I solemnly swear before the people that I will faithfully carry out my duties.”


The ceiling collapsed and something fell like a meteorite.


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