A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 2

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 2

EP 1 – I lost my job (1)

“What? Huh, really. I didn’t see that friend like that…”

Rep. Yang Pan-seok, who sat in the back seat, frowned. I turned the handle as carefully as possible not to offend the planting.

“Ah, I see. Don’t tell anyone first. It’s just scratched.”

drop. The old man hung up the phone and threw his cell phone aside.

I am this yangban’s assistant. The horse is more like a secretary driver.

Therefore, he knew everything about the person named Yang Pan-seok.

3rd term Democrat.

When you talk about hair loss, it hits you.

I don’t put sugar in my coffee.

A person who doesn’t like to make enemies even if he loses.

Now, he is slowly being treated as a party leader.

Of course, the last one was the most important. His position as the nomination management chairperson proved him.

The nomination management chairperson is an important person in determining who will be sent to the election. Of course, it’s not a single decision, but it’s still a very powerful position. Enough support fire to destroy a faction.

Also, I am very skinny in my 60s, so I have a lot of health concerns. I hate to worry about it openly, but I also like to take care of it secretly.

And when you feel bad, you have to ask the person next to you to feel better.

“What’s going on?”

“The yangban who was supposed to run for Tongyeong-goseong-gun was arrested by the police. It seems that the Republican Party is also preparing to bite off the smell.”

With great power comes great responsibility. Regarding the problems that occurred during the nomination process, Yang Pan-seok, the head of the diplomatic mission, writes a venomous note. He sighed heavily, looking tired.

“Hey go. Seeing the stingy on the eve of the nomination registration, someone wrote the tactic. Whether it’s the Republican Party or the Democrats who don’t like me.”

“Don’t be too heartbroken, Senator. Isn’t Tongyeong-Goseong the Republican Party’s garden anyway? There’s no way the Democratic Party will be elected in a port city in Gyeongnam.”

“…it’s not very comforting.”

“Hehe, do you think I spilled the inedible mochi on the floor?”

Yang Pan-seok laughed and shook his head.

“If you make it small, it becomes small, and if you make it large, it is the bottom. What will I be if the Republican candidate wins without a vote?”

“Is that so?”

“I’m sure the public will forget that I didn’t see anyone in the fight, and I’m sure they’ll bite me for being a beggar in the nomination process. Don’t you hate seeing me become the party leader like that?”

“Because there are many enemies who are politically conscientious.”

“You must stop uncle.”

“It’s not my uncle.”


Although he is rough, he is not a twisted grandfather, but he is enjoying his work life. He is also a yangban with a lot of leftovers.

“Oh, by the way, was your hometown Tongyeong?”

“Yes. I grew up eating fish.”

look at this Don’t you even know the secretary’s hometown? Of course, it was clear that I had done a background check to make sure I was a trustworthy person, but anyway, it doesn’t feel bad to take good care of me.

“…you, did you get into a pretty good college?”


“Where did elementary and middle school come from?”

“Sat, it’s Tongyeong.”


Something, I have an ominous feeling. Rep. Yang Pan-seok is the chairman of the diplomatic mission. If the Democratic nominee was taken over by the police, and the Republican Party was elected without a vote, it was clear that they would be humiliated.

“Han Seung-moon.”


“Aren’t you thinking of running for office?”

I quickly rolled the ball. Rep. Yang Pan-seok is trying to get me to run for the National Assembly election. Because if you don’t put a candidate there and your opponent wins without a vote, you’ll be cursed.

Of course, the port towns of Tongyeong and Goseong in Gyeongsangnam-do are the Republican Party’s garden. There’s no way the Democrats will be elected just because they’re crazy.

In other words, he’s trying to send me into a fight I can’t win.

To avoid responsibility as a mission chairperson.

Now, let’s think about the damage I’m going to get.

To register as a candidate, I have to pay a deposit of 15 million won. If you don’t get more than 15% of the votes, you won’t get your money back.

Then I’ll be f**ked.

In addition, after serving 20 years as a civil servant in the National Assembly, you will receive a civil servant pension. I have to beat a level 7 civil servant to register as a candidate and lose the 4 years of service I have accumulated. It is questionable whether Rep. Yang Pan-seok will accept me again after the election.

Can I bet a job and 15 million won for Rep. Yang Pan-seok?

Conclusion: The sooner you answer, the better.

All these decisions were made in less than a second. I answered in a voice that was as quiet as possible.

“Yes. I will.”

Anyway, if you go against the planting, it will be cut off the same. Rather, Rep. Yang Pan-seok, who asked the question, was more embarrassed, and tilted his head with an ironic look.

“Are you thinking and answering?”


“Then why would you do it?”

“Uh huh, did you do it?”

Better to prove your loyalty.


Silence hangs in the car, and I swallow dry saliva while pretending to be calm. I didn’t know Rep. Yang Pan-seok’s expression, but he didn’t even look into the rearview mirror so that they didn’t make eye contact.

“Huh. I didn’t know there was a corner for drugs like this.”

A meaningful line was heard, and I was frightened and looked in the rear-view mirror to see Rep. Yang Pan-seok’s expression.

He was smiling as if he was looking at his grandson Jerong.

“Han Seung-moon.”

“Yes, four?”

“There’s a cute side that doesn’t look like young people these days.”

“Ah, ah ha ha…”


“Are you crazy?”

“Ah! What!”

“15 million won? 15 million won? Hey, you bastard dog…!”

Yeo Do-yeon threw a pillow at me. Still, it looks like the rough-looking guinea pig is properly horned.


“Oh, I don’t know. You’re not my brother.”

“Lend me five million won!”

“Turn it off. Please.”

I grabbed my cousin’s ankle, who was one year older, and drooped. Both are from Gyeongsangnam-do, so they are living together in Seoul.

“You have a lot of money…”

“In my 28 years of life, I haven’t paid you back since I borrowed 500 won to buy a chick when I was 8.”

“You were runner-up last time…”

She was a mixed martial artist. I played it like it looked.

“I gave all the prize money to my mother.”

“Then tell your aunt to borrow a little…”

“Don’t you know that my mother paid for your tuition?”

“Yes, I went on a scholarship.”

“That’s…! …well done.”

I lost my parents in a car accident when I was 15.

I also have a prosthetic foot on my left ankle,

He lived with his aunt, who was his only relative.

My aunt and aunt were good friends, and I liked people. My aunt was even a lawyer, so she willingly paid my college tuition.

I entered a prestigious university as a disabled person because I was prosthetic from the left ankle, and I got a scholarship to go to college because I felt sorry for my aunt and uncle. So, Yeo Do-yeon and I are close to siblings.

“So, only five million won.”

She raised her middle finger without saying a word.

“I know you’re going to give me money anyway. It’s not even the money you can’t get!”

“Is there a guarantee that the vote rate will exceed 15%?”

“Isn’t Gyeongnam looking at the Democratic Party too favorably?”

“The other party is a constituency tycoon!”

It was. My opponent, a Republican congressman, was a four-term mogul. Even the constituency built-in. There was absolutely no chance that I would win.

“It’s not a fight you’re trying to win.”


“There are times when a man has to fight even though he knows he will lose.”


She kicked me in the face with her foot. I hit the ball too hard. It feels humiliating, but there is no reason not to bow down in front of money and power.

“It’s kicking.”

“go away.”

“Level 7 assistant, no. Do you know how precious the opportunity for a driving shuttle to owe a three-term tycoon to the head of the consulate?”

It wasn’t the election that mattered. I was proving that I was able to offer up to 15 million won and a 7th-level civil service job for Rep. Yang Pan-seok.

“If you catch your eye, you can go up to a level 5 secretary instead of an apprenticeship secretary. If you hold out a little longer, you will go to a level 4 assistant. It’s a job anyway, it’s cut off at the doctor’s finger, and 1500 is almost certain to get you back. Isn’t this the chance of a genius Ilwoo?”

Yeo Do-yeon looked at me for a moment with an expressionless expression.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Ah, a little…”

She frowned and snorted.

“…How long can I give it to you?”

“I love Doyeon so much-“

“Shut up.”


I smiled and followed Doyeon Yeo’s McCall. She took the cup I politely handed over to her and asked.

“How long do I have to give it?”

“Uh, the nomination registration is until tomorrow…”

I laughed softly.


That day, I could see all the techniques that Yeo Do-yeon uses in the ring.


It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough 15 million won to make money.

I didn’t join the military thanks to my ankles, so I started my social life early thanks to saving two years, and I saved quite a bit of money by serving as the driving secretary for Rep. Yang Pan-seok with my academic background and personal connections.

The problem is the election campaign. In order to look good to Rep. Yang Pan-seok, he had to show that the Democrats didn’t skimp on fights they couldn’t win.

I must show dedication to the party.

election car rental

sportsman dining table,

Election Song Copyright, etc.

1 billion is easily broken.

It’s crazy that I’m ‘imitation’ of the election campaign, if I had a ‘real’ election campaign…

Representative, Rights Party member Pochi,


election banner,

opening ceremony,

Business card,

phone publicity,

Election office rent.

car rental.

5 billion is broken. I’m glad it’s 1 billion.

Still, I took all my fortune. It would have been really difficult if Rep. Yang Pan-seok hadn’t given him 30 million won in slush funds.

I was still a pretty good candidate. Rep. Yang Pan-seok also liked that Waku was well-crafted.

Graduated from elementary, middle and high school in Tongyeong, a prestigious university, the disabled, and the youth.

He’s one of my favorite Democrats.

I didn’t just put my name up with 15 million won without notice, but I was really excited about it because I was running an election campaign with all my fortune, so I sent a few people to support me.

In front of the Education Support Office in Jukrim-ri, Tongyeong-si, I was sitting at the edge of the fountain, sweating profusely, brushing my teeth through education for the disabled (the Democratic Party’s favourite), panting.

It’s a city of staunch Republican supporters, and although old people sometimes swear by them, I didn’t run to be elected, but to look good to the Democrats.

“Hey, are you a dog?”

“Ah! Uncle!”

“This is a little mura. Your favorite tuna rice ball, Ankana.”

“I’m the only one eating…”

“It’s rare for all the sportsmen. You’re Shima.”

A warm-hearted teddy bear Busan man Yeo Do-sik handed me a tuna rice ball. He is also a tough Busan man who lives in captivity by his wife and daughter.

“How did you know I was here?”

“I asked the Ngu office staff.”

“Did you come here after going to the office?”

“Ah, the base I came from asking about on the phone.”

Seeing that the onigiri had been smashed in half, it was obvious that he had gone to the office and then came here. It is a rice ball full of love and sincerity.

I replied with a happy smile.

“But why isn’t your aunt coming?”

“You bastard. Why is the lawyer coming here?”

“Hey, my nephew is playing sports, but he can’t even come this far!”

“I was bored and sat down…”

“A corporate lawyer without blood or tears! Fee sucking mosquitoes! Who the Democrats hate!”

My aunt worked for a large law firm. He is a professional in cleaning behind large corporations.

In fact, the forces that tried to undermine Yang Pan-seok (probably who created this division now) mentioned it slightly, but it was such a trivial matter that Senator Yang told me not to be rude.

My uncle smirked and handed me the envelope.

“Yeah. Black money sent by Aunt Negu, who has neither blood nor tears.”

“Ah! Mr. What will I be if I take it out of here!”

“Take it, bastard. Don’t pull it behind your hand.”

“Ah! Lee! Violation of the Political Funds Act!”

“Shut up. It’s Abby’s pocket money, and it’s illegal.”

Do-sik, a Busan man, lightly hooked a hook on my chin and shoved the money into my inner pocket. He wiped my sweat with a handkerchief.

“I live hard.”

“……thank you.”

“I’m waiting for the executioner and the older brother would have liked it.”

He smiled as if he had it all.

Suddenly, it was a bit miserable to be playing so hard to look good, but now I am so busy that I can’t even think about it. That’s how living

“…Ah! Ugh, Ewwon-nim! Eupwon-nim!”

The secretary-general sent by the Democratic Party rushed to me. It was so urgent that he grabbed my shoulder and panted, sweating profusely.

“Uhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“I’m a candidate. A little word…”

“No! Ah! That, that, what?”

The best day of my life has come.

“Republican senator arrested for violating the political finance law!”

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