A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 113

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 113

EP 19 – The sword should be used as a blade, not as a body (7)

flower eleven red

flowerless day

10 years old


There is no red flower for ten days, and the power does not last ten years.

As the old saying goes, power was very fluid.

Even more so in a democratic society. This is because there are times when power is concentrated at a certain point depending on the interests of each person. That is why there is such a thing as the prime of modern politicians.

Those days, when people’s attention was captured with a single word, moved mountains with a single phone call, and the country shook with one finger.

And, the media, politics, academia, and business circles said with one voice—

[Secretary Han Seung-moon begins construction of the Jeju undersea tunnel….]

[The Portrait Management Department has come into sight to establish the Hunting Training Institute.]

[Soaring magic stone value, is it a good thing? Is it bad news?]

Now was my time.

* * *

Tyroring – !

The bell hanging on the door of the constituency office rang clearly. A beautiful woman in a neat women’s suit. She trudged over and sat down on the sofa.

A gold badge was attached to her suit.

“Ugh. Is Hojeong here?”

“Yeah… it’s hard to see you face to face. Aren’t you kidding me these days?”

“Your face is no joke. hey. Why are you so dry?”

“Would you like me to do it only for you…?”

It was Lee Ho-jung.

Like all politicians during the election season, it was exhausting. Because she was running for the Nationalist Party’s primary.

The place where I left and became vacant.

“How is the competition? Are you okay?”

“Don’t talk. Shin Soo-gwang was excited to eat the chairman of the platoon, and then suddenly pushed in some kind of dog-like yangban…”

She had a hard time meeting a strong enemy in the primary election.

“Ahh. Vice President of the Seoul Refugee Camp Federation? You said you were a yangban who even had proportional representation in the past?”

“…tt, it’s a little stronger than I thought.”

“You still have a lot of dominance. That alone is great. in your weight class.”

In fact, Hojeong Lee was in a disadvantageous position in many ways.

Age, gender, specs, occupation, origin, and even appearance.

A 27-year-old former aide. It’s also a beauty. Rather, it was a person who would suit the cover model of a fashion magazine, and the major opposition party leader was not very recognizable.

However, the strengths she definitely has are her characteristic vicious speech, media play, political judgment (nunchi), and the legitimacy of Han Seung-moon’s successor to me.

Actually, the last one was a huge advantage. It was no exaggeration to say that one challenged the floor leader.

However, the reason she struggles even with my name tag on is that the election for the floor leader is an election between lawmakers and not the people.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the style that the inspirations would like?”


“It’s unavoidable.”

I comforted the poor Lee Ho-jung.

The parliamentary election was an election that required votes from members of the same legislature, not from the people. And most of the lawmakers were reluctant to have a young blue-eyed guy sit as their second-in-command.

Above all, the influence of the 20 million metropolitan refugee cartel could not be ignored.

Hojeong Lee pointed out that point.

“… Our party alone has 70 proportional representatives in the loss area of the metropolitan area. Thanks to that, the Shin Soo-kwang series is calling the ages too quickly.”

“Isn’t that the man who led the refugee camp in the metropolitan area?”

“tt… At least the branch of Chung Joong-yeop was united, but he is consistent only with being completely neutral…”

“Why do you sound so sad? Wasn’t this what you expected?”

“Yes. The problem is that I can’t guarantee that I will win 100%. sorry.”

“Will you tell me that winning or losing is a sick boss? Don’t be too nervous.”

Hagiya, a 27-year-old former aide, where is the trustworthy image? In particular, being an aide came as a big weakness.

Aide is considered by lawmakers as slaves, but it is impossible to have a former aide as the floor leader. Of course, the story is different when you get older and gain experience, but she was a beginner. Also 27 years old.


And the most important thing is-

“The factions on the audience side will support you from now on.”

– Behind her is me.

“……I beg your pardon?”

“To be precise, we are going to announce a joint statement tomorrow evening. Keep pushing and keep pushing. Okay?”

“Oh, no. Wasn’t that neutral? I know that people go diving after getting a lot of scratching during the presidential election… Ah! Police Law! It’s a police law, right!?”

So, look.

“The details are over. I told Ilho to upload the fast track of the Jeju Autonomous Police Act amendment bill.”

“…Will the National Defense Party approve of that?”

“I’m done talking to the VIP.”



From what I have observed as Yang Pan-seok’s assistant for several years, being a politician is a profession in which one can achieve several benefits with one action.

If you shoot a single gun, you have to eat a pheasant, ditch the remaining bones after eating the eggs, and catch the crayfish in order to release your intuition. Some may denigrate it for being an ethnocratic spirit, but in the first place, a good politician must eat everything until he gets tired of it.

The target this time was the audience.

Having resolved the Jeju Autonomous Police Act neatly, I tormented the audience in one way or another.

“hello? Governor. That’s me.”

[haha! Yes. What did you call for?]

“It’s no different, but since development has been focused on Jeju Island lately, there have been a lot of talk about regional discrimination and land prices. So, I am about to start the construction of an undersea tunnel linking Jeolla-do and Jeju-do…”


“It’s an undersea tunnel.”

[no. Yes. Yeah? Undersea tunnel?]

“I had a business plan from the beginning. It was put on hold because it was not economically viable, but how about pushing it forward slowly at this point?”

[…well, thank you for the words-]

“Ah, sorry. To be honest, I didn’t want to put a burden on Governor Cheong, but your Excellency was so blazing…”

[……Ah yes! It was said that it would take some time. We will contact you soon regarding building permits.]

Obtaining permission to build an undersea tunnel connecting Jeolla-do and Jeju-do,


“Ah yes! Governor! That’s me!”

[…Ahaha! Yes, Minister. What’s going on?]

“yes. I heard that there are many complaints about the undersea tunnel within Jeju Island. Are you saying that the opposition of Jeju citizens is so fierce?”

[…that, well. Of course, all policies are bound to have opposition, right? ha ha ha!]

“yes. The land price of Jeju Island falls while doing so, or a monster enters the undersea tunnel. I know there are rumors like this going around. You will suffer a lot.”

[……ah. ah ha ha! No, it’s not a big deal. It will be quiet soon. There was news that the autonomous police force would be deployed. Maybe… ha ha ha!]

Do you press the opposition forces to put you to sleep?


“Yes, I fold. Governor. No difference-”

[What’s going on? Yes?]

“Can I use the Jeju National University lot? A place worth educating hunters-”

[Yes! Write! I know the president well there! I’ll tell you!]

“Oh, thank you.”

Cooperation was also obtained regarding the use of the university site.

Eventually, I stopped harassing him when I heard the news that Chung Joong-yeop had even started skipping the governor’s regular meeting in Busan.


The world is always full of absurdities, and those without power are always silent. That’s the way this world works.

So people are looking for heroes. Waiting for the superman to correct what is wrong. A superman on a white horse longs for the world to be right.


One day you will realize that there are no superhumans.

After all, two options are given to ordinary individuals.

adapting to the absurd reality.


If you twist, will you take power?

“…So I would like to say that I am very fortunate to have taken power. dismissal.”

like that.

The criminal becomes a superhuman and changes the world.

“…this is not correct.”

“Why are you here all of a sudden?”

Quiet Sunday afternoon.

A clear lakeside in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Yangpan-seok was hand-grilling eels on a hot plate. The smell of grilling eels wafted by the lakeside where the clear mountain breeze blew.

Grill on the gravel field,

fishing rods on the shore of the lake,

And even the eels that are golden brown.

It was a meal of ordinary anglers who grilled freshly caught fish.

But. This was no ordinary dining room.

I asked Yang Pan-seok.

“Why do you buy farmed eel and bring it here to grill it?”

We didn’t catch freshwater eels and grill them, but we bought eels from the store and brought them to the lakeside in the mountains to grill them.

It has been that way since ancient times. This was the original style of the yangbansuk. I fish every day, but I actually roasted what I bought at the mart.

So, why stick with this complicated method?

Of course it’s because of parasites. Although it is a bit complicated, it is a way to take care of both health and romance – Yang Pan-seok often said.

But I couldn’t quite understand.

“Can’t we just go fishing and eat at a restaurant on the way home?”

When I was an aide, I followed him with a smile hahahoho and whipped an icebox filled with eels, but now I am the chief minister of the government.

I opposed him head-on.

“I’m bringing a grill plate. Put the eel in the icebox. Bring the sauce. What is this doing?”

“Ew. Because you don’t really know how to look good.”

Yang Pan-seok laughed as if teaching a child.

“I mean grilling eel. I mean, it’s a lot more bizarre than I thought.”

He chuckled and turned the eel over.

“It takes patience.”

Yang Pan-seok, who overturned all the eels, squatted down on the chair and continued the story.

“It’s like grilling eel. There are moments when I just want to eat. But, when you put it in your mouth, it’s still undercooked, so it’s dirty…”


“Do you know why?”

“……I do not know.”

“The eel shell will burn, so turn it over quickly.

and turn over again.

Turn over again….

If you look at it then, only the outer part of it has ripened very plausibly…”

Yang Pan-seok’s eyes shone sharply.

“It becomes hollow food.”


“The same goes for reform.”

He chuckled and turned the eel over.

“Even if it looks like it will burn a little, change it right away. If you push in haste. From the outside, it looks really plausible.”

“Are you saying you missed the bounty?”


Yang Pan-seok shook his head with a bitter expression.

“Even if it burns a little. Even if I want to touch you soon. Even if it seems to be ripe now. If possible, you need to be patient and wait for things to work out without rummaging around.”


“How about if it burns a little? You can cut it out. Or enjoy its own taste.”

He smiled happily and watched the eels ripen.

“……What. Everyone has their own way, though.”

he got up from his seat.

“Where are you going?”

“The scenery is nice.”

Looking towards the camper, it looked like he was going to the bathroom.

“No, so why don’t you eat eel at the restaurant?”

“Bake it deliciously!”

I grilled the eel for a long time in the place where Yang Pan-seok left.

At some point, I thought it was ripe and put it in my mouth.


was undercooked.


As always with advice, listening didn’t change your behavior. While performing the same overwork as usual, it only adds to the uncomfortable feeling.

Reform proceeded without a hitch. It’s my style. I even earned the nickname of Bulldozer Minister.

like that,

The train runs.

Time flows.

The world changes.


As the years pass and the sweltering heat of summer reaches its peak. In front of the large-scale government office in Yeongpyeong-dong, Jeju Island, a large number of tailors lined up.

Those who lined up under the banner were holding red tape in their hands, and in the center of the procession was the President of the Republic of Korea, and I was next to him.

I accepted the scissors handed to me by an unknown official.

Then, with scissors in one hand and tape in the other, I suddenly looked around where I had reached.

Numerous buildings, and construction sites, and journalists and powers were seen.

Everyone was gathered for me.

like that.

Paratech Research Division.

Superintelligence Support Office Headquarters.

Korea Central Maseok Exchange.

Samsung Psionic Central Research Center.

hunting training institute.

National Hunting Technology College.

The stimulant administration center of the GS Maseok Division.

Superhuman Federation Korea branch.

All of this combined.

The launch of Psionic Academy in Korea Paranormal Industrial Complex.

Square – !

It was done with my little scissoring sound.

The sword should be used as a blade, not a body

“……ruler. Look. Think of the sword as a body, not a vehicle. Think of it as projecting magical energy into this sword, just as body magicians like us strengthen the body with magic.”

Jinwoon Seol was teaching students in a large gymnasium.

“Do not limit yourself to the concept of a sword. Anything you pick up can be a sword. And, don’t think of the sword as a sword, but as an extension of my arm. Blood vessels flow through the sword, and magical energy flows through those vessels.”

This is the first class of the Vice President of the Hunter Association. I looked at it happily from the second floor.

“…show me a demonstration.”

Seol Jin-woon held the wooden sword straight at the magic stone lying in the distance. The blue black energy soared in an instant, and then he cut the magic stone in a beautiful trajectory.

It happened in an instant.

Everyone couldn’t hide their surprise.

Seol Jin-woon glanced at me, who was frozen tight, and continued speaking cautiously as if he was telling a secret he had been hiding.

“……Yes. As you can see. When the sword touches the manastone, we can absorb the manastone from a distance.”


“… In other words, if you know the location of the Mana Stone, you can subdue the monster with one sword.”

…a new classification of Hunters.

It was the moment when Knight was born.


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