A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 122

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 122

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (4)

Ho-jeong Lee, who had struggled in the floor leader election, came to me.

“Have you ever had any remarks this time? The fact that the hunters were dispatched was not that the hunters went on their own, but that Minister Han Seung-moon sent them tacitly.”

“Ahh. National Defense Party lawmaker Kim Jae-ryong? A novice in politics did a bit of overwork to get some attention.”

“It’s not Kim Jae-ryong, it’s Kim Jae-yong. And it’s not just a remark, I’m a person who lives in a refugee camp in the constituency, so it seems that Shin Soo-gwang was asked to sell it.”

“Uh… … . You’re going to be George in the minority election?”

“Then why?”

“So, what is the reaction of the people?”

“Obviously what.”

The reason politicians are cursed is simple.

That’s because it’s a two-party system.

“On the internet, opinions that defend the Minister are popular, but in the first place, selfish opinions are not often expressed. In reality, I think it will be about half and half.”

Politicians are usually scorned by half of them no matter what they do, and when such an atmosphere is created, other people are also swept away by the current.

Because man was a beast that swears at someone and comforts himself.

So, politicians have no choice but to be insulted. Perhaps this is the fate of politicians.


“… … Write.”

The solution was simple.

“What was the Superintendent of Superintendent’s Office doing now?”

Ho-jung Lee, who had guessed the meaning of the words, answered with a bright smile.

“… … uhm. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency?”

take a bath

“Open the cabinet, yes.”

* * *

The sound of the heater mixed between the sound of the sleeping lights and the engine sound.

The late-night plane sped through the night sky with silence.

Some fell asleep, some didn’t. It must be because the weight of each person’s life and the way of accepting him were different.


Yeo Do-yeon just couldn’t sleep.

It wasn’t that her concerns and worries didn’t exist. It was because my conscience was often stabbed at the thought of my brother right away.

However, her strong body was now at a level that made her think of sleep as a hobby. In other words, only a few hours of sleep per week was sufficient.


“… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon looked out the window with her arms folded blankly throughout the flight.

Pi Chaewon, who fell asleep while making a sound of Saeaksaek, kept chewing on his long, straight hair, except for occasionally wiping it out of his mouth.

Yeo Do-yeon was staring at the window throughout the flight.

Of course, there was nothing out of the window. In the night sky at dawn, only white clouds subtly distinguish darkness from darkness.

Was it because the passenger plane had risen to the limit altitude, or was it because it was difficult to find light any longer on the ground?

Yeo Do-yeon looked at the darkness outside the window and fell into a rather gloomy contemplation.

so after a few hours

“… … uh.”

Suddenly, she felt the darkness wriggling.

At first, it seemed that the eyes were dim. But that a superman’s eyesight never dulled was a fact she knew best.

Yeo Do-yeon frowned and looked at the ground.

It was just dawn, and the twilight had receded, and it was enough to distinguish the horizon.

The horizon was really bumpy. It was not in the shape of a forest of buildings. Sheer mountain ranges lined the horizon, separating the sky from the ground.

The sun seemed to be rising over the largest of them all.

The dark sky was now said to be bluish, and the sunlight that began to seep in from the corner of the sky melted into the world.


The sun behind the mountain,

reveal it,

When a ray of light fell on the great plain.

“… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon trembled at the shock that rose from deep inside her chest.

“f**k… … .”

Without realizing it, swear words came out, and Yeo Do-yeon found out the identity of the darkness that had been wriggling all the time.

It reminded me of a documentary I watched as a child.

Waves of countless beasts across the Serengeti plains, huge swarms of dust from drones overhead.

different from then.

Her point of view was not on a drone, but on a passenger plane that had risen to the limit altitude, and the countless beasts embroidered on the great plains under the paddle,

Those beasts of destructive number and size that filled the northern and southern horizons of the Gobi Desert,

“… … under. f**k.”

Never been a zebra.

* * *

It was 2:00 PM when the plane arrived in Paris.

And the first thing that greeted the hunters who got off at Charles de Gaulle International Airport was,

[Thank you so much!]

were politicians.

In fact, in terms of numbers, there were a lot more reporters, but they were roughly the same people, so let’s say-, Pi Chae-won thought.

And I laughed as much as I could and listened to the French grandmother’s unfamiliar greetings with Seol Jin-woon.

After reading the minds of the people around me, this grandmother is the prime minister.

And according to what she learned in ‘Law and Politics’ class in high school, and according to the part that came out with the 2nd semester midterm essay type question,

France was a country in which the president and prime minister harmed half and half because it was a two-party government, and in an emergency, the president had full power, but the prime minister could never ignore it.

I don’t think Han Seung-moon could think of him like Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who half-recognized as a hogu, so Pi Chae-won decided to keep his mind sharp.

It means that you have sharpened your abilities sharply.

Of course, the airport was full of people, so she had a severe headache and a slight tear in her eyes, but the girl stood up as much as she could and listened to the Prime Minister’s greetings.

I could understand all foreign languages just by reading the superficial psychology, so there was no problem in understanding. Speaking of which is another matter, though.


The speech disguised as the Prime Minister’s greetings went something like this:

[…] … It is an era where we have to hold hands to survive. And the hand extended by our close friend, France will be deeply grateful and remembered.]

The French Prime Minister frowned and smiled softly.


[I express my infinite gratitude and respect to Korea for sending 1,000 volunteers.]

Politics began to roll.

* * *

France’s political landscape is the result of a twist in political dynamics. The president has the power to appoint a prime minister, but in reality, it is elected by the House of Representatives.

In other words. It is said that the parties of the president and the prime minister may be different.

Of course, because of the runoff voting system, this didn’t happen in a while, but now it’s not like that.

France had a right-wing president and a far-left prime minister.

That is why the Prime Minister abandoned this division.

[The union’s solidarity becomes a stronghold to firmly protect mankind-]

[Prime Minister, Prime Minister… … !]

An aide ran to the prime minister in the news screen and whispered. However, the clear voice was clearly captured by the microphone.

[30 people… … !]

[What, what? 30… … ?]

The data screen is over. The announcer reported in a sombre voice.

[What a terrible thing to do-]

Tuuk – !

“… … .”

“… … .”

Lumiere turned off the TV, and Pi Chae-won, who sat on the bed, remained silent.

The French Prime Minister made public the reduction of the number of reinforcements from 1,000 to 30. And in the worst way.

“… … Sorry. secretary.”

Eventually, an apple came out of Lumiere’s mouth.

“… … At first, there was a talk with the president that we wanted to settle the matter as gently as possible, but the Prime Minister’s, somewhat, rude-“

“What did the Prime Minister say?”

“He excused it as a mistake.”

It wasn’t a mistake from the circumstances, and it wasn’t a mistake from what Chaewon heard.

The prime minister has turned the hunters from Korea into bastards in the world in an instant.

Lumiere explained the circumstances behind it.

“… … The president is calling for the unification of the EU. On the other hand, the prime minister insists on leaving the EU. So to spread the obvious nationalism-”

It was a really obvious story.

However, it will not come as an obvious story for those whose lives are on the verge of alarm.

It was obvious that anti-Korean sentiment would spread in France in an instant.

“… … .”

Pi Chae-won thought it was ironic indeed.

For political gain, workers dispatched overseas were wrapped up as international relief forces, but under the current circumstances, they were returning as poison.

Korea did not fit in with the calculation of self-interest, so it sent ‘dispatched manpower’, but France’s ‘reinforcement force’, which it was supposed to come, was no more.

Is this your case?

Of course, politicians would know everything they didn’t know, but for the people, this ‘justice’ was the first factor that moved their emotions.

Because people were beings who cursed someone and comforted themselves.

France will not be so different.

“… … .”

What would you do if it was Han Seung-moon?

The moment Pi Chae-won’s accident reached that point, the girl asked Lumière.

“… … .Hey, when did the US say gates open?”

“It was just a mention of the near future. However, the Pentagon was expecting it within a week. Not sure.”

“Then can I see the President?”

* * *

“greatly… … .”

The first impression of the French president looked a bit like Han Seung-moon.

“I’m sorry.”

In the sense that it shows the hardship of a young person.

“Anyway, I didn’t know that old lady would be able to work. I’m going to have a hard time fixing it! haha!”

Of course, he was four times more pleasant than Han Seung-moon. It’s doubled because it’s a lot of laughter, and it’s doubled because it doesn’t seem like you’ll be hiking on the weekend.

Pi Chae-won thought so and sat in the President’s drawing room. The president was at the top, and Lumière was on the other side.

Lumière smiled bitterly and said to the president.

“dismissal. Please give me a tummy… … .”

“Dignity comes from deeds, not attitudes. Lumiere.”

The president smiled wittyly with a light pun, and winked at Lumiere, who responded with a smirk.

“If your conduct is not modest, shouldn’t you have an attitude?”

“Well! Thanks for the somewhat critical encouragement. bailiff.”

“The criticism is correct.”

In many ways, yes.

It was a light atmosphere.

That probably means that the relationship between the two of them tolerates this kind of goodness. By the way, it was meant to be specified.

“Lumière hasn’t changed since the first time I saw it. My wife and daughter are enough for the naughty woman in my life!”

“I’ll pass it on to Mrs.”

“Look at this. because it’s scary Don’t you think so? Secretary Blood?”

“Don’t touch the secretary-”

Pi Chae-won answered the President’s question.

“Ah yes. What. Yes.”

Lumiere was dazzled. The president chuckled and said.

“I don’t know Korean, but I know what it means to nod your head! I think Secretary P. and I can form a somewhat positive consensus- Could you please translate? Lumiere?”

Lumiere told Pi Chae-won, ‘I am a person who gets headaches when I talk. Please understand.” He said that the president was a good interpreter.

The president smiled happily and entered the main topic.

They continued the conversation under Lumiere’s interpretation.

“Now, there was a call from the President of the Republic of Korea that Secretary Phi was the minister’s representative. Is it true?”

“… … In part, yes. I would appreciate it if you could think of it as a connection book.”

“good! Shall we discuss our plans for the future?”

Pi Chae-won asked bluntly.

“Is the prediction true that the gate will happen within a week?”

“Hmm. According to the Americans, yes. The truth is, no one can be sure.”

“Is the expected gate area 82km southeast of London, UK?”

“The same goes for this.”

“The situation is quite urgent.”


“But why did we land in France and not England?”

“Ugh! It’s a sharp question. Secretary!”

The French president smiled broadly.

“That’s because we haven’t yet decided whether the UK is an EU or not.”

* * *

That evening.

After meeting with the president, Pi Chae-won returned to the hotel. It was a hotel for 1,000 people, so it was very cozy for 30 people.

“ha… … .”

Pi Chae-won was lying on the bed in the room, untied his tie, and fell into thoughts.

The conversation with the president was really obvious.

It was said that the public opinion was divided on whether to help Britain or not.

Of course, the president says let’s help, and the prime minister insists not. And in the current political situation, the prime minister has taken the lead.

It is a situation in which the government could be shaken if it dispatched the Seotbuli reinforcements to the UK.

He left an answer to wait a little bit, as we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

It seems that he and Lumierdo had been with President Lumierdo from the beginning of the situation, so he seemed to be very trusting.

So I just had to trust and wait.


“Ugh… … .”

The reason Pi Chae-won rolls around on the bed holding her head like this,

It was because he knew it was the president who ordered the prime minister to f**k Korea.

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