A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 130

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 130

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (12)

Chungcheong defense line.

It is a defense network created by Kim Doo-sik, chief of staff of the 2nd Operation Command, by grafting the disintegrated ROK forces after the collapse of the Seoul encirclement.

It was also one of the biggest factors that made Korea what it is today.

Thanks to the Chungcheong Defense Line, people regained ‘relatively’ stability from the monster again, and Kim Doo-sik emerged as a powerful military man and was scheduled to be appointed as the commander of the Chungcheong-gun-gu district of the ROK Armed Forces in the future.

However, in spite of the name of the Chungcheong Defense Line, there were no huge barriers there.

Of course, there were places where barricades were installed depending on the terrain, but most of them ended up laying down barbed wire or broken buses one after another.

In addition, the Chungcheong defense line occasionally wriggled and changed shape. In some areas, it was moving slightly upward, though. At first, the Chungcheong defense line was lined up in an extremely complex shape.

Nevertheless, after the Seoul incident ended and the defense line in Chungcheong was stabilized, excluding the 92 soldiers who died from misfires, misfires, assault fatalities, and suicides, the number of ROK soldiers killed by monsters was less than 50.

If so, why is this possible?

This is because the concept of the Chungcheong line of defense did not refer to an actual barrier, but rather a kind of defensive tactic and formation arrangement.

In other words, the Chungcheong defense line was a kind of fire network based on self-propelled artillery placed in an optimal location, perfectly controlled air supremacy, and a sophisticated air defense network.

So, rather than being blocked by the Chungcheong defense line and unable to come down, the monster was closer to being dealt with by direct bombardment when it entered the Chungcheong defense line.

The Chungcheong Defense Line was a strategic concept elaborately coordinated by General Kim Doo-sik.

in other words,

[…] … The government has decided to install a large-scale barrier on the Chungcheong defense line. At a press conference this morning, Minister of National Defense Jin Ki-bok announced that the president’s emergency order was triggered-]

[…] … The ROK Army aims to block all threats to national defense coming from the north of the defense line-]

[…] … Some are concerned that this measure is a renunciation of sovereignty over North Korea-]

The sound of building a large wall on the defense line of Chungcheong.

I didn’t mean to stop the monsters.

* * *

The world is shaking.

people shake

Europe, where war had begun to spread, was repeating the fluttering, listening to news from Korea.

And Pi Chae-won was always silently looking down at London from the roof of the hotel. That alone was enough to feel the change in the world.

The girl’s world changed in an instant.

For the first time, when I heard the news that the super-large gate would be opened in northern France, not England,

“God save the Queen!”

“Long live our noble Queen!”

“Send her victorious!”

The British ran out into the streets cheering. A wave of festivals spread across the gloomy London streets.

Britain’s national anthem, which was sung by millions of people as one, was not without its grandeur, but soon the crowd disappeared.

This was because the news that this incident would occur in the form of simultaneous opening of numerous gates rather than a very large gate, and that ‘the UK is also at risk’ was reported.


The little girl who caused all this,

“… … .”

I was just silently watching the world wriggling.

Thousands of people once again filled the streets of London.

Their desperate shouts did not reach the rooftop of the hotel, but their earnest heart reached the little girl.

[Please don’t leave.]

“… … .”

However, today was the day Pi Chae-won was leaving England.

It’s not just her. Most of the hunters dispatched to England decided to return to the mainland of France.

It was because all the announcements from South Korea and the US predicted that ‘the real threat would be to France’.

“… … It’s a little awkward at the end.”

“What can I do? We need to go somewhere more serious.”

“still… … .”

Hunter’s reaction was also not very good. But everyone seemed to agree. Because this was a decision to save more people.

like that.

Even on the last day of leaving London.

On the railing on the roof of the hotel was a little girl looking at the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people surrounded the hotel under an overcast sky. Some even fired their pistols at the sky.

And British armed police fired rubber bullets and water cannons at hundreds of thousands of people trying to push into the hotel.

A fierce siege ensued. And the British public authorities protected Hunter.

“… … .”

The British government graciously accepted the return of the Hunters unexpectedly. In the opinion of Chaewon, the political negotiation must have taken place.

“Ah, Secretary Blood.”

“… … Yes. What’s going on?”

“Due to the situation, it seems unreasonable to go to the airport, so a transport helicopter will arrive soon. You should be able to get to Charles de Gaulle International Airport within today.”

If so, would you even send a helicopter? The British government, which was trying to abet France’s ruin, also seemed to be quite hot.

Perhaps they would be willing to make any sacrifices to cover up the truth. The present favor is probably a part of that.

And it was he who created this situation.

“… … .”

I felt weird.

I thought that the more I learned about politics, the less helpless I would get, but where does this awful sense of helplessness come from?

Unlike in the past, which could not be changed, Pi Chaewon has changed the world sufficiently. And it changed the fate of many people.


The girl’s footsteps as she left England were imbued with utter helplessness. Maybe it was because there were millions of clamors holding the girl up.

However, the girl quietly headed for the helicopter, and it was the bearded face with a familiar face who eventually stopped the steps.


“… … ah.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Under the cloudy sky, Daniel and Pi Chae-won looked at each other for a long time and kept silence.

Pi Chae-won looked at him and flinched,

Daniel quietly held out his hand.


“… … .”

Pi Chae-won looked at the pink rubber gloves held out in front of her.

And carefully holding that big hand,

shaken slightly

* * *

The helicopter flew into the gray sky. London gradually fades away.

“Are you okay?”

“… … Ah yes.”

Yeo Do-yeon looked at the complexion of Pi Chae-won, who was looking down at London. It must have been that he had been up for a few nights, so his eyes were red.

tt, Yeo Do-yeon lightly clicked her tongue.


“yes… … ?”

“Wake up.”

Yeo Do-yeon pulled Pi Chae-won towards her. Pi Chae-won’s head hit Yeo Do-yeon’s shoulder.

“… … Ouch.”

To be honest, Yeo Do-yeon’s shoulders were as hard as a rock.

Still, the warm was the warm,

Pi Chae-won closed her eyes without realizing it.

“… … .”

how much time has passed

It was the sound of a missile exploding that woke Pi Chae-won from a sleepy sleep.

“… … !”

The helicopter aircraft shook violently with a roar. Pi Chae-won opened her eyes wide in surprise.

A sharp sense of urgency, instinctively raised, swept the minds of those around him in an instant. However, no one in the helicopter knew the identity of the explosion.

However, soon the pilot received the radio. and shouted

“Monster spotted!”

The inside of the helicopter was filled with the shouts of the hunters in an instant, and Pi Chae-won quickly turned around and looked through the small window.

the sky was gray,

This was above the sea.

“… … !”

A fighter jet passed over the helicopter in an instant, and in the distance, something burning was falling.


Behind it, a number of dots were visible.

The pilot continued to radio over and over again.

“Blood bats? No way! This is B-24 Airspace! Please check where I am.”

However, the pilot could not continue the radio.


Black planes rushed in front of the helicopter. The helicopter shook violently and raised its altitude. A plane flew past under the helicopter.

Soon after, I heard an explosion sound from behind, and it seemed that the escort had shot it down.


Flying aircraft were not alone.

“Watch your three!”

“Mayday! Mayday! Lightning two down!”

As the pilots’ voices grew louder, the aircraft began to shake, and as the aircraft shook, the hearts of the hunters began to become uneasy.

and eventually,

Disaster came through the window.

“Next! Next!”

“What the hell is that!”

“Turn in the wrong direction! hurry!”

The small dots that had passed in the distance began to approach the helicopter like a huge swarm of bats.

Only the sound of helicopter propellers could be heard, but the familiar and bizarre appearance that had now begun to be confirmed with the naked eye, the hunters seemed to hear the cry of a disgusting flying monster.

The escort’s missile flew out with a bang and exploded large flames in the gray sky, but only a part of the huge group was destroyed, and the huge group of flesh and teeth slowly approached the helicopter, drawn by the explosion.

“… … Damn it, yeah! hurry! Those bastards are slow anyway-”

“What if you accidentally turn around and be surrounded? Didn’t you see what just came in from the front?!”

“Hey, shall we jump off before it explodes? Even swimming at this distance anyway-”

“There are no monsters in the sea, bastard!”

Embarrassed, some hunters began to lose their temper. The helicopter quickly fell into chaos.

If the helicopter exploded and the hunters fell into the sea, most had to be prepared for death.

Because there were few hunters who could fight in the sky and the sea.

in other words,

It was said that there were a few.

“Captain Park! Please prepare an external barrier! Also, look out the window, Mr. Reum and Mr. Hyeju!”

When Seol Jin-woon got up and started responding, the people regained stability again.

“Chief Kim! Is it possible to intercept the fireball from the corpse of the falling monster over there!?”

“… … All right!”

“Hold it for now, and when the monster comes, launch it right away! And Jungwook, please telepathize to the French helicopter! Now hit the barrier and focus on the telecasting magicians-”

That was then.

“… … Chief Seol! there!”

A white light spewed out from the window of the French transport helicopter that was ahead, and colored the grayish gray sky bright yellow.

It was a look that was not overwhelming and even beautiful.


A huge force field appeared in the air and blocked the approaching aircraft from the 3 o’clock position.

The monsters crash into the air and fall.

Someone’s name leaked out of the mouth of Yeo Do-yeon, who was watching him.

“Lumière… … !”

Seol Jin-woon went to the cockpit of the transport helicopter without delay and checked the situation.

The huge crowd approaching from the 3 o’clock position was cut off for a while, but flying monsters caught my eye here and there.

Some monsters were running away from the helicopter, but some monsters were approaching this way.

at that time,

“… … !”

Someone jumped off the French helicopter.

Someone who was plummeting to the ground quickly regained his balance and stood tall in the air.

Her white hair fluttered in the wind.

It was Lewin.

The girl looked straight at the monster approaching her.

It looked like a shark swimming in the sky. Except that it’s a hideous purple color and has eyeballs pierced along its sides.

The shark accelerated in an instant, opened its mouth and ran towards it, and the girl held out her hand towards the shark.

At that moment, Seol Jinwoon saw something in his eyes.

It would be accurate to say that I actually felt it. Even so, it was the form of magic that he always used.

A wave of magical energy emanating from Lewin’s hand cut the shark’s body in half as it charged with its mouth open.

The shark plummeted into the sea, scattering black intestines and blood, and the dark blue manastone flew through the air and was absorbed by Lewin’s hand.

The white girl who flew near the helicopter raised her hand and pointed somewhere.

At the edge of the horizon, the land appeared.

* * *

The helicopter landed in the northernmost coastal town of ‘Le Greis Nez’ in France.

Initially, 80% of the country was a plain country, so there was no problem for helicopters to land.

The expansive farmland stretched beyond the horizon, and Pichaewon, who came down from the chopper, fell straight to the floor and repeatedly vomited.

This was because the helicopter repeated dizzying evasive maneuvers for tens of minutes to avoid the monster.

at that time.

Took – Took –

The ground began to get wet little by little.

The girl raised her head and looked at the sky.

“… … .”

It rained.

The gray sky began to weep little by little.

Tears turned into a storm and washed away the blood on the ground.

A strong stream of rain soaked the girl’s hair and started dripping down the girl’s face and neck.

However, the girl dared not turn her head.

Because it was a very familiar landscape.

“… … .”

Thunder trembles in the world,

The gray sky howled louder than ever,

At the end of that summer,

A cool blue light embroidered the gray sky.

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