A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 131

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 131

EP 21 – Knights Without Borders (13)

At the end of a stormy summer, a large hole in the sky opened.

Numerous monsters poured down from the hole,

People looked up at the sky.

* * *

It rained heavily.

Seol Jin-woon walked through the muddy floor where the muddy water began to flow. Maybe it was because he had a long umbrella he always carried, and the only one who had an umbrella was the boy.

the boy asked.

“Are you okay?”

Lumiere nodded. Even in the rain, her halo was still there.

“it’s okay. Is the Korean side safe?”

“Thanks, everyone is safe. Thank you so much.”

Seol Jinwoon smiled politely and traced his memories from the sky.

Certainly, the sight of the beams of light embroidered in the air creating a huge barrier was a sight that could not help but admire.

“Miss Lewin was very impressed.”

“… … .”

At Seol Jinwoon’s sincere greeting, the girl with white hair nodded awkwardly.

The boy involuntarily asked the girl.

“Maybe… … .”

The skill that cut the flying monster approaching from afar in half. How do you write-

There was a lot of desire to ask, but Seol Jinwoon quickly shut his mouth. Because now wasn’t the time to talk like that.

“… … no.”

Seol Jinwoon corrected his own mistake, and his eyes lit up again.

The judgment of the leader who had led hundreds of people in the middle of hell called Seoul began to slowly return.

“Executor Lumiere. I think it would be better to move quickly. I think the open area is a little dangerous.”

“Ah, yes.”

“I think it would be better to get away from the gate if possible. Especially the gates that opened on the farmland over there.”

Lumiere looked around and nodded. Drops of water dripped from her wet hair.

“… … good. First, join the nearby shelter. The gate that is now open is also a gate, but in the first place, such an outlying area is quite dangerous.”

“If it’s a shelter… … ?”

“You should know that it is like a city run by superhumans. There are tanks everywhere. Anyway, the nearest shelter is… … .”

Blocking the rain with a light shield, she pulled out a crumpled map from the inside pocket of her blue coat.

It was the only map on which all shelters in Europe were recorded.

“… … Calle.”

* * *

It rained.

A woman walked on the sidewalks of the collapsed city.

Yeo Do-yeon’s suit was soaked wet. It was half rain and half blood.

Unusually, thanks to the shirt clinging to the body, the muscles in the body that seemed slender at first glance were revealed.

“… … .”

Her cold eyes flashed across the street.

Broken windows in a supermarket in a rural suburban area. The showcase seen through it is empty.

A fallen street lamp and a broken wire entangled. I don’t think anyone will get an electric shock thanks to the power cut off.

An abandoned house that once seemed to have been used as a family home. There are no traces of human beings now, but bloodstains that cannot be erased by rainwater remain on the collapsed wall.

“… … .”

Glancing at the white crumbs lying around the wall, I can now tell which is plastic and which is bone.

So, Yeo Do-yeon turned her gaze away.

Then slowly inhale and exhale again.

The city was dead. Just like Seoul.

“Whew… … .”

It smelled awful.

It’s the smell of death I haven’t smelled in a long time.

As you walk on the streets of a crumbling city, you sometimes feel the scent of death.

okay. the scent of death.

It’s not like the smell of incense rising from the altar in front of the shrine, or the smell of alcohol spreading through the conversations of guests.

“… … Write.”

The smell of rotten wood, the slight smell of gunpowder, the smell of mold growing on various pieces of meat,


The bloody smell that can’t be washed away even with this awful watery smell, and the horrible rotten smell of corpses that emanates from their jaws.

And the smell was coming from above.

Her dry eyes turned to the wall.

“… … .”


Something squishy-looking was squatting and looking down at her.

A yellow light shone through the raindrops. His hair was roughly elongated, reminiscent of a mantis. Even the sickle in both hands.

The boy’s head turned slightly.

Kigi geek-

A few times I heard something like the cry of a dying cricket, and the guy’s mouth split in four directions and he ran straight towards Yeo Do-yeon.



Yeo Do-yeon’s fist was swung along with a pounding sound.

The corpse of the monster that rolled down the asphalt floor had exactly its head crushed.

Yeo Do-yeon put her shoes on the chest of the body. and stomped on it slowly.

Oops- Oops-!

The monster’s ribs collapsed, and a blue magic stone appeared.

“… … .”

Yeo Do-yeon bowed her back and poked her finger towards Ma-seok. The manastone became a soft light and was absorbed into her skin.

And when she raised her head.


Right in front of her, a 4m tall guy was sticking his front foot towards her.

Get a card-!

As she took a step back, a huge scythe slid into her place.

After that, large scythes rushed towards her, but Yeo Do-yeon avoided the attack with minimal movement and looked at the monster with a dignified gaze.

“… … .”

The monster was desperately trying to kill her.

Apparently, the one who just killed was a cub. Somehow, I was like a little boy who was looking at people haphazardly.

“… … tt.”

If you fight this size, you won’t be able to wear a suit any more. It was because when I hit the big guy with my fist, this big guy didn’t fly away.

Yeo Do-yeon’s attack on a large bell was like sticking a needle in.

When a person hits a giant monster, it doesn’t fly away. The fist just pierces the flesh.

And, then you usually throw away your clothes.

Yeo Do-yeon quickly raised her hand.

That was enough.


There was a hole in the monster’s head.

By the time the gunshots were heard, the monster lost its balance and fell.

And around the time the staggering monster completely collapsed, Yeo Da-sol and Jo Jung-sik arrived at the back of the row.

Picking up something strange from a mart and wearing it, the two young hunters were wearing yellow chick raincoats as a set.

Yeo Do-yeon smiled.

“Dasol. You eat this.”

“Ugh… … . It looks like it’s going to be bloody.”

“But you caught it.”

“I’m still dreaming… … .”

In response to the reaction that he was a little reluctant because it was disgusting, Jo Jung-shik jumped out quickly and shoved his hand into the monster’s chest.

“Then I will eat. What.”

“hey! Garbage!”

When Dasol Yeo started swinging the butt at Jo Jung-sik, the strike force led by Seol Jin-woon arrived.

Yeo Do-yeon slightly raised her hand to say hello, and Seol Jin-woon approached with a folded umbrella like a knife.

the boy asked quietly.

“There were gunshots.”

“I already got it. one big guy One little guy.”

Yeo Do-yeon hit the monster’s corpse with her shoes.

and advised.

“You look like a kid, so be careful.”

“… … This is the way to burn the egg nest in the basement.”

“Okay. There might be a few more though. The speed is quite fast, so be careful with the psykers.”

Seol Jinwoon silently nodded his head.

“… … The main force led by Executor Lumière has reached the vicinity of Calais. We are slowly joining in.”

Some hunters, led by Yeo Do-yeon and Seol Jin-woon, were in charge of the task force for the safety of the main unit.

The main force, including some civilians such as helicopter pilots, interpreters, and Pi Chae-won, advances by destroying everything, including the dustbins of telekinesis.

All-rounders capable of dealing with any kind of monster on a small scale were wandering around, reconnaissance and sweeping at the same time.

like that,

It took only 5 hours for a group of 100 people in Europe and Korea combined to cover a distance of about 20 km.

And when they reached Calais,

The city was on the verge of destruction.

* * *

A storm raged in the gray sky, and monsters swarmed through the heavy rain.

The red-eyed light wandering swiftly in the back alley bit the fugitive’s waist, shook it like a beast, and stopped breathing.

A monster swooped in from the sky and smashed the man’s head with its huge beak.

It was so terrifying that it was hard to believe that it was real.

The raindrops that fell to the ground mixed with blood and flowed, and a misery that could not be distinguished whether it was watery or bloody spread across the city.

The city was dying under the gray sky.

The lost people looked up to the sky,

As always,

A saint appeared.

“… … her.”

Yeo Do-yeon, who was picking up the rubble and pulling people out, suddenly looked up at the sky.

it was light

The storm has stopped.

A huge magical power enveloped the city.

A new sun rose in the gray sky.

As the brilliant brilliance illuminated the city, new flesh began to sprout from the wounds of the people, and the hunters’ abilities began to burn more fiercely.

A huge shield that covered the city stopped the monsters coming from the sky, and the occasional beam of light stirred and silenced the shouts from the sky.

“… … .”


Something started to fill people’s eyes.

It was the moment when the saint saved the nineteenth city.

* * *

[…] … Millions of people flocked to the Chungcheong defense line. Citizens of North Korea. They are confronting the ROK Army-]

[…] … While many North Korean defectors are hoping to migrate to South Korea, Nationalist Party Minority Leader Lee Ho-jung said that a calmer and more cautious attitude is needed-]

[…] … As the unrest continues and the number of wounded continues, the aftermath of the Shenyang Gate is known to have swept through Jagang Province-]

a situation of need

The mass crushing death of hundreds of people and the bombardment of the People’s Army with tanks would be a riot in its own way.

It seems that Yang Pan-seok is holding the media pretty well.

“… … Hmm.”

I slowly organized my thoughts.

The current situation is simple.

Fleeing the monsters pushing into North Korea, the North Korean people have descended south, and we are blocking them at the Chungcheong defense line.

The situation after that is also simple.

China will soon rescue the North Korean people and will advance the Chinese People’s Liberation Army into North Korea. These are the guys who pushed the monster in the first place.

“… … .”

Clearly, it was a messy situation in many ways.

The moment North Koreans were brought into South Korea, it was obvious that numerous troubles would arise, including food, politics, housing, security, culture, and national defense.

The moment he blocks North Koreans from entering South Korea, Yang Pan-seok has the moral flaw of slaughtering tens of millions of people.

“me. one… … .”

However, one thing to point out here was that I was the right person to solve such a dog-like situation.

To be honest, I thought that if I knew all the current circumstances, it might be of great help to Yang Pan-seok.

It was just the life I lived.

It may be a kind of self-confidence, but each person has their own specialty, and I absolutely hate to admit it, but I was the kind of person who could do something only when the light in my foot went off.

But, Yang Pan-seok is not someone who doesn’t know that, so why is he telling me to stay still?

“… … .”


very maybe

Now, I thought that this dog-like situation itself might be our role. The role played by the Republic of Korea in the screenplay crafted by the United States.

Thanks to my hard work, didn’t the US modify the scenario and include Korea as an ally?

If Korea paid something in the process, if that’s why Yang Pan-seok’s limbs were tied,

If so, we had to figure out the current situation as soon as possible.

As soon as I made that decision, I picked up the phone.

“… … hello?”

– Oh, yes, Minister. What’s going on?

“Reporter Gam. Do you have time? Because it’s kind of urgent. I think we should meet a little bit.”

– I’m in a position to be self-sufficient and self-sufficient. ha ha ha! We’ll see you right away.

“Then I will see you in the lobby on the first floor of the GS Group.”

-… … Can’t we have a potato restaurant?

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